Professor Christine Q. Wu*

B.Sc. (Beijing University), M.Sc. (University of British Columbia), Ph.D. (University of Manitoba)

Research Areas

(1) Ground Vehilce Structural integrity and Vehicle Dynamics including the following two sub-areas:

Stress analysis of vehicle structure with service loading and impact loading, Fatigue life prediction of vehicel structure components, sub-scaled accelerated durability testing of vehicle structure components.

Stability analysis of ground vehicle yaw and roll motion, active safety system for driving safety monitoring and control.

(2) Dynamics and control of legged walking robots, Lyapunov's stability of nonlinear systems, energy efficient bipeadl walking robots.

(3) Biomechanics, human dynamics, gait stability monitoring.

Computational and experimental appraoches are the main tools in all reearch projects.


Laboratory for Design of Mechanisms Non li fghgfjjghjghhkknear S Nonlinear Systems Research Laboratory

Graduate student positions (Ph.D. and M.Sc.) available. Please see available positions.



Christine Qiong Wu | E1-414 EITC | 204.474.8843 | cwu@cc.umanitoba.ca