All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems

by David A. Wyatt

Winnipeg Region, Manitoba

Winnipeg, Selkirk & Lake Winnipeg Interurban

WS&LW 4 and trailer at Selkirk (Winnipeg Transit coll.) Winnipeg, Selkirk and Lake Winnipeg Railway Company (25 May 1908 - 30 April 1939 -)
electric interurban Incorporated 05 July 1900 (Man.) to build and operate a steam or electric railway from Winnipeg north to West Selkirk or the west shore of Lake Winnipeg. Steam operation commenced 29 August 1904 (formal opening ceremonies held 26 August 1904) from Winnipeg via Middlechurch and Lockport to Selkirk. Controlling interest in the WS&LW was acquired by the Winnipeg Electric Railway Company (Winnipeg city system) 01 March 1906. Limited electric service began in June 1906 but full electric operation was not ready until 1908 (formal opening ceremonies held 23 May 1908, RFC). Buses began serving selected Winnipeg - Selkirk runs 11 June 1931. All Selkirk - Winnipeg electric rail operation ceased in favour of buses 01 September 1937 (see below).

A branch line from Middlechurch on the Winnipeg - Selkirk line to Stony Mountain and Stonewall opened for service 14 December 1914 (opening ceremony 12 December 1914). Experimentally, a feeder bus route was operated from Stonewall north to Balmoral, Gunton and Teulon from June to "end of summer" 1922. The Stonewall line was bus operated 23 May 1934 to 10 December 1934, and all electric car service ended in favour of buses 1939 (see below). (Baker).

Winnipeg Selkirk & Lake Winnipeg 14 (Winnipeg Transit Photo Archive collection) Winnipeg Selkirk & Lake Winnipeg excursion (Winnipeg Transit Photo Archive coll.) Winnipeg Electric Co bus 169 [1929 Reo/FitzJohn] on the Stonewall route (1934)


Steam railway29 August 1904 - 25 May 1908
Interurban electric railwayJune 1906 - 30 April 1939
Interurban gascar railwaybriefly in the 1930s
Motor bus11 June 1931 - present

Breezy Point, Manitoba

Eds Bus Lines Timetable 1948 Ed's Bus Lines (1940's)
Frequent bus service over a 30 minute route between Selkirk and Breezy Point. Service existed in 1948. (timetable courtesy William A. Luke)

Bird's Hill, Manitoba

William Swystun (January 1939 - ?)
An operating licence for a bus service between Winnipeg and Bird's Hill was granted in January 1939 (Heritage II, p. 245).

Birds Hill Eastern Bus Lines (William A. Luke) Eastern Bus Lines Limited (1950's)
Incorporated by Manitoba letters patent 06 November 1946 (Manitoba Gazette, Vol. 75, #47, Nov. 23, 1946, p. 1639). As part of it's longer suburban/rural bus route to Lydiatt EBL operated commuter trips between Winnipeg and Bird's Hill in eastern East St. Paul. The Lydiatt route existed at least as early as 1935. (William A. Luke photo).

Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg (05 June 1971 - September 1971 [summer seasons only])
Metro Transit began operating a regular summer service to Bird's Hill Park in 1971. In 1971 the service was daily in July and August, and weekends-only in June and September.

City of Winnipeg Transit System (1972 - 1983 [summer seasons only])
Winnipeg Transit continued summer-only service to Bird's Hill Park. The service was eventually reduced to only operate during the annual Winnipeg Folk Festival. In 2012 the Folk Festival service became a charter operation on behalf of the festival.

East St. Paul, Manitoba

Greater Winnipeg Transit Commission (circa 1957 - 31 December 1960)
Winnipeg city system expanded to include East St. Paul in its service area, over the objections of rural/intercity carrier Red River Motor Coach Lines, Ltd., which had served the area since 1925. GWTC reorganized as the Transit Department of the M Corp of G.W. 1961.

Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg (01 January 1961 - 10 February 1965)
Winnipeg city system, also referred to as Metro Transit. East St. Paul Rural Municipality withdrew from Metro 01 January 1965 and Metro Transit eliminated its bus service. Rural/intercity carrier Thiessen Bus Lines, successor to RRMC, continued to operate suburban frequencies through East St. Paul from Winnipeg although schedules were reduced by 1966 (1965 Schedule).

East St. Paul Transit Co-Op (30 July 1973 - 1974)
Service between East St. Paul and Winnipeg. Intended to supersede rural/highway service operated by Grey Goose Bus Lines Ltd. (successor to TBL and RRMC). Sponsored in part by the East St. Paul Chamber of Commerce. Service terminated in the absence of municipal subsidy. (Heritage II, pp. 246-249).

Headingley, Manitoba

WECo/SRT Headingley streetcar 1927 (Winnipeg Transit)

Suburban Rapid Transit Company (20 December 1905 - 20 August 1930)
street railway/light rail The SRT operated in other Winnipeg suburbs 1903 - 1940. All operation was conducted under contract by the Winnipeg Electric Street Railway Company and its successors. Control of the SRT was purchased by the Winnipeg Electric Railway Company 26 October 1905. Headingley service was converted to buses 07 May 1930 and abandoned completely in August. (Winnipeg Transit photo).

Carlson's Headingly Bus (circa 1935)
Twice daily commuter bus service between Headingley and Winnipeg (Winnipeg Free Press 25 May 1935/APR). Perhaps covered the route from 1930 to 1938?

Sonnichsen Headingley bus 1967 (Peter Cox) Sonnichsen Transportation (1938 - 1967)
Service between Headingley and Winnipeg. ST established circa 1940 (Bus Ride, November 1989, cited as Sonnichsen Bus Lines). The company, which included school bus operations, was sold to Grey Goose Bus Lines in 1986 (APR). (Scrafton et al. 1970, Peter Cox and William A. Luke photos).

Sonnichsen Transportation [Headingley] Nash bus Sonnichsen Transportation [Headingley] Dodge bus Sonnichsen Garwood (William A. Luke)

City of Winnipeg Transit System (26 September 1983 - 31 December 1992)
Winnipeg city system, customarily referred to as Winnipeg Transit. Service to Headingley withdrawn 1992 when Headingley became a separate municipality.

Lorette, Manitoba

Lorette Bus Lines Ltd. (circa September 1992 - circa 1993)
Suburban commuter service between Lorette and Winnipeg. Not in the telephone book in 1994.

St. Adolphe, Manitoba

Winnipeg Riverbend Bus Line (William A. Luke) Riverbend Bus Line (1940's)
Operator of suburban bus service between Winnipeg and Saint Adolphe. (William A. Luke photo).

Beaver Bus Lines 6 [St. Adolphe] (1946 Kalamazoo Pony Cruiser) (Paul Leger coll.) Beaver Bus Lines Limited (1947 - 1963)
Operator of suburban bus service between Winnipeg and Saint Adolphe. Some trips extended to Niverville and Ste. Agathe. (Regiec et al., photo Paul Leger coll.)

Southern Bus Lines 52 Fuso (Paul Leger) Southern Bus Lines (1963 - ?)
Operator of suburban bus service between Winnipeg and Saint Adolphe and Niverville. (Regiec et al., Paul Leger photo).

Ste. Anne, Manitoba

Eagle BL departs for Ste. Anne (William A. Luke) Eagle Bus Lines Limited (1950s?)
Incorporated by Manitoba letters patent 30 December 1946 (Manitoba Gazette Vol. 76, #2, Jan. 11, 1947, p. 18). Suburban short turns were operated by Eagle between Winnipeg and Ste. Anne in the 1950s (William A. Luke photo). Eagle was purchased in 1979 by Beaver Bus Lines Limited who may have operated a Ste. Anne commuter as recently as the early 1980's (APR).

Selkirk, Manitoba

Selkirk Streamliner Winnipeg, Selkirk and Lake Winnipeg Railway Company (- 30 April 1939 - 30 September 1948)
Suburban bus service between Selkirk and Winnipeg continued directly from interurban electric railway operations (see above). WS&LW a subsidiary of WECo, the Winnipeg city system and all buses carried the parent company's name until the service was marketed as Selkirk Streamliner in the late 1940s. (photos Winnipeg Transit, Dennis Cavanagh)

WECo 111 restored by MTHA (Dennis Cavanagh 2001) WECo 621 MCI Courier (William A. Luke) WECo 601 Selkirk Streamliner at Winnipeg Bus Depot (William A. Luke)

BBL New Flyer D40 in downtown Winnipeg 2001 (Peter McLaughlin photo) Beaver Bus Lines Limited (01 October 1948 - 30 June 2016)
Incorporated by Manitoba letters patent 11 December 1945 (Manitoba Gazette Vol. 74, #51, Dec. 22, 1945, p. 1418). Suburban transit service between Selkirk and Winnipeg. Company began as St. Vital Bus Lines operating a service in St. Vital [suburban Winnipeg] 1932 - 1948. Service discontinued 2016 due to declining ridership. (photos Peter McLaughlin, Dennis Cavanagh, and Alex Regiec).

Beaver Bus Lines (William A. Luke) Beaver Bus Lines 19 CanCar IC41 (William A. Luke) BBL CanCar Voyageur (Redden Archives Collection) BBL 24 WFC T32 (William A. Luke) BBL GM New Look (Dennis Cavanagh photo) BBL MCI Classic 2004 (Alex Regiec photo)

Beaver Bus Lines logo
company logo
Data source: author 2011

Selkirk Transit 7-360 [2011 Crestline] (Alex Regiec 2011 May 24) Selkirk Transit (30 May 2011 - present)
Local bus service within the City of Selkirk starting 2011. Contract operator is Selkirk & District Handibus. Service operated fare-free 30 May 2011 - 01 July 2011. (Selkirk Journal 02 September 2010, website 2011, photo: Alex Regiec).

Selkirk Transit Logo
system logo
Data source: APR 2011

Exclusive Bus Lines [Selkirk - Winnipeg] 13-56 (Prevost H3-45) (David A. Wyatt 04 July 2016) Exclusive Bus Lines (04 July 2016 - 01 September 2017)
Assumed the operation of the Winnipeg - Selkirk commuter service after it was discontinued by BBL. Service discontinued at the beginning of September 2017. (CBC 04 June 2016). (photo: David A. Wyatt)

Kasper Transportation sprinter 3 (David Wyatt 05 Sep 2017) Kasper Transportation Service (05 September 2017 - 20 August 2019)
Ontario-based intercity bus operator and air carrier. Assumed the operation of the Winnipeg - Selkirk commuter service after it was discontinued by Exclusive. Service ended with same-day notice in August 2019. (photo: David A. Wyatt).


Manitoba Free Press 08 Sep 1879 p1 omnibus Winnipeg and Selkirk have been linked by regularly scheduled passenger service from before the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company main line. The North-West Omnibus Co. initiated tri-weekly stage coach service as early as 1879, replacing an existing steamboat schedule (Manitoba Free Press No. 54, 08 September 1879, p. 1).

Stony Mountain / Stonewall, Manitoba

Winnipeg, Selkirk and Lake Winnipeg Railway Company
Interurban electric railway service (see above). The Stony Mountain-Stonewall line was bus operated by the WS&LW 23 May 1934 to 10 December 1934.

Beaver Bus Lines 7 (Kalamazoo Pony Cruiser) [Stonewall] (William A. Luke) Beaver Bus Lines Limited (1939 - 1946)
Started bus service replacing discontinued interurban to Stonewall and Stony Mountain. Incorporated by Manitoba letters patent 11 December 1945 (Manitoba Gazette Vol. 74, #51, Dec. 22, 1945, p. 1418). Sold route to GGB. (Regiec et al., Photo: William A. Luke).

Thiessen Bus Lines 20, Western Flyer on suburban trip to Stony Mountain (William A. Luke) Grey Goose Bus Lines Ltd. (1946 - ?)
As part of it's intercity bus service in Manitoba's interlake region, GGB operated commuter trips between Winnipeg and Stony Mountain. Company acquired by, and merged with Thiessen Bus Lines 1961. Operation shortly re-branded as Grey Goose. (Regiec et al., William A. Luke photos).

Thiessen Bus Lines 10, a Western Flyer T-32 (William A. Luke)

Stonewall Shuttle Service (03 August 2010 - 26 October 2010)
One day a week (Tuesdays) trial town bus service in Stonewall operated as a partnership of the South Interlake Senior Resource Council and the Stonewall and District Handivan Service. Service discontinued for insufficient ridership. (Stonewall Argus August 2010, September 2010, October 2010).


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