Last Updated April 25, 2021
The van Wijngaarden research group uses  modern state-of-the-art rotational and vibrational  spectroscopic techniques combined with  computational chemistry to model the energy  landscape of molecules. Of particular interest are  the short-lived species that drive chemical  processes in astrophysical environments. Our  experiments require the use of custom-built high  resolution spectrometers in the microwave and  infrared regions; these can only be found in a few  laboratories worldwide.  April 10, 2021 Special congratulations to Gabrielle Daudet on her Honours Chemsitry thesis presentation to the Department. We are so impressed with her research contributions and wish her all the best in the future! April 8, 2021 We’ve had a very big week in the vW group. First, the work of undergraduate summer students Gabby and Sem (with support from PhD student Weslley and Uni Koeln collaborator Sven) on the conformational space of diallylamine was accepted for publication in Journal of Chemical Physics!  Two days later, we got confirmation of acceptance of Weslley’s work on the large amplitude motions of the thiophene- water complex for publication in Journal of Physical Chemistry A.  Thanks to these great students for all their hard work! March 17, 2021 Woot woot!  We’re very proud of the work of Weslley and Tamanna on the weakly bound complexes of allylmethylamine and water.  This work was accepted today in Phys Chem Chem Phys! February 26, 2021 Congrats to Carolyn and Weslley on the acceptance of our latest manuscript!  Our work on methylcyanoacetate will be published in Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy in honour of our good friend and colleague Stephan Schlemmer from University of Cologne. February 26, 2021 Dr. vW gives a virtual research seminar to our colleagues at USask. So nice to see so many familar faces again! February 9, 2021 Dr. vW was invited to give a lecture about the group’s research at today’s CSC Physical/Theoretical/Computational webinar.  We are so pleased to share our work with our colleagues and friends across Canada December 3, 2020  The vW group had another banner year at the Department awards night!  Congrats to Weslley, Tamanna, Carolyn and Gabby on your awards.  It’s great to see everyone honoured. October 26, 2020 A hearty congratulations to Weslley for completing his PhD colloquium today.  He gave a phenomenol talk on his reseach to the Department October 1, 2020 Congratulations go to Dr. vW for winning a DAAD fellowship to fund her research in Cologne next year! Septemer 21, 2020 We are super-excited that Weslley and Tamanna’s work on the rich conformational landscape of allyl methyl amine has been accepted as a cover feature in ChemPhysChem! Septemer 14, 2020 We are very pleased the Gabby Daudet has decided to stay on in the vW group to complete her Honours thesis project this year.  Yay! Septemer 8, 2020 Carolyn’s manuscript on the rotational isomerization of 3-furfural has been accepted for publication in Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy! August 18, 2020 Tamanna and Weslley’s work on the geometry of 2-fluoroaniline has been accepted for publication in Journal of Molecular Structure!  Congrats team! June 18, 2020 Weslley is representing the group this week by presenting his work at the virtual NISMS meeting online; an international symposium for spectroscopy students.  We know he’ll do a great job! June 8, 2020 A big congrats to MSc graduate Omar for the acceptance of his manuscript on the far IR spectrum of oxetane by the Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy! June 4, 2020 Joseph successfully defended his M. Sc. thesis entitled “Microwave spectroscopic and computational study of prototypical isocyanates and isothiocyanates” and we look forward to seeing what he does next! Thanks to his committee members Dr. Tomy and Dr. Wang. News archives Department Awards Banquent, November 2018 First tests of the discharge cell at CLS, July 2016 Group dinner, December 2018 Department Awards Banquet, November 2019