The following is a list of the available equipment at the NSFL. For equipment bookings please contact the NSFL lab staff. In the near future an on-line booking system will be setup for convenience.


    1000 ft. sq. of class 10 - 100 cleanroom

Thin-film Deposition

    Dual source thermal evaporator

    RF/DC/RF bias 4 target sputtering system

    Semicore/KJL super system RF/DC/RF bias 6 target co-sputter system

    PETS high/low frequency PECVD system (SiH4, H2, NH3, NO2, N2, O2, CF4)

Dry Etching, Plasma Etching

    Xenon difluoride (XeF2) etching system

    Trion RIE / ICP plasma etcher (SF6, CF4, CHF3, O2, Ar)

    Jelight 144A UV ozone cleaner

    PETS table top plasma etcher / RIE system (SF6, CF4, CHF3, O2, Ar)

    Oxford A-Series picosecond laser micromachining system (to be installed)

High Temperature Processing

    Lindburg/Blue-M quartz tube furnace for wet/dry oxidation

    Lindburg/Blue-M quartz tube furnace for diffusion

    Lindburg/Blue-M programmable muffle furnace

    Allwin21 AccuThermo AW610 rapid thermal process system

    Vacuum anodic bonding system


    ABM 6 inch contact mask aligner, with IR backside alignment

    Karl Suss 3 inch contact mask aligner

    Machine World positive photoresist spinner

    Machine World positive photoresist spin developer

    Machine World vacuum soft bake hot plate

    Solitec positive photoresist spinner and developer

    Isotemp oven

    YES-5 HMDS oven

    4' processing wet deck

    5' fume hood and spinner for negative resist, SU-8, PDMS

Wet Processing

    6' acid processing wet deck

    6' HF processing wet deck

    8' wet deck for anisotropic etching and electroplating

    ECSI IKO Classic electroplating system (nickel, copper, tin, gold)

    4' fume hood station

    Semitool ST260D spin rinse dryer

Dicing, Packaging, Polishing

    K & S Wire Bonder

    Polishing station

    Isotemp oven

    Diamond Touch wafer saw

    Buehler Isomet 1000 diamond saw

Measurement, Analysis - Inside Cleanroom

    Tencor Alpha Step 500 surface profiler, with 2 mm extended range

    Nanometrics Nanospec 210 resist and dielectric thickness measurement system

    Olympus BX51 microscope with digital camera

    Toho FLX-2320 thin film stress measurement system

    M-2000D Ellipsometer

    Wafer thickness gauge

    FPP-5000 Automatic Resistivity Meter (4 point probe based)

    Cascade 4 point probe

    Metricon 2010 Prism Coupler (not installed)

Testing, Measurement, Analysis - Outside Cleanroom

    Digital Instruments Dimension 3100 scanning probe microscope

    Digital Instruments MultiMode scanning probe microscope

    Fogal Photomap 3D white/red light interferometer

    Olympus BX51 microscope with digital video camera

    Cascade probe station with digital video camera

    Vacuum chamber for MEMS testing

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