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Research Areas

Nonlinear Dynamics (Time series Analysis, Stability of Nonlinear/Non-smooth Systems, Lyapunov Stability Control)

Dynamics and Control of Legged Locomotion Robots (Stability, Energy-efficiency, one-leeged Hoppers, Bipeds, Quadrupeds, etc.)

Advanced Heavy Ground Vehicle Systems (Stability and control of non-holonomic dynamic systems, Intelligent monitoring and controlling lane departure, hazard avoidance and roll-over, Accelerated Durability Testing of Ground Vehicles, Dynamics of motor coach Structures)

Biomechanics (Human Dynamics, Design and Evaluation of Medical Device)
Mechanisms Design (Kinetic Sculptures. multi-legged walking mechanisms)
Stress Analysis and Design
Photoelasticity, Fractorgraphy Failure Analysis
Christine Qiong Wu | E1-414 EITC | 204.474.8843 | cwu@cc.umanitoba.ca