Note: Please check out the application and funding information, as well as other information for graduate students.


Current Positions for 2014

One Post Doctoral Fellow with Ph.D. in ground vehicle structure dynamics, structure integrity, vehicle body structure dsign for weight deduction.

Three Ph.D. students with strong background in computational mechanics. Research experience in ground vehicle structure integrity will be an asset.

Multiple M.Sc. students with strong interests in computational stress analysis design of ground vehilce components.

Two Ph.D. students with strong research background in robotics and control.

Student Characterisitcs

In general, I would like to work with the students who are self-motivated and would like to work in a strongly interdisciplinary field, blending aspects of mechanical engineering, (nonlinear dynamics, robotics, control, ground vehicl dynmaics, stress analysis), applied mathematics and biomechanics . Graduate students should have a strong interest in compuataional mechancis, such as finite element analysis, dynamics and control theory or in stress analysis and design.

Admission Procedure and Funding Information

For graduate students, I encourage you contacting me first and once I invite you to apply, you should submit your application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS). It is a two-step application procedure. First your application will be evaluated by FGS. Once you are admitted, I will decide the financial support (Research assistantship) based on the pool of applicants and available funding. Most of my graduate students start in September or January. (Please do not ask me if you will get RA before you are accepted by FGS.)

For undergraduate students interested in working in my lab for the summer, you should contact me in late November or early December of the previous year. I will help you apply for an NSERC Summer Research Award.

Undergraduate summer research students:
Date Action
November, 2013

Contact Dr. C.Q. Wu
Application deadline for NSERC Summer Research Award Applications

Graduate students:

Date Action
late September

Contact Dr. C.Q. Wu
re: sponsorship for NSERC graduate fellowship applications

early January Contact Dr. C.Q. Wu
re: applying for University Graduate Fellowships
February 1 Application deadline for University Graduate Fellowships


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