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About the lab

Dr. Currie's Bee Lab at the University of Manitoba focuses on the biology, behaviour, and life history of managed and native pollinating insects with a focus on the European Honey Bee. We have a major focus on conducting both basic and applied research on honey bees, their management and interactions between bees, their parasites and pathogens. We are also currently looking at interactions between managed and native pollinators and encouraging native pollinators in urban habitats.

Research topics include:

  • - Regulation of reproduction in bees
  • - Importance of floral odours as an attractant to honey bees
  • - Control measures for the varroa mite, a parasite of honey bees
  • - Fumigation treatments for the varroa mite in winter
  • - Impact and control of honey bee viruses
  • - Pathogen spillover between managed and native pollinators
  • - Bee nest site enhancement in urban environments
  • - Regulation of queen replacement in honey bee colonies
  • - Improving feed quality in honey bees
  • - Regulation of oviposition in the varroa mite
  • - Sound detection by varroa mites
  • - Modelling honey bee population growth and honey production
  • - Selection for varroa resistance in honey bee stock

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