Graduate Students


1. Mohammad Nourmohammadi, Postdoctoral fellow, (Jan - July 2015; Nov 2015-Oct 2016)

Topic: Spatial Sampling

2. Farhad Shokoohi, Postdoctoral fellow, (Jan -Aug 2013)

Topic: Prediction in Mixed Models with Applications to Small Area Estimation

3. Elahe Torkashvand, PhD, (joint with M. Jafari-Jozani), (2011-2016)

Topic: Some Contributions to Small Area Estimation

4. Erfanul Hoque, MSc, (2014-2016)

Topic: Longitudinal Data Analysis with Covariates Measurement Error

5. Doaa Ayad, MSc, (2013-2014)

6. Farhad Shokoohi, Visiting PhD student, (Feb- Sept 2011)

Topic: Small Area Estimation

7. Vahid Tadayon, Visiting PhD student, (May- Oct 2017)

Topic: Measurement Error in Spatial Models with Non-Gaussian Data


8. Kanika Grover, MSc, (joint with E. Acar), (2016--2018)

Topic: Copula-based Predictions in Small Area Estimation

9. Justin Dyck, MSc, (2017--2019)

Topic: Spatial Analysis of Ischemic Heart Disease in Manitoba

10. Oluwagbenga Abiodun Fakanye, MSc, (2018--2019)

Topic: Geographical Variation and Factors Associated with Gastric Cancer in Manitoba

11. Reyhane Sefidkar, PhD, (joint with A. Kavousi), (2015--2020)

Topic: Small Area Estimation

12. Shabnam Balamchi, PhD, (2014--2021)

Topic: Spatial Modeling of Repeated Events

13. Leila Amiri, post-doc, (joint with R. Deardon from U of Calgary), (2018--2021)

Topic: Spatial Modeling of Infectious Diseases

14. Georges Bucyibaruta, post-doc, (joint with C. Dean from U of Waterloo), (2019--2021)

Topic: Spatial Modeling of Infectious Diseases

15. Somayeh Momenyan, post-doc, (2021--2022)

Topic: Modeling of COVID-19 Pandemic

16. Abdolreza Sayyareh, Visiting Professor, (Feb 2022--May 2022)

Topic: Small Area Estimation

17. Erfanul Hoque, PhD, (joint with E. Acar), (2017--2022)

Topic: Longitudinal Data Analysis

18. Charanpal Singh, MSc, (2018--2022)

Topic: Small Area Estimation

On going:

1. Reyhaneh Rikhtehgaran, Research Associate, (2023--)

Topic: Infectious Disease Modeling

2. Ruwani Herath, post-doc, (2023--)

Topic: Mixed Models

3. Narges Amiri, MSc, (joint with Z. Mashreghi from U of Winnipeg), (2023--)

Topic: Small Area Estimation

4. Justin Dyck, PhD, (2021--)

Topic: Infectious Disease Modeling

5. Amin Abed, PhD, (joint with Z. Mashreghi from U of Winnipeg), (2021--)

Topic: Small Area Estimation

6. Shamsia Sobhan, MSc, (2021--)

Topic: Spatial Survival Analysis

7. Md. Hasan, MSc, (joint with Z. Mashreghi from U of Winnipeg), (2021--)

Topic: Spatial Modeling