All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems
Ontario Communities (A - B)

by David A. Wyatt

Bancroft, Ontario

TROUT[Bancroft] cutaway (website 2012) The Rural Overland Utility Transit (circa 2010 - present)
Known by its acronym TROUT, as in “catch the TROUT”. Rural public transit for North Hastings and Highlands East, open to all users. Service operates several trips Monday-Friday (plus Saturdays in summer) within Bancroft, and once-per-week service connecting regional population centres to Bancroft. Tuesdays: Lake St. Peter, Maple Leaf, Maynooth, and Birds Creek. Wednesdays: L'Amable, Coe Hill, Ormsby, St. Ola, Gilmour, and Gunter. Thursdays: Birds Creek. Fridays: Cardiff and Paudash. Operated by Community Care North Hastings. Responsibility for the service transferred 01 August 2017 to Bancroft Community Transit. Contract operator since circa 2016 has been R&L Bus Lines. (website 2012).

TROUT [Bancroft] logo
system logo
Data source: website 2012

Barrie, Ontario

T.R. Huxtable (? - ?)
Reported operating one route wholly within Barrie as of circa February 1926 (CR&MW March 1926, p. 146).

Greer Transportation (? - September 1972)
Private operator replaced by municipal service (Canadian Coach 1973).

Barrie City Transit 512 (GM new look) (Bernard Drouillard 1979) Barrie City Transit (September 1972 - present)
(CUTA 1976-77). Contractor of operations and maintenance in 1972/73 was Stock Brothers Bus Lines, a division of Travelways (Canadian Coach Vol IX, No. 4, July/August 1973) Contractor in 1976 was Travelways (Transit Canada 1976). Operated from 1980 to July 1987 by Penetang-Midland Coach Lines Limited and from July 1987 by Travelways. From approximately 1990 the contract operator was Penetang-Midland Coach Lines Limited which became part of Greyhound Transportation Canada Inc.. From August 2013 Barrie Transit became the contract operator for weekdaily transit service between Barrie and Angus and CFB Borden in Essa Township. From circa 01 July 2015 contract operator FirstCanada Transit Services Inc. was replaced by MVT Canadian Bus Inc., a subsidiary of MV Transportation Inc.. The contract with MVTCB was for 20 years. (CUTA 1989, CUTA 1991/2 lists Barrie Transit, CUTA 1992, Chow 1998, photo: Bernard Drouillard [Peter Cox collection]).

Barrie Transit logo
system logo
Service area population50,000 (1991)
Ridership2,568,000 (2009)
Vehicle fleet23 buses (2000)
Employees2 (municipality) (1991)
Data source:CUTA 1991/2
Mike Rivest 1998 (logo)
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)

Beausoleil First Nation, Ontario

The Beausoleil First Nation is located on three islands in Georgian Bay of Lake Huron. The main island, Christian Island, is connected by ferry to the mainland at Cedar Point.

Chimnissing Transit (2016? - present)
Bus service between the mainland Cedar Point ferry terminal and Midland and Penetanguishene. Service may have been launched when the ferry service became passenger-only in May 2016 when the car ferry was deemed unsafe.

The Blue Mountains, Ontario

Thornbury - Clarksburg Transit (circa 18 August 2011 - 2012?)
Transit service in Thornbury and Clarksburg. Service a partnership between a group of local residents and business owners and Hewgill Bus Lines (blog post 2011). Website did not exist in August 2012.

Collingwood/Blue Mountains Transit Link (15 November 2013 - present)
Six month public-private pilot program to contract to Colltrans to operate transit service between The Blue Mountains and Collingwood. Project sponsors are: Blue Mountain Village Association, The Blue Mountains (municipality), and the Town of Collingwood. Official opening 19 November 2013. Pilot became permanent 30 June 2014.

Bolton, Ontario

See also GO Transit.

Caledon Transit Inc. (01 April 1999 - August 1999)
Commercial service operating in Caledon Township, the northern third of Peel County. (The southern and middle thirds being Mississauga and Brampton respectively.) (CTHF Bulletin May 1999)

Caedon Transit logo
system logo
Data source:Caledon Transit Website ( 1999 (logo)

Métis Transit Ltd. (30 January 2006 - mid-February 2006)
Unsubsidized private enterprise serving Caledon East, Palgrave, Bolton, and part of Malton (Bus Industry, Vol. 21, No. 80, June 2006, pp. 13-14).

Bracebridge, Ontario

Bracebridge Towne Express trolley (Wikipedia) Bracebridge Towne Express (1987 - 2015 [summer seasons])
The trolley operates annually from the Victoria Day long weekend straight through to Thanksgiving – only on Saturdays in May, June and September, but seven days a week in July and August ( 21 April 2012). Service is operated by Santa's Village Ltd. under contract to the municipality. Also known as the Santa's Village Trolley. (photo: Wikipedia).

Bracebridge Transit (29 August 2016 - present)
A public transit system began operating in Bracebridge in August of 2016. Service was fare-free for the first month.

Bracebridge Transit logo (2016)
system logo (2016)
Data source: website (2016)

Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario

BWG Transit (01 May 2014 - present)
A public transit system in Bradford West Gwillimbury began 01 May 2014 (Bradford Times 22 November 2012). Operating contract awarded to Switzer-Carty Transportation Inc. Fixed route service is supplemented by taxi-to-GO and shared-ride taxi service operated by contractor Town Taxi, requiring advance registration.

Brampton, Ontario

Principal System

Collacutt Coach Lines (? - Spring 1929)
Suburban Toronto - Brampton service acquired by Gray Coach Lines (Canadian Coach 1969).

Parkinson Coach Lines (1949 - 12 September 1953)
Operation owned by Bob Parkinson. Acquired the Malton - Brampton route from West York Coach Lines Limited 1949 (Kennedy). Sold in February 1953 to Cliff Tracy who moved operations to Owen Sound September 1953 (Bateson). The DBS Transit Report for October 1953 (Vol. 7, No. 10) stated that the transit company in Brampton had gone out of business that month.

Streetsville Transportation (late 1953? - 1965?)
Operation owned by Bruce Rundle (Bateson). Purchased an ex- Roseland/TTC used Fitzjohn Cityliner bus from Arrow Cartage Ltd of Mississauga. Bus returned to Arrow late 1958 (Lawrence 2012, p. 47).

Parkinson Coach Lines, Ltd. (1965 - 1969)
Operation owned by the Murray brothers (Bateson). (RS).

Georgetown Transportation Company (1960s? - spring 1973)
Private operator acquired by Travelways. Canadian Coach 1970 cites that Charterways Transportation Limited operated in Brampton.

Travelways (spring 1973 - 1974)
(Canadian Coach 1974).

Brampton Transit 7531 (GM new look) (Peter Cox collection 1975) Brampton Transit (1974 - present)
Municipal operation by the City of Brampton. Also called Brampton Transit System. (CUTA 1976-77 lists City of Brampton). Bus rapid transit introduced Fall 2010 under the marketing name Züm (pronounced “zoom”). (Bateson, Perera 1973, Sotnyk 1981, \maps, CUTA TT89, CUTA 1989, CUTA F91, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992, Chow 1998, photos: Peter Cox collection, Alex Regiec).

Brampton Transit 0433 (New Flyer D40LF) (Alex Regiec 2008 Aug.) Brampton Transit 9864 (1998 Orion V) (Alex Regiec 2008 Aug.) Brampton Transit 0618 (2006 Novabus LFS) (Alex Regiec 2008 Aug.)

Brampton Transit logo
system logo
Service area population225,000 (1991)
Ridership12,294,230 (2009)
Vehicle fleet93 buses (2000)
Employees175 (1991)
Data source:CUTA 1991/2
Mike Rivest 1998 (logo)
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)

Bramalea System

Bramalea Dial-a-Bus (13 August 1973 - 31 December 1973)
Serving Bramalea, an unincorporated community in Chinguacousy Township. Municipality merged into Brampton 01 January 1974 (Transit Canada 1975). (Perera 1973, Shortreed)


Brighton, Ontario

Wade's Bus (19th Century?)
omnibus Nothing is known about this operation except that it issued [undated] passenger fare tokens. The typical business pattern was common carrier scheduled omnibus service between railway station(s) and local hotels, coordinated with train arrivals and departures. Most such firms also engaged in charter activities, and some also carried mail. (Atwood – Coffee p. 465).

Quinte Access (08 February 2016 - present)
Trial bus service connecting Brighton to nearby Quinte West. The once-daily service is operated by the transit service in Quinte West. ( 06 February 2016).

Brockville, Ontario

Brockville City Bus Lines Ltd. (1970s?)
(Canadian Coach 1972, Dawes et al. 1972).

Brockville Transit 50407 (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 13) Brockville Transit (? - present)
(Transit News Canada 1985, pb89, CUTA 1989, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992, pb96, photos: David A. Wyatt 2009, Peter Cox coll.). (not in Sotnyk 1981).

Brockville Transit 2 Orion.01 (W.E. Miller 1982 Aug 09 [Peter Cox coll.])

Service area population21,000 (1991)
Vehicle fleet3 buses (2000)
Employees14 (1991)
Data source:CUTA 1991/2

Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Bruce Peninsula Transit (08 May 2017 - 01 November 2017?, 19 April 2018 - 01 June 2018)
Rural private-enterprise transit service connecting Cape Croker, Neyaashiinigmiing, Wiarton, Hepworth, Shallow Lake, and Owen Sound (facebook). A second route connecting Wiarton to Sauble Beach began operation 10 July 2017. Plans were proposed to expand to Tobermory. Service between Owen Sound and Cape Croker restarted April 2018 after closing for the winter.

Burk's Falls, Ontario

Burk's Falls and Katrine Community Bus (circa 21 May 2014 - present)
One day per week (Wednesdays) community bus service in Burk's Falls and Katrine. Service is demand responsive and requires advance booking, but is available to anyone. The first Friday of the month the bus operates a round trip to Huntsville.

Burlington, Ontario

From 1896 to 1929 Burlington was connected to Hamilton by the operations of the Hamilton Radial Electric Railway Company interurban.

C.H. Norton Bus Lines (? - circa 1973)
Private operator prior to municipal management (Canadian Coach Vol. IX, No. 3, May/June 1973).

Burlington Transit (circa 1973 - present)
Operator NBL acquired by Travelways circa 1974 (Canadian Coach 1974). Transit Canada 1975 says municipal startup 1975, probably meaning municipal operation. (CUTA 1976-77, CUTA 1989, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992, Chow 1998)

Burlington Transit logo
system logo
Service area population124,000 (1991)
Ridership1,860,825 (2009)
Vehicle fleet46 buses (2000)
Employees94 (1991)
Data source:CUTA 1991/2
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)
website 2010 (logo)

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