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Saguenay, Québec

The city was formed on February 18, 2002, by the merger of the cities of Chicoutimi, Jonquière, La Baie, and Laterrière, along with the municipalities of Lac-Kénogami and Shipshaw and part of the township of Tremblay (Wikipedia).

Autobus & Taxi Ltée (1925 - January 1950)
Bus service operating between Chicoutimi and Jonquière, 4 round trips/day, 50¢ fare (CR&MW August 1926, pp. 440-441). By March 1928 was operating a fleet of 8 buses and 11 sedans over a network of six suburban and intercity routes, (1) Chicoutimi - Arvida - Jonquiere - Kenogami, (2) Alma - St. Bruno - Larouche - Jonquiere, (3) Chicoutimi - Riviere de Moulin, (4) Chicoutimi - Laterriere, (5) Chicoutimi - Grands Baie, and (6) Chicoutimi - Radin - Jonquiere (CR&MW April 1928, pp. 231-232). Also operated under the name Autobus 500 Ltée. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Saguenay Ltée (January 1950 - July 1951)
Canadian Coach 1968 cites this company being acquired in 1951 by, and receiving Provincial Transport Company suburban buses in 1952. (JM 1997)

Autobus Saguenay Inc. (July 1951 - June 1965)
Affiliate of Provincial Transport Company (See Banlieues de Montréal).

Transport regional du Saguenay Inc. (June 1965 - 01 January 1979)
(Canadian Coach 1971, Dawes et al. 1972, JM 1997, Jean Breton 2009). (Transit Canada 1976 cites an unnamed private operator).

CIT Saguenay #8385 (GM new look) ( Corporation intermunicipale de transport du Saguenay (01 January 1979 - 31 December 2001)
Service in the cities of Chicoutimi, Jonquière and La Baie (EP 2000). (RS, pb89, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992, JM 1997, photo (not in CUTA 1988 or CUTA 1989)

CIT du Saguenay logo 2000
system logo
Service area population 146,000 (1996[ii])
Vehicle fleet80 buses (2000)
Employees125 (1991)
Data source:CUTA 1991/2
EP 2000 (1996[ii] and logo)

Societe de transport de Saguenay #2205 (Nova LFS) ( Société de transport de Saguenay (01 January 2002 - present)
Name changed in coordination with municipal amalgamation. (photos, David A. Wyatt).

Societe de Transport de Saguenay 1402, a Novabus LFS (2015 David A. Wyatt)

system logo
Vehicle fleet91 buses (2008)
Data source:Jean Breton (2009)
STS website (logo)

Secondary Systems

CR&MW (December 1928, p. 745) reported that A&T lodged a complaint with the local regulatory commission about unfair and unregulated jitney competition. Jitney operators mentioned include: Joseph Bergeron, Albani Thibault, John Langois, Guay and Gagne, and Gagnon.

Miscellaneous Line

Roberval & Saguenay electric loco 8 Roberval & Saguenay Railway Company
An electric trolley freight line was opened in 1910 by la Compagnie de Pulpe de Chicoutimi connecting the mill in Chicoutimi with a track junction at LaBrosse. The line was acquired by la Compagnie de Chemin de Fer Baie des Ha! Ha! in 1911 which became the Roberval & Saguenay Railway in 1914. The electric line was dewired [date unknown] and later abandoned [date unknown]. It seems unlikely that the line operated regularly scheduled passenger service but further research is required. (photo

Saint-Augustin, Québec

Societe de Traversiers du Quebec Pakuashipi - Saint-Augustin hovercraft (STQ website) Société des Traversiers du Québec (2012 - present [April to September])
ferry Hovercraft-operated ferry service between Pakuashipi and Saint-Augustin on opposite shores of the Saint-Augustin River. Vessel named L'Esprit de Pakuashipi. Nine round trips/day are operated. Fare is free. In winter [September to April] travel by ice road or private snowmobile is possible. (STQ website, CPTdb).

Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, Québec

Transport collectif de la MRC de Matawinie (circa 2005? - present)
Commuter-scheduled weekday service between Saint-Donat and Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts where connections with CRT de Lanaudière for further travel to Mont-Tremblant and Saint-Jérôme can be made. Operated by Transport collectif Saint-Donat. (website 2010).

Saint-Georges, Québec

Service de Taxi Bus (14 November 2011 - present)
A funding partnership to establish a taxibus public transit service in Saint-Georges was announced 27 June 2011. (Edition Beauce 27 June 2011, press release, website 2012).

Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec

On January 1, 2002 the city of Saint-Hyacinthe amalgamated with five neighbouring towns: Notre-Dame-de-Saint-Hyacinthe, Saint-Hyacinthe, Saint-Hyacinthe-le-Confesseur, Sainte-Rosalie, and Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin (Wikipedia). Previous annexations between 1970 and 2002 incorporated Douville, La Providence, and Saint-Joseph (Jean Breton 2009). (See also Banlieues de Montréal)

la Compagnie de Transport Moderne (1947 - December 1953)
City service from 1947. Abandoned transit service in Saint-Hyacinthe at the end of 1953. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Irenee Lussier (1952 - 03 October 1961)
Bus service between Saint-Hyacinthe and Sainte-Rosalie. Sold to CTM 1961. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Mascoutaine bus, 1987 (Jean Breton) la Compagnie de Transport Maskoutaine (May 1954 - circa 1989)
Private operator. City service in Saint-Hyacinthe and to Douville, Notre-Dame-de Saint-Hyacinthe, La Providence, Saint-Joseph, and Saint-Hyacinthe-le-Confesseur. Acquired AIL (Saint-Hyacinthe - Sainte-Rosalie) 1961. Extended service 10 December 1968 to Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin. Became a contract operator for the municipality circa 1989. (Jean Breton 2009, RS for March 1961, Transit Canada 1976, Dawes et al. 1972, Transit News Canada 1984, Photo Jean Breton)

[Service d'Autobus Urbain] (circa 1989 - present)
Website doesn't publicize a particular system name. Operated under contract by la Compagnie de Transport Maskoutaine for Ville de Saint-Hyacinthe. Contractor from January 2000 was Société de Taxis Windsor. From January 2006 contract returned to Maskoutaine, now part of Groupe Sogesco. (Jean Breton 2009, Jacques Matte 1997)

Vehicle fleet3 buses (1997)
1 bus + 3 minibuses (2009)
Data source:Jacques Matte 1997
Jean Breton 2009

Saint-Pascal – La Pocatière, Québec

Transport collectif du Kamouraska (13 September 2010 - present)
Three weekday round trips between Saint-Pascal and La Pocatière via Saint-Philippe-de-Néri and Saint-Pacôme, funded primarily by MRC de Kamouraska and operated by Trans-apte. Requires booking 24 hours in advance. (website 2011).

Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Québec

St. Jean municipal "RTS" 1993 Autobus Municipal Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu (? - present)
Local transit service in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. It's not entirely clear when this became separate from CIT Le Richelain or whether or not it was ever formally part of the CIT. Contract operator in 1993 was les Autobus Boulais Ltée. Contract operator in 2009 was Veolia Transport Inc. (Jean Breton 2009). Operated under contract by Transdev (Street Side Guide 2015). (photo Jacques Matte).

Secondary System

CIT Haute-Richelieu newspaper advertisement Conseil intermunicipal de transport du Haute-Richelieu (late 1997 - before 2006)
Serving Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu and Saint-Luc. Contract operator in 1998 was Groupe Viens ( Autobus Viens?) (MR 1998, Jacques Matte 1998). As of 2006 Haute-Richelieu is a single-municipality transit system outside AMT jurisdiction (AMT website, 2006). (image courtesy Mike Rivest)

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Québec

Taxibus de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (200x? - present)
Taxibus program providing local transit service in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Principal operator is Taxi Venise. Assumed operation of former exo-Sud-Ouest route 99 21 January 2019. As of January 2019 service contracted to three taxi companies: Taxi Venise, Taxi Valleyfield and Taxi Soulanges (website 2019). (website 2010).


CNR Table 102 [Valleyfield] (1937 Jun 27) commuter rail The Canadian National Railways timetables for the summer of 1937 include frequent motor train service between Valleyfield and Coteau [8.6km/5.4mi], typically eight round trips per weekday. Whether this facilitated commuting to Valleyfield from Coteau or was aimed primarily at connecting Valleyfield with through trains at Coteau is not known. (Canadian National Railways Folder D effective 27 June 1937).

Sept-Îles, Québec

Sept-Îles amalgamated with the communities of Gallix and Moisie in 2002. Clarke City was annexed to Sept-Îles in 1970. (Wikipedia).

Transport de la Côte Nord Ltée (1945 - 15 November 1954)
Local bus service connecting Clarke City, Sept-Îles, and Moisie. (Jean Breton 2009).

Service d'Autobus des Sept-Îles Enr. (1952 - 11 December 1954)
Operation owned by by Eddy Eslinger, Yvon Bouchard and Robert Nadeau. City bus service in Sept-Îles. Acquired Côte Nord 15 November 1954. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Sept-Îles Ltée (11 December 1954 - 22 August 1963)
Service in Sept-Îles and to the airport, Clarke City and Moisie. From 18 January 1955 Sept-Îles city service consisted of four routes. Also operated intercity routes to Rivière-Pentecôte, Franquelin, and Baie-Comeau. City service in Sept-Îles abandoned 1963. Company bought by T.E.S.I. Saguenay (1974) Ltée March 1974. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Charles-Edouard Perron (11 November 1966 - 14 May 1971)
Single-route service in Sept-Îles anchored to a local shopping centre. Service transferred to Desrosiers 1971. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Marc-Andre Desrosiers (14 May 1971 - 24 May 1972)
City service transferred to Arnaud 1972. (Jean Breton 2009).

Arnaud Automobiles Inc. (24 May 1972 - March 1974)
City service transferred to T.E.S.I. Saguenay 1974. (Jean Breton 2009).

T.E.S.I. Saguenay (1974) Ltée (March 1974 - August 1983)
Acquired Autobus Sept-Îles March 1974. Sold local service to Littoral 1983. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus du Littoral Inc. (August 1983 - circa 1988)
City service abandoned circa 1988. Company sold to Groupe Viens 2001. (Jean Breton 2009).

Taxibus Sept-Îles (June 2005 - present)
Taxibus service. (website 2009).

Taxibus Sept-Iles logo (2009)
Taxibus logo
Source: website 2009

Interbus (17 January 2011 - present)
Weekday transit service between Sept-Îles and Port-Cartier initially announced as four round trips per day. Administered by Corporation de transport adapté de Sept-Îles. Service is public but geared towards students of the CÉGEP de Sept-Îles [Sept-Iles collegiate]. (online schedule 2011).

Interbus [Sept-Iles] logo (2011)
Interbus logo
Source: website 2011

Shawinigan, Québec

01 January 2002 the City of Shawinigan was reconstituted as the amalgamation of seven previous municipalities: Shawinigan, Grand-Mère, Shawinigan-Sud (Almaville prior to 1948), Saint-Georges-de-Champlain, Lac-à-la-Tortue, Saint-Gérard-des-Laurentides, and Saint-Jean-des-Piles (Wikipedia).

Autobus Charles-Edouard Lambert (circa 1939 - 23 October 1948)
Operation bus service between Shawinigan and Almaville [Shawinigan-Sud]. Sold 1948 to C&F. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Carier et Frère Ltée (28 May 1945 - June 1970)
Founded in 1922, C&F started city service in Shawinigan in 1945. When C&F sold intercity operations to Voyageur 1970 Shawinigan city service was transferred to Carier-family owned TStM. (Jean Breton 2009, Luke & Metler, p. 49).

Transport St-Maurice Ltée (June 1970 - 28 June 1975)
Carier-family owned business. City service abandoned 1975. Another family-owned enterprise, Service d'Autobus de la Maurice Ltée, provided intercommunity service connecting Shawinigan, Grand-Mère, and Trois-Rivières 1970 - 31 December 1975. (Jean Breton 2009, Canadian Coach Vol. IX, No. 6, November/December 1973).

Autobus J.M. Landry Ltée (August 1975 - circa 1979)
Operating school buses in the area from 1969. City service from 1975. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autocar Shawinigan Ltée (circa 1979 - 31 March 1983)
In the 1980 telephone directory ASLtée describes itself as urban service between Shawinigan, Grand-Mère, and Trois-Rivières (RS). City service abandoned 1983. (Jean Breton 2009, Jacques Matte 1997).

Autobus LPR Inc. (1984 - 1986)
City service started 1984. Became contract operator for RITCCM 1986. (Jean Breton 2009).

RITCCM "Classic" Régie Intermunicipal de Transport en Commun du Centre-Maurice (1986 - 31 December 2001)
City service in Shawinigan, Shawinigan-Sud, Grand-Mère and Saint-Georges-de-Champlain operated under contract by Autobus LPR Inc. (Jean Breton 2009, Jacques Matte 1997, RS 1994, photo Jacques Matte).

RITCCM [Shawinigan] logo Vehicle fleet6 buses
Data source:Jacques Matte 1997
flickr 2009 (logo)

RTCS [Shawinigan] #11 (2015 David A. Wyatt) Regie de Transport en Commun de Shawinigan (01 January 2002 - present)
November 2002 LPR becomes owned by Groupe Dostie and the operating contract in Shawinigan is transferred to another Dostie entity, Transport Urbain de la Mauricie. From 01 July 2019 contract operator will be Autobus Fleur-de-Lys. (Jean Breton 2009, photo David A. Wyatt).

RTCS [Shawinigan] logo Vehicle fleet (2008)6 buses
Data source:Jean Breton 2009
website 2009 (logo)


St. Maurice Valley Ry [Trois-Rivieres - Shawinigan] (1907 Apr 10) commuter rail According to the 1907 CPR timetables, the St. Maurice Valley Railway operated a daily except Sundays train service between Shawinigan Falls and Trois-Rivières (21 mi./34 km, 75-90 min.). Commuters arrived in Shawinigan Falls at 8:45am and departed for Trois-Rivières at 6:45pm. This meets a basic definition of a commuter train (weekdaily, rush-hour scheduling and run time under about 90 minutes). The StMVR leased by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1911 (and amalgamated with it in 1958) (Andreae 1997).

Shawinigan Falls Terminal Electric Freight Railway

Shawinigan Falls Terminal Railway Company (circa 1904 - 1950)
Chartered 1902. Two miles (3 km) of track operated electrically for freight switching between Shawinigan heavy industries, including parent Shawinigan Water & Power Company hydroelectric generating facilities. Did not operate scheduled passenger service. Dieselized in 1950 after acquisition jointly by CNR and CPR. (Martin, pp. 185 and 187, G. Donnelly through JM 1997)

Sorel-Tracy, Québec

The city of Sorel-Tracy was formed in 2001 by the amalgamation of Sorel and Tracy. Saint-Pierre-de-Sorel was annexed to Sorel in 1992. (See Banlieues de Montréal (PTC Era) and Banlieues de Montréal (CIT Era) for commuter service between Sorel-Tracy and Montréal.)

Service d'Autobus Bonin (circa 1945 - 05 July 1948)
Owned by Mrs. J.L.O. Bonin. City service in Sorel, Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel, and Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel. Service extended 07 October 1947 to Saint-Pierre-de-Sorel. Incorporated as SBT 1948. (Jean Breton 2009).

Sorel Bus Transit Inc. (05 July 1948 - 14 June 1963)
Same ownership as Sd'AB. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Bonin [Sorel-Tracy] #7265 (1965 Flxible-Canadair) ( Bonin Autobus Ltée (14 June 1963 - 02 April 1986)
Private operator. (Jean Breton 2009, Dawes et al. 1972, Canadian Coach 1973, Transit Canada 1976?, Jacques Matte 1997, photo

Scobus Sorel Inc. (02 April 1986 - 1988, 1991)
Part of the Groupe Gaudreault of Joliette. City service abandoned 1988. For a few months in 1991 transit service was operated, sponsored by local shopping centres. (Jean Breton 2009).

[Service de Transport Collectif par Taxi] (2002 - present)
Taxi-bus service in Sorel-Tracy and Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel. Managed by CIT Sorel-Varennes. Additional service provided by local stops on CITSV commuter services to Montréal. (Jean Breton 2009, CITSV website 2009).

Taxibus Sorel logo (2009)Source: CITSV website 2009

Secondary System

Société des Traversiers du Québec (1978 - present)
ferry Frequent (typically every 30-minutes) ferry service between Sorel-Tracy and Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola, a 10 minute trip. Prior to 1978 the ferry was privately operated by Lucien Lachapelle (STQ website 2015). (website 2011).

Thetford Mines, Québec

Service d'Autobus de Thetford Mines token Service d'Autobus de Thetford Mines Inc. (? - ?)
Tokens exist for an operation of this name (see image right). Further details required.

Taxibus Thetford Mines Inc. (2008 - present)
Taxibus public transit service. Use requires advance booking. (website 2011).

Taxibus Thetford Mines logo
system logo
Data source: website 2011

Val-des-Sources, Québec

Prior to October 2020 Val-des-Sources was called Asbestos.

Asbestos & Danville Electric Freight Railway

Asbestos and Danville Railway electric locomotive 41 Asbestos and Danville Railway Company (circa 1928 - circa 1952)
In addition to its somewhat larger steam operation, the A&D electrified a 2 mi. (3 km) line circa 1928. The line was dieselized circa 1952. Passenger service was not operated.


Val-d'Or, Québec

Modern Val-d'Or was created 01 January 2002 by the amalgamation of Val-d'Or, Dubuisson, Sullivan, Val-Senneville and Vassan.

Val d'Or Coach Lines (19 November 1947 - 28 January 1948)
Started local city service in Val-d'Or 1947. Sold 1948 to AGCM. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Gordon C. McLeod (28 January 1948 - 01 June 1950)
Local service in Val-d'Or and between Val-d'Or and Bourlamaque. Operations incorporated 1950. (Jean Breton 2009).

McLeod Transportation (E. Belanger) McLeod Transportation Ltd. (01 June 1950 - 08 September 1958)
Added service to Lemoyne Beach 01 June 1950 and to Val-d'Or airport 24 November 1950. Airport service abandoned 31 October 1956. Remainder of local service abandoned 1958. Company sold 26 April 1960 to la Compagnie d'Autobus et de Camionnage de l'Abitibi. (Jean Breton 2009, A. Bélanger through JM 1997, photo E. Bélanger, G. Bélanger collection, courtesy J. Matte 2008).

Autobus Georges Blanchard (October 1958 - 10 March 1970)
Local service in Val-d'Or and between Val-d'Or and Bourlamaque. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus St-Jarre & Legault Inc. (10 March 1970 - 1981)
Assumed operating permits from AGB 1970. Company sold to AM 1981. (Jean Breton 2009, RS).

Autobus Maheux Ltée (1981 - circa 1992)
Bourlamaque annexed to Val-d'Or in the 1980s. Local service ended circa 1992. (Jacques Matte 1997, Jean Breton 2009, Transit News Canada 1984).

Corporation Taxibus Val-d'Or (23 July 2001 - present)
Taxibus service sponsored by the municipality and operated by contractors. Service extended to Sullivan 13 January 2003 and to rural areas of Val-d'Or (Louvicourt, Dubuisson, Vassan and Val-Senneville) 16 June 2003. Participating contractors include: Taxi Val-d'Or, Taxi 24, Autobus Maheux Ltée, and la Commission scolaire de l'Or-et-des-Bois (website 2009). (Jean Breton 2009, website 2009).

Data Source: website 2009

Victoriaville, Québec

The Cities of Victoriaville and Arthabaska, and the parish municipality of Sainte-Victorie-d'Arthabaska were amalgamated to form the City of Victoriaville-Arthabaska in the fall of 1993. The city was renamed Victoriaville 19 August 1994.

la Compagnie de Transport Jutras Ltée (17 January 1948 - 18 October 1954)
City service between Victoriaville and Arthabaska (3 km). Sold to AV 1954. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Victoriaville Ltée (18 October 1954 - circa 2002)
Private operator within Victoriaville and between Victoriaville and Arthabaska (Transit Canada 1976). AV part of the Autobus Tradition group (JM 1997). City service abandoned circa 2002. (Jean Breton 2009, Dawes et al. 1972, RS, pb96).

Vehicle fleet2 buses
Data source:JM 1997

Taxibus Victoriaville (October 2000 - present)
Taxi-bus service. (Jean Breton 2009, website 2009).

Data Source: website 2009

Waterloo, Québec

Verreault Transport Ltée (15 November 1966 - circa 1988?)
Granby transit operator received a permit to operate city service at Waterloo in 1966. End date of local service unknown, but may have been in 1988. (Jean Breton 2009).

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