The Corts/Cortz Family

by David A. Wyatt
Copyright ©2003-2005 David A. Wyatt

I am researching the ancestry and descendants of Godfrey Corts (Gottfried Cortz) and his wives Charlotte Sause and Ann Hostadt, who lived in the Cleveland, Ohio, and Midland, Michigan, areas in the latter half of the 19th Century.

In the words of his granddaughter, "Grandpa Corts liked to move around a lot" and where the family moved after their time in central Michigan is not known. Perhaps, if the story of son Otto's death is an indication, the family moved further west in the United States.

In various records the family surname has been spelled Corts, Cortz, Court, Courts, and Kortz.

Godfrey Corts (Gottfried Cortz) Charlotte Sause
  • b. Abt. 1834 in Prussia, Germany
  • m. firstly probably between 1852 and 1869, to Charlotte Sause
  • m. secondly, 1873 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, to Ann Hostadt
  • d. [date and place unknown]
  • listed in the 1880 census
  • ethnicity: German
  • b. [date unknown], probably in Germany
  • d. probably about 1872 [place unknown]
Anna Hostadt (or Katie Hastesd)
  • b. about 1841 in Hanover, Germany
  • listed in the 1880 census
  • d. [date and place unknown]
  • Residence: Abt. 1880, Homer, Midland, Michigan, USA
  • According to family legend Godfrey Corts was a soldier in the German Imperial army, and deserted to immigrate to the United States.
  • The "Index to Cuyahoga County Probate Court Naturalization Records, 1859-1901," available on the world wide web at the URL lists a Gottfried Cortz from Germany, naturalized September 27, 1875. [Vol.: NB Vol#: 9 Page#: 195. 2002]

Godfrey Corts and his wives raised a family of about eight children.

Children of Godfrey Corts and Charlotte Sause (given names have probably been anglicized in this list):

  1. Louis [Ludwig?] Corts, born [date and place unknown]; died [date and place unknown].
  2. Charles [Karl?] Corts, born [date and place unknown]; died [date and place unknown].
  3. William [Wilhelm?] Corts, born [date and place unknown]; died [date and place unknown].
  4. Charlotte Corts, born [date and place unknown]; died [date and place unknown]. Residence: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  5. Elizabeth Corts, born April 18, 1869 in Trumbul, Ohio, USA; died January 27, 1951 in Perdue, Perdue, Saskatchewan, Canada. Married 1885 in Midland, Michigan, to Thomas Harrison
    (For descendants see Harrison page).

Children of Godfrey Corts and Anna Hostadt:

  1. Katie Corts, born Abt. 1874 in Ohio; died [date and place unknown].
  2. Otto Corts, born Abt. 1876 in Michigan; died [date unknown] in Kansas or Oregon. Cause of Death: froze to death while lost riding horseback in a storm
  3. Johnny Corts, born 1883 Lee, Michigan; died 1954 Snohomish, Washington. Married [date and place unknown], to Margaret ?.
    1. Walter Corts
    2. Liza Corts
    3. Tommy Corts
    4. Ludwig Corts

There is a Godfrey Corts, age 75, listed in the US 1910 Census for Los Angeles county. This is the right age for our Godfrey Corts. []

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