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Jeff Valdivia

My name is Jeff Valdivia. I entered into undergrad at the University of Manitoba certain that I would study the sciences. My first year I took almost entirely science and math courses, and in my second zear I entered the physics department. My second year consisted entirely of physics and math courses. Over the course of the year and summer at work with a professor, I realized that physics was not a subject I wanted to pursue. I spent my third year taking several introductory courses and ended up choosing to get a B.A. in philosophy. I enjoyed philosphy, but realized I wanted a less abstract career that was more useful to society. In my last year of undergrad I took a career counseling session at the University of Manitoba. There I learned of the NRI and MNRM and was almost instantly sure it was a program I wanted to be in. I entered the program thinking I would write a thesis on alternative sources of energy, but ended up writing about organic waste management, which I find as interesting, but more accessible. My thesis concerns organic waste management and looks at best practices and GHG emissions with a focus on Manitoba.
In my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer, traveling, watching movies, and reading.