Last Updated May 25, 2016
The van Wijngaarden research group uses high resolution spectroscopic  techniques and ab initio calculations to probe the lowest energy states of molecules.  Of particular interest are the short-lived reactive intermediates that drive chemical  processes such as the combustion of fuels, polymerization and thin film deposition.  Our experiments require the use of custom high resolution spectrometers in the  microwave and infrared regions; some of which can only be found in a few  laboratories worldwide.  Jennifer van Wijngaarden Associate Head Associate Professor Department of Chemistry University of Manitoba Parker 388, 118 Phone - 204.474.8379 Fax - 204.474.7608 May 19 2016 The renovation of 112 Parker which houses our cavity-based microwave specrometer is finally complete! We’re very excited to be in our new space! May 2, 2016 Aimee Bell, Omar Mahassneh and Dr. van Wijngaarden travel to Saskatoon to attend the Annual Users Meeting of the Canadian Light Source.  Aimee and Omar both presented posters of their work.  Aimee will spend the summer in Saskatoon building our new experiment: A multipass dc discharge gas cell. December 23, 2015: Our latest manuscript using automated assignment strategies to assign synchrotron IR spectra has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. November 24, 2015: A portion of Dr. van Wijngaarden’s sabbatical research is accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics.  This was a collaboration with researchers at the Astrophysics Institute at the University of Cologne and the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy in Bonn, Germany. November 19, 2015: Wenhao Sun and Omar Mahassheh ae recognized at the Department Awards Banquet.  These two have received $30 000 in awards over the past 2 years and are 2 of the 9 current holders of Faculty of Science Studentships in the Department!  Great job Omar and Wenhao! November 6, 2015: Omar Mahassneh, Wenhao Sun and Dr. van Wijngaarden travel to the University of Waterloo to attend the Symposium on Chemical Physics.  The group presented 3 posters containing their recent results. October 29, 2015: Aimee Bell presents her 4th year thesis project on the synchrotron far IR spectra of fluorophenols at the VP Research Poster competition. October 13, 2015: The MSc work of our visiting student Laize Andrade is accepted for publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A.  This was a great project alongside our Brazilian collaborator Dr. Matheus Freitas. September 25, 2015: Congratulations to Mahdi Kamaee (recent MSc graduate) for the publication of his MSc work in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A.  You’ll find the details on our Publications page. September 1, 2015: Aimee Bell joins the group as a MSc student.  She will be designing and installing a multipass, dc discharge cell at the Canadian Light Source in Saskatoon.  Welcome aboard! July 14, 2015: Dr. van Wijngaarden travels to the Canadian Light Source in Saskatoon for a week of experiments to characterize the far IR spectrum of thietanone. June 21, 2015: Susanna Stephens and Dr. van Wijngaarden travel to U. Illinois to present talks at the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy.  The research from the vW lab is featured in 4 talks! April 10, 2015: Our manuscript on the application of evolutionary algorithms to high resolution synchrotron IR spectra was accepted for publication in the upcoming special issue of Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy on Synchrotron-based spectroscopy. This is a collaboration with Prof. Leo Meerts at Radboud University of Nijmegen, Netherlands. News archives Department Awards Banquent, November 2015 112 Parker renovation complete, May 2016