Last Updated December 23, 2014
The van Wijngaarden research group uses high resolution spectroscopic  techniques and ab initio calculations to probe the lowest energy states of molecules.  Of particular interest are the short-lived reactive intermediates that drive chemical  processes such as the combustion of fuels, polymerization and thin film deposition.  Our experiments require the use of custom high resolution spectrometers in the  microwave and infrared regions; some of which can only be found in a few  laboratories worldwide.  Jennifer van Wijngaarden Associate Professor Department of Chemistry University of Manitoba Parker 388, 118 Phone - 204.474.8379 Fax - 204.474.7608 December 1, 2014: Dr. van Wijngaarden travels to Lavras, Brazil to present the group’s work at an international workshop entitled: Frontiers in Computational NMR and IR spectroscopy in Chemistry. November 26, 2014: Mahdi Kamaee successfully defended his MSc thesis on fluorinated benzonitrile compounds. Congratulations Madhi! We wish you well! November 17, 2014: Our manuscript on OSSO in collaboration with researchers at the University of Cologne was accepted for publication in Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. November 10, 2014: Felix Chen’s article on rotation-vibration-inversion spectra of silacyclobutane from the Canadian Light Source synchrotron was accepted for publication in Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. November 14, 2014: Dr. van Wijngaarden travels to Paris for a week of experiments at SOLEIL, the French synchrotron in collaboration with research teams from University of Cologne and Harvard-Smithsonian. September 4, 2014: We welcome two new graduate students Omar Mahassneh and Wenhao Sun into the group! Aimee Bell has decided to stick around to complete her 4710 undergraduate thesis in the group for the coming school year! August 21, 2014: Ming Sun and Mahdi Kamaee’s work on complexes of Ar with difluoropyridine is accepted for publication in Journal of Physical Chemistry A. Congratuations guys! July 8, 2014: Aimee Bell and Dr. vW travel to the Canadian light source to far infrared collect spectra for a new molecule under study in the group! June 15, 2014: Dr. van Wijngaarden travels to U. Illinois to present two talks at the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy. June 1, 2014: Mahdi Kamaee and Dr. vW travel to Vancouver to present their work at the CSC national meeting. May 26, 2014: James Singer, Aimee Bell and Dr. vW travel to the Canadian Light Source for a week of beamtime . They will use the far IR endstation to record fingerprint spectra with high resolution (0.0009 cm-1!!!) for their summer project. May 20, 2014: Professor Ming Sun from Nanjing University visits for one week to help with some projects in the lab. May 13, 2014: Professor Galen Sedo and his student Channing West visit from U. Virginia at Wise to run experiments for two weeks using our chirped-pulse FTMW instrument. News archives