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Department of Statistics


Last Updated: July 2017

I joined the Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba as an Assistant Professor in July 2010. Prior to that, I received BSc honours special degree in Statistics from University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. I then completed MSc (statistics) at Simon Fraser University in April 2007. This work is a discussed paper in the Canadian Journal of Statistics. For my doctoral thesis, I continued to work with Dr Tim Swartz on Bayesian methods and applications and completed my PhD in June 2010. This work was published in the Canadian Journal of Statistics and Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics.

My main research interest is developing Bayesian and statistical computational methods. I have focused on Bayesian mixture and latent variable models that involve nontrivial computational challenges. These methods are motivated by problems arising from capture-recapture, sports, ordinal surveys, clinical trials and network data. I'm also in the process of developing and applying nonparametric Bayesian models to clinical trials in collaboration with the FDA. These projects involve developing statistical methods for assessing noninferiority in multi-arm clinical trials, calculating effective sample sizes and also combining results of multiple clinical trials.