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PNG Library


AFLPcore Data manipulation and control of the program state.
AFLPgui GUI components and GUI-related processing for the core program


PNG Library

Below is the documentation for the Java PNG libarary from VisualTek, which is also under the GPL. Note: This documentation was generated seperately and is not linked in to the rest of the Genographer documentation. Some of the links won't work, and you'll have to use "Back."

  • package com.visualtek.png
  • Modifying the Program

    Many features can be added to the program fairly easily, such as new import file formats. Also, operations on a bin, lane, or gel can be performed easily by extending classes. Look at all of the classes that extend the Operation class. Also, look at the Manager class. By adding a new class that extends an Operation to the class FeatureList, the program should access that new feature once it has been recompiled. For example, the import dialog alredy queries the FeatureList and adds all of the ImportFilters it finds to the display. The program was designed so that it would be fairly easy to add features to it. I can be reached at for more info. Also, Tom Blake <> may be able to contact me if the above address is no longer valid.