Currently, my research is focued on two themes: (1) development of stable and energy-efficient legged walking robots, and (2) advanced heavy ground vehicles and transportation equipment. The two themes are the applications of my core research on nonlinear systems (stability analysis of nonlinear dynamics systems, time series analysis andstability control). Research on Stream 1 is theoretical in nature. In my research, both computer modeling and experimental approaches zre used. The research is mainly supported by NSERC, MITACS, MCI, U of M.

This page lists research projects that have been undertaken at Nonlinear Systems Research Laboratory and Laboratory for Design of Mechanisms. If you are interested in finding out more about anything you see here or are considering pursuing graduate studies in any of these areas please contact Dr. Christine Q. Wu.

Current Research Projects


Nonlinear Dynamics (funded by NSERC and MITACS)

· Stability analysis of nonlinear systems using the concept of Lyapunov exponents

· Calculation of Lyapunov exponents using a noisy time series by nonlinear mapping

· Stability analysis of nonlinear and non-smooth systems via Lyapunov's exponents using mathematical models

· Stability control via Lyapunov exponents

· Classical Lyapunov's stability feedback control

· System identification via time series


Automotive engineering (funded by NSERC, MCI and MITACS)

· Ground vehicle structural dynamics

· Stress and fatigue analysis of vehicle structure using FEM

· Ground vehicle structual integrity and design for weight deduction using the concept of load path index

· Sub-scaled accelerated durability testing

· Stability and control of non-holonomic dynamic systems

· Vehicle dynamics,

· Intelligent monitoring and controlling lane departure, hazard avoidance and roll-over

· Time series analysis to reveal basic and advanced features of theacceleration data measured from field testing


Legged Locomotion Robots (funded by NSERC)

· Dynamics and control of bipedal locomotion

· Impact dynamics in bipedal locomotion

· Energy-efficient bipedal walking using compliant mechanisms with controllable stiffness

· Passive dynamic walking/hopping (biped, Quadruped, one-leg hopper)


Kinetic sculpture (funded by NSERC)

· Design and dynamic analysis of a kinetic sculpture floated in a harbour

· Design of "Wind Beast" based on Mechanism design and optimization (some video clips of Mr. Theo Jansen's wind beasts, movie-1, movie-2, my review of kinetic scupture, design, animation of the motion of one leg and three movies from front, side and back views by Mr. Daniel Giesbrecht)



Gait monitoring using advanced nonlinear dynamics measures (funded by NSERC)


Control of Hydraulic manipulators having contact with the environment (funded by NSERC)

· Lyapunov-based Accurate position, force and impact control of a Hydraulic Actuator with Friction

· Nonlinear Analysis of hydraulic actuators via Lyapunov exponents

Past research projects (samples)

· Uniqueness of Filippov's Solutions for Non-Smooth Systems Having Multiple Discontinuity Surfaces

· Extensions of Lyapunov's stability theory to non-smooth systems

· Solutions to the planar multi-link robotic impact dynamics with rank-deficient Jacobian matrix

· Impact Dynamics and Contact Events for Biped Robots via Impact Effects

· Trajectory design with optimization

· Sliding mode control of bipedal locomotion during the double support phase

· Theoretical and experimental stress analysis of a circular disc with an edge crack

· Development of realistic computer models to study human motor control mechanisms during walking

· Development of computer models of a human arm having interactions with the environment

· Pressure migration during prolonged unconstrained seating

Past industrial projects (samples)

· Development of a method for generating reference signal using a statistical computational approach(funded by MCI and MITACS)

· Failure analysis of HVAC Module using FEM and Fractograph analyses (funded by NSERC and MCI)

· Wear Analysis for Total Knee Replacements using the Method of Finite Element Analysis (funded by Institute of Hip and Knee at Concordia Hospital and MITACS)

· Evaluation of the Mechanical Efficacy of Splints for Dynamic Forearm Rotational Splinting (funded by Manitoba Health Sciences Centre Foundation)

· Stress analysis of post-core reinforced endodontically treated teeth using FEM and Photoelasticity(funded by NSERC and Faculty of Dentistry of University of Mnaitoba)

· On lab-based accelerated vibration testing for articles in the baggage bay area of the motor coach in the vertical d direction (funded by MCI and MITACS)

· Failure analysis of motor coach windshields (funded by Motor Coach Industries)

· Reduction of repetitive strain injuries using the technique of virtual reality (funded by Manitoba Worker's Compensation Board)

· Design of Energy Storage Prosthetic feet (funded by Winnipeg Rehabilitation Center for Children Foundation)

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