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Kimlee Wong

I am a mother of three and a master's student at the University of Manitoba studying indigenous agriculture. A member of Sagkeeng first nation in Manitoba, I grew up acutely aware of health issues stemming from environmental contamination. Sagkeeng is located immediately downstream of a pulp and paper mill that for decades released untreated effluent directly into the river upstream of the community's drinking water and swimming areas.

I have an undergrad degree in wildlife biology from Acadia University, and I worked in Southeast Asia on sustainable development issues as Sagkeeng's environmental officer. I have also helped craft a national environmental program for first nation youth. Upon learning that all people, including our newborn babies, carry a body burden of many toxins I helped form the first group in Manitoba to raise attention to children's unique vulnerability to toxins, now The Children's Health and Environment Partnership. Believing food to be our best medicine, I am promoting local gardening efforts in Sagkeeng and looking at how indigenous knowledge, particularly in regards to our food, can assist all people in a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.