All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems
Québec Communities (L - R)

by David A. Wyatt

La Malbaie, Québec

A. Simard (? - ?)
Single bus operating between La Malbaie and Pointe-Au-Pic (3 mi./5 km), "several" round trips daily, fare 15¢ (CR&MW August 1926, pp. 440-441).

Autobus Georges Saber (08 June 1946 - 23 April 1949)
Bus service from La Malbaie to Cap-a-l'Aigle and Saint-Fidele from 1946. Added route between Saint-Fidele and Saint-Simeon 05 July 1948. Sold to Carre 1949. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Adelard Bois (16 December 1946 - 16 August 1948)
Snowmobile service within 54 km radius of La Malbaie from December 1946. Established (bus?) route between La Malbaie and Clermont 24 January 1948, and between La Malbaie and Cap-a-l'Aigle 14 April 1948. Sold to Transport La Malbaie 1948. (Jean Breton 2009).

la Compagnie de Transport La Malbaie (16 August 1948 - 03 November 1949)
Acquired Bois 1948. Sold to Drolet 1949. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Osias Carre (23 April 1949 - 24 February 1953)
La Malbaie - Saint-Simeon route acquired from Sabre 1949. La Malbaie - Saint-Fidele route sold 1953 to Dufour. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Drolet Ltée (03 November 1949 - 06 December 1952)
Acquired TLM 1949. Sold La Malbaie area routes to Marchand 1952. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Edouard Marchand (06 December 1952 - 30 July 1953)
Bought several routes from Drolet 1952: La Malbaie - Cap-a-l'Aigle, La Malbaie - Saint-Irenée - Sainte-Agnes, La Malbaie - Pointe-au-Pic, and Clermont - Rivière Mailloux. Sold to ALM 1953. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Jean-Philippe Dufour (24 February 1953 - 30 July 1953)
Acquired La Malbaie - Saint-Fidele from Carre 1953. Reorganized as ALM 1953. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus La Malbaie Enr. (30 July 1953 - circa 1976)
Owner J-P Dufour. Acquired Marchand 1953. Routes: Pointe-au-Pic - La Malbaie - Clermont, La Malbaie - Cap-a-l'Aigle, La Malbaie - Rivière Malbaie, and La Malbaie - Rivière Mailloux. Abandoned local bus service circa 1976. The only local bus service since has been local stops on the intercity Québec - Baie-Comeau service (operated by Voyageur to 1991 and since then by Intercar Côte-Nord Inc.) (Jean Breton 2009).

La Tuque, Québec

Champoux Autobus & Transport Inc. (02 February 1953 - 22 September 1955)
Operating La Tuque - Grand'Mere intercity service and local woodworker employees buses in La Tuque from before 1935. Started public local bus service in 1953. Sold to C&F 1955. (Jean Breton 2009).

Carier et Frère Ltée (22 September 1955 - 23 December 1955)
Also operated transit services in Shawinigan and Trois-Rivièries. Sold operting permit to ARC 1955. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Raymond Chevrette (23 December 1955 - 31 January 1957)
Same owner continued after 1957 under modified name.

les Autobus Chevrette Enr. (31 January 1957 - 18 February 1970)
Company reorganized 1970 as AC Inc.. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Chevrette Inc. (18 February 1970 - 1986)
Company sold to new incorporation 1986. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Chevrette (1986) Inc. (1986 - 1988, two months in 1990)
City service abandoned 1988. 1990 trial transit service in cooperation with local shopping centres. Unsuccessful. After 1990 the only local service in the La Tuque area has been local stops on the intercity service to Trois-Rivières operated by Voyageur (to 1987/07/26), Limocar Mauricie Inc. (1987/07/26-1990/10/09), Autocars Vezina Inc. (1990/10/09-1992/06/18), and Orleans Express (from 1992/06/18). (Jean Breton 2009, A. Bouchard through JM 1997).

Laurentides - Pays-d'en-Haut, Québec

Transport collectif intermunicipal des Laurentides (September 2004 - present)
Bus and taxibus service linking communities in MRC des Laurentides and MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut to Saint-Jérôme (where connections to Montréal can be made). Bus service connects Rivière-Rouge, Mont-Tremblant, and Saint-Jérôme with intermediate stops in Labelle, La Conception, Piedmont, Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Sainte-Adèle, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, Saint-Sauveur, Val-David, and Val-Morin. Taxibus service provides connections to Amherst, Arundel, Brébeuf, Huberdeau, Lac-des-Seize-Îles, Lac-Supérieur, La Minerve, Lantier, Montcalm, Morin-Heights, Saint-Adolphe-D'Howard, Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, Sainte-Margueritte-du-Lac-Masson, Val-des-Lacs, and Wentworth-Nord. Sponsored by MRC des Laurentides, Commission scolaire des Laurentides, MRC des Pays-d'en-Haut, and Ville de Rivière-Rouge. (website 2010, Benoit Gratton 2010).

Laval, Québec

Laval, as a single municipality occupying the whole of the Île-Jésus, was created 06 August 1965 by the amalgamation of 14 predecessor municipalities: Auteuil, Chomedey (1961 amalgamation of L'Abord-à-Plouffe, Renaud and Saint-Martin), Duvernay, Fabreville, Îles-Laval, Laval-des-Rapides, Laval-Ouest, Laval-sur-le-Lac, Pont-Viau, Sainte-Dorothée, Sainte-Rose, Saint-François, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, and Vimont. (Wikipedia).

Principal System

Tremblay Autobus Co. (1920's)
la Compagnie d'Autobus Tremblay Ltd. Montréal - Ste. Rose. Based in Ste. Rose, 6 buses (CR&MW January 1927, p. 48). Added three more buses and Montréal (Mile End) - Lachute route (CR&MW April 1928, pp. 231-232).

Provincial Transport Company (circa 1956 - 31 July 1967)
Province-wide local and intercity bus operator. Operating local service in eastern part of the island. Local services generally north of Montréal (including Laval) transferred to new subsidiary 1967. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Mille-Iles Ltée (31 July 1967 - 26 February 1968)
Subsidiary of PTC. Sold to new owners 1968. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Mille-Iles (1967) Ltée (26 February 1968 - 29 January 1972)
Provincial Transport Enterprises subsidiary. (See Banlieues de Montréal for prior PTCo history.)

Laval 166 (GM new look) (W.E. Miller 1980) Commission de transport de la ville de Laval (29 January 1972 - 15 January 1985)
Created at law 01 July 1971 (Lawrence, Jean Breton 2009). Took over the operations of Milles-Iles and AYL 1972 and LA 1973 (Jean Breton 1997, Lawrence). (TC75. CUTA 1976-77 lists City of Laval Transit Commission, photo: W.E. Miller [Peter Cox collection]).

Societe de transport de Laval 0122 (2001 Novabus LFS) (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 14) Société de transport de la ville de Laval (15 January 1985 - present)
Service within Laval and between Laval and adjacent Montréal. Lawrence gives STL start date as 07 February 1985. (TNC85, CUTA 1989, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992, Photo: David A. Wyatt)

STL logo
system logo
Vehicle fleet200 buses (2000)
228 buses (2009)
Population375,000 (2009)
Ridership19,520,833 (2009)
Employees700 (2009)
Data source:CTHF/SSG 2000
Jean Breton 2009
Mike Rivest 1999 (logo)
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)

Secondary Systems

Gravel Autobus Limited (? - April 1945)
Montréal-Nord, Pont-Viau, Laval-des-Rapides, and L'Abord-à-Plouffe to Cartierville. Sold 1945 to Cartierville Bus Inc. which was absorbed by LT. (Lawrence).

Laval Transport Limited (? - 1959)
Bankrupt 1958. Montréal island services assumed by Montreal Transit Commission. General Trust of Canada (chief creditor) continued Laval operations. Two routes sold to Autobus Inter-Cité Ltée / Inter-City Bus Inc. 1959, which abandoned the routes not long after. AYL/NEBL emerged to cover other services. (Lawrence).

Autobus Yvan Lévis (11 June 1958 - 02 September 1964)
Owned by Yvan Lévis. Emerged to assume bankrupt LT Cartierville - Chomedey service. Cited as North End Bus Line by Lawrence. Incorporated as AYL Ltée. (Lawrence, Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Yvan Lévis Ltée (02 September 1964 - 29 January 1972)
Incorporation of AYL/NEBL. Serving Pont-Viau and Laval des Rapides (MR 1998). Operations transfered to CTL 1972. (Canadian Coach 1972, 1973; Jean Breton 2009).

Galland Bus Lines (1941 - circa 1964)
Serving Chomedey. Related Paul Galland Transport (Montréal - Ste-Scholastique commuter) started circa 1958 additional local Laval route St-Martin - L'Abord-à-Plouffe - Chomedey - Cartierville (Lawrence). Pont-Viau - Chomedey route assumed by AYL 1963. Remaining local transit operations transfered to AYL circa 1964. Company renamed Autobus Galland Ltée 1964 and continued as a charter and school bus operator.

Laval Autocar Enr. (? - June 1973)
Transit services on the northwest corner of Île-Jésus, including Ste-Rose (Hauterive), Laval-Ouest, Laval-sur-le-Lac, and off-island in Ste-Eustache and Deux-Montagnes. Operations transfered to CTL June 1973. (Lawrence).


Magog, Québec

Autobus Ernest Simard (19 December 1945 - 18 November 1947)
City service. Reorganized 1947 as Cie AM. (Jean Breton 2009).

la Compagnie d'Autobus Magog Enr. (18 November 1947 - 26 March 1953)
Owned initially by Ernest Simard. Sold 16 May 1949 to Adelard, Edouard, Armand and Gabriel Haman. Edouard Haman sold out to the others 10 August 1950. Company sold to MA Ltée 1953. (Jean Breton 2009).

Magog Autobus Ltée (26 March 1953 - circa 1988)
Private operator. After circa 1982 company name is Autobus Magog Ltée. Sold 18 August 1987 to Scobus Maurais Inc. City service abandoned circa 1988. (Dawes et al. 1972, TC76, JM 1997, Jean Breton 2009).

As of 2009 the only year-round local service in Magog is local stops on the Magog - Sherbrooke intercity service operated by Transport des Alentours Inc. supplemented in summer months by one local “streetcar”-type bus. (Jean Breton 2009).

Montmagny, Québec

Autobus Montmagny Inc.(William A. Luke) Autobus Montmagny Inc.(? - ?)
Local bus service, at least into the 1970's. (Transit Canada Nov.-Dec. 1976, p. 23, photo: William A. Luke).

Transport collectif et adapté de la MRC de Montmagny (05 October 2009 - present)
Three-route local transit service in Montmagny. From 26 April 2010 advance booking were no longer required. Website [August 2013] again requires reservations one workday in advance. (website 2011, Benoit Gratton 2010).

TCA Montmagny logo Data Source: website 2010

Mont-Tremblant, Québec

Ville de Mont-Tremblant (? - present)
Local (two-route) transit service in Mont-Tremblant operated for the municipality and the Chambre de commerce de Mont-Tremblant by a contractor. Contractor in 2009 was Galland Mont-Tremblant. (website 2010, Benoit Gratton 2010).

Data source: website 2010 (logo)

Plessisville, Québec

Autobus Georges Bourque (29 January 1945 - 12 June 1964)
Seasonal city service by snowmobile initiated 1945. Buses followed shortly thereafter. Reorganized 16 June 1966 as Taxis, Autobus Plessis Enr. owned by the estate of Georges Bourque. (JM 1997, Jean Breton 2009)

Autobus des Bois-Francs Ltée (17 June 1965 - 11 October 1984)
City service (Canadian Coach 1971). Sold Plessisville city service to Binette 1984. (Canadian Coach 1971, JM 1997, Jean Breton 2009). (Canadian Coach 1971 also reports suburban service from Plessisville to Montréal but this seems unlikely given the distance).

Autobus Binette Inc. (11 October 1984 - circa 1988)
Abandoned Plessisville city service circa 1988. (Jean Breton 2009).

Transport Collectif de la MRC de l'Erable (2005? - present)
Scheduled rural transit service for the region surrounding Plessisville. Five-day service connects Plessisville with Inverness, Laurierville, Lyster, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Princeville, Saint-Pierre-Baptiste Victoriaville, and Villeroy. Several additional towns have less frequent service. Operated by Corporation de transport La Cadence. (website 2011).

TC de la MRC l'Erable [Plessisville] logo
system logo
Data source: website 2011

Puvirnituq, Québec

Usijiit Public Transit (circa 2011 - present)
Local transit services in several Nunavik communities were started about 2011. See also Inukjuak, Kangirsuk and Kuujjuaq. (Nunatsiaq Online 29 May 2012).

Rimouski, Québec

As part of municipal amalgamation in 2002 Rimouski annexed Rimouski-Est, Pointe-au-Pere, Sacre-Coeur, Nazareth, Saint-Robert, and Sainte-Odile.

Autobus Albert Dionne (1943 - circa 1945)
City service operated by the owner of a local Ford dealership. Service extended in 1945 to Rimouski-Est and 07 May 1945 to Pointe-au-Pere and Sacre-Coeur. Reorganized circa 1945 as Cie d'AR. (Jean Breton 2009).

Autobus Rimouski Prevost buses (Paul Leger 1965) la Compagnie d'Autobus Rimouski Ltée (circa 1945 - 1982)
Owner Albert Dionne. 24 July 1956 service extended to Nazareth, Saint-Robert and Sainte-Odile. From 14 August 1968 company is owned by Votre-Choix Transport Inc.. Service extended 16 January 1970 to Saint-Anaclet. City service abandoned 1982. No public transit service operating in Rimouski 1996 (email 1996). (Jean Breton 2009, Canadian Coach 1971 & 1974, Jacques Matte 1997, Transit Canada 1976, Transit News Canada 1984, photo: Paul Leger).

la Société des transports de Rimouski (September 1993 - present)
Taxi-bus service over a regular route for a fixed fare. (STR website 2009, Jacques Matte 1998, Jean Breton 2009). Scheduled bus transit service, branded Citébus, began 10 January 2011. Citébus is contracted to La Québécoise. (Radio-Canada 22 October 2010, L'Avantage 21 December 2010).

STR logo
system logo
Data source: Source: STR website 2009

Transport adapté et collectif de La Mitis (08 November 2010 - present)
Two-year pilot project to provide transit service for MRC La Mitis and MRC de Rimouski-Neigette. Service area includes Mont-Joli, Rimouski, Saint-Anaclet, and Sainte-Luce (Radio-Canada 27 September 2010, website 2011).

Roberval, Québec

Autobus Herve Harvey (28 February 1952 - 18 September 1962)
Already operating mill workers' bus service when city service initiated in 1952. (Jean Breton 2009).

Unicar [Roberval] 104 ( Autobus Roberval Ltée (18 September 1962 - circa 1988)
City service abandoned circa 1988. Owned 1981-1991 by Unicars and since 1991 by Intercar. As of 2009 the only local service in Roberval is local stops on the intercity services operated by Intercar Saguenay Inc. (Québec - Dolbeau-Mistassini) and Autocars Jasmin Inc. (Intercar, Saguenay - Dolbeau-Mistassini). (Jean Breton 2009, Transit News Canada 1984, photo

For current [2011] paratransit in Roberval see Québec Rural Paratransit Services.

Rouyn-Noranda, Québec

la Corporation de Transport de Rouyn-Noranda (05 April 1939 - 1980)
Formed to initiate city service in Rouyn-Noranda. Sold 1980 to AM. (Jean Breton 2009, Transit News Canada 1984).

Autobus Maheux Ltée (1980 - present)
Operator under contract to Ville de Rouyn-Noranda from 1991. Website uses the name l'Autobus de ville. (Jean Breton 2009, RS, Jacques Matte 1997, website 2009).

Rouyn-Noranda logo Vehicle fleet2 buses (1997)
Data source:Jacques Matte 1997
website 2009 (logo)

Public transit in rural districts of the City of Rouyn-Noranda is provided by a paratransit program (bus, carpool, other shared rides) called Transport collectif rural le Nomade. It was piloted between August and December 2005 in Évain and Granada, operated under contract by Transport Adapté les Intrépides. The program was reorganized and reinitiated in April 2006 (website 2009).

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