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Program At a Glance

Pre-conference Tour
Soils of Churchill July 16-21

Monday July 22
Full Day: Greenhouse Gas Field Workshop. Morning in field at TGAS MAN Site, afternoon workshop in Food and Farm Discovery Centre. Organizer: Mario Tenuta (mario.tenuta@umanitoba.ca)
Full Day: Land and Watershed Tour. Morning visit to the National Centre for Livestock and the Environment and then  Tobacco Creek Watershed Study Area. Organizer: David Lobb (david.lobb@ad.umanitoba.ca)
Full Day: CLRN Workshop. Hotel Fort Garry. Organizer: Daniel Saurette (daniel.saurette@stantec.com)
Evening: registration and welcome reception

Tuesday July 23
Morning: CSSS/MSSS/CSAFM Plenary. Click Here for details.
Morning and afternoon: daytime oral and poster sessions CSSS/MSSS/CSAFM
Evening: Hermetic Code Tour (Legislative Building). Organizer: Marla Riekman (marla.riekman@gov.mb.ca)

Wednesday July 24
Morning and afternoon: daytime oral and poster sessions CSSS/MSSS/CSAFMm
Lunch: Women in Science Luncheon Workshop: 12:30-2:00p.m. Organizer: Annemieke Farenhorst (annemieke.farenhorst@ad.umanitoba.ca)
Evening: CSSS/MSSS/CSAFM Banquet and Awards

Thursday July 25
Morning: morning oral and poster sessions CSSS/MSSS/CSAFM
Afternoon: Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Program (AGGP) Meeting. Organizer: (brian.amiro@ad.umanitoba.ca). 
Cancelled-Using 31P-NMR spectroscopy for Soil and Other Environmental Samples Workshop. Organizer: Barbara Cade-Menun (barbara.cade-menun@agr.gc.ca)
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Soil Science: The Centre of It All
July 22-25 2013 in Winnipeg
The Heart of the Continent


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Special Oral and Poster Sessions (July 23-25)
Agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. This session highlights recent advances in our understanding of the processes contributing to agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and solutions to reduce these emissions.  Convener: Brian Amiro (Brian.Amiro@ad.umanitoba.ca)

Nitrogen cycling across land uses and ecosystems. The main objective of organizing this special session is to bring together researchers from North America and China focusing on nitrogen cycling across landscapes.  Convener: Scott Chang (scott.chang@ualberta.ca)

Soil ecology, food webs and nutrient cycling. The session will draw attention to modern experimental approaches of how organic matter is mineralized into plant available nutrients.  Convener: Sina Adl (sina.adl@usask.ca)

Teaching and training in Soil Science: 1. Engaging students to meet future challenges. This session is devoted to innovative courses, learning experiences, and teaching approaches that contribute to the education of the soil and environmental scientists to meet the challenges of a demanding future.  Conveners: Tom Yates and Fran Walley (tom.yates@usask.ca; flw766@mail.usask.ca)

Teaching and training in Soil Science: 2. This session will focus on current and emerging trends in soil science education at Canadian universities as well as approaches on raising awareness about the importance of soil resource with the general public.  Convener: Maja Krzic (krzic@mail.ubc.ca)

Carbon cycling in permafrost regions. This session is in recognition of the globally relevant and potentially sensitive store of organic carbon found in permafrost affected soils, a substantial portion of which is located in Canada.  We welcome contributions on this topic, especially studies examining carbon cycling processes, fluxes, and stocks within these soils and the ecosystems they support.  Conveners: Elyn Humphreys and Krista Hannis (elyn_humphreys@carleton.ca)

Measuring, modeling and managing soil carbon exchanges. This session will reflect the recent advances in measuring, modeling and managing soil carbon exchanges.  Convener: Paul Bartlett (Paul.Bartlett@ec.gc.ca)

Soil quality gradients at the landscape level. The aim of this special session it to bring together researchers and practitioners looking into soil quality variations across landscapes for soil survey interpretations, which might include research in surficial geology, or near surface hydrology.  Convener: David Hopkins (David.Hopkins@ndsu.edu)

Environmental Footprinting and Fingerprinting.  This session will focus on environmental "footprinting" to determine the impact of human activities on issues such as phosphorus loss to surface water, water consumption, carbon emissions, and overall ecological impact.  In addition, the session will look at determining sources of environmental contamination using modern "fingerprinting" methods such as biomarkers to identify the sources of sediments and other contaminants in watersheds.  Overall determination of cumulative effects impacts, ecosystem dynamics, and watershed scale modelling will also be discussed.  Convenor:  David Lobb (David.Lobb@ad.umanitoba.ca)