Last Updated March 1, 2014
The van Wijngaarden research group uses high resolution spectroscopic  techniques and ab initio calculations to probe the lowest energy states of molecules.  Of particular interest are the short-lived reactive intermediates that drive chemical  processes such as the combustion of fuels, polymerization and thin film deposition.  Our experiments require the use of custom high resolution spectrometers in the  microwave and infrared regions; some of which can only be found in a few  laboratories worldwide.  Jennifer van Wijngaarden Associate Professor Department of Chemistry University of Manitoba Parker 388, 118 Phone - 204.474.8379 Fax - 204.474.7608 December 11, 2013: Dr. van Wijngaarden visits the SOLEIL synchrotron in France and presents a research seminar. November 27, 2013: Felix Chen’s extensive work on the low frequencies modes of silacylobutane was accepted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Physics! A great milestone!  November12, 2013: Dr. van Wijngaarden visits the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy in Bonn and presents a research seminar. October 15, 2013: Felix Chen leaves the group to begin his postdoctoral work at ETH in Zurich. Best wishes Felix! September 8, 2013: Durell Desmond joins the group as a 4710 Project Student to carry out experiments on thietane in the MW and IR regions. September 1, 2013: Dr. van Wijngaarden arrives in Cologne to begin her sabbatical in the group of Professor Stephan Schlemmer. August 14, 2013: Ming Sun’s and Mahdi Kamaee’s manuscript on argon complexes with monofluoropyridines was accepted for publication in the Journal of Physical Chemisty A! Congratulations! August 25, 2013: Dr. van Wijngaarden travels to Budapest to attend the High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy meeting and present a poster. August 8, 2013: Felix Chen successfully depends his Ph. D. thesis! Congrats Felix! July 15, 2013: Durell Desmond and Dr. van Wijngaarden travel to the Canadian Light Source to start work on a new project using the far IR beamline. June 30, 2013: The van Wijngaarden group’s research is highlighted in the Annual Research Report of the Canadian Light Source for 2012! June 26, 2013: Our paper on the microwave spectrum of trifluoropropionic acid was accepted in the Journal Molecular Spectroscopy. June 16, 2013: Felix Chen and Dr. van Wijngaarden travel to Ohio State University to give talks at the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy News archives