Personal and Place Names in Genealogical Research

The following is a list of the more than seven thousand names so far encountered in genealogical research. Genealogical information is available by clicking on underlined names. Note that for many nineteenth and early twentieth century records of this Wyatt family the surnames Wyatt, Wyant, Wageant, Weagent, and Weagant seem to have been used interchangeably. Most of the MacKenzie names here used the spelling McKenzie prior to a particular (20th century) date. Women are listed only by their maiden names.

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Genealogical Web Pages

The following web pages are available which outline some information about some of the persons listed below.
  1. Wyatts of North Crosby, Ontario
  2. William Wyatt of Bedford Mills, Ontario.
  3. Summary of Records of the Wyatt (Wyant, Weagant) Family of North Crosby Township, Leeds County, Ontario
  4. Jimmy & Jessie Wyatt and Family [PHOTO] (113K)
  5. Harrisons of Merrickville, Ontario
  6. Abernathys of Storrington, Ontario
  7. The Corts / Cortz Family
  8. Canada Virtual War Memorial
    1. Corporal Ben Hayes Carey,
    2. Private Daniel Crozier,
    3. Private Milton Castle Crozier,
    4. Private William Crozier.
    5. Private John Harold Glenn,
    6. Trooper Fred Harrison,
    7. Flight Sergeant Cyril Merriman,
    8. Lieut. Stanley Bliss Tallman
  9. Clarks of Storrington, Ontario
  10. The Harrison Trip to Jerusalem
  11. The Crozier Family Arrival in the New World
  12. Robert Crozier and Susannah Draper
  13. Descendants of John Crozier of Ballinamore
  14. Obituaries for Thomas Joseph “Joe" Crozier of Ottawa
  15. Children of Robert Crozier and Susannah Draper [PHOTO] (160K)
  16. John R. Williams Health Sciences Library, Highland Hospital, Rochester NY
  17. Chiesa Family of San Lorenzo di Sedegliano, Udine, Italia
  18. Molaro Family of Grions di Sedegliano, Udine, Italia
  19. Map of locations in Leeds, Grenville, Frontenac, and Dundas Counties, Ontario (1891) (634K).
  20. Antonio Molaro of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  21. This page is

A list of place names is included after the personal names. World Wide Web searches on place and name keys should locate this document.

Personal Names

A: Douglas Martin Abel, James Gordon Abel, John Abel, John Richard Abel, Margaret Abel, Thomas Philip Abel, Thomas Sydney Abel, Dawn Abercrombie, James Abercrombie, Robert Abercrombie, Thomas Abercrombie, Christina Abernathy, David Abernathy, Edmund Abernathy, Effie Jane Abernathy, Elisa Abernathy, Eliza Jane Abernathy, Ellen Abernathy, James Abernathy, James Abernathy, John Abernathy, John Upton Abernathy, Margaret Abernathy, Mary Abernathy, Matilda Abernathy, Nancy Abernathy, Robert Abernathy, Robert J. Abernathy, William Abernathy, Agnes Abernethy, Alfred James Abernethy, Alfred Taylor Abernethy, Archibald Abernethy, Archibald John Abernethy, Archie Abernethy, Bessie M. Abernethy, Brice McBride Abernethy, Charles John Abernethy, Cyrus James Abernethy, David John "Jack" Abernethy, David M. Abernethy, Debra Lynn Abernethy, Earle Garth Abernethy, Earle Meredith McConnell Abernethy, Edith Abernethy, Ellsworth Abernethy, Elsie Amy Abernethy, Elsie Amy Abernethy, Elsie Edith Abernethy, Evalina Abernethy, Evelena Abernethy, Flora Abernethy, Frances Abernethy, Frank Edmund Abernethy, Glen Charles Abernethy, Harvey James Abernethy, Heather Joan Abernethy, Helen Keitha Agnes Abernethy, Hugh McConnell Abernethy, Ila Amarilla Abernethy, Irene Margaret Abernethy, James Brice Abernethy, James David Abernethy, Jocelyn Louise Abernethy, John Abernethy, John Abernethy, John A. Abernethy, John Clifford Abernethy, John Harvey Abernethy, Laura Abernethy, Laura Abernethy, Lyle Clifton Abernethy, MacKeachern David Abernethy, Marie Abernethy, Mark Lee Abernethy, Martha Abernethy, Mary Abernethy, Mervin Earl Abernethy, Nellie Abernethy, Neta Alfreta Abernethy, Ralph Valleau Abernethy, Raymond Garth Abernethy, Robert James Abernethy, Ruby Louella Abernethy, Sarah Abernethy, Vera Abernethy, Wayne Clifton Abernethy, Wendy Helen Abernethy, Wilbert Embury Abernethy, Wilbert Fairburn Abernethy, William Abernethy, William Robert Brice Abernethy, David Abrams, Jason Abrams, Jennifer Abrams, Sarah Jane Abrams, Helena Acterburg, Mary Adair, Elizabeth Adams, Jennie Adams, John Weber Adams, John Weber Adams, Jr, Mary Ann Adams, Nancy Adams, Nora Jean Adams, William Adams, Marie Lucille Adcock, Amy Lynne Adkins, Blake Edward Adkins, Craig Andrew Adkins, Elissa Nicole Adkins, Kenneth Hall Adkins, Lauren Marie Adkins, Mathew Ty Adkins, Michael Scott Adkins, Sara Rose Adkins, William Riley Adkins, Amy Lynn Adkins-Mawhiney, Amy Lynne Adkins-Mawhiney, Jennie Adraine, Egon Ahlberg, Sally Joan Ahlberg, Andrew Aiken, Ethel Jane Aiken, John Akin, Mary Ann Akin, Ruth Albertson, Gertrude Mary Alcock, Patricia Alcoin, Abigail Aldis, John Aldis, John Aldis, O. Aldred, Aleda Maxine "Peggy" Alexander, Clayton Edgar Alexander, Edward Alexander, Jeffery John Alexander, John Edgar Alexander, Joseph Alexander, Joseph Arthur Alexander, Matilda Alexander, Matthew Troy Alexander, Olga Crozier Alexander, Orel Fay Alexander, Samuel J. Alexander, Taylor Cole Jeffrey Alexander, Celine Allaire, Mary Allard, Eva Allen, George Lewis Allen, George William Allen, John Edward Allen, Sherri-Lee Allen, Shirley Gail Allen, Violet Joyce Allen, Andrew Allum, Jack Allum, John Allum, Jim Altomonte, Tony Altomonte, Wayne Altomonte, Dora May Amos, Faye Evelyn Amos, Maggie Amyotte, Alan Anders, Corinne Anders, Marshall Anders, Paul Anders, Viki Anders, Alec Anderson, Archie Anderson, Arthur Robert Anderson, Barbara Ann Anderson, Bea Anderson, Benjamin Gordon Anderson, Beth Jean Anderson, Clayton Gordon Anderson, Craig Edward Anderson, Dan Anderson, David Dalton "Shawty" Anderson, Deanna Gail "Diane" Anderson, Donald Gordon Anderson, Edith Anderson, Goldwyn Clarence Anderson, Heather Dawn Anderson, Holly Anderson, Hugh David Anderson, James Anderson, M.D., Jean Anderson, Jean Margaret Anderson, Jennifer Ann Anderson, John Anderson, Joy Elizabeth Anderson, Karen Martha Anderson, Laurence Anderson, Laurie Anderson, Lawrence Harswell Anderson, Leslie Ellen Anderson, Neil Alan Anderson, Nina Virginia Anderson, Richard Gordon Anderson, Samuel Anderson, Sandra Lee Anderson, Sidney Anderson, Stanhope Anderson, Tamara Hazel Anderson, Tolmie Anderson, Vivian Leona Anderson, Wayne Clayton Anderson, Edith Jean Andison, Jean Andison, Bryn Andrew, Chris Andrew, Josephine Andrew, Rhys William Andrew, Alfred Neil Andrews, Anne Andrews, Benjamin John "Ben" Andrews, Christine Louise Andrews, Christopher Andrews, David Joseph Andrews, Elizabeth Andrews, Elizabeth Louisa "Beth" Andrews, Ethel Andrews, Harriet Andrews, Helen E. Andrews, Henry Rufus "Harry" Andrews, Hester Andrews, Hester Andrews, Hezekiah Andrews, Hezikiah Andrews, James "Jimmy" Andrews, Jeanette Frances Andrews, John Francis "Frank" Andrews, Kelly Andrews, Lawrence Malcolm "Mac" Andrews, Lawrence Wyn Andrews, Lesha Andrews, Lillian Ethel Andrews, Lillian Melissa Andrews, Lori Andrews, Margaret Andrews, Michael Neil Andrews, Neil Andrews, Olive "Tena" Andrews, Parsilla Andrews, Permilla Andrews, Permilla Andrews, Ross Andrews, Rufus Andrews, Rufus R. Andrews, Rufus Wade Andrews, Russel Andrews, Samuel Richard Andrews, Thomas Wesley Andrews, Virginia R. Andrews, William "Bill" Andrews, William Henry Andrews, William James Russel Andrews, William Wade "Bill" "Andy" Andrews, Arnold Warren Anglin, Donald Lloyd Anglin, Heather Jill Anglin, Myra Yvonne Anglin, Richard Donald Anglin, Robert Leonard Anglin, Roy Wilmur Anglin, Blair Norris Angus, Katrina Meridith Angus, Arlene Mary Ansell, Edna Lynn Ansell, Gordon Ernest Ansell, Kerry Gordon Ansell, Christiana M. Ansley, Mary Ansley, Voga Antifay, Frederick W. Appleby, John W. Appleby, Lorna Appleby, Gordon Appleton, Paul Arbic, Silvo Arbic, Arlene Ann Arbuckle, Arthur Arbuckle, Dawn Danette Arbuckle, George Morley Craig Arbuckle, John Edwin Arthur Arbuckle, Peter Harold Arbuckle, Jane Archibald, baby boy Ardagh, Brendan Ardagh, Christopher James Ardagh, Erin Rhea Ardagh, Frederick Arthur Ardagh, George Henry Ardagh, Norman George Ardagh, Albert Percival Armitage, Barbara Armitage, George Truman Floydke Armitage, Jean Isobel Armour, Anna Armstrong, Bernice May Armstrong, Bonnie Armstrong, Caroline McMinn Armstrong, Carrie Armstrong, Catherine Armstrong, Dawson Armstrong, Dora Elizabeth "Betty" Armstrong, Elburn Ebert Armstrong, Elizabeth Catherwood Armstrong, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Armstrong, Francis Armstrong, Frank Armstrong, Fred Armstrong, Gerald Forest Armstrong, Gerry Armstrong, J. Lloyd Armstrong, James Armstrong, James "Jimmy" Caldwell Armstrong, Jamie Armstrong, Jane Armstrong, Jane Newell Armstrong, Janet Grace "Nettie" Armstrong, Jennie A. Armstrong, John Armstrong, John A. Armstrong, John Erwin Armstrong, John W. Armstrong, M.D., Katharine Armstrong, Lloyd Armstrong, Margaret Armstrong, Mary Armstrong, Mary Jane Armstrong, Mary Pendergast Armstrong, Robert James Armstrong, Sarah Armstrong, Sarah Gertrude Armstrong, Shelly Ann Armstrong, Sophia Armstrong, W. G. Armstrong, William Armstrong, William Armstrong, William Irwin Armstrong, Ann Louise Arnold, Helen Fern Arnold, Loretta Margaret Arnold, Jennifer Ash, Leanne Ashley, Melvin Ashley, Wayne Ashley, Evelyn Caroline Aspelund, Jane Atcherson, Daniel James "Danny" Atkinson, Florence Marguerette Atkinson, Isabel Atkinson, J. Atkinson, John Thomas Atkinson, John Thomas Atkinson II, John Thomas "J.J." Atkinson III, Myrtle R. Atkinson, Rebecca Elizabeth "Becky" Atkinson, Joseph Aubrey, Harry Rylott Aunger, Jennifer Elizabeth Marie Aunger, John Aunger, Peter James Aunger, Ryan Peter Aunger, Corinne Dawn Austin, Alice Maude Avis, Edwin Avis, Lilly Arline "Lil" Axelson, Thure Axelson, Patricia Ann Axworthy,

B: Brent Babcock, Fanny M. Babcock, James Babcock, Joanne Babcock, Julie Babcock, Lorne Babcock, Robin Babcock, Ross Babcock, Scott Babcock, Josephine Augusta Bachman, Donald Matthew Bachmann, Barbara M. Backler, Albert Frederick Backus, Frederick Backus, Tricia Bagato, Alma Elizabeth Bagsley, Alice Myrtle Baillie, Chris Baillie, James Baillie, Alice Jessie Baird, Andrew Martin Baird, Annie Jane Baird, Bert Baird, Brenda Lee Baird, Carrie Baird, David Baird, David Baird, David Thomas Baird, Douglas William Baird, Elizabeth Amelia Baird, Emma Baird, George Benjamin Baird, Harriet Rebecca Baird, Herbert Eugene Mitchem Baird, Herman Baird, James Ebert Baird, John Baird, Lena Margaret Baird, Leslie Leyland Baird, Lucy Baird, Marlene Baird, Mary Ida Caroline Baird, Matthew Henry Baird, Mervin Baird, Nathanial Walter Baird, Robert John Benjamin Baird, Ross Baird, Ross Ivan Baird, Shirley Aileen Baird, Susan Abigail Louise Baird, Susan "Annie" Ann Baird, Wendy Margaret Ethel Baird, William John Baird, Bonnie Jean Baker, Dixon Ross Baker, Frank Stevens Baker, Frederick Hamilton Baker, Harold Graham Baker, Jeffrey Ward Baker, Jeremy Wade Baker, Jill Darlene Baker, John Baker, Julia Louise "Julie" Baker, Kenneth Trevor Baker, Lorraine Elizabeth Baker, Margaret Baker, Marjorie Macfie Baker, Martin Edward Baker, Mary Baker, Michelle Lee Baker, Richard Daniel Baker, Richard Eric Baker, Richard Eric Baker, Robert George Baker, Sabrina Ann Baker, Scott Robert Baker, Stacy Lynn Baker, Steven Wayne Baker, Trevor Herbert Baker, Clive Linus Baldwin, Linda Baldwin, Nehemiah Scott Baldwin, Elizabeth Balfour, Rory Balfour, Vernon Douglas Ball, Audrey Bernice Ballantyne, Barrie Ballantyne, Isabella Ballantyne, Jean Ballantyne, John Ballantyne, Mark Keler Ballantyne, Alice Mary Balls, Elmer Clark Balls, John Balls, Kenneth James Balls, Lillian Elizabeth Balls, Thomas Balls, Bradley Balson, Melissa Balson, Peter Balson, Donna Ann Bamberry, Clemence Ghislaine Bamps, Christopher Damien Bandemer, Ronald Martin Bandemer, Laura H. Banghart, Dale Banks, Emily Nancy Banks, John Banks, Lydia Dale Banks, Nancy Banks, Susan Banks, Jean Bannerman, Lurenna Barber, Martha Barber, Mary E. Barber, Susan Barber, A. Barch, Emmeline Barker, Ethel Scott Barker, Bonnie Elizabeth Barkley, Burl Albert Barlow, Burl Robert Barlow, Margaret Lucille Barlow, Marion Anne Barlow, Mary Lynn Barlow, Rodney Lane Barlow, Sandra Lucille Barlow, Terry Lane Barlow, William Lee Barlow, Karen Barnes, Betty Barnett, Fannie Barnett, Mac Barnett, Tobi Gayle Barnett, William H. Barnett, Hillary Aline Barney, Jason Allan Barney, Michael Allen Barney, Allan Barr, Anna Barr, Arthur Barr, Elizabeth Barr, Franc Anna Barr, Harrison Arthur Barr, John Barr, Mildred A. Barr, William H. W. Barr, William Henry Barr, D.D., Christopher John Barrington, Katlin Barrington, H. Barron, James Barry, Mathew Barry, Marion Elizabeth Bartingale, Archie Bartlett, Emma Ellenor Jane Bartlett, Florence Bartlett, James Henry Bartlett, John Bartlett, Walter John Bartlett, Jolanda Baruzzini, Jeanne Basch, Hubert George Bassett, Jason Scott Bassett, Stephen John Bassett, Jamie Bastien, Richard Bastien, Richard Bastien, Jr., Tracey Bastien, Peter Bate, Joan Bates, Sarah Bates, Walter Bates, Helen Jean Battel, Lucy Bauer, Beatrice Rose Baugh, Cyrus James Baugh, Cyrus Wesley Palmer Baugh, Grace Margaret Baugh, Horace Grenville Baugh, John Benjamin Martel Baugh, Mary Kathleen Baugh, Wesley Howard Baugh, Nellie Cedella Baughman, George Nelson Baumhour, Hannah Baumhour, Charlotte Beach, Melinda Beach, Lottie Jane Beaman, Addie Beamish, Annie Corinne Beamish, Beryl Irma Beamish, Harry Arthur Beamish, "Infant" Beamish, Laura May Beamish, Mary Lou Beamish, Maurice John "Jack" Beamish, Muriel Grace Beamish, Richard "Dick" Beamish, Shirley Frances Beamish, Susan Beamish, Thelma Marjory Beamish, Thora Ruth Beamish, William Claude Beamish, Douglas Bean, Gerald Bean, Karen Bean, Noel Beardsley, Pearl Bearnies, John James "Johnnie" Beatie, Crawford Beattie, Elizabeth Beattie, Erin Kimberley Ann Beattie, Ervin Thomas James Beattie, Henry Beattie, Hubert Chesley Beattie, Jack Beattie, Jeffrey Chesley Beattie, Kimberley Hugh Beattie, Lawrence Douglas Beattie, Mary Beattie, Mary Jane Beattie, Orla Beattie, Sherri Jane Beattie, Thomas Beattie, Vida Beattie, Vivian Beattie, William Beattie, Mary Beaumont, Charles Bebow, Nina Bell Bebow, Louise Beckendorff, Dennis Becker, Krista Johanna Becker, Matthew Phillip David Becker, Billy Beckerick, Justin Beckerick, Isobel M. G. Beckett, Kathy Beckett, Kerry Lou Beckett, Kim Beckett, Omar John Beckett, Donald Bedard, Rob Begin, Elise Jane Belanger, Francoise Anne Belanger, Gilles Ferdinand Belanger, Jackie Belanger, Jessica Dawn Belanger, Joseph Serge Belanger, Rachel Maryse Belanger, Rosemary Belanger, Joyce Belcher, Julia Belding, "baby boy" Belfour, John Belfour, Joseph F. Belfour, Margery A. Belfour, Martha Belfour, Robert John Belfour, William Belfour, William Thomas Belfour, Florence Lena Belisle, Lyla Bell, Mary Bell, Sheila Belland, Helen Marie Belmont, Ruth Belsher, Elena Beltrame, Giuseppe Beltrame, Luigina Beltrame, Maria Teresa Beltrame, Mistica Beltrame, Frank Bence, Olivia Esther Bence, Sidney James Bendell, Anne Bender, Charles Bender, Keith Bender, Martha Bender, Calla Marie Molaro Coomber Bendtsen, Barrie Benner, Alex Bennett, Austin Bennett, Brad Bennett, Charles Bennett, Cheryl Bennett, Elizabeth Frances Bennett, Gerald Bennett, Iva Lawrence "Laurena" Bennett, James Bennett, Jamie Bennett, Jean Bennett, John Bennett, Kelvin Bennett, Lorna Bennett, Margaret Victoria Bennett, Robert "Rob" Bennett, Shane Bennett, Tanya Bennett, Thomas Bennett, William Benjamin Echlin Bennett, John Bennie, John Douglas Bennie, Joseph Taylor Bennie, Robert John Bennie, Thomas John George Bennie, Anthony "Tony" Berg, Kimberly Jill Berg, Krista Jill Berg, Bryan Lorne Berger, Carla Louise Berger, Carrienne Elizabeth Berger, Charles Ellery Allan Bergeron, Denise Danielle Bergeron, Edward Arnold Bergeron, Nicole Yvonne Bergeron, Robert Berkeley, Ann Bernard, Christy Edith Berner, Annie Bernest, Emily Collins Bernhardt, Mary Bernhardt, Paul L. Bernhardt, Pauline Macfie Bernhardt, Adaline Berry, Ann Berry, Anna F. Berry, Artemus Berry, Caroline Berry, Catherine Berry, Catherine Berry, Harold Berry, Henry Berry, James Berry, James Berry, James H. Berry, James Henry K. Berry, Jane Berry, Jane Eliza Berry, Janis Carnochan Berry, John Berry, Leigh Donaldson Berry, Madge Ward Berry, Mary Berry, Robert Berry, Robert Berry, Sarah Berry, Stephen Berry, Stewart Berry, Wallace Berry, Cesira Bertoni, Kathy Bertram, Kyle Eugene Bertrand, Michel Bertrand, Thelma Best, William Eldine Best, Minnie Bethell, Peter Bethune, Mary Betts, Brunhilda "Hildi" Beyer, Louis Beyette, Stanley Beyette, Frances Bielish, Henry Bielish, Ruth Bierman, C.Gordon Biesenthal, David Biesenthal, Donna Biesenthal, Jill Biesenthal, Rocky Bigford, Benjamin Bilodeau, Fabien Bilodeau, Christian Olaf Bing, David Christian Bing, John Gregory Bing, Beverly Lois Birch, Amy Elizabeth Bird, Cynthia Helen Bird, Dagen Bird, George Bird, James Maurice Bird, James Russel "Bud" Bird, Jessica Lynn Bird, John Bird, Lloyd George Bird, Melanie Bird, Shirley Helen Bird, Thomas Ross Bird, Gordon Francis Birdsell, William Birdsell, William Harry Birdsell, Jessie Birt, Ashley Leanne Bishop, Elizabeth Bishop, Emely Louisa Bishop, Ronald Bishop, Pearl Bisson, Anna Solveg Bjornson, Carol Black, Catherine Black, Deanna Lou Black, Donna Lynn Black, Dorothy Lee Black, Gweneth Black, Helen Black, Lorraine Black, Martin James Black, Mary Black, Nancy Black, Robert Lawrence Black, Ruby P. Black, Mary Blackburn, Agnes Blackford, George William Irvin Blackford, James Ewart Blackford, James Thomas Blackford, Mary Olive Blackford, Verna Gladys Louise Blackford, David J. Blackwood, Homer Blackwood, William Edward Blackwood, Angela Blaikie, David Blaikie, Ada Blanche Blair, Alice Elizabeth Blair, Anna Rebecca Blair, Blanche Blair, Catherine Jane Blair, Charlotte Judith Blair, Douglas Blair, Eleanor Smythe Blair, Elizabeth Blair, Elizabeth Blair, Elizabeth Blair, Elizabeth "Eliza" Blair, Elizabeth Jane "Lila" Blair, Elizabeth Palmer Blair, Elizabeth Rutledge Blair, Florence Letitia Blair, Frederick Hendrickson Blair, George Blair, George Blair, George Blair, George Edward Blair, George Gershom Blair, George Irvine Blair, George Thomas Blair, Hazel Blair, Henry Blair, Ian Robert Blair, Irvine V. Blair, Isabella Blair, Jean Blair, Jessie Isabell Blair, John Blair, John Blair, John Crawford Blair, John Robert Blair, John Rutledge Blair, John Rutledge Blair, John Thomas "Johnnie" Blair, Letitia Anne Blair, Margaret Blair, Margaret Ann "Maggie" Blair, Margaret Ellen Blair, Margaret Jane "Maggie" Blair, Margaret Susan Blair, Marion Allene Blair, Marjorie Eleanor Blair, Martha Emily Blair, Mary Ann Blair, Mary Ann Blair, Mary Ellen Blair, Mary Jane Blair, Pearl Blair, Robert Blair, Robert Blair, Robert Blair, Robert George Blair, Susan Blair, Susanna Blair, Virginia Veitch Blair, William Blair, William Blair, William Blair, William Blair, William Darcey Blair, William John Blair, William Thomas Crozier Blair, William "Willie" Blair, Andre Blais, Kendal J.P. Blais, Kyra Valeen Blais, Cecelia Blanchard, Eric Blanchard, Robert Blanchard, Trevor Blanchard, Bernard Henderson Blank, Nancy Hamilton Blank, Richard Blank, George Blasdell, Maude Blasdell, Angela Maria Blasutti, Nadia Elaine Blasutti, Robert Renzo Blasutti, Stephen Robert Blasutti, "Infant" Bleakley, Ivy Mary Bleakley, John Bleakley, Lois Ann Bleakley, Mathew Bleakley, Alfred Bleichert, Ernst Bleichert, Ilana Marie Bleichert, Sarah Ann Bleichert, Colton Julian Bletsky, James Bletsky, Jr., Robbie Craig Bletsky, Rylan James Bletsky, Sarah Blighton, Agnes Bliss, Elwood Bliss, James Ethan Bliss, Paul Ethan Bliss, Alan Block, Stephen Block, Arthur Alexander Boardman, Arthur Graham Boardman, Claire Ella Boardman, Evelyn Geraldine Boardman, Evelyn Graham Boardman, Geofrey Smith Boardman, Gordon Winston Boardman, Harold Clinton Boardman, Harry C. Boardman, Henry Clinton Boardman, Jessie Eliza Boardman, John Graham Boardman, Marcia Louise Boardman, Richard Graham Boardman, R. N. Boatright, Susan Boehk, Jean-Jacques "John" Bois, Paul Robert Bois, Robert Jean-Jacques Bois, Angie Boisjoli, Georgette Boivin, Rena Bolan, Dominique Boland, Harold Robert Boland, Janice Fay Boland, Olivia Boland, Robert George Boland, Ross Boland, Aase Boldt, Maryanne Bolone, Brian Bond, Dennis Bond, Frank Bond, Julia Bond, Mark Bond, Mary Ann Bond, Patricia Bond, Ross Bond, Wendy Bond, Stephen Grant Bonesteel, Stephen Tyler James Bonesteel, Bill Booth, Cheryl Anne Booth, Derek Booth, Kevin Booth, Margaret Booth, Sherry Lee Booth, Victor Boris, Dawn Bose, Don Bose, Eric Bose, Lois Bose, Michael Bose, Andre Joseph Bouchard, Aurele Bouchard, John Bouchard, Michael Bouchard, Paulette Bouchard, Ronald Bouchard, Trish Bouchard, Valentine Boue, Elizabeth Bounds, Albert Frederick Bouregeous, Chalice Margaret Bouregeous, Frederick Ludger Bouregeous, Graeme Ludger Bouregeous, Gwyneth Eloria Bouregeous, Myrick Malcolm Bouregeous, Pamela Jean Bouregeous, Vaughn Richard Bouregeous, David Albert Bourne, Elizabeth Bourne, Julia Helena Bourne, Mitchel Jay Bourne, Nicole Dawn Bourne, George William Bousum III, George William Bousum, Jr., Virginia Alice "Gina" Bousum, Ida May Bowen, Wellington Bowen, Darla Loy Bowering, Wendi Lee Bowering, Judith Bowers, Charles Bowie, Franklin Bowie, Michael Bowie, Stephen Bowie, Dorothy Elizabeth Bowker, Harriet Milton Bowker, Harry Milton Bowker, Mary Hamilton Bowker, Pauline Safford Bowker, Shirley Milton Bowker, Clifford Nicholas Allan Bowler, James Allan Bowler, John Clifford Bowler, Lindsey Crozier McElroy Bowler, Preslyn Jade Bowler, Robert Keith Bowler, Sarah Elizabeth Clair Bowler, Jocelyn Paige Bowman, Roger C. Bowman, Gwen Boyd, Jennifer Boyd, John Edson Boyd, Maud Boyden, Mary Boyes, Jeffrey Boyle, Megan Boyle, Patrick William Boyle, Alice Bradbrooke, Catherine Bradford, Cynthia Elizabeth Bradford, Marion Bradford, Rhoda Ann Bradford, Stephen Bradford, Audrey Butler Bradshaw, Brian Kevin Bradshaw, Catherine Leah Bradshaw, Charlene Debra Bradshaw, Charles Edward Bradshaw, Eleanor Frances Bradshaw, Elizabeth Safford Bradshaw, Geraldine Vivian Bradshaw, Godfrey Hamilton Bradshaw, John Douglas Bradshaw, Jonathan McIntyre "Jon" Bradshaw, Julia Marie "Julie" Bradshaw, Linda Bradshaw, Mark Anthony Bradshaw, Moriss Arthur Bradshaw, Patricia Anne Bradshaw, Penelope Smith "Penny" Bradshaw, Robert Charles Bradshaw, Robert Earl Bradshaw, Shirley Garneita Bradshaw, Tina Bradshaw, Trevor Bradshaw, William Butler Bradshaw, William Gower "Mac" Bradshaw, William John Bradshaw, William McIntyre Bradshaw, William Ralph Bradshaw, Diane Marie Bradwell, George Edwin Bradwell, Heather Ann Bradwell, Linda Mae Bradwell, Owen Kitchener Bradwell, Amy-Lynn Brady, Colleen Elizabeth Brady, Emily Laura Brady, Leslie Charles Brady, Mary Brady, Lady Braidley, Mary Brainard, Beth Bramwell, Jack Elden Branch, James Earl Branch, Linda Brandt, Elizabeth Jane Breen, John J. Breen, Margaret Breen, Susan Breen, Thomas Breen, William T. Breen, Carla Marie Brennan, Neil Brennan, Donald W. Bresee, Florence Marguarie Bresee, Georgia Bresee, Grant Bresee, Jim Bresee, Joyce Bresee, Lisa Bresee, Ryan Bresee, Sheila Bresee, Stephen Knowlton Bresee, William Bresee, Muriel Mae Brett, Earl Bretzlaff, Jane Margaret Bretzlaff, Robert Earl Bretzlaff, Daniel Brewster, Kenneth Bridgeman, Iva Gladys Bridges, Allen Brigden, Allen Brigden, Frank Brigden, Jack Brigden, Marje Brigden, William Brigden, Brett Brigger, Gail Brigger, Herbert Charles Brigger, Kerri Brigger, Kristine Brigger, Robert Brigger, Taylor Brigger, William Charles Brigger, Wendy Bright, Agnes Florence Brightman, Clifford Brintnell, Donald Brintnell, Sharon Brisban, Cora Bristol, Angel Bristow, Charlene Bristow, Salvador Bristow, Samuel Bristow, Shane Bristow, Tony Bristow, Alice Brittain, Vikki Broadfoot, Cora Isabel Broadhead, John Broadhead, M. A. Broed, Jodi-Lynn Broeska, Marshall Broeska, Robert John Broeska, Ann Brooks, Brian James Brooks, John Brooks, Mathew James Brooks, Michael Andrew Brooks, Scott Andrew Brooks, Shona Ruth Brooks, Douglas Broom, Eric Broom, Glenn Broom, Joyce Broom, Leonard Broom, Miles Broom, Phillip Broom, Ralph Broom, Eliza Broughton, Armand Brousseau, Julie Angeline Brousseau, Robert Armand Brousseau, Andrew Brown, Anna Elinor Lois Brown, Anne Elizabeth Brown, Anthony Brown, Audrey Wilma Alice Brown, Bertha Mary Brown, Bonnie Sue Brown, Brent Ian Brown, Buela Iona Brown, Carrie Georgina Isabella Clyne Brown, Catherine Brown, Charles Russell Brown, Cheryl Ann Brown, Colleen Mary Brown, Connie Brown, Daniel Brown, Danny Francis Brown, Darleen Brown, David Ross Brown, Dawson Barry Brown, Denzil Harold Brown, Diane Jane Brown, Donna Ruth Brown, Dorothy Elizabeth Brown, Dorothy Margaret Brown, Earl George Brown, Edna Margaret Brown, Edythe Esther Jane Brown, Eileen Brown, Eldon James Brown, Elizabeth Asborne Brown, Elizabeth Jane Brown, Elva Martha Brown, Ester Norma Brown, Esther Jane Brown, Evans Clinton Brown, Frieda Brown, George Alexander Brown, George Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown, Gordon George Brown, Greta Elizabeth Brown, Hannah Brown, Harold Lawrence Brown, Heather Anne Brown, Heather Shannon Brown, Helen Brown, Helen Alda Hayes Brown, Helen Theresa Brown, Hester Brown, Howard Brown, Howard Francis Brown, Irene Brown, Irene Catherine Brown, Jacob Forrest Brown, James Brown, Jared Andrew Brown, Jeffrey Gordon Brown, Jennifer Brown, Jessica Carrie Brown, Joan Elaine Brown, John Brown, John Brown, John Archibald Mccready Brown, John George Brown, John William Brown, Jordan Ainsley Brown, Joseph Allan Brown, Joseph "Bud" Allan Brown, Joshua Robert Brown, Joyce Evelyn Brown, Kathryn Lee Brown, Kaylie Katherine Brown, Kelly Ann Brown, Kevin Andrew Brown, Lee Lowell Brown, Leeanne Clare Brown, Lesley Anne Brown, Lily Brown, Linda Lee Brown, Linda Louise Brown, Lorelei Brown, Lorna Susan Heather Brown, Lowell William Ormand Brown, Lurenna Pearl Brown, Luva Louisa Joy Brown, Lyle Armand Brown, Mabel Elizabeth Brown, Manson Gordon Brown, Margaret Brown, Margaret Lorraine Brown, Marion Martha Brown, Mary Ethel Brown, Melanie Elizabeth Brown, Melody Anne Brown, Melvin James Brown, Merlyn John Brown, Michael Brown, Mildred Brown, Miriam Colsten "Midge" Brown, Mona Evelyn Brown, Nancy Catherine Brown, Nellie Brown, Norma Evelyn Brown, Patrick Brown, Paul Brown, Peter David Brown, Robert Brown, Robert Allan Brown, Robert "Rob" S. Brown, Ron Brown, Ronald Thomas Brown, Ruby Alma Emmeline Brown, Ruth Elizabeth Brown, Ruth Norma Christina Brown, Sandra Lois Brown, Sandra Lynn Brown, Sarah Brown, Sarah J. Brown, Scott William Brown, Sean Michael Brown, Sharon Brown, Sharon Greta Brown, Shawna Marie Brown, Stephanie Ann Brown, Stephen Brown, Stephen Brown, Timothy John Brown, Wayne Brown, Wilbur Andrew "Wib" Brown, William Brown, William Brown, William David Brown, William Ernest Brown, William T. Brown, Clark Browne, Dana Lynn Browne, Juliet Browner, Carl Brownie, Hazel Browning, Idena K. Brownlee, James Brownlee, Stella Brownlee, Anne Bruce, Charles Edward Bruce, Edith May Bruce, Robert Wallace Bruce, Samuel Bruce, Elijah Bruhn, Gregor Bruhn, Roger Lawrence Brush, Theresa Ann Brush, Lucy Emily Bryan, Raymond George Bryan, Sean Christopher Bryan, Shannon Elizabeth Bryan, Adam Brylowski, George Brylowski, James Brylowski, Breanne Marie Buchanan, Clifford Buchanan, Dean Ivan Buchanan, Elizabeth Buchanan, Edward C. Buchman, Robert Buckley, Sarah June Buckley, William H. Buffam, Andrea Bulfon, Roberto Bulfon, Bruce Bullock, Irene Maud Bullock, Lloyd H. Bullock, Louise Bullock, Bert Bumstead, Florence Irene Bumstead, William Burdeney, Adrian Franklyn Burgess, Charlene Dawn Burgess, Daniel Wayne Burgess, David Andrew Burgess, Deborah Burgess, Ellen Marie Burgess, Kendra Burgess, Kenneth Lawrence Adrian Burgess, Marion Lorraine Burgess, Mary Adeline Burgess, Nathaniel Burgess, Paul Adrian Burgess, Reita Burgess, William Plewis "Bill" Burgess, Cathy Burghardt, Karin Burghardt, R. Kenneth Burghardt, Heather Anne Burgin, A. Mervin Burke, Cindy Lee Burke, Glen Armand Burke, Jamie Jean Burke, Joelle Burke, Mervin Henry Patrick Burke, Phyllis Burke, Robert Edward Burke, Sheri Lynn Burke, Terri Ann Burke, Troy Sean Burke, Anna Burlon, Nuncio Burlon, Cynthia Lou Burman, Dana Kervyn Burman, Daniel Dale Burman, Derek William Burman, Jordan Dana Burman, Kendra Lynne Burman, Kerry Andrew Burman, Kervin Gilbert Burman, Kyle Matthew Burman, Mallory Justine Burman, Randall Glen Burman, Roxanne June Burman, Sheryl Lynn Burman, Dorothy Burmester, Eleanor Burmester, Evelyn Burmester, Joan Burmester, Konrad Burmester, Louise Burmester, Helen Burnett, Laurie Denise Burnett, Mabel Louisa Burnett, Sandy Burnett, David Burns, Douglas Burns, Edward Burns, Paul Burns, William Earl Burns, Etta Mary Burnside, Thelma S. Burpee, Shelley Burrell, Edmund Burritt, Edmund Wilson Burritt, Lynn Margaret Burritt, Bernice Burrows, Arlie J. Burt, Edward J. Burt, Arthur Burton, Caroline Burton, Daisy Ethel Burton, Dalton Burton, Delmer Burton, Erma Burton, Harry Allan Burton, Julia Burton, Kenneth Burton, Mabel Burton, Opal Harriet Burton, Selwyn Andrew Burton, Thomas James Burton, Violet Burton, Carla Nadine Busko, Peter Busko, Gary Bussieres, Maria Jane Butt, Anna Buttimor, William Buttimor, Elizabeth Maude Butwell, Mark Butwell, Alvin Byce, Asa Byce, Asa A. Byce, Bruce Kenneth Byce, Charlene Glenda Byce, David Alvin Byce, David Scott Byce, Glenn Harrison Byce, Harold Edwin Byce, Harriet L. "Hattie" Byce, Ira Asa Byce, Iva Byce, John Alvin Byce, Jordan David Byce, Joseph Harold "Joe" Byce, Laura Clemens Byce, Lyman H. Byce, Lynda Joan Byce, M. Ethel Byce, Minetta C. Byce, Orlinda Jane Byce, Sandra Darlene Byce, Shelley Glynnis Byce, Tiffany Lynette Byce, Margaret Jane Byers, Christian Byhre, Dale Byhre, Donald Roy Byhre, Gary Alvin Byhre, Kristina Byhre, Alexander Sturgeon Byrne, Claudius Byrne, Claudius Byrne, Claudius Byrne, Francis Byrne, Mary Sturgeon Byrne, Blake Joseph Byrnes, Brian John Byrnes, Jason Lloyd Byrnes, John Byrnes, Joseph Byrnes, Elizabeth Ena Byron, Ena Byron, Howard Joseph Byron, John Joseph Byron, Shirley Mary Byron, Emil Per Bystrom, Magnus Johans Bystrom,

C: Bella Cable, Blanche Caird, Margaret Anne Calder, Carla Dale Calhoun, Claude Virginia Calhoun, Stanley Douglas Calhoun, Stanley Earl Calhoun, Florence Call, Alexander Cameron, Alne Grant Cameron, Alne Julian Gilruth "Cam" Cameron, Andrew Walter Julian Cameron, Ann Cameron, Ann Evelyn Cameron, Anna Cameron, Bruce Alistair Cameron, Brynn Elizabeth MacKenzie Cameron, Catharine Cameron, Catharine Eileen Cameron, Christine Elizabeth Cameron, Craig MacKenzie Cameron, David Lee Cameron, Ebert Cameron, Edmond Cameron, Heather Lee Cameron, John Cameron, John Douglas "Doug" Cameron, Kimberly Laraine Cameron, Lloyd Henry Cameron, Margaret Cameron, Robert Lee Cameron, Adrienne Leigh Campbell, Barbara Louise Campbell, Bonnie Lee Dorothy Campbell, Bradley Alan Campbell, Brian Howard Campbell, Carol Ethel Campbell, Clinton Howard Campbell, Deborah Catherine Campbell, Delbert Ivan Campbell, Derek Campbell, Donald Daniel Campbell, Donald Lloyd Campbell, Donna Mae Campbell, Edwin Lawrence Campbell, Elmer Campbell, Elwood Ray Campbell, Erin Elizabeth Campbell, Estie Burns Campbell, Eva Campbell, Gary James Campbell, Geoffrey Dale Campbell, Geraldine Olive Campbell, Ione Lillian Campbell, James Campbell, James Ivan Campbell, John Campbell, Kelvin Campbell, Lillian Ellen Campbell, Loyle Wesley Campbell, Mary Campbell, Meredith Campbell, Oscar Russell Campbell, Ray Daniel Campbell, Sidney Delbert Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Patricia Grace Cannady, Amy Marie Cannon, Crystal Ashley Cannon, Edwin Cannon, Edwin Charles "Ted" Cannon, Edwin Scott Cannon, Scott Cannon, Bill Card, Pricilla Card, Mable Cardiff, Allan Carey, Allan Bert Carey, Annie May Carey, Armonella Lorena Carey, Ben Wilfred Carey, Benjamin Hayes Carey, Bernice Carey, Bradford Carey, Bruce Carey, Bryan Carey, Bud Carey, Carol Carey, David Frank Carey, Emma Lulu Carey, Eric Lee Carey, Erica Joan Carey, George Bradford Carey, George Edward Carey, George William James Carey, Gerald Carey, Glen Allan Carey, Grant Eldon Carey, Harold Carey, Ida Ray Carey, Inez Carey, Janet Carey, Joanne Carey, John Henry Carey, Linden Wilfred Carey, Maggie Florence Carey, Marion Joan Carey, Nancy Carey, Paul Gregory Carey, Peter Carey, Richard Dale Carey, Robert Bedford Carey, Ronald Merton Carey, Stephen Carey, Antoinetta Cargnelli, Lucia Maria Cargnelli, Pietro Cargnelli, Douglas S. Carl, Leroy Carl, Roy Fisk Carl, Gordon Carley, William Carley, Betty Mae Carlson, Carla Jane Carlson, Charles William Carlson, Devon Thomas Carlson, Dillan John Carlson, Fred Alban Carlson, Jennifer Lee Carlson, Jerry Dean Carlson, John William Carlson, Joy Ann Carlson, Larry William Carlson, Leanne Jean Carlson, Lisa Marlene Carlson, Ryan William Carlson, Sarah Jean Carlson, Shirley Carlson, Valerie Carlson, George Arthur Carnahan, Edward Atkinson Carnochan, Susan Edna Carnochan, Margaret Megan Louise Caroll, Melissa Jane Caroll, Peter Joseph Tobin Caroll, Rosemary Ann Hamilton Caroll, Thomas Dionne Caroll, Thomas Edward Dionne Caroll, Timothy George Lloyd Ellis Caroll, Joanne Caron, Maurice Caron, Stephen Caron, Earl Carpenter, Mark Carpenter, Charles Stephen Carr, Edith Carr, Florence Katharine Carr, Frances Isabel Carr, Jessie Verna Carr, Helen Rose Carrigan, Brook Carrothers, Del Carrothers, Victoria Brook Carrothers, Wendel Warren "Del" Carrothers, Stanley Carruthers, Helen May Carson, Irvine Carson, Mary Carson, Shirley Maye Carson, Bryan Carter, Clifford Carter, Jason Edward Carter, Lucas Edward Carter, Miriam Carter, Albert Cartwright, Arletta Cartwright, Arnold Cartwright, Arthur Cyril Cartwright, Beatrice Cartwright, Clara Cartwright, Edith Cartwright, Edna Cartwright, Edward Cartwright, Edward Cartwright, Eliza Cartwright, Elizabeth Cartwright, George Blair Cartwright, George E. Cartwright, Gordon Cartwright, Grace Cartwright, Harold Cartwright, Irene Cartwright, Jack Cartwright, James Cartwright, John Cartwright, John Robert Cartwright, Lillian R. Cartwright, Mabel Cartwright, Mary Ann Cartwright, Maud Cartwright, Maud A. Cartwright, Mayda Cartwright, Norman William Cartwright, Richard Eric Irvine Blair Cartwright, Rita Cartwright, Robert Cartwright, Ruby I. Cartwright, Stanley Cartwright, Victor Cartwright, Walter H. Cartwright, Wilfred Blair Cartwright, William J. Cartwright, William James Cartwright, William Robert Cartwright, Elaine Carty, Lise Cascon, David Casement, Doug Casement, Francis Casement, Glennda Casement, Lee Casement, Lindsay Casement, Maralyn Casemore, Robert Casemore, Wayne Casemore, William Casemore, Sarah Cassady, Sherri Lynn Jean Cassell, Alice Nora Cassidy, Daniel Cassidy, James "Jim" Cassidy, Nora Cassidy, Claudio Castellani, Gaia Castellani, Lina Castellani, Sofia Castellani, Valentino Castellani, Daniela Castenetto, Sandra Jean Castilla, Louisa Castle, Ethan Michael Catallo, Tony Catallo, Louise Catellier, Rebecca Ann Caton, Donatella Cattarossi, Fausto Cattarossi, Filippo Cattarossi, Luigi Cattarossi, Marco Cattarossi, Rosa Cattarossi, Alex Cautero, Alice Cautero, Bruno Cautero, Giani Cautero, Laura Cautero, Marina Cautero, Monica Cautero, Marion Mcmurchy Cavers, Pietro Ceolin, Victor Ceporius, Catherine Chadwick, Diane Chadwick, James Chadwick, James Chadwick, Jr., Suzanne Chadwick, Thomas Chadwick, Lynda Diane Chalk, Elisha Chamberlin, Leona Chamberlin, Amanda Lee Chambers, Cherry Ann Chambers, Cody Wade Chambers, Corey Allen Chambers, Curtis William Chambers, Daniel Anton Chambers, Darcy Chambers, David Grant Chambers, Douglas Harvey Chambers, Eunice Lillian Chambers, Frederic Chambers, Geoffrey Dale Chambers, Geoffrey Royden Chambers, Gladys Victoria Chambers, Gladys Victoria "Vicky" Chambers, Harvey Laurence Chambers, Holly Lee Chambers, Jeremy Shane Chambers, Jessie Shane Chambers, Karolyn "Karrie" Chambers, Kimberly Gordon Chambers, Kyle William Chambers, Lee Anne Bernice Chambers, Melenny Joy Chambers, Mervyn Laurence "Spike" Chambers, Michael Darren Chambers, Michael William Chambers, Mitchell Jedidiah Chambers, Nicole Rene Chambers, Reginald Maxwell Chambers, Robert Leo "Bobby" Chambers, Robert William "Bob" Chambers, Sandra Lynn Chambers, Shannon Katherine Chambers, Shannon Mark "Shane" Chambers, Sheldon Welby Chambers, Stacy Chad Chambers, Susan Edith Chambers, Tammy Maureen Chambers, Trevor Gordon Chambers, Twyla Rosalia Chambers, Tyler William Lee Chambers, Dinah Chandler, Harriet Elicia Chant, Harriett Ashley "Hattie" Chant, Noah Chant, Mary Harriett "Maizie" Chaplin, Bruce Chapman, Dorothy Chapman, Etta Alida Chapman, Evan Chapman, James Chapman, James E. Chapman, John Chapman, Myrtle Ellen Chapman, David Chapple, Roy Chapple, Tracey Chapple, Brian Chartbrand, Teresa Chartrand, Bethel Chartreau, Deborah Chartreau, Delbert Chartreau, Lois Chartreau, Earl Chase, Emmett Chase, Helen Chase, Leslie Chase, Ralph Chase, Danny Chernish, Arthur Wellington Chester, Emily Alexandra Chiara, Gregory Joseph Chiara, James Chiara, Lea Kristin Chiara, Agnes Santa Chiesa, Agnese Santa Chiesa, Agostino Chiesa, Albino Chiesa, Alessandro Chiesa, Alfiero Chiesa, Angelo Chiesa, Antonio Chiesa, Antonio Chiesa, Antonio Mario "Tonin" Chiesa, Aurelio Chiesa, Camille Chiesa, Christina Chiesa, Dante Chiesa, Dina Chiesa, Dino Chiesa, Domenico Chiesa, Elena Chiesa, Federica Chiesa, Gesuina Chiesa, Gino Chiesa, Giulia Chiesa, Giulia Maria Chiesa, Giuseppe Chiesa, Guiseppe Chiesa, Guiseppe Chiesa, Guiseppe "Beppo" Chiesa, Ida Chiesa, Ida Chiesa, Ines Chiesa, Lia Chiesa, Lino Chiesa, Lorenzo Chiesa, Loretta Chiesa, Lucia Chiesa, Lucia Chiesa, Lucia Chiesa, Luigi Chiesa, Luigi Chiesa, Luigi Chiesa, Luigia Chiesa, Luigino "Louis" Chiesa, Maria Chiesa, Maria T. Chiesa, Mario Chiesa, Natalina Chiesa, Natasha Chiesa, Pia Chiesa, Pietro Chiesa, Pietro Chiesa, Pietro Lodovico Chiesa, Pio Chiesa, Riccardo Chiesa, Rosalina Chiesa, Ryan Chiesa, Silvestro Chiesa, Sisto Chiesa, Teresa Chiesa, Teresina Chiesa, Vilma Chiesa, Virginia Chiesa, Clarinda Ann Childerhose, George Arthur Chinner, Patricia Anne Chinner, Dianne Chipper, Ada Chisilino, Liana Chisilino, Tullio Chisilino, Daniel Ebert Chobey, Douglas Paul Chobey, John Richard Chobey, Nicholas Chobey, Paul Chobey, Logan Michaela Chorney, Stan Chorney, Mary Ellen Chrisley, Mary Ellen Chrissley, Nellie Chrissley, Ricky Chrissley, Daphne Christiansen, Ruby Christianson, Gregory Daniel Chupik, Jarred Andrew Chupik, Julian Andrew Chupik, Tracey Lynn Chupik, William Chupik, Beatrice Church, George Wesley Church, Gordon Church, Samuel Church, Brian Anthony Cieszecki, Laura Dawn Cieszecki, Warren Brian Cieszecki, Mark Clairmeau, Mildred Clarence, Abey Rae Clark, Ada Marion Clark, Adaline May Clark, Addie Belle Clark, Addie May Clark, Albert Edward Clark, Alice Mabel Clark, Alison Mary Clark, Allan Bernard Clark, Allen Clark, Allen Stewart Clark, Alvin Edward Clark, Alvin Edwin Clark, Alvin Murray Clark, Andrew John Clark, Ann Eliza Clark, Ann Ellen "Nancy" Clark, Anna Gertrude Clark, Annie Ethel Clark, Arabella Mary "Belle" Clark, Arlene May Clark, Arrabella "Bella" "Belle" Clark, Arthur Clark, Arthur H. Clark, Arthur Harvey Clark, Aubrey James Clark, Audrey Lorraine Clark, Barbara Ann Clark, Barbara Lynn Clark, Bernard Don Clark, Bernice Estelle Clark, Bessie Ellen Clark, Bethuel Clark, Bethuel Clark, Bethuel Edwin Clark, Beverly Ann Clark, Beverly Joan Clark, Blanch H. Clark, Brent Warren Clark, Bruce Wayne Clark, Carly Meighen Clark, Carol Clark, Catharine Clark, Catherine Ann "Katy" Clark, Charles Clark, Charles Douglas Clark, Charles S. Clark, Charles Sutherland Clark, Charles Thomas Clark, Charles Wesley Clark, Charlotte Clark, Cheryl Ann Clark, Cindy Clark, Clarinda Clark, Clarinda Clark, Cleome Clark, Cleome Olive Clark, Clifford Glen Clark, Cory Allen Murray Clark, Daisy Irene Clark, Daniel Clark, Daniel Clark, Daniel Clark, Darlene Jane Clark, David Clark, Delwart Clark, Dinerzada "Minnie" Clark, Donald Edwin Clark, Dora Alfreda Clark, Dora Jay Clark, Doris May Clark, Douglas Donald Clark, Dudley Niles Clark, Dudley William Clark, Dwight Gregory Clark, Edmon\Edwart Clark, Edward Gordon Clark, Edwin Clark, Edwin Clark, Elaine Grace Clark, Eleanor Susanna Clark, Elgin Clark, Elizabeth June Clark, Ella Clark, Ella Henrietta Clark, Ellen E. Clark, Emma Clark, Ernest William Clark, Ethel Jane Clark, Evan Osborne Clark, Evelyn Florence Clark, Everett Amos Clark, Everett James Clark, Flora Reubena Clark, Florence Clark, Florence Martha Clark, Florense Clark, Floyd Ichabod Clark, Foster Alvin Clark, Franca Clark, Frances "Frankie" Clark, Francis Coleman Clark, Frank Clark, Freddie Clark, Garnet Price Clark, Gary Ronald Clark, Gene Clark, George Clark, George Clark, George Clark, George Clark, Jr., George Adrian Clark, George Alexander Edwin Clark, George E. Clark, Gerald Reuben Clark, Gertrude Clark, Gilbert Reuben Clark, Glen Clark, Glen Marshall Clark, Gloria Joan Clark, Gordon Clark, Grace Goram Clark, Grace Viola Clark, Hannah Clark, Harold Clark, Harold Bruce Clark, Harriet Clark, Harriett Iona Clark, Hazel Clark, Hazel Mae Clark, Heather Ann Clark, Helen Clark, Helen Margaret Clark, Helen Marion Clark, Helena A. Clark, Henry Clark, Henry Allen Clark, Henry James Clark, Henry James Clark, Jr., Henry L. Clark, Houston Robert Clark, Ichabod Niles Clark, Ida Jesse Clark, Isabel Clark, James Clark, James Clark, James Clark, James Clark, James Clark, James C. Clark, James H. Clark, James Kenyon Clark, James Love Clark, James Russ Clark, James Stephen Clark, James Wesley Clark, James William Clark, Jane Clark, Jane M. Clark, Jane Moffat Clark, Jane Muriel Clark, Jeffry Lorne Clark, Jennie Clark, Jennie Clark, Jesse Blaine Clark, Jesse Rufus Clark, Jessie Clark, Jessie Winnifred Clark, Joanna Laura Clark, John Clark, John H. Clark, John Harold Clark, John Henry Clark, John Kay Clark, John Kenneth Clark, John Miller Clark, John Stanley Clark, John Wesley Clark, Joseph Stanley Clark, Judith Ann Clark, Karen Frances Clark, Katherine Ann Clark, Kay Rankin Clark, Kenyon F. Clark, Kurtis Clark, Lake Foster Clark, Larry Donald Clark, Laura Coleen Clark, Laura Maud Clark, Laurie Elizabeth Clark, Lee Clark, Lena May Clark, Leroy Allen Clark, Lillian Clark, Linda Carolyn Clark, Linda Louise Clark, Lois Clark, Lorne Bell Clark, Lucinda Lynn Clark, Lucy E. Clark, Lucy Rosamond Clark, Luralee Olive Clark, Maranda Clark, Marcella Matilda Clark, Margaret Clark, Margaret Clark, Margaret Ann Clark, Margaret Louise Clark, Margo Ann Clark, Marguerite Helen Clark, Marilynne Clark, Marion Lavina Clark, Marjorie Jean Clark, Marsha Rosemary Clark, Marshall King Clark, Martha Clark, Martha Clark, Martha Clark, Martha Ann Clark, Martha Blanche Clark, Martha C. Clark, Martha Elizabeth Clark, Martha Louisa Ansley Clark, Mary Clark, Mary Clark, Mary Clark, Mary Amanda Clark, Mary Ann Clark, Mary Ann Clark, Mary Clarinda Clark, Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" Clark, Mary Louise Clark, Mary M. Clark, Mattie Clark, Maude Sylvia Clark, Maxine D. Clark, Melvin James Clark, Melvin Moulton Clark, Melvin Ray Clark, Melvin Roy Clark, Mervin Dennis Clark, Minnie Clark, Mollie Clark, Muriel Clark, Murray Clark, Nancy H. Clark, Nancy Lorain Clark, Nancy Lucille Clark, Nancy Margaret Clark, Nancy Pearl Clark, Nettie Ellen Clark, Niles Clark, Niles Baughman Clark, Norma Jean Clark, Norman Russell Clark, Olive May Clark, Orpha Jean Clark, Pamela Clark, Patricia Marion Clark, Pearl Mae Clark, Perl Stella Clark, Phillip Clark, Quentin Lee Clark, Randy Stewart Clark, Raymond Keith Clark, Reuben Taylor Clark, Reuben Taylor Clark, Reuben Taylor Clark, Reuben Winnett Clark, Rexford Griggs Clark, Richard Clark, Richard Francis Clark, Richard Lorne Clark, Robert Clark, Robert Clark, Robert Gene Clark, Robert Thomas Clark, Robin Lee Clark, Ruby Helen Clark, Ruby Zoe Clark, Russell John Clark, Russell Thomas Clark, Ruthanna Mabel Jane Clark, Samuel Clark, Sanford Wesley Clark, Sara Lucy Clark, Sarah Elizabeth Clark, Sarah Jane Clark, Sarah Jane Clark, Scott Clark, Sherry Ann Clark, Shirley Clark, Stella May Clark, Sylvia Mae Clark, Thelma Irene Clark, Thomas Clark, Thomas Clark, Thomas Moffat Clark, Thomas Moffet Clark, Victor Alexander Clark, Wanda Clark, Willene Heather Clark, William Clark, William Adams Clark, William Edwin Clark, William Gilbert Clark, William Henry Clark, Williamson Clark, Winifred Estelle Clark, Winnifred Clark, Yvonne Clark, Alex Clarke, Belle Clarke, Bethuel Clarke, Caitlin Clarke, Cecil Clarke, Celestia Florence Clarke, Clara Clarke, Clarence Aubrey "Bud" Clarke, Clarke Clarke, Cynthia Clarke, David Clarke, Donald Henry Clarke, Donald Lee Clarke, Doreen Clarke, Elizabeth Clarke, Ella Clarke, Evelyn Clarke, Fay Clarke, Frederick David "Pat" Clarke, Glenn David Clarke, Harry Clarke, Heather Marie Clarke, Ivan Clarke, Jack Alden Clarke, PhD, James Randolph "Randy" Clarke, Janice Ann Clarke, Jessie Clarke, John Wesley Clarke, Julianna Victoria Clarke, Lavina Clarke, Lorraine Clarke, Marion Clarke, Nancy Ruth Clarke, Patrick Clarke, Russel J. Clarke, Scott Michael Clarke, Stanley Clarke, Susan Lynne Clarke, Timothy Harold Clarke, Valerie Ann Clarke, Harvey Clausius, Grace Elizabeth Cleary, Amy Lynn Cleaveley, David Bradley Cleaveley, Glen David Cleaveley, Kevin David Cleaveley, Robert William Cleaveley, Tyler William Cleaveley, Gaston Cleroux, Nathan Matthew Cleroux, Clara Martha Cline, Ethel Clocherty, Elizabeth Jean "Betty" Closs, Charles Thomas Clow, Abraham Coad, George Coad, Greg Coad, Joseph Coad, Samuel Emery Coanes, Eugene Cobb, Mary-Rebecca Cobb, Wilford Eugene Cobb, Wayne Coch, Della E. Cochrane, Hilary Cockerill, Jody Cockerill, Keagan Cockerill, Stan Cockerill, Ester Cocroft, Anna Coffle, Mary Coffle, Eliza Agnes Coglan, Teresa Clarinda Coglan, Blaine L. Colbry, Boyd J. Colbry, Brant R. Colbry, Brett R. Colbry, Chelsea A. Colbry, Hillary Maxine Colbry, John Griffith Colbry, John Harrison Colbry, Johnna Patrice Colbry, Lawrence Sylvester Colbry, Max J. Colbry, Richard John Colbry, Robert Joseph Harrison Colbry, Seth Donald Colbry, Silva Mae Colbry, Wilma Blanche Colbry, Alice Cole, Douglas Cole, Edith Cole, Gordon Cole, Gordon Cole, Jr., Lucinda "Lucy" Cole, Pamela Cole, Penny Cole, Samuel Cole, Jr., Donald Coleman, Dorothy Coleman, Evelyn Coleman, Laura Coleman, Marshall Coleman, Mildred Coleman, Neil Coleman, Wilfred Coleman, William Cecil Coleman, Cindy Coles, Arthur Ambrose Coligan, Ernest John Collinson, John Brent Collinson, Todd Collison, Maria Colura, Caroline Colvin, Bernice Comber, Clara Herbert Combs, Lloyd Combs, Murray Lee Combs, Emily Alexandria Comeau, Joseph Marc Real Comeau, Lloyd Command, Lola Marguerite Compton, Catherine Margaret Comstock, Debra Ann Comstock, Gayle Evelyn Comstock, George Clark Comstock, Heather Mary Comstock, Kevin Robert Comstock, Lester Louis Comstock, Lester Ward Comstock, Pamela Margaret Comstock, Robert Lester Comstock, Vera Lynn Comstock, Yvonne Jewell Comstock, Lila P. Condie, Heather Stiles Conn, Michael Steven Conn, Steven Courtney Conn, Florence Connell, James Samuel Connell, James Conner, Judy Connick, Shawn Armas Roderick Connolly, Alice Connor, Caroline Connor, Emiline Connor, Frances Connor, George Connor, Jacob Connor, James Connor, Jr., Levi Connor, Lucy Connor, Margaret Connor, Martha Jane Connor, Ransom D. Connor, Samuel Joseph Connor, Sidney George Connor, Thomas Connor, Wellington Connor, Brian Conrad, Bruce Conrad, Christopher Conrad, Harold Conrad, Laura Conrad, Melissa Conrad, Michael Conrad, Randy Conrad, Sharona Conrad, Richard Convery, Sharon Convery, Arthur Cook, August Cook, Carol C. Cook, Charles Cook, Clarence Cook, Curtis David Cook, Debra Cook, Del Cook, Donald Cook, Elaine Cook, Elizabeth Cook, Elmer Cook, Elwood Cook, Gay Cook, Georgina Cook, Gregory Cook, Hazel Cook, James Leland Cook, Jane Cook, Jennifer Cook, Judith Ann Cook, Katherine Cook, Leland Cook, Linda Cook, Margaret Cook, Mattie Cook, Ray Cook, Rebecca Cook, Richard Cook, Sharon Marjorie Cook, Sterling Cook, Suzanne Cook, Thelma Cook, Wanda Cook, Warren Cook, Winnie Cook, Gary Cooke, Beryl Cooley, Pamela Rosemary Cooley, Rebecca Cooley, Dan Coomber-Bendtsen, Alice Bell Cooney, David Emery Coons, Melissa Coons, Agnes Isabelle Cooper, Alonzo Cooper, Alta M. Cooper, Benjamin Ryan Cooper, Bertha M. Cooper, Colleen Cooper, Douglas Osborne Cooper, Elmer Hutton Cooper, Geoffrey Cooper, Gillian Cooper, Gwenneth Jane Cooper, Ian Cooper, Isabel Anne Cooper, John Cooper, Kathryn Eveline Cooper, Maegen Courtney Cooper, Margaret Mabel Cooper, Mary Josephine Cooper, Penny Denice Cooper, Richard Cooper, Samuel Wright Cooper, Shirley Mae Cooper, Stanley John Philip Cooper, Stephen Douglas Cooper, Thomas Warren Cooper, Mary Coot, Caroline Corbett, Elizabeth Corbett, Jerusha Anna Corbett, John Waller Corbett, Joseph Corbett, Margaret M. Corbett, Martha Corbett, Maude Matilda Amelia Corbett, Nathaniel Corbett, Orinda? Corbett, Rachel Corbett, Charles Corts, Charlotte Corts, Elizabeth Corts, Godfrey Corts, John Corts, Katie Corts, Liza Corts, Louis Corts, Ludwig Corts, Otto Corts, Tommy Corts, Walter Corts, William Corts, Julia Cosier, Ruth Dolores Wihelmine "Dolly" Cote, Donna Loraine Couch, Norman Court, Irvine Cousins, John Cousins, John Cousins, Pearle Cousins, Ruby M. Cousins, Victor Cousins, Carol Cowden, James Cowden, Audrey Cowper, Bernice Cowper, Claude Cowper, Frederick Ashley Cowper, Garnet Cowper, Gordon Cowper, Hugh Cowper, Raymond Cowper, Roy Cowper, Ashley Lynn Cox, Christopher Cox, Cora Cox, Zachary Christopher William Cox, Robert Coyle, Connie Craddock, Alice LaVina Craig, Amanda Minerva Edna Craig, Elva Vera Craig, Jennfer Courtney Craig, Kathleen Elizabeth Craig, Lawrence "Larry" Craig, Michael Craig, Robert W. Craig, Audrey Jane Craighead, John Wesley Craighead, Richard Wesley Craighead, Richard William "Bill" Craighead, Allen Frederick Crawford, Amy Crawford, Audrey Marian Ann Crawford, Barry Crawford, Bertal John Crawford, Beulah Hannah Tressa Crawford, Catherine Crawford, Charles Roy Crawford, Charlotte Crawford, Christopher Crawford, Daryl Crawford, David Irvin Crawford, Donna Crawford, Eliza Crawford, Elizabeth Crawford, Elizabeth Jean Dale Crawford, Fern Crawford, Frederick Silas Middleton Crawford, Hal Melvin Crawford, Irvin Ward Crawford, James Crawford, James Stirling Crawford, Jennifer Crawford, John Leonard Crawford, John Robert Crawford, John Wayne Crawford, June Myrtle Ann Crawford, Katrina Crawford, Kenneth Dale Crawford, Kristen Crawford, Laura Jean Crawford, Letitia Crawford, Lisa Crawford, Lloyd Crawford, Luke Crawford, Lynn Marie Crawford, Margaret Jane Crawford, Mary Crawford, Milton Frederick Crawford, Philip Crawford, Philip David Crawford, Richard Crawford, Richard George Crawford, Robert Crawford, Robert Henry Steward Crawford, Ronald Dale Crawford, Sabrina Crawford, Sally Jean Crawford, Sandra Jean Crawford, Scott Crawford, Sharon Crawford, Sheila Crawford, Shirley Mabel Crawford, Terry Crawford, Thomas Crawford, Thomas Myles Crawford, Wallace Ebert Crawford, Wayne Crawford, William Crawford, William David Crawford, William Henry Crawford, Agnes Cree, Albert Creek, Josephine Orpha Creller, Rick Cress, Steacy Cress, Cora Crieghton, Charlotte Cripler, David Crockett, Chloe Anne Croghan, Derek Bernard Croghan, Scott Esley Bernard Croghan, Jocelyn Carmel Cronin, Terrence Andrew Cronin, Terry James Cronin, Sarah A. Cross, James Elmo Crossley, Lorraine Joyce Crossley, Adelaide Crozier, Adelaide Crozier, Agnes Crozier, Alec Crozier, Alexander Crozier, Alexander Cain Crozier, Allan John Crozier, Alvin Robert Crozier, Amelia Crozier, Amy Nicole Crozier, Andrew Crozier, Andrew Crozier, Andrew Crozier, Angelina Diantha Crozier, Ann Crozier, Ann Crozier, Anna Arvilla Crozier, Annie Gertrude Crozier, Archie Crozier, Arthur Norman Crozier, Arvilla Crozier, Ashley Krista Crozier, Benjamin Daniel Crozier, Bertha Ann Crozier, Betty Lou Crozier, Beverly Marie Crozier, Birdella J. "Birdie" Crozier, Blake Ashtyn Crozier, Bonny Faye Crozier, Bradley John Crozier, Calvin W. Crozier, Catharine Crozier, Catharine Crozier, Catherine Crozier, Charles Crozier, Charles N. Crozier, Christopher John Andrew Crozier, Clarence M. Crozier, Clifford Daniel Crozier, Clifford Ward Crozier, Cody David Crozier, Colin Kenneth Crozier, Cory James Crozier, Craig James Crozier, Curtis Conrad Crozier, Dale Andrew Crozier, Daniel Crozier, David Eugene Crozier, David John Crozier, Debra Crozier, Demetrius Crozier, Demetrius Crozier, Demetrius Lorne Crozier, Dora Crozier, Edith Crozier, Edna Crozier, Edna Elizabeth Crozier, Edna May Crozier, Elaine Ruth Crozier, Eleanor Crozier, Eleanor Adelia "Ella" Crozier, Elizabeth Crozier, Elizabeth Crozier, Elizabeth Crozier, Elizabeth Acenith "Betty" Crozier, Elizabeth Lilly Crozier, Ella Rebecca "Nellie" Crozier, Ellen Crozier, Ellen Crozier, Ellen Crozier, Emilee Mae Ann Crozier, Emily Mary Elizabeth "Beth" Crozier, Emily "Minnie" Dubard Crozier, Esther Crozier, Esther Crozier, Etta Crozier, Evelyn Ruby Estella Crozier, Ezra Haley Crozier, Ezra Healy Crozier, Fannie Crozier, Fanny Crozier, Florence Crozier, Florence Elizabeth Crozier, George Crozier, George Crozier, Gerald Garth Crozier, Gladys Etta Crozier, Gladys Mary Crozier, Glen Nelson Crozier, Gordon Murray Crozier, Grace Mildred Crozier, Hallie Grace Crozier, Harriet L. Crozier, Harvey Wilcox Crozier, Hazel Estella Crozier, Hazel Winnifred Shirley "Wynn" Crozier, Helen Louise Crozier, Isabella Crozier, Isaiah Crozier, Jace Rylan Crozier, Jacqueline Crozier, James Crozier, James Henry Crozier, Jamie Dwayne Crozier, Jane Crozier, Jane Crozier, Jane Crozier, Jennifer Lorraine Crozier, John Crozier, John Crozier, John Crozier, John Crozier, John Crozier, John Crozier, John Crozier of Ballinamore, John Crozier of Kinawley, John Crozier of Sheehinny, John Andrew "Jack" Crozier, John D. Crozier, John H. Crozier, John Milton Crozier, John Nelson Crozier, John Raymond "Ray" Crozier, John Stanley Crozier, Joseph Crozier, Joseph Crozier, Joseph Crozier, Joseph Crozier, Joseph Crozier, Joseph Crozier, Joseph Crozier, Joseph Crozier of Crocknacreevy, Justin Gerrard Crozier, Kenneth Raymond Crozier, Keziah Crozier, Kourtney Marie Crozier, Laura Hazel Crozier, Leah Nadine Crozier, Leslee Alan Crozier, Leslie Ward Crozier, Lillian Margaret "Billie" Crozier, Lillian Maude Crozier, Linda Mary Crozier, Lloyd Robert Crozier, Louisa Crozier, Louisa Arletta "Lottie" Crozier, Lucy Anne Crozier, Lucy Jane Crozier, Lydia Jolene Crozier, Margaret Crozier, Margaret Crozier, Margaret Crozier, Margaret? Crozier, Margaret Jane Crozier, Maria Crozier, Marjorie Helen Crozier, Mary Crozier, Mary Crozier, Mary Ann Crozier, Mary Elizabeth Crozier, Mary Elizabeth Crozier, Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Crozier, Mary Jane Crozier, Mary Samantha Crozier, Michelle Kathleen Crozier, Milton Castle Crozier, Minnie A. Crozier, Muriel Crozier, Murray Alvin Crozier, Myra Belle Crozier, Norma Jean Crozier, Norma Myrtle Crozier, Olive Crozier, Rebecca Crozier, Renee Crozier, Richard Crozier, Robert Crozier, Robert Crozier, Robert Crozier, Robert Crozier, Robert Crozier, Robert Crozier of Crocknacreevy, Robert C. Crozier, Robert "Rob" Crozier, Ronald Allan Crozier, Sarah Jane Crozier, Sharon Gail Crozier, Stanley Crozier, Stephanie Johanne Crozier, Stuart Cameron Crozier, Tanner Teodore John Crozier, Thomas Crozier, Thomas Crozier, Thomas Crozier, Thomas Crozier of Kinglass, Thomas Edward Crozier, Thomas Harrison Crozier, Thomas Joseph Crozier, Thomas Joseph Crozier, Trent Ian Crozier, Trevor Scott Crozier, Tyler John Crozier, Victoria Anne Crozier, Waldron Crozier, William Crozier, William Crozier, William Crozier, William Crozier, William Crozier, William Thomas Crozier, Winnifred Mary Euphaema "Winnie" Crozier, Mary Elizabeth Crozier-Organ, Thomas Crummy, Derek Mathew Csath, Graeme Douglas Csath, Ivan Robert Steven Csath, Ethel A. Cuddeback, R. J. Cuddeback, Eliza Culbert, Elizabeth Culbert, Charles Preston Cummings, Mattie Pearl Cummings, Chris David Cunningham, Dorothy Cunningham, Ian Cunningham, Mary Ruth Cunningham, Thomas Lyles Cunningham, Tricia Lynn Cunningham, Dennis Curridor, Enrico Curridor, Maria Assunta Curridor, Ricardo Curridor, Harriet Curtis, Louis Curtis, Neil Curtis, Clifford Cushing, Clarence Cuthbertson, Elizabeth Cuthbertson, John Scott Cuthbertson, Margaret Cuthbertson, Robert Gordon Cuthbertson, Tracey Nicole Cyca, Jaslyn Claire Cyca-Loree, Sienna Jane Cyca-Loree,

D: Donald Dagenais, Mae Dagenais, Mary "Mae" Dagenais, Tina Dagenais, Anita Dagg, Charles Armon Dagg, Charles W. Dagg, Hazel Dagg, Margery B. Dagg, Richard Edward Dagg, Tammy Dagg, William Dagg, Ellen Miranda Dahl, Rita Ellen Dahlgren, Dean Dainard, Edna Irene Dainard, Garnet William Dainard, Gertrude May Dainard, Gordon Dainard, Gordon Ellsworth Dainard, Sharon Dainard, Willet Case Dainard, William Wesley Dainard, Jennifer Lynne Dale, Margaret Theresa Dale, Marion Kathlene Dale, Olive Dalgleish, Judy Kathryn Damant, William Temple "Bill" Damant, Sharlie Damman, Ethel Danchuk, Adam Darling, Dorothy Darling, Francis Avery Darling, Hilda A. Darling, Holly Darling, John Darling, Katherine Darling, Patricia Darling, Richie Darling, Robert Darling, Thomas Darling, William Darling, Charles Darnell, Jerrod Alexander Darnell, Jonathan David Darnell, Matthew Charles Darnell, Debra Dastyck, Cameron Davey, Roger Davey, Sharylyn Davey, Thelma Davey, Elaine Davidson, James Frederick Davidson, James William "Jim" Davidson, Margaret Davidson, Penelope Alice Mary "Pam" Davidson, Robert Marshall Davidson, Betty Ann Davies, Elizabeth Davies, Amanda Kaitlyn Davis, Annie Elizabeth Davis, Bethany Ann Davis, Bonnie Davis, David Davis, George Alson Davis, George Harold Davis, Karen Davis, Lewis Edwin Davis, Linda Davis, Mary Ellen Davis, Michael Irvin Davis, Rex Davis, Richard Davis, Robert Brownlee Davis, Jr., Robert Gordon Davis, Robin Davis, Ruth Ann Davis, Wava Mae Davis, William Michael Davis, Zachary Davis, Zachary Sean Davis, Anna Justine Davison, Bjorn James Davison, Carl Davison, Clifford Carl Davison, Rosemary Davison, Walter Davison, Everinne Davitt, Frances Davitt, Patsy Dawkins, Brenda Dawson, David Dawson, Frank Dawson, Keith Dawson, Loretta Dawson, Ronald Dawson, Braden Dayman, Edwin Dayman, Kim Dayman, Elisa De Clara, Kiki de Montparnasse, Albert De Smit, Charmaine Renie De Smit, Lane Anthony De Smit, Rory Neill De Smit, Brittany Dean, Grant Sheffield Dean, John Lewis Dean, John Michael Dean, Jordan Dean, Lila Dean, Maria Dean, Nickolas Dean, Rachel Dean, Roy Dean, Sharron Sue Dean, Shawn Sheffield Dean, Shirley Joyce Dean, Spencer Shawn Dean, Starlite Dean, Rodger DeArburn, Judith Anne "Judy" Dechaine, Albert George Deeley, Albert Richard Deeley, Dora Wilhemina Deeley, George Deeley, Cecelia DeGraff, Rene Joseph Deguire, Christina Rose Dejonghe, Dorothea Ann Dejonghe, Joseph John Dejonghe, Charles Del Ruiz, Donna Louise Del Ruiz, Katherine Ann Del Ruiz, M. Del Ruiz, Marilyn Del Ruiz, Maria Del Zotto, Bryn Morgan Delaney, Ciara Delaney, Harry Delaney, Rourke Dakyn Delaney, Bruna Della Mora, Maria Della Siega, Robert Delong, Jamie Delvin, John Delvin, Amber Lynn Demanenko, Dan Demanenko, Dillon Demanenko, Rachelle Claudette Denis, Grace Denison, Victor Nelson Denison, Carol Lee Dennis, Heather Lynne Dennis, James Dennis, Hattie Denpith, David Jonathan Dent, David Jonathan Dent, Jr., Lynnette Amantha Dent, Dana Derbyshire, Elwyn Derbyshire, Jason Derbyshire, Mark Derbyshire, Mathew Derbyshire, Anthony Craig Derckson, Douglas Ian Derckson, Leanne Bernice Derckson, Ramona Dawn Derckson, Eva May Dersnah, Louis Dersnah, Louis N. Dersnah, Maude C. Dersnah, Mildred Ruth Dersnah, Stanley J. Dersnah, Joe Deschamps, Dennis Roland Descoteau, Christopher Desmarais, Jennifer Desmarais, Leo Desmarais, Liam Desmarais, Catherine DeStevens, Doris June Devenny, Alvin Devitt, Anna Florence Devitt, Anna Jane Devitt, Annie Cecelia Devitt, Barbara Devitt, Barbara Devitt, Betty Eileen Devitt, Corry Devitt, Crystal Jay Devitt, Daphne Mary Eileen Devitt, Dennis Devitt, Dianne Adeline Devitt, Dorothy Devitt, Dot Devitt, Edward Devitt, Edward Devitt, Elizabeth J. "Betty" Devitt, Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie" Devitt, Elmer Whitfield Devitt, Evia E. Devitt, Fannia Maria Devitt, Floyd Devitt, Gary Donald Devitt, George Devitt, George Elmer Devitt, Gerald Devitt, Harold Edwards Devitt, Harry Bishop Devitt, Helen Devitt, Howard Devitt, Jada Lizabeth Devitt, James Devitt, James Devitt, James Edward "Jimmy" Devitt, James Wesley Devitt, Jane Devitt, Jane Blackader Devitt, Joseph Devitt, Joseph Wesley Devitt, Karen Lynn Devitt, Kenneth Alvin Devitt, Kenneth Masson Devitt, Laura Devitt, Leslie James Devitt, Lindsay Elizabeth Morton Devitt, Lynda Lee Devitt, Marion Devitt, Marion Devitt, Marsha Lynn Devitt, Martha Devitt, Martha "Mattie" Devitt, Martha Olive Devitt, Mary Devitt, Mary Ann "Minnie" Devitt, Mary Elizabeth Devitt, Mary Emerson Devitt, Melissa May Devitt, Nancy Eugenia Devitt, Richard "Dick" Devitt, Robert Devitt, Robert Floyd Devitt, MoMM2, Robert George Devitt, Rodney Dool Devitt, Ross Devitt, Ruth Elizabeth Devitt, Samuel Floyd Devitt, Sandra Jean Devitt, Thomas Devitt, Thomas George Devitt, Thomas George "Tom" Devitt, Thomas Howard Devitt, Walter Devitt, Wesley Devitt, Wesley Gerald Soper Devitt, Wesley J. Devitt, Wesley W. Devitt, William Devitt, William Dennis Devitt, William James Devitt, William James "Bill" Devitt, William James "Bill" Devitt, Beverly Dewhurst, James Buchanan Dewhurst, James Buchanan Dewhurst, Jr., Joan Elizabeth Dewhurst, Richard Miles Dewhurst, James Dewitt, Mary Dewitt, Dylan D'Hustler, Jesse D'Hustler, Alison Rose Di Negro, Bill Dick, Debra Anne Dick, Florence Audrey Dick, Acquino Dickerson, E. Dickson, Cecilia Dier, Edward Dier, Elfrie Gertrude Dier, Mary Dier, Phoebe Dier, William Dier, Alda Ann Dinsdale, John Bruce Dinsdale, Helen Elizabeth Diprose, James Frederick Diprose, Louise Jeanette Diprose, Thomas Arthur Diprose, William Sidney Alexander Diprose, William Wayne Diprose, Ronald Valentine Dix, Diane Dixon, Elizabeth Dixon, Norma Dixon, Katherine "Kay" Dizzell, Charles Dobbs, Michael Dobbs, Robert Dobbs, Stephen Dobbs, Todd Doblier, Alfred H. Dobson, Mary Louise Dobson, Emily Rose Dodge, Joseph Dodge, Adam Gary Dodridge, Amanda Lynn Dodridge, Christopher Dodridge, Gary Ross Dodridge, Karen Darlene Dodridge, Lori Jean Dodridge, Richard Lyle Dodridge, Ross Robert Dodridge, Sarah Lynne Dodridge, Theresa Renee Dodridge, Percy Doel, Patricia Doering, Lenore Mayr Doherty, Lucy Dollarhide, Lila Dollinger, Margaret Donaghue, Robert Donaldson, Ruth Donaldson, William Patterson Stratton Donaldson, William Stratton "Bill" Donaldson, Caren Donis, Colleen Donis, Donald Donis, Earl Donis, Alexandra Anne Elizabeth Donnelly, Carol Jeanne Donnelly, Colleen Donnelly, Craig Robert Donnelly, Curtis Angelo Donnelly, Gary Robert Donnelly, Glenn Walter Donnelly, Harry Donnelly, Katherine Anne Margaret Donnelly, Linnea Rebecca Donnelly, Richard Walter Donnelly, Robert Archibald Donnelly, Vanessa Donnelly, Walter Howard Donnelly, Wendy Lynn Donnelly, Alexandra Laurene Dool, Carolyn Ellen Dool, Florence Evelyn Dool, John Dool, Lorne Malcom Dool, Shane Reid Dool, Sheryl Alenna Dool, Susan Deborah Dool, Warren Mackey Dool, Carol Ann Dopson, David Jason Dopson, Delmar Percy Dopson, Garry George Timleck Dopson, Grant Earl Dopson, James Brent Dopson, Linda Caroline Dopson, Lynda Michelle Dopson, Nancy Jane Dopson, Richard Dopson, Richard Carlyle Dopson, Robert Dopson, Robert Percy Dopson, Suzanne Dopson, Tammy Lee Dopson, Thomas Dopson, Thomas Patrick Dopson, William David "Bill" Dopson, Harvey Dorman, Merrill Ellis Dorman, Marian "Mae" Dougall, Andrew Michael Doulais, Elias Doulais, Helen Christine Doull, Alex Dowdall, Rachael Dowdall, Judith Gwendolyn Down, William Harry Down, Frances May Downing, John Downing, Beverley Doyle, Mary Kathryn "Kay" Doyle, William Doyle, Abigal Draper, Adam Leigh Draper, Albert C. Draper, Alfert Draper, Alonzo Lorenzo Draper, Angelina Draper, Angelina Diana Waller Draper, Anny D. Draper, Arthur Draper, Arthur Edward Draper, baby Draper, Barrie Draper, Bella H. Draper, Brent Draper, Caroline Draper, Claire Draper, Coleen Ann Marie Draper, David Draper, David C. Draper, Duncan B. B. Draper, Edna Draper, Edward Draper, Edward Brent Draper, Ellen Draper, Esther Louisa Draper, George Draper, Gertrude Ana Draper, Gertrude Muriel Caroline Draper, Gideon Draper, Hester Angelina Draper, James Draper, James Draper, James Draper, James Draper, Janet Draper, Jean Draper, Jeffrey Brent Draper, Jessie Draper, John Draper, John Graydon Draper, John James Draper, John T. Draper, Kenneth Rayburn Draper, Louisa Draper, Mandana Draper, Margo Draper, Martha Draper, Martha Draper, Martha M. Draper, Mary Draper, Mary L. B. Draper, Mildred E. Draper, Naomi Draper, Nathan Draper, Neta Draper, Paul Draper, Priscilla Abigail Draper, Reuben Draper, Reuben Draper, Reuben Draper, Roxanna Draper, Ruth Draper, Ruth Draper, Ruth A. Draper, Samuel B. Draper, Sandra Draper, Sharon Draper, Sidney H. L. Draper, Susannah Draper, Thankful Alfredo Draper, Thomas Draper, Thomas Draper, Truman Augustus Draper, Truman Augustus "Gus" Draper, Truman Benjamin Draper, Truman Waller Draper, William Draper, Zellas Draper, John Drapur, John Rawlyn Drapur, Anita Drevins, Annie Gladys Drummond, Arthur Drummond, Isabel Drummond, Katherine Drummond, Samuel Drummond, William Albert Drummond, Elsie Duban, Alphonse Dubard, Emily Dubard, Allain Ernest Ronald Dubeau, Allan Dubeau, Melanie Barbara Susie Dubeau, Noella Dubeau, Ben Dueck, Bernice Shirley Dueck, Helen Elizabeth "Betty" Dueck, Rose Duepner, Alanah Diane Duffy, Brandon Kyle Duffy, David Duffy, Jennifer Ann Duffy, Lyle Marvin Duffy, Heather Louise Duhon, Kelly Duhon, Thomas Kelly Duhon, Jessica Dukoff, Marie Dulmage, Pauline Dumas, Angela Dumouchel, Martin Louis Dumouchel, Phillip Dumouchel, Rejean Dumouchel, Victor Dumouchel, Harry Duncalfe, Harry Duncalfe, Barbara Ann Duncan, Evelyn Elizabeth Duncan, Candice Dunham, Richard Dunham, Richard Dunham, Jr., Diane Dunn, George Dunn, Lois Dunn, Peter Dunn, Roy St. Clair Dunn, Tammy Louise Dunn, Tara Lorraine Dunn, Terri Lynn Dunn, Tracey Lee Dunn, Alice Dupuis, Lisa Durant, Allison June Durfey, Ada Durham, Donna Jean Dusfrene, Alexis Georgina Duthie, Donald James Duthie, George Clark Duthie, Hugh Barron Duthie, James Duthie, James Campbell Duthie, James Pettipher Duthie, James Ruthven Duthie, Jean Margaret Duthie, Mary Louise Duthie, Diane Elizabeth Dutton, Hannah Dwight, John Dwight, Michael Dwyer, Amy Susan Dyck, Caleigh Dyck, Edwin Dyck, Kim Dyck, Lindsey Dyck, Andrew Dye, Clayton R. Dye, Gail Dye, Kenneth Allen Dye, Leslie Harold Dye, Maureen Dye, Reyna Dye, Edie Dye-Baillie, Jesse Dye-Baillie, Nathan Dye-Baillie, Albert Volney Dyer, Alice Safford Dyer, Charles Gibson Dyer, Charles Gibson Dyer, Jr., Daryl Jean Dyer, Dean Palmer Dyer, Deborah Jane Dyer, Denise Jewel Dyer, George Edward Dyer, Joan Macfie Dyer, John Donald Dyer, John Donald Dyer, Jr., John Hamilton Dyer, John Palmer Dyer, Lawrence Alan Dyer, Mary Emilie Dyer, Patricia Ann Dyer, Richard Dennis Dyer, Robert Hamilton Dyer, Rufus Frederick Hamilton Dyer, Sarah Jane Dyer, Virginia Helen Dyer, Volney Dyer, Volney Albert Dyer,

E: Ann Eagleton, Yatty Earls, Grace Eastwood, M. Ebberow, Joanne Ebenal, Abigail Louisa Ebert, Abigail Louisa Ebert, Abigail Rose Ebert, Allan Ebert, Allan Ebert, Amelia Ebert, Amy Bernice Ebert, Andrew Ebert, Andrew Phillip Ebert, Annie Ebert, Annie L. Ebert, Annie Pearl Elaine Ebert, Boyd Milton Ebert, Carl Ebert, Carl Milton Ebert, Caroline Ebert, Caroline Maria Ebert, Catherine Agnes "Katie" Ebert, Catherine Lucinda "Lucy" Ebert, Donald Roy Ebert, Edna Ebert, Elaine Ebert, Eleanor Fern Ebert, Elizabeth Amelia Ebert, Elizabeth Ann Ebert, Elizabeth Catherine "Betsy" Ebert, Ellen Rebecca Ebert, Emma Jane Ebert, Esther Ebert, Ethel J. Ebert, Ethel May Ebert, Eunice Ebert, Everett Ebert, Florence E. Ebert, Forbes Ebert, Frederick Edward Ebert, Garfield Roy Ebert, George Ebert, George Ebert, George Albert Ebert, George Everett Ebert, George Wilbert Ebert, Gordon Ebert, Grace Ebert, Gwendolyn Pearl Ebert, Harry Ebert, Harry Mason Ebert, Hazel Ebert, Henry Cornelius Ebert, Ida Mabel Ebert, Irene May Ebert, James Armstrong Ebert, James Dale Ebert, James Gordon Ebert, James Irvine Alexander Ebert, James Lewis Marvin Ebert, James Martin Irvine Ebert, Jane Ebert, Jane Ebert, Jane Emeline "Jennie" Ebert, Jane "Janie" Sharon Ebert, Jean Ebert, John Ebert, John Ebert, John Albert Melville Ebert, John Frost Ebert, June Bertha Ebert, Karen Ann Ebert, Laura Ebert, Lincoln Ebert, Margaret Julia Ebert, Margaret Marie Ebert, Margaret R. Ebert, Marion Evangeline Ebert, Marion Loretta Ebert, Martha Ebert, Martin Ebert, Martin Ebert, Jr., Martin Forbes Ebert, Mary Albin Ebert, Mary Jane Ebert, Mary Lucinda Ebert, Melinda Ebert, Minnie Agnes Content Ebert, Minta Ebert, Nancy Ebert, Pearl A. Ebert, Pearl Lillian Ebert, Phyllis Ebert, Richard Daniel Ebert, Roxanne "Roxy Ann" Ebert, Roxey Ann Ebert, Roy Ebert, Roy Martin Ebert, Ruth Hilda Ebert, Shirley Ada Violet Ebert, Susan Abigail Ebert, Susan Lynn Ebert, Thelma Elizabeth Ebert, Verral Iveagh Ebert, Walter George Ebert, William Andrew Ebert, William James Ebert, William John Ebert, William John Andrew Ebert, Charles Edward Eckel, Deborah Diane Eckel, Douglas Wayne Eckel, Jaime Lee Eckel, Kraig Douglas Eckel, Walter Eckel, Lucille Dorthy Ecker, Alma Edgar, E. Ann Edgar, Elizabeth Edgar, James Edgar, Mary Jane Edgar, Thomas James Edgar, Gladyce Catherine Edmunds, Robert Edwards Edmunds, Sharon Ann Edmunds, Susannah Rebecca Edmunds, William Edmunds, William James Edmunds, Alice Edstrom, Allan Edstrom, Andrew Edstrom, Anne Edstrom, Niles Edstrom, Alice Anne Edwards, Carolyn Edwards, Clark Edwards, George Edwards, Jane Edwards, John Edwards, Mary Ann Edwards, Nettie M. Edwards, Nickoli Edwards, Pearl Elizabeth Edwards, Susannah Rebekah Edwards, Thomas A. Edwards, William Edwards, William Evart Edwards, Bjorg Ekman, James Elder, John Elder, Margaret Elias, Sarah Eliot, Robert Elkins, Julie Lynn Elliot, Lee Maureen Elliot, Robert Douglas Elliot, Anna Betty Lou Elliott, Eila Mildred Elliott, Grant Dale Elliott, Harriett Annette Elliott, Heman Edgerton Elliott, Isobel Marjorie Florence Elliott, James Elliott, John Grant Elliott, Judith Ann Elliott, Julia Aileen Elliott, Robert Heman Elliott, Robert John Elliott, Venetia Caldwell Elliott, Verna Margaret Elliott, William Albert Elliott, Elanor Ellis, George David Ellis, George Lloyd Ellis, George Lloyd Ellis, Jr., Gregory John Ellis, Harriet Ruby Ellis, Jennifer Lee Ellis, Katherine Hamilton Ellis, Mark Vincent Ellis, Mary Elisabeth Anne Ellis, Michael Joseph Ellis, David Ellison, Elaine Ellison, Emmett Ellison, James Edward Ellison, Linda Ellison, Lois Irene Ellison, Margaret Lorraine Ellison, Paul Ellison, Robert Ellison, Walter Ellison, JoAnn Esther Ellivant, Alberta Elmer, Aziz Eloui Bey, Mohammed Eloui, Lee Elvers, Harriet Edith Embury, Eliza Emerson, Ernest Emerson, Mary Emerson, Mary Jane Emerson, Robert Emerson, Thomas Emerson, Marlene Emler, John Emmerson, Artemas Empey, Bessie Elleda Empey, Douglas Eldon Empey, Marion Elizabeth "Tilly" Empey, Sanfield Empey, Vina Belle Empey, Dianne Enghart, Thomas Englebrecht, Maureen English, Callie Brielle Enns, Connor Steven Enns, John P. Enns, Kaden Lee Enns, Steven David Enns, Rosie Ensmen, Margorie Epp, Debby Erickson, Sarah Erving, George Erwin, George Erwin, Maitland Erwin, Melvin Erwin, William Erwin, Edith Essex, Robin Vicki Estes, Deborah Mattie Evans, Murray Evans, William "Bill" Evans, Dennis Eves, Kristine Marie Evoy, Mark Edward Evoy, Robert Daniel Evoy, Beverly Darlene Eykelboom, Harry William Eykelboom, John Eykelboom,

F: Lorrie Faber, Elena Facchin, Mario Facchin, Sylvia Facchin, Eldon Fader, Edmond G. Fahey, Edwin M. Fahey, Jr., Edwin Mather Fahey, Robert Fahey, Robert Allen Fahey, William Roger Fahey, Jeanette Fahl, Agnes Fairbairn, Agnes Fairbairn, Agnes Fairbairn, Alton Fairbairn, Amy Letisha Fairbairn, Clarence Roy "Jim" Fairbairn, Douglas John Fairbairn, Elliott Fairbairn, Elliott Fairbairn, Frederick Jonas Fairbairn, George Fairbairn, Hannah Mae Fairbairn, Helen Cecilia A. Fairbairn, "infant" Fairbairn, "infant" Fairbairn, Jack Fairbairn, Jacqueline Arlene Fairbairn, Kristen Audrey Fairbairn, Lois E. Fairbairn, Mabel Ann Fairbairn, Mabel Dell Fairbairn, Mary Pearl Fairbairn, Mertrel Fairbairn, Michael James Fairbairn, Mona Margaret Fairbairn, Olive Myrtle Fairbairn, Ruth Emmeline Fairbairn, Shirley Eileen Fairbairn, Violet Erme Fairbairn, William Fairbairn, William George "Bill" Fairbairn, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Fairbanks, Harriet Falconer, Jack Falt, Brett Jordon Farley, Brian Farley, Brian Gordon Gerald Farley, Darrell Robert Farley, Elaine Lucille Farley, Gordon James Farley, Gregory Brian Farley, Loreen Elizabeth Farley, Myrtle Kathleen Blanch Farley, Ralph Joseph Farley, Tanis Lynn Farley, William Joseph Farley, Hubert Farmer, Perl Farmer, Ruby Farnsworth, Rosella Farough, Kara Farqharson, Lyell Hector Farqharson, Earl D. Farrand, George H. Farrand, Hiram D. Farrand, Ida M. Farrand, John H. Farrand, Roy Farrand, Stephen L. Farrand, Jack Farrell, Kenneth Farrell, Caroline J. Farshberg, Jennifer Lynne Farshberg, Mary Anette Farshberg, Shelly Ann Farshberg, Sherry Lee Farshberg, William Farshberg, N. Fast, Albert Hadwin Fawcett, Charles Hadwin "Charlie" Fawcett, Jim Fawcett, Marion Elizabeth Fawcett, Matthew Fawcett, Ryan Fawcett, William "Bill" Fawcett, Abigail Rose Fay, Colin MacFie Fay, Courtney Morse Fay, Elizabeth Westgarth Fay, Ellen MacFie Fay, Ellison Irwin Fay, Gareth Murray Fay, Helen Beverly Fay, Ian Harmn Fay, James Douglas Fay, Jarrod MacFie Fay, Jennifer L. Fay, Jessica Ann Fay, John Morse Fay, Joseph Henry Fay, Marshall Thorburn Fay, Marshall Thorburn Fay II, Marshall Thorburn Fay III, Michael Richard Wanjon Fay, Muriel Eleanor Fay, Murray Kline Fay, Pauline Estelle Fay, Rachel Marie Fay, Robin Michelle Wanjon Fay, Ronald Lyle Fay, Sheila Mary Fay, Wallace Westgarth MacFie Fay, Dennis Fehir, Denise Reneé Fehr, Tammy Fehr, Sylvia Feldman, Brian Arthur Fenerty, Robert Fenerty, Robert Michael Fenerty, Ronald Lloyd Fenerty, Donald Feniak, Howard Feniak, Jill Feniak, June Feniak, Leslie Feniak, Paul J. Feniak, Robert Feniak, Ruth Feniak, Bernice Alice Ferg, Blighton Alexander Ferg, Fannan Ferg, Hattie May Adelda Ferg, Kenneth Martin Ferg, Lloyd Blighton Ferg, William Martin Ferg, Joanna Ferguson, Joyce Ferguson, Sally Ferguson, Vera Ferguson, William Fetterly, William Taylor Fetterly, Dale Fewings, Wanda Lisa Fey, Gregory Ficht, Jr, Janna Eve Ficht, Martha Fiddler, John Fielding, Josephine Filippone, Frona Finch, Sophrona Luella Finch, June Pauline Fink, Loretta Kate Finley, William Finley, Giulio Fior, Miriam Fiorino, Ron Firmingham, Anne Fisher, Carman Fisher, Lillian Fisher, Adam Fitzgeorge, Alexander Fitzgeorge, Robert Fitzgeorge, Alice Fitzgerald, Marion Fitzpatrick, Dora Fitzsimmons, Edward Fitzsimmons, Ella Fitzsimmons, Harold Fitzsimmons, Jack Fitzsimmons, James Fitzsimmons, Russell Fitzsimmons, Thomas Fitzsimmons, Maggie Flannery, Ella E. Fleming, George Maynard Fleming, George Sanford Fleming, James Fleming, James Fleming, Leonard Ralston Fleming, Priscilla A. Fleming, Rosanne Fleming, Simpson Fleming, Wilmer Fleming, Simon Flemming, Beth Fletcher, Clara Fletcher, Clifford Willis Fletcher, Debbie Fletcher, Denis Fletcher, Ena Fletcher, Guy Fletcher, Henry Ernest Fletcher, Ida Fletcher, Isabel Fletcher, Jack Fletcher, James Fletcher, James Willis Fletcher, Jennifer Fletcher, Lily Fletcher, Lily Ruth Fletcher, Linda Fletcher, Mary Elsie Fletcher, Randy Fletcher, Reuben Guy Fletcher, Robert Fletcher, Sarah Fletcher, Stewart Hobbs Fletcher, Thomas Fletcher, Thomas Ebert Fletcher, Tommy Fletcher, William Guy Fletcher, Brenda Gail Flett, Caroline Jay Flett, Garnet Dale Flett, Kerry Robert Dale Flett, Douglas Patrick Fleuelling, Mary Jane Flint, Isabel Flood, Margaret Flood, Robert Flood, Lynn Floyd, Thomas A. Fluker, Viola Fluker, Harold Flunker, Judith Ann Louise Flunker, Ann Maureen Foley, Lawrence Foley, Merle Lillian Foley, Rhoda Jean Foley, Susan Foley, Brian Fontaine, Kenneth Fontaine, Ron Fontaine, Evelyn Fontes, Elizabeth Ford, Freda Ford, Adam Forde, Charles Forde, Charles Forde, George Forde, James Forde, Jennie Forde, William John Forde, Constance Foreman, John David Forgey, John Thomas Forgey, Alma Forkes, J. C. Forrester, John Forrester, James Forster, John Forster, Mildred Jane Forster, Joni Michelle Forsyth, Lillian Forsyth, Wayne Garth Forsyth, Carrie Elizabeth Forsythe, Garry Foss, Grant Vernon Foss, Jana Lee Foss, Linda Fossenier, Benjamin Franklin Foster, Cory Jay Foster, Donald Foster, Franklin Joseph Foster, Isabella Foster, Joanne Gail Foster, Lorraine Foster, Marilyn Jannette Foster, Olive Mary Foster, Reginald Foster, Ronald Fraklin Foster, Stewart Foster, Tracy Foster, Anna Alena Foubister, Danielle Sue Foucher, Edward Harvey Foucher, Jessica Michelle Foucher, Juliette Fouillard, Beverly Foulds, Ida Ann Foulds, Melrose Foulds, Raymond Foulds, W. Foulds, Andrew Fountaine, Anthony James Fountaine, Heidi Fountaine, Karianne Grace Fountaine, Robert Fountaine, Thomas Fowler, Betsy Fox, Benjamin Smith Foxton, Bud Foxton, Diana Lynn Foxton, Edward H. Foxton, George Dickson "Bud" Foxton, Jack Foxton, Sheila Catherine Foxton, Mary Fralick, Dorothy Marie France, Clifford Frank, Douglas Franklin, Della Mary Franson, Pam Franz, Terry Franz, Vicki Franz, Alexander Fraser, Alexander Fraser, Jr., Alma Lilian Fraser, Bruce Fraser, Edward Fraser, George Washington Fraser, Hattie May Fraser, Helen Irene Fraser, Kenneth Fraser, Louisa Agnes Fraser, Martha Matilda Fraser, Thomas Alexander Fraser, William F. Fraser, Maria Frauen-Reuther, Inez E. Freden, William Fredenburgh, Jeff Fredrickson, Henry Freebern, Kent Wilkes Freebern, Marshall Freed, Amarille E. Freeman, Grace Freeman, Janet Elizabeth Freeman, John Alexander Freeman, John Arthur Freeman, Nancy Ruth Freeman, Sandra Delores Freeman, Victoria Freer, Kathy Freundt, Max Freundt, Stephen "Steve" Frey, Adele Frick, Alvin Frederick Frick, Carl Frick, Dudley Gene Frick, Larry Herbert Frick, Melanie Frick, Morley Fritz, Susan Carol Fritz, Catherine Pearl Frizell, Eben Frizzell, Cleo Froats, Creston Myron Froats, Gordon Froats, Henry Lindsay Froats, Herbert Abraham Lincoln Froats, Herbert Lindsay Froats, Herbert Ross Froats, Leo Froats, Mabel Aberdeen Lincoln Froats, Preston Myron Froats, Margaret Ettiennette Froment, Alban Ann Frost, Andrew Hawley Frost, Deborah Ann Frost, Hawley Ernest Frost, Timothy Franklin Frost, Tina Frost, Todd Frost, Tracy Frost, Helen Frusetta, John Antone Frusetta, Joseph Anthony Frusetta, Joseph Melvin Frusetta, Josephine Mae Frusetta, Thomas James Frusetta, Donald Wayne Fryklund, Korie Leigh Fryklund, Kristy Michelle Fryklund, Mark Ryan Fryklund, Alice Emma Fuggle, Renna Maria Fuller, Henry Marshall Fullford, Michael Fulton, Scott Daniel Fulton, Shaun Christopher Fulton, Steven Michael Fulton, Rita Furlan, Mary Jane Fykes,

G: Myrna Gail Gabora, Katie Lee Gagnon, Randy Gagnon, Caroline Winnifred Galaway, Alexandra Wisner Galbraith, John Williams Galbraith, John Williams Galbraith, Jr, Mary Elizabeth Galbraith, Raleigh Wisner Galbraith, Richard Williams Galbraith, Robert Lyell Galbraith, Robert Lyell Galbraith, Jr., Taylor Galbraith, Anna Florence Gallagher, Anthony Gallagher, Emma Jane "Jean" Gallagher, Flo Gallagher, Jean Gallagher, Harry Gallinger, Alice Galliussi, Mauro Galliussi, Elizabeth "Betsy" Galloway, Albert F. Gallun, Jr., Albert Frederick Gallun, Jr., Barbara Elizabeth Gallun, Carol Williams Gallun, Elizabeth Zentner Gallun, Richard August Gallun, Helen Galusha, Irving Galusha, Allan Gamble, Audrey Ganton, Douglas Ganton, Oakley Ganton, Brandon Tyler Gantous, Connor James Gantous, Emile James Gantous, Jordan McKenzie Gantous, Luigia Angela Ganzini, Santa Ganzini, Anthony Garcia, John Anthony Garcia, Sherri Ann Garcia, Corey Gardiner, David Gardiner, David Bruce Gardiner, David Nelson Gardiner, David Robert Gardiner, Duncan Bruce Gardiner, Fay Marleen Gardiner, Heather Christine Gardiner, Jay Gardiner, Jennifer Elizabeth Gardiner, Jordan Gardiner, Kenzie Gardiner, Lloyd Gardiner, Marilyn Elaine Gardiner, Robert Wilson Gardiner, Todd Gardiner, Tom Gardiner, Delores Ann Gardner, Edythe Elaine Gardner, Evan Joseph Gardner, Evan Joseph Gardner, Jr., Jennifer Jane Gardner, Mary Calista Garfield, Myrna Garinger, June Evelyn Garner, Eileen Garvin, Rufus Gates, Venetta "Nellie" Gates, Marguerite Louise "Peggy" Gatine, Luigi Gattescco, Luigia Gattescco, Joan Elizabeth Geddes, John Geddes, Paul Geddes, Clara Gee, Eliza Geffin, Elizabeth M . "Betty" Gemich, Amy Samantha-Ann Gendreau, Gilbert Andre Gendreau, Leo Charles Casey Gendreau, Philip Sterling Joshua Gendreau, Elissa Marie Genik, Michael Paul Adrian Genik, Miriam Alison Genik, Thomas Michael Genik, George, David John Gerrie, David John Gerrie, David Morton Gerrie, George Blair Gerrie, James Howard Gerrie, Margaret Helen Gerrie, Mary Beatrice Gerrie, William John Gerrie, Brian Gerrston, Brittany Gerrston, James Gerrston, Nicholas Gerrston, Ryan Gerrston, Lillian Gervais, Benjamin J. Gibbings, John Gibbings, John Andrews Gibbings, Jonas John Gibbings, Marion Gibbings, Marion Jennifer Gibbons, Ellis Gibbs, John Ernest Gibbs, Marion Gibbs, Alden Francis Gibson, Brian Alexander Gibson, Doris E. Gibson, Elroy Hubert Gibson, Frank Gibson, Fred Gibson, Frederick Gibson, Harold John Gibson, James Edgar Gibson, Jessica Joanne Gibson, John Frederick Gibson, John Harvey Gibson, Julie Catherine Gibson, Lorein Doris Gibson, Martha Irene Gibson, Agnes Verna Gilbert, John Gilbert, Deloris Giles, George Giles, Doris Adelia "Dodie" Gilhuly, Fern Elizabeth Gilhuly, Helen Rosanna Gilhuly, James Albert Crawford Gilhuly, Elizabeth Gaye Gill, Gaye Gill, James Gilleo, Wayne Louis Gilleo, Hannah Gilles, Hector Gillespie, James Robert "Jim" Gillespie, Lorraine Gillespie, Tyson Gillis, Eileen Gilman, Henry Gilman, Emily Gilmore, Mildred Gilmore, Mildred Gilmour, Mollie Glasgow, Alberta Corinne Glenn, Alice Glenn, Alysa Marie Glenn, Amanda Glenn, Barbara Ann Glenn, Callan Glenn, Caroline Anne Glenn, Catherine Glenn, Catherine Frances Arlene Glenn, Catherine Sturgeon Glenn, Charlotte Jane Glenn, Colin Glenn, Colin Harrison Glenn, Dalton Glenn, David Roy Glenn, Donald Wesley Glenn, Donna Mary Glenn, Doris Lorraine Glenn, Doris Sybil Glenn, Dorothy Glenn, Dorothy Lillian Glenn, Douglas Keith Glenn, Elsie Glenn, Georg Wilver Glenn, George Glenn, George Herbert Glenn, George William Glenn, Hayley Glenn, Helen Mae Glenn, Henry Hubert Glenn, Hervey Clarence Glenn, Hervey Keith Glenn, James Alexander Glenn, James Eason Glenn, Jean Audrey Glenn, John Harold Glenn, John Harrison Glenn, Jordan Glenn, Joseph Arnold Glenn, Joyce Ethel Glenn, Kenneth Beattie Glenn, Kristina Danielle Glenn, Lavina Jane Glenn, Lois Ellen Glenn, Margaret Jane Glenn, Mary Ethel Glenn, Mary Louisa Glenn, Matthew Glenn, Patricia Lynne Glenn, Pearl Catherine Glenn, Ray David Glenn, Ray Harrison Glenn, Riley Glenn, Robert Glenn, Jr., Robert Alexander Glenn, Robert Arthur Eason Glenn, Robert Clifford Glenn, Robert Eason Glenn, Robert Eldon Glenn, Robert John Glenn, Rodney Colin Glenn, Russell Maynard Glenn, Sarah Alice Glenn, Scott Robert Glenn, Shirley Verna Glenn, Thomas Augustus Glenn, Thomas Gordon Glenn, Tyson Keith Glenn, W. A. Glenn, Wesley Arnold Glenn, William Glenn, William Alexander Glenn, William Benjamin Glenn, William Dalton Glenn, William Lawrence Glenn, William Wesley Glenn, Brent Gobeo, Jason Gobeo, Jeffrey Gobeo, Vincent Gobeo, Fred Godin, Randolph Godin, Wanda Godin, Micheline Golansky, Lilian Golanto, James "Jim" Goldman, Kim Goldman, Lois Mary "Kim" Goldman, Vinton Albert Goldman, Louise Goldsmith, Jaime Michelle Goldstein, Jamie Goodich, Karen Goodich, Lee Goodich, Sally Eva Goodmurphy, Andrew Goodwin, Jessie MacRobert Goodwin, Vanessa "Nicky" Goodwin, William "Bill" Goodwin, Floyd Harrison Goodyear, Frank Clifton Goodyear, Gilbert Lewis Goodyear, Rhea Mae Goodyear, Anna Mary Gordon, Annie Gordon, Austin Gordon, Ernest Gordon, James Gordon, Lucia Gordon, Rose Gordon, Shirley Ann Gordon, William Gordon, Marion Violet Gordoneir, Dewey Gorius, Mary M. Gorsline, Barry Gosselin, Drew Gosselin, Kellie Gosselin, Carmen Gottfried, Kenneth Adam Peter Gottfried, Noel Thomas Gottfried, Brian William Goudy, Bruce Richard Goudy, Douglas James Goudy, Jenna Michelle Goudy, Jennifer Mary "Jenny" Goudy, Joyce Ruth Goudy, Laura Denise Goudy, Rachelle Megan Goudy, Reagan Nicole Goudy, Wanda Jean Goudy, William "Bill" Goudy, Austin Gould, Elizabeth Gould, Cynthia Lee Goulden, David Goulden, Erica Marie Goulden, Jennifer Paulette Goulden, Laurene Goulding, Francoise Goulet, Percy Bruce Gow, Treena Gail Gracey, Wilbert Gracey, Florence Grady, Adam Clarke Graham, Alexander Morrison "Alex" Graham, Ann Graham, Barry Adrian Graham, Bevan Graham, Bonita Bernice Graham, David Graham, Dawn Alynn Graham, Garth Randy Graham, Garth Robert Graham, Gordon Lee Graham, Gordon Williams Graham, Ivan Graham, Jessie Adelaide Graham, Jody Catherine Graham, Jonathan Bidwell Graham, Jonathan Bidwell "Jack" Graham, Jr., Jonathan Bidwell "Jay" Graham III, Kari Lynn Graham, Kathleen Lois Graham, Lavinia Graham, Malcolm Graham, Patricia Jane Graham, Robert Warrington Graham, Robert Warrington "Bob" Graham, Jr., Ryan Bevan Graham, Stacey Lynne Graham, Traci Houston Graham, Trudy Ann Graham, Jessie Grant, Sherwood Grant, Angie Grantz, Bertha Olive Grasley, Charles Grasley, Lionel Roy Gravelle, Natalie Ann Gravelle, Adda Pearl Graves, Richard Gravis, Grace Gray, J. Grayson, Jacqueline Ann Grayson, Dorothy Mae Greason, John Greason, Harriet Greassner, Andrew Stewart Green, David Stewart Green, Edward Green, Elenor Green, Harvey Green, Katherine Green, Kathleen Green, Kenton Russell Green, Maurice Green, Percy Albert Green, Samuel Green, William Green, Luella May Greene, Sirus Greene, Karen Virginia Greenland, Ada Ethelwyn Greenlay, Janet Brodie Greenless, Allan Earl Greer, Arthur Greer, Brenda Lynn Greer, Brian Franklin Greer, Carl Eric Greer, Cory Kevin Greer, David Greer, Derrick Wilson Greer, Dianne Patricia Greer, Donald Gerald Greer, Dorothy Helen Greer, Earl Franklin Greer, Ellen Greer, Eric Walter Greer, Eva Greer, Floyd Russel Greer, Francis Greer, Freeman Greer, Gary Paul Greer, Gerald Stanley Greer, Gordon Winston Greer, Grace Laura Greer, James Greer, James Kieran Greer, Jeffrey Allan Greer, Jenna Marie Greer, Jennifer Lynn Greer, John Greer, John Franklin Greer, Jordan Anne Greer, Joseph Greer, Joseph Porter Greer, Julie May Greer, Kevin Roy Greer, Laurence Eric Greer, Laurie Greer, Leonard Wadell Greer, Lulu Beatrice Greer, Moses Greer, Nancy Marie Greer, Nelson Bower Greer, Randi May Greer, Rebecca Barbara Greer, Richard Wellington Greer, Roy Gerald Greer, Sandra Elaine Greer, Sarah Elizabeth Greer, Stanley Forward Greer, Taylor Leigh Greer, Vera Almedith Greer, Wellington Greer, Wellington Bower Greer, Edith Grenfell, Mildred Grenfell, Thomas Louis Grenfell, Monique Greniere, Diane Grey, Earl Grey, Angelo Gri, Gianmarco Gri, Juliana Gri, Lorena Gri, Stefano Gri, Jack Gribbon, Barbara Griffin, Donald Leon Griffith, Lewis C. Griffith, Louie C. Griffith, Mair "Mary" Griffith, Daniel Griggs, Katherine Eliza Griggs, Sarah Jane Griggs, Mary Grill, Edith Helena Grolla, Bernhard Albert Gros, Joshua Albert Gros, Zachary Joseph Gros, Carol Groulx, Stephen Gruben, Florence Grundy, Joseph Morrison Guerrettaz, Bertram Guess, Carol Guess, Garnet Guess, Ian Guess, Roberta Anne Guess, Una Guess, Colin Andrew Guild, William Guild, Imogine Jo Gulick, Aaron David Gunderson, David J. Gunderson, Frederick Lyman Gunn, George Albert Gunn, Glenn Raymond Gunn, Gordon Allan Gunn, Leonard Gunn, Robert John Gunn, Livingston Gilbert Gunne, Rex Gunning, Lizzie Gunsel, Delbert Paul Gursky, Paul Gursky, Allen Guthrie, Andy Guthrie, Jamie Guthrie, Jason Guthrie, Jean Guthrie, Jim Guthrie, Karen Guthrie, Laurie Guthrie, Richard Guthrie, Todd Guthrie, Tom Guthrie, Walter Guthrie, Eva May Guy,

H: Richard Haage, Pauline Haberer, Cheryl Kim Hacke, Daryl Wayne Haeslar, Earl Frederick Haeslar, Emma Haffner, Anna Hagarty, Ethel Hagen, Raymond Scott Hagen, Raymond William Hagen, Lila Rayette Hagerman, Anthea Haines, Jonathon Haines, Mark Haines, Martha Haines, Paula Haines, Rebecca Haines, Robert Haines, Stephen Haines, Verne Haines, William John Haines, Joan Shirley Haire, Audra Lea Hale, Diana Lynn Hall, Dylon Stanley Hall, Elsie Florence Hall, Laurie Ann Hall, Maxwell Hall, Patricia Jane Hall, Peggy Dawn Hall, Penny Lynne Hall, Robin Marie Hall, Scott Hall, Stanley Keith Hall, Stanley Scott Hall, Tim Hall, William Samuel Beverly Hall, Rebecca Hallam, Terry Hallam, George Halland, James Halland, Alfred Leroy Hallett, Flora Lillie Hallett, Frederick George Hallett, Frederick Leroy Hallett, Harold Mellor Hallett, Henry George Hallett, Jo-Anne Eva Hallett, Linda Ruth Hallett, Roy Hallett, Ruth Eileen Hallett, Shaunet MacRobert Hallett, Alice Halliday, Ann Halliday, Christopher A. Halliday, Daniel Gerald Halliday, Martha Lurenna Halliday, Ninette Abigail Halliday, William Halliday, William Halliday, William Waller Halliday, William Watson Halliday, David John Ham, Douglas Glenn Ham, Fredrick Gerald Ham, Karen Geraldine Ham, Laurence Gerald Ham, Suzanne Hamel, Allan Hamill, Bruce Hamill, Diane Hamill, Frank Hamill, Robert A. "Red" Hamill, Robert "Bobby" Hamill, Sharon Hamill, Alexander Hamilton, Ann Macfie Hamilton, Dianne Hamilton, Donald Hamilton, Donald Munro Hamilton, Doris Hamilton, Emma Louise Hamilton, Eunice Hamilton, Frederich Augustus Rufus Hamilton, Genevieve Hamilton, Harriet Eliza Hamilton, Isabel Hamilton, Jessie Graham Hamilton, Joy Hamilton, Keith Edward James Hamilton, Laird Hamilton, Margaret Macfie Hamilton, Nancy Jane Hamilton, Patricia Hamilton, Penelope Thorburn Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, Rufus Hamilton, Stephen Hamilton, Valerie Hamilton, Vivian Eunice Hamilton, Westburn Hamilton, William Edgar Hamilton, Eunice Hammel, John J. Hammel, Albert Edward Hammell, Eleanor Margaret Adeline Hammell, Elizabeth Ann "Beth" Hammell, Laurie Lynn Hammell, Marjorie Ellen Hammell, Oscar Robinson Hammell, William Henry Hammell, Marie Hammill, George Hammond, Gordon Hammond, Janice Hammond, John Wesley Hammond, Kimberley Hammond, Marjorie Hammond, Mary Hammond, Michael Hammond, Tamara Hammond, Zelly Hammond, Susannah Handale, Charles William "Charlie" Haney, Gladys Louise Haney, Janet Eleanor Haney, Joanne Haney, John Gordon Haney, Jennifer Ann Hanna, Robert William Hanna, Stephanie Valerie Hanna, Muriel Hannah, Devon Patrick Hannam, Melissa Hannam, Norma Hannam, Anne Hanson, Annie Hanson, Elsie Hanson, Harold Hanson, Cynthia Gail Happy, Edward Happy, Gloria Annie Happy, Richard Edward Happy, Sheila Jane Happy, Suzanna Harbord, Elza Josephine Harbridge, Adam Hardin, Andrea Hardin, Joel Hardin, Reg Hardin, Albert Harding, Cecil Harding, Louise Marie Harding, Laura Gladys Hardman, Thomas Alfred Hardman, Heidi Allison Hargreaves, Kelsey Christine Hargreaves, Kenneth Clayton Hargreaves, Brad Harkness, Brady Scott Harkness, Jammie Lee Harkness, Shanda Marie Harkness, Bethany Rose Mable Harley, William Harley, Elizabeth Ethel "Betty" Harman, John Frederick Harman, Margaret Harmon, Reta Harmon, Pamela Lee Harpe, Ella Harper, Ellen Harper, Jamie Harper, Mary Harper, Brian Harrington, Carrie Anne Harrington, Earl Spencer "Sonny" Harrington, Kari Anne Harrington, Lisa Harrington, Patricia Harrington, Ronnie Harrington, Spencer Earl Harrington, Steven Earl Harrington, Elizabeth Harris, Adelaide Elizabeth Harrison, Alex Harrison, Anna Lisa Harrison, Audra Harrison, Belle La Brie Harrison, Blanche Harrison, Cecil Harrison, Charlene Valerie Harrison, Charles W. Harrison, Cory Harrison, David Harrison, Donna Jean Harrison, Eliza Harrison, Eliza J. Harrison, Elizabeth Harrison, Elizabeth Hunter Harrison, Elizabeth Maud Hunter "Lizzie" Harrison, Ella Ruth Harrison, Elsie Margaret Harrison, Emma May Harrison, Ethan Harrison, Eva May Harrison, Frank Hunter Harrison, Frank W. Harrison, Fred Crozier Harrison, Gail Harrison, Gillian Harrison, Harry L. Harrison, Henry Harrison, Howard Harrison, Hunter Harrison, Ilene Harrison, Jack Harrison, James Harrison, James Harrison, Jr., James H. Harrison, Jane Harrison, Jane Urquhart "Jen" Harrison, Jean Marian Harrison, John Harrison, John A. Harrison, John Edward Harrison, John Howard Harrison, John Hunter Harrison, John Hunter "Jack" Harrison, Katherine Adelaide "Kate" Harrison, Kathleen Harrison, Laura E. Harrison, Laura Elizabeth Harrison, Laura Gail Harrison, Leona Johanna Elizabeth Harrison, Leonard John Charles "Bud" Harrison, Lizzie Harrison, Maggie Harrison, Maizie E. Harrison, Margaret Ellen Harrison, Mary Harrison, Mary Harrison, Mary Harrison, Mary Harrison, Mary Jane Harrison, Mattie M. Harrison, Nettie Maud Harrison, Noreen Harrison, Orrin Harrison, Paul Harrison, Robert Harrison, Robert Harrison, Robert Charles Harrison, Robert Crozier Harrison, Ruth Harrison, Ruth Lelah Harrison, Stewart Harrison, Susanna Editha "Anna" Harrison, Thomas Harrison, Thomas Harrison, Thomas Harrison, Thomas Alexander Harrison, Thomas Corts Harrison, Wade Harrison, Walter Harrison, Walter Stuart Harrison, William Harrison, Wright Harrison, Alysa Jane Harron, William Randall Harron, Wilson Cedric Harron, Fern Hart, George Hart, Carmen Hartley, Earl Hartley, Ethel Hartley, Glen Hartley, Jane Hartley, Merle Hartley, Anna Pearl Hartman, Tammy Hartung, Benjamin Hartwick, Blanche Hartwick, Delbert Hartwick, Glenwood Wilks Hartwick, Homer Hartwick, James M. Hartwick, John Hartwick, Laura Hartwick, Maud Hartwick, Samuel J. Harvey, Sarah E. Harvey, Baxter William Harwood, Baxter Williams Harwood, Charles Baxter Harwood, Jon Stephen Harwood, Lillian Haskin, Arlene Haskins, Bernice Haskins, Calvert Haskins, Jennie Rose Haskins, Frederick C. Hasse, Frederick C. Hasse III, Frederick C. Hasse, Jr., Susan Phyllis Hasse, Katie Hastesd, Albert J. Hasty, Alice V. Hasty, Elba Hasty, Emery Wyatt Hasty, Guy Elber Hasty, John Hasty, Arthur Gerald Hatch, C. Hatch, Daniel McCord Hatch, Daniel McCurdy Hatch, Dorthy MacFie Hatch, Frederick Thorburn Hatch, Howard Clarence Hatch, James Hatch, John Hatch, John Hale Hatch, Judith Dauri Hatch, Linda Hatch, Margery Hatch, Robert Hale Hatch, Ruth Evelyn Hatch, Susan Ann Hatch, baby boy Hathaway, baby girl Hathaway, Bertha Hathaway, Beverley Lynne Hathaway, Charles Walker Hathaway, Debra Weibel Hathaway, Gertrude Hathaway, Gladys Victoria Hathaway, Graeme Brady Hathaway, Ian Michael Hathaway, Inez Maude Hathaway, Jessie Hathaway, Mabel Perl Hathaway, Marion Hathaway, Mitchell Lee Hathaway, Thomas Walker Hathaway, Warren Hathaway, Phoebe Emma Havelin, Phoebe M. Havelin, William K. Havelin, Mary Haw, Fay Louise Hawkins, Reginald Hawkins, Allan Clarence Hawley, Claud Hawley, Clesson Hawley, Clifford Bethell Hawley, George Basil Hawley, Herman Allan Hawley, Marion Edith Hawley, Marshall Peter Hawley, Melinda Jane Hawley, Sarah Eliza Hawley, William Alexander Hawley, Clarence Haworth, Florence Haworth, Calvin Grant Hawthorne, Iona Dellerane Hawthorne, Nora May Hawthorne, Robert William Hawthorne, Alice Hay, Allison Hay, Betty Hay, Bruce Hay, Donald Hay, Gordon Hay, Jared Hay, Karen Hay, Lindsay Hay, Sarah Hay, Sharon Hay, John Henry Haycock, Samuel Haycock, Frank Hayden, Janet Marlene Hayden, Julie Ann Hayden, Annie Ethel Hayes, Arthur Hayes, Blythe Hayes, Bruce Hayes, Celina Hayes, Clarence Wesley Hayes, Doris Mary Hayes, Dorothy Hayes, Edgar Hayes, Edward James Hayes, Elaine Hayes, Elizabeth Amelia Catherine Hayes, Ella Jean Hayes, Elsie Hayes, Florence Hayes, Gerald F.W. Hayes, Gerald William Allan Hayes, Harold David Hayes, Heather Hayes, Helen Hayes, Ida Verna Hayes, Irwin James Hayes, J. J. Henry Hayes, James Hayes, James Cole Hayes, Jane Ann "Jennie" Hayes, Jennie Hayes, Katherine Hayes, Kristian Hayes, Lois Evelyn "Bunny" Hayes, Mabel Hayes, Madelon Georgina Hayes, Mahlon "Mac" Hayes, Margaret Eason "Esther" Hayes, Margaret Elaine Hayes, Marjorie Hayes, Mildred Ethel Grace Hayes, Minerva Margaret Dale Hayes, Muriel Winnifred Hayes, O'Cecelia Ruth Hayes, Ruth Hayes, Samuel James Frederick Hayes, Solomon Hayes, Vera Edna Hayes, William James Hayes, William John Hayes, Annie Crozier Hazard, Cathy Hazard, David Hazard, Dennis Hazard, Denzil Hazard, Harvey Hazard, Kenneth Hazard, Jabez Hazen, Lois Hazen, Lousina Alice Hazen, Eunice May Headrick, Alan Bert Healy, Bernice Healy, Bobbie Lee Healy, Bruce Healy, Candy Healy, Christopher Healy, David Harry Healy, Elmer Healy, Gordon Bruce Healy, Jack Albert Healy, Joann Edith Healy, Melonie Healy, Michael Healy, Robert Healy, Roy Albert "Mike" Healy, Roy Ernest Healy, Shannon Laura Healy, Troy Healy, Jamie Hearty, Timothy Hearty, Mary Heath, Lorenzo Hechter, Louis Hechter, Olivia Hechter, Cathy Heffernan, Harriet Heffren, Marion Heidt, Hazel Heighton, Christine Diane Heller, Scott Bainbridge Heller, Steve Heller, Cody Michelle Hembree, Jeremy Jerahmia Hembree, Patrick "Pat" Hembree, Harmony Hemelgarn, Patrick "Pat" Hemelgarn, Tyrel Hemelgarn, Chuck Henderson, Clarence Henderson, Isabel Henderson, Jeanette Henderson, John Hamilton Henderson, Kiersten Henderson, Lauren Henderson, Linda Henderson, Lloyd Stuart Henderson, Martha Durmette Henderson, Michael Henderson, Rufus Macfie Henderson, William Sinclair Henderson, Hilary Jean Hendrick, Virginia Hendrickson, C. A. Henry, Elsie Marguerite L. Henry, Alaina Nicole Hensley, Clarence Hensley, Connor Gregory Herbart, Gregary Herbart, Madison Elizabeth Herbart, Taylor Caitlin Herbart, Bradley Edwin Lloyd Charles Herbert, Curtis Herbert, Jayden Terry Jaramah Herbert, Tiffany Rae Ann Marie Herbert, Susannah Herendon, Jill Hermann, Mark Hermann, Philip Hermann, John Edward Herold, Nancy Herrick, Spencer Earl Herring, Walter Herring, Shawn Harold Herrmann, Margaret Herron, Cleveland Hess, Charlotte Hetherington, Margaret Heuston, Nancy Hewgill, Fred C. Hewton, Gladys Theodore Hewton, Violet Henoria Heyes, Hunter Thomas Hicks, Nathan Karl Hicks, Stephen Hicks, Jane Higham, Frederick James Highton, Hazel Highton, Alisa Jean Hiibner, Derrick Lloyd Hiibner, Keyara Claire Hiibner, Kiegan Alexander Hiibner, Richard David Hiibner, Carri Hildebrand, Caterina Elizabeth Dianne Hildebrandt, Junior Hildebrandt, Alvin Lloyd Hill, Carole Hill, Colleen Hill, David Lowell Hill, Dorothy Hill, Evan Hill, Harry Westly Hill, Henrietta Hill, James Stanley Hill, John Hill, John Demetrius Lindsay Hill, John James Hill, John Lindsay "Jack" Hill, Jonathan Hill, Mona Hill, Paul Linden Hill, Peter Lindsay Hill, William Henry Hill, Caroline L. "Carrie" Hiller, Carolyn Ann Hillier, Donna Faye Hillier, Emery Hillier, Gary Emery Hillier, Joan Hillier, Martha Hillis, John Christopher Hilson, John Edward Hilson, Kimberly Ann Hilson, John Hindman, Sarah Elizabeth Hindman, Cathy Hinton, Craig Reginald Hinton, David Michael Hinton, Debra Lee Hinton, Janice Maureen Hinton, John Hinton, John Nelson Hinton, Mark Steacy Hinton, Ralph Howard Hinton, Redfers Reginald Hinton, Richard Redfers Hinton, Ann Frances Hipfner, Jacob Hipfner, Geoffrey Hiscock, Gregory Hiscock, Joel Hiscock, Martha Hitchcock, Patty Hitchcock, Elsie Hnytka, Ksenda Elsie Hnytka, Andrea Hobbs, Bentley Hobbs, Corey Joseph Hobbs, Edith Alma Hobbs, Herbert Charles Hobbs, Violet Hobbs, Mary Hobkirk, Florence Hodge, Lottie Hodge, Olive Ann Hodge, Amy Janet Hodgins, Ann Hodgins, Barry Hodgins, Bella Hodgins, Bert Hodgins, Blanche Laura Hodgins, Carmen Hodgins, Catherine Ann Hodgins, Catherine Mary Hodgins, David Thomas Hodgins, Edgar Hodgins, Elizabeth Edith Florabel Hodgins, Erma Gertrude Hodgins, Gary Hodgins, Heather Hodgins, Heather Ann Louise Hodgins, Herbert Clarence Hodgins, Iris Hodgins, Janet Victoria "Nettie" Hodgins, Kathleen Edith Hodgins, Kathy Jean Hodgins, Llewelyn James Hodgins, Marcella Claire Hodgins, Margaret Ruth Hodgins, Merle Hodgins, Michael Park Hodgins, Milton Hodgins, Mona G. Hodgins, Nancy Hodgins, Robert Ralph Glenn Hodgins, Thomas Ebert Hodgins, Wade M. Hodgins, Walter Hodgins, William Edward Hodgins, Grace Hodgson, Albert Kennedy Hodkinson, Alexander Hogan, Catharine Hogan, Catherine Hogan, Cole Douglas Hogan, Daniel Edward Hogan, Danielle Marie Hogan, Dennis Hogan, Donald Wade Hogan, Evan Hogan, Grant Hogan, Harvey Hogan, Jerry Don Hogan, Kathleen Hogan, Laura Helen Hogan, Leslie Ann Hogan, Morgan Delores Hogan, Wayne Hogan, Lillian Hogebone, Marian Hogebone, Peter Hogebone, George Hogeboom, Peter Hogeboom, Henry Hoggarth, James Hoggarth, Lloyd Chester Hoggarth, Irvin Hoiland, Paul Hoiland, Benjamin Holbrook, Benjamin Rodney Holbrook, Jr, Gale Holbrook, Violet Holbrook, Fredericka Elenor Holbrow, Vera Holden, Arthur E. Holder, Arthur Howard Holder, Donald Holder, Douglas Holder, Francis Bruce Holder, Janice Lynn Holder, Robert Holder, Vera May Holder, William Holder, William Holder, William John Holder, Angeline Eavania Holinaty, Michael Holinaty, Freda Margaret Holland, George Holland, Ann Holmes, Faith Holmes, William Holmes, Noah Holt, Wyatt Holt, Kenneth James Holtz, William Gary Holtz, Miriam Holtzman, Loreen J. Homer, Doris Hazel Hooke, Henry Irvine "Harry" Hooke, James Irvin "Jim" Hooke, Jamie Lynne Hooke, Kathleen Lucille Hooke, Olive May Hooke, Patricia Gladys Hooke, Shirley Dianne Hooke, Theda Hoover, Amy Lin Hopkins, Ettie Louise Hopkins, James Hopkins, Laurence W. Hopps, Halina Horbulik, Carol Jean Hornecker, Thomas Arthur Hornecker, William Edward Hornecker, Hugh Horner, Joseph Asa Horner, Shirley Horner, Susan Horner, Esther Letetin Horton, Thomas Horton, Anna Hostadt, Brittany May Hotchkiss, James Hotchkiss, Shawn Hotchkiss, Tammy Ann Hotchkiss, Tricia Avaleen Hotchkiss, Freeda Fern Hough, Lillian Hough, Anne Houghton, Elizabeth Hounslow, Erma Hounslow, James Hounslow, Shirley Hounslow, Vera Hounslow, William Hounslow, Andrew Houston, Andrew Miller Houston, Goldwin Houston, Martha Jessie Houston, Wilma Houston, Bruce Donald Howard, Donald Amos Howard, Edna Howard, Eva Howard, Nanci Lee Howard, Sandra Fay Howard, John Howe, Michael Howe, Adam Gordon Howie, Cameron Howie, John Howie, Margaret Howie, Terry Cameron Howie, Angela Hrasko, Julie Hrkoff, Douglas Raymond Huber, Nathan Douglas Huber, Scott Robert Huber, Olga Huculiak, George Hudson, Helen Hudson, Joseph Acheson Hudson, Laird Hudson, Maxwell Hudson, Samuel Edwin "Sam" Hudson, Charles Huffman, Viola Huffman, Peter Hugabone, Amelia Louisa Hughes, David Hughes, David Thomas Hughes, Franklin Hughes, John Hughes, John Henry Hughes, John "Robert" Hughes, Margaret Aileen Hughes, Minnie Hughes, Wellington Hughes, Paula Hugo, Godfrey Bartlett Hull, Carol Ann Hullender, Harriet Jane Hulme, Harriett Hulton, Frederick "Fred" C. Humphrey, Fanny Hunt, Lois Adair Hunt, Valerie Hunt, Christie Samantha Hunter, Edith Hunter, Elizabeth Caldwell Hunter, Gerald "Jerry" Hunter, Joanna Hunter, John Hunter, John Hunter, Lawson Hunter, Lorrie Hunter, Mattie Hunter, Rachael Amber Hunter, Robert Hunter, Robert Hunter, Jr., Skye William Hunter, Steven Hunter, Anna Jane Hurley, Melanie Hurst, Sheila Hurst, Lorraine Alice Husband, Mary Huston, Andrew Hutcheson, Barry Hutcheson, Brian Hutcheson, Gordon Hutcheson, Deborah Philips "Debbie" Hutchins, Joseph Rufus Ross Hutchins, Lucy Jane Safford Hutchins, Martha Hamilton Hutchins, Roger Williams Hutchins, Albert Hutchinson, Beulah Pauline Hutchinson, Breann Rose Hutchinson, Christopher Lee Hutchinson, Daniel Scott Hutchinson, Michael David Hutchinson, Theresa Carol Hutchinson, Thomas Wilfred Hutchinson, William Thomas Hutchinson, Alfred Hutchison, Donald Hutchison, Margery Hutchison, Charles Hutton, Matilda Jane Hutton, Sarah Hutton, Carolyn Jean Hyland, Elsie Hyland, James Hyland, Marion Hyland, Margaret Louise Hynes,

I: June Ihme, Maki Iisaka, Dorothy Imison, Elizabeth Anne "Bessie" Inch, William Inch, Jennie Innes, Shirley Innes, Hannah Ireton, Dorothea Irvine, Elizabeth Irvine, William Irvine, Albert Irwin, Brandy Ann Catherine Isherwood, Dale Isherwood, Jason Bradley Isherwood, Justin William Isherwood, Gertrude A. Ives,

J: Amber Larissa Jackson, Daniel Arthur Jackson, Dorothy Jackson, Evelyn Jackson, Helen Florence Jackson, John Jackson, Lulu Ursula Jackson, William Jackson, Hilda Jean Jacob, Diane Jacobs, Lanis Jacobson, Ardis James, Arlene James, Betty James, Carl Hartwick James, Carl Hartwick James, Jr, Carla James, Elinor James, Eva May James, Howard Basil James, Jason James, Jeff James, Jeremy James, Jerry James, Jessica James, JoAnn James, John James, Joseph James, Justin James, Lorraine James, Ruth James, Sharon James, Sonny Howard James, Victor James, William James, William Henry James, Arthur Claude Jameson, Claude Brigham Jameson, D'Arcy Drummond Jameson, Harry Westgarth Jameson, June Lilias Jameson, Lillias Ellison Jameson, Mary Elizabeth Jameson, Murray Campbell Jameson, Phyllis Jameson, Dennis Jamieson, Olive Jasper, Douglas Jaster, Kari-Lyn Jaster, Mel Jaster, Melaine Jaster, Johnathan Sam Jay, Lillian Jay, Carl Jelly, Cassandra Megianne Jelly, Cole Steven Jelly, Earl Jelly, Leanne Jelly, David James Jenkins, Dorothy B. "Dodie" Jenkins, Robert S. Jenkins, Robert Sylvester Jenkins, Norman Frederick Jenks, Arnold Jensen, Glenn Allan Jensen, Leanne Lynn Jensen, Loretta Dawn Jensen, Roy Arnold Jensen, Sharon Dale Jensen, William Nels Jensen, Alexander Clark Jeske, Gregory David Jeske, Jedediah Jeske, Kirsten Elizabeth Jeske, Marshall Jake Jeske, James "Robert" Jessop, Kadri Jessop, Anthony Edward Jestin, Harold Edward Jestin, Roger Joanette, Andrea Jobb, Douglas Jobb, Elizabeth Jobb, George Jobb, Robert Jobb, William Jobb, William Jobb, Jr., Sarah Elizabeth Johns, Alexander Charles Johnson, Allan Edward Johnson, Anna Stacey Johnson, Beatrice Amy Johnson, Bernice L. Johnson, Bryon Johnson, Clara Johnson, Darwin Charles Johnson, David Johnson, Della Johnson, Dezter Guy Johnson, Douglas James Frederick Johnson, Frederick Edwin Herbert Johnson, George Johnson, George Graham Clarke Johnson, George Ira Johnson, Gregory Aaron Johnson, Jane Johnson, Jennifer Christina Johnson, Joseph Peter Johnson, Karen Johnson, Katheryn Ann Johnson, M. F. Johnson, Robert Henry Johnson, Russell Norman Johnson, Samantha Ann Johnson, Stephanie Ray Johnson, Steve Johnson, Thomas Robert Henry Johnson, William H. Johnson, Adelia Jane Johnston, Adeline Johnston, Catherine Johnston, Cindy Johnston, Darryl Johnston, Elizabeth Johnston, Emma Johnston, Emma Johnston, James Johnston, John Johnston, Jonathan Johnston, Laurie Johnston, Margaret Ann Johnston, Oliver Johnston, Otto Johnston, Robert Johnston, Sylvinia Johnston, Todd Johnston, Ebert Johnstone, George Johnstone, Jean Johnstone, Linda Johnstone, Leona May Joice, Allan Craig Jones, Allison Noelle Jones, Angela Marlane Jones, Deborah Leigh Jones, Kenneth Robert Jones, Kristi Lynn Jones, Kyla Fern Jones, Lisa Marie Jones, Michael Craig Jones, Patricia Irene Jones, Randal Edward Jones, Robert Elston Jones, Robert John Jones, Robert Ryan Jones, Ryan Steven Jones, Sarah Jones, Scott Kenneth Jones, Stephen William Jones, Thomas Jones, Thomas Jones, William Austin Jones, Anna Mae Jordan, Dave Jordan, Allan Samuel Benjamin Judd, Ann Judd, Arthur Wellington Judd, Benjamin Este Judd, Benjamin Harry Judd, Brian Judd, Bruce Judd, C. Russell Judd, Carl Judd, Catherine Lorena Judd, Cecil Judd, Charles Wilfred Judd, Chris Judd, Doris Abigail Louisa Judd, Edith Marian Judd, Eleanor Judd, Elizabeth Judd, Ellen Rose Anna Judd, Ellsworth Judd, Emily Jane Judd, Emily Lena Ottelia Judd, Ernest Allan Judd, Faye Judd, Frederick Henry Judd, George Thomas Judd, Gordon A. Judd, Grant Judd, Harry Judd, Helen Judd, Irene Judd, James Walter Judd, Jeanetta Judd, Jeffrey Judd, Joanne Judd, John Judd, John Benjamin Judd, Joy Eleanor Judd, Joyce Judd, Judith Ann Judd, Judy Judd, Kenneth Judd, Lena Marie "Birdie" Judd, Leona Judd, Leonard Martin Judd, Linda Judd, Lindsey Knox Judd, Louis George Judd, Louisa Pearl Judd, Lynn Judd, Mabel Judd, Margaret Eva Judd, Margaret Jean Judd, Margaret Sophia Judd, Marilyn Judd, Mary Content Judd, Mary Gertrude Judd, Mary Louise Judd, Melville Judd, Muriel Judd, Nora Judd, Opal Florence Judd, Peter Hodgins Judd, Randy Judd, Robert Wilson Judd, Robin Judd, Ronald Judd, Ronnie Judd, Rosella Judd, Shirley Judd, Susan Emily Judd, Thomas Judd, Tracy Judd, William Andrew Judd, William Riley Judd, Wilson Metcalfe Judd, Allyson Jule, Clark Laurier Jule, David James Jule, Joan Michelle Jule, Karen Allyson Jule, Kyle Graham Jule, Laurier Emile Ephrem Jule, Holly Anne Jurack, Howard Jurack, Jennifer Lynn Jurack,

K: Jaime Lee Kachan, Rosa Ann Kadlec, Barbara Kane, Harold Kane, Jenefer Kane, Ricky Kane, Sylvia Kane, Kristen Kardera, Rik Kardera, Telah Kardera, Tyler Kardera, Joan Karl, Donald Helmut Karlstedt, Jennifer Laura Karlstedt, Jessica Jeannine Karlstedt, Eino Karvonen, Alice Dixie Kasper, Chelsey Faye Kavolinas, Christopher Victor Kavolinas, Shane Victor Kavolinas, Charles E. Kay, Charles James Kay, Karen Kearns, Monica Lou Keay, Brenda Keddy, Allison Keeping, Harold Keeping, Lester Keeping, Timothy Keeping, Colleen Kehoe, Kenneth James Kehoe, Ann Keithman, Erin Keller, Kathryn May Keller, Mary Elizabeth Keller, Matthew Keller, Robert Keller, Rachel Wesley Kelloway, Alexander Kelly, Alexander Kelly, Annie Isabella Kelly, Arthur Kelly, Benjamin Kelly, Benjamin Kelly, Benjamin Ebert Kelly, Benjamin K. Kelly, Caroline Kelly, Caroline Kelly, Caroline Kelly, Caroline Kelly, Charles Kelly, Cornelius Kelly, Cornelius Kelly, Jr., Cornelius "Corry" Kelly, Daniel Kelly, David Kelly, Edward Kelly, Eliza Jane Kelly, Elizabeth Roxy Kelly, Emily Kelly, Emma Kelly, Fred Kelly, George Kelly, George Kelly, Gladys Kelly, Harriet Kelly, Henry Kelly, Hiram Kelly, James Kelly, James Kelly, Jannet Kelly, John Kelly, John Kelly, John Kelly, John Henry Kelly, Joseph Kelly, Kenneth Dennis Joseph Kelly, Loretta Kelly, Margaret Kelly, Matilda Kelly, Melinda Kelly, Melinda Kelly, Melinda Kelly, Mildred Kelly, Mildred Kelly, Robert Henry Kelly, Samuel Hamilton Kelly, Sarah Kelly, Sarah Melinda Kelly, Thomas Kelly, Thomas Kelly, Thomas Kelly, Thomas Alfred Kelly, William Kelly, William Kelly, William Alexander Kelly, William Alfred Kelly, William C. Bert Kelly, Leona Adelaide Kelsey, Don Kemp, Erin Rae Kemp Kemp, Joan Kemp, Kara Lynn Frances Kemp, Matthew Kemp, Megan Louise Kemp, Robert Morris Kemp, Stephen Ray Kemp, Trina Kemp, Abraham Kennedy, Abraham John "Ab" Kennedy, Agnes Kennedy, Mary G. Kennedy, Thelma Rosevelt Kennedy, Donna Kathleen Kenney, Grace Kenney, Alan Edwin Kenny, Carol Elizabeth Kenny, Darlene Elizabeth Kenny, David Ford Kenny, David Reuben Kenny, George Thomas Kenny, Gloria June Kenny, Grace Eva Kenny, Irvine H. Kenny, Joyce Eva Kenny, Kathy Kenny, Mark David Kenny, Osborne Edwin Kenny, Robert Kenny, William Kenny, Barbara Kent, Deborah Kent, Gilbert Kent, Susan Kent, Anna Kenyon, W. O. Kenyon, Edgar Eber Kenzie, Stella Eva Kenzie, Andrea Lynn Kerr, David George Kerr, Gary Arnold Kerr, Gordon Berney Kerr, Terrie Lynn Kerr, Wayne Arthur Kerr, George Kerslake, Mary Erma Kerslake, Richard Kerslake, Wellington Luther Kerslake, Janet Lynn Khadekin, Cecil Kidd, Cheryl Linda Kidd, Cindy Kidd, Juanita Gayle Kidd, Mike Kiely, Patrick Kierans, Elizabeth Kilby, Elizabeth Kilby, Darlene Killoh, Darlene Killow, Virginia Kimball, Mary Cecelia Kimber, Catherine Kimberly, Elizabeth Kimberly, Nelson Kimberly, Agnes Kincaid, Jenny Ann Kinch, Stan Ernest Kinch, Florence King, Maria Sabine King, Verity King, Maxine Eileen Kingsley, Lara Kinnear, Murray Kinnear, Scott Kinnear, Stacey Kinnear, Ernest E. Kinney, John Kinney, Alyda Jane Kirk, Mary Kirk, Norman Kirk, Ethel Ann Kirkendall, Dale Kirkham, Rachel Kirkham, Allan Kirkpatrick, Ambrose Kirkpatrick, April Kirkpatrick, Barbara Kirkpatrick, Bonnie Kirkpatrick, Carl Kirkpatrick, Carolyn Kirkpatrick, Clara Kirkpatrick, Daniel Kirkpatrick, Donald Kirkpatrick, James Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Kirkpatrick, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Jody Kirkpatrick, Jolene Kirkpatrick, Julie Kirkpatrick, Katherine M. Kirkpatrick, Kelly Kirkpatrick, Michael R. Kirkpatrick, Nicholas Kirkpatrick, Nicole Kirkpatrick, Patricia Kirkpatrick, R. J. Kirkpatrick, Rhonda Kirkpatrick, Robert D. Kirkpatrick, Ronnie Kirkpatrick, Sharon Kirkpatrick, Susan Kirkpatrick, Teddy Kirkpatrick, Teresa Kirkpatrick, Wesley R. Kirkpatrick, William Kirkpatrick, William Kirkpatrick, Jr., Celia Christine Kirwan, Grant Kitchener, Kiwi, Colleen Klassen, Brenda Klein, Dale Klein, Karen Louise Klein, Helena Denise Kline, Grant Michael Klippenstein, Janet Marie Klippenstein, Michael David Klippenstein, Neil Bradley Klippenstein, William Klopf, Carolyn Kluke, Ernest Kluke, Gail Kluke, Jennifer Kluke, Kristine Kluke, Mavis Susan Kluke, Ronald Kluke, Trevor Kluke, Amanda Knapp, Amanda Clarinda Knapp, Bertha Knapp, Carmen Lloyd Knapp, Charles Newdigate Knapp, Charles Nuticut Knapp, Charles Ross Knapp, Clarinda Jane Knapp, Eliza Knapp, Elsie Irene Knapp, Emma Knapp, Ethel Knapp, Flora Lillie Knapp, Hannah Margerie Knapp, Henrietta May "Retta" Knapp, Henry James Knapp, James George Knapp, Jennifer Christine Knapp, John Knapp, Michael "Mike" Knapp, Norma Knapp, Ralph Knapp, Rebecca Knapp, Rosa Etta Knapp, Roscoe Knapp, Ruth Knapp, Samuel Knapp, Samuel Knapp, Samuel Knapp, Sarah C. Knapp, Stephanie Marie Knapp, William Henry Knapp, Katherine Knecht, Harriet Keeler Kniffin, Elizabeth Knight, Ellen Knight, Fanny Knight, Margaret Knipe, George Knowler, Beverley Knowles, Mary Catherine Knox, Sara Knox, Terry Knox, Betty Lynne Koehler, Laurianne Kohlman, Wendelin Kohlman, Douglas Kokenge, Julie Kokotilo, Mitch Kole, Gail Kolinski, Patricia Kolisnyk, Thomas Kollman, Tommy Jordon Kollman, J. W. Komen, Susan Konkas, Stella Julia Korchinos, Eugene Charles Korosi, Madison Arlene Korosi, Natasha Darlene Korosi, Vicki Koshure, Bill Koske, Valerie Koske, Wendy Mae Kowaluk, Dan Krawczyk, James Krawczyk, JoAnna Krawczyk, Jonathon Krawczyk, Kristie Krawczyk, William Krawczyk, William Lynn Krawczyk, Norma Kribs, Oue Kristensen, Steen Roldt Kristensen, Traci Patricia Kristensen, Lorraine Kyle, Marion Isabel Kyle,

L: Eva LaBranch, Adeline Lacasse, Olive Lacey, Christopher Laurence LaChance, Marsh LaChance, Ruth Lackey, Dennis Lacompte, Adon Lacroix, Eleanor LaDue, Rosa Lafontain, Christopher Laidlaw, Don Laidlaw, Samantha Laidlaw, Ella Isabel Laing, Allan Laird, Candice Laird, Douglas Laird, Sikri Laituri, Debra Faye LaJambe, Delta Coreen LaJambe, Gloria Mae LaJambe, Janet Vivian LaJambe, LaVern Lawrence LaJambe, Richard Travis LaJambe, Roy Walter LaJambe, Sylvia Joyce LaJambe, Tayo Thomas LaJambe, Timothy Scott LaJambe, Valerie Evelyne LaJambe, Ada Luella Lake, Albert Lake, Darlene Joyce Lake, Dorothy Georgina Lake, Earl T. Lake, Elizabeth Lake, Fraser Clifford Lake, Glen George Lake, Harold Lake, Harold C. Lake, Harvey Lake, Isaac Lake, Isaac Harold Lake, James Lake, John Albert "Jack" Lake, John Orville "Jack" Lake, Leslie Norman Lake, Lillian Lake, Lizzie Lake, Mabel Lake, Mabel F. Lake, Martina Lake, Mary Adele Lake, Mervin Lake, Miles Willis Lake, Norman Lake, Orrin Lake, Oscar Edward Lake, Robert Franklin "Bob" Lake, Roberta Lake, Russell Francis Lake, Russell Wilson Lake, Stephanie Lake, Stewart Allan Lake, Thomas Lake, Thomas Lake, Wilbur Lake, Wilhelmina Frances Lake, William Lake, William Lake, William Albert "Bill" Lake, William Larry Lake, Florida Harriet Lalonde, Louis Lalonde, David Lalone, Edna Lalone, Harry Lamarr, Catherine Campbell Lamb, Annie Lance, Mary Ann Land, William Bell Land, Dorothea Lang, Vera Ruth Lang, Millie Langdon, Charles Lange, Dorothea Elmore Lange, Susan Langille, John Langlois, Kevin Langlois, Rhonda Langlois, Charles Reynolds Langpap, Karen Lynn Langpap, Allyanna Lanning, Gladys Lanning, Reveilee Lanning, Gilles Lanthier, Albert Lantinga, Anthony Lantinga, Robert Raymond Lantinga, Clara Gertrude Lapworth, Michelle Larken, Marilyn Joy Larrabee, Beverly Ann Larson, Clarence Larson, Darlene Evelyn Larson, Donna Yvonne Larson, Elizabeth Jeanette Larson, James Martin Raymond Larson, Jane Ellen Larson, Jaret Paul M. Larson, June Larson, Kyla Alyce Larson, Mae Larson, Samuel Larson, Wanda Larson, Amelia "Dolly" Larter, Harvey Lasalle, Marilyn Lasalle, Sylvie Lasalle, John Lasseter, Leroy Laugheuglager, Arthur Laughren, Evelyn Laughren, Floyd Laughren, Gordon Laughren, Irvin Laughren, Larry Laughren, Robert Laughren, Ross Laughren, Terry Laughren, Donna Lauris, John Lawrence LaVatte, Amanda Lavender, Norman Lavender, Christin Laventure, Leah Laventure, Norm Laventure, Edythe Ladellhi Lawrence, Emma Lawrence, Harry E. Lawrence, James Lawrence, Morley Lawrence, Andrew Lawson, Margaret Lawson, James Powell Laycock, Andrea Suzanne Layne, Gregory Layne, Cammeo Lazzaro, Joshua Lazzaro, Larisa Lazzaro, Maria Lazzaro, Michael Lazzaro, John Le Drapour, Elzeard Charles Le Page, Mary Antoinette Mathilda Le Page, Lawrence Leach, Eileen LeClair, Imelda Martha Leclair, Carly Patricia Ledd, Murray Francis Ledd, Ryan Murray Ledd, Allan John Ledingham, Cheryl Ann Ledingham, Heather Jane Ledingham, Linda Lee Ledingham, Robert Ledingham, Barbara Lee, Betty Lee, Cynthia Susane Lee, Doug Lee, Gary Lee, Henry Wickham Lee, Laverne Lee, Lloyd Joel Lee, Rebecca Alice Lee, Scott Joel Lee, Shana Lee, Suelynn Lee, Timothy Roy Lee, Alfred Leeson, Carol Leeson, Catherine Leeson, Ena Martha Leeson, Evelyn Jean Leeson, Henry Leeson, Judy Leeson, Isabel Leger, Clark Hamilton Lemke, Jane Elizabeth Lemke, Marvin Graham Lemke, Amelia Lemontague, Norma Lenarduzzi, Stella Josephine Lennie, Patricia Lepanna, Yvonne Lerner, Mary E. Leslie, Phoebe Leslie, Edward Lettan, Elizabeth Alice Lettan, Hannah Ruth Letts, Mary Jane "Jennie" Letts, Willard Howard Letts, Stephane Leveillee, Duncan Levere, Gwen Levere, Lucy Armina Leverette, Darcy Lynn Lewicki, R. W. Lewicki, Reginald William Lewicki, Carolyn Lewis, John Lewis, Margaret E. Lewis, Rose Lewis, Pricilla L. Libby, A. Liken, Alvin Frederick William Lilje, Ashley Lilje, Bradley Thomas Lilje, Colleen Margaret Lilje, Darryl Thomas Lilje, Donald John "Donnie" Lilje, Edward Donald "Eddy" Lilje, Edward Laverne Lilje, Erin Lilje, Harry Edward Alvin Lilje, Jeremy Lilje, John Fredrick Lilje, John H. Lilje, John Harry Lilje, Lloyd Burdett Lilje, Lorraine Lilje, Nadine Kim Lilje, Richard Dale "Ricky" Lilje, Robert Lloyd "Bobby" Lilje, Sabrina Dawn Lilje, Scott Lilje, Terrance Grant "Terry" Lilje, Sarah Lillie, William C. Lindale, Gladys Cecille Lindell, Harry Heinz Linderberg, Janelle Robyn Linderberg, Joseph William Linderberg, Josiah Linderberg, Dennis James Russell Lindsay, Gregory William Lindsay, Hugh John Lindsay, Katie Jean Lindsay, Katrina Louise Lindsay, Lily Louise Lindsay, Matthew John Lindsay, Shannon Lingelbach, Anna Letitia Lingenfelter, Emmia Lingenfelter, Fuller Stevens Lingenfelter, Harry Lingenfelter, Henry James Lingenfelter, James W. Lingenfelter, John M. Lingenfelter, Josephine "Josie" Lingenfelter, Maude Lingenfelter, Robert Crozier Lingenfelter, Sidney D. Lingenfelter, Mary Lister, Anne Elizabeth Little, H. Catherine Little, Janey Little, Mary Ethel Little, Peter Little, Theresa Esson Little, Charlotte Littlejohn, Jane Littlejohn, Alessandro Liut, Clara Liut, Gabriele Liut, Luigi Liut, Bertha Elizabeth Lloyd, J. Loadholter, Raffaella Locatelli, Alexandra Kennedy Locke, Ethel Locke, Elise Catherine Lodoen, Lester Neil Lodoen, Royce Lester Lodoen, Dustin Loewen, Harvey Loewen, Jesse Loewen, Dorothy "Dot" Logan, Geoff Logan, Harold Roy Logan, Lloyd Logan, Marjorie Evelyn Logan, Michael Vevers Logan, Ross Patton Logan, Shannon Logan, Stephen Geoffrey Logan, William James Logan, William John Logan, Willimena "Billie" Logan, Sherrie Lomkiem, Gregory Lomo, Amy Megan Long, Charles William Long, Glen Long, Jay Lurene Long, Kathleen "Kathy" Long, Mackenzie Kristina Long, Mary Long, Millie Long, Paul Victor Long, Robert Long, Robert Brent Long, Grace Longfield, Jennie Mable Lord, Clarence Blair "Bud" Loree, Darrell Leith Loree, Dawnedith Ruth "Dawn" Loree, Deanna Eleanor Loree, Douglas Blair Loree, Emma Jordan Loree, Evan James Gordon Loree, Francis Russell "Frank" Loree, Iva Meralee Loree, James Keith "Jim" Loree, James Merle Loree, Kimberly Katrina Loree, Leslie Loree, Linda Leslie Loree, Lindsay Crystal Loree, Rachael Elizabeth Loree, Rebecca Jane Loree, Robyn Dorothy Loree, Sherilyn Lois "Sherry" Loree, Stacy Elizabeth Loree, Stephen Douglas Loree, Susan Helen Irene Loree, Daniel Gerald Calvin Loucks, George Henry Loucks, Michael Adam Scott Loucks, Shawn David Loucks, Sophia Jane Loucks, Dorothy Alice Loudfoot, James Moore Loudfoot, Arlene Carol Lougheed, Arnold Lougheed, Barrie Lougheed, Beverly Lougheed, Brenda Alyson Lougheed, Brian Lougheed, Daryl Lougheed, George Herbert Lougheed, George Ralph Lougheed, Helen Lougheed, Karen Joyce Lougheed, Ronald Lougheed, Warren Lougheed, William Hugh Lougheed, Barbara Louke, Douglas Louke, Howie Louke, Judith Ann Louke, Norman Louke, Robert Louke, Manya Louria, Ada Love, Adeline Love, Anderz Edward Love, Ashley Love, Ashley Michelle Toth Love, Austin Patrick Neil Love, Ben Love, Bonnie Kay Love, Candice Jean Love, Carl Douglas Love, Carrie Olive Love, Christopher Love, Darren Love, Dorothy Ella Love, Eldon Wesley Love, Ella Adeline Love, Ella Louise Love, Emma Chrystina Love, George Love, George Love, Jr., George D. Love, George Noah Love, George Russell Love, Gwendolyn Harriett Love, Harvey James Love, Hazel Ella Love, Ian Douglas Love, Ira William Love, Jacob Love, James Clarence "Jim" Love, James Clement "Jim" Love, James Robert Love, James William Love, Jamie Luane Love, Jason Wesley Alfred Love, Jenna Marlene Love, Kathryn Anne Toth Love, Laura Love, Lloyd Archie Love, Lorne Franklin Love, Margaret Evelyn Ada Love, Martha Evelyne Love, Mary Caroline "Maymie" Love, Melva Joyce Love, Melvin John Love, Nathan Love, Olive Viola Love, Percy Clarence Love, Reg Love, Richard Allen Love, Robert John Love, Rosanne Love, Roxe Love, Russell Love, Samuel Love, Shirley Elizabeth Love, Sidney Arthur Love, Sidney Beattie Love, Stanley Ira Joseph Love, Steven Russell Love, Tanya Dawn Love, Thomas Love, Thomas Ray Love, Timothy Melvin Love, Tomas Allen Love, Vera Dorothy Love, Wayne Love, Wayne Alexander Love, Wesley Hammond Love, Wesley Harrison Love, William Brock Love, William James Love, Hannah Loveless, Bryan Low, Gerald Low, Ralph Steven Lowe, Frances Asa Lower, Arlene Lowery, Benny Lowery, Clara Lowery, Grant Edwin Lowery, James Lowery, Maryln Ellen Lowery, R. Lowery, Susan Louise Lowery, Eliza J. Lown, Cheryl Anne Lowther, David Lowther, Edward Lowther, Susan Lowther, George Russell Lucas, Justice Lucas, Lance Lucas, Nina Meta Ludening, Bernice Ludvicsen, Van Beethoven Ludwig, Lorne Luhta, Betty Anne Lukoni, Jane Lumsden, Kenneth R. Luneack, Penni Luneng, Edward Lunney, Fanny Margaret Lusk, Queen Belle (Isabella) Lusk, Queenie Lusk, Lillie Luttle, Audrey Lyall, Emma Samantha Lyle, James Lynch, Jebb Lynch, Seth Lynch, Dorothy Lyon, Norman Lyon, Hattie Lyons, Charles Lyth, Cora Lyth, Earl Gordon Lytle,

M: Albert MacCallum, Arthur Albert MacCallum, Bruce Malcolm MacCallum, Donald MacCallum, Donald Willard MacCallum, Eunice Elizabeth MacCallum, Glendon Malcolm Roberts MacCallum, Heather Mary MacCallum, Irene Hope MacCallum, JoAnne Sue MacCallum, John Donald MacCallum, Malcom MacCallum, Margaret MacCallum, Margaret Emily MacCallum, Mildred Mabel MacCallum, Murry Alexander MacCallum, Roberta Jane MacCallum, Helen Maureen MacCarthy, Alice MacDonald, Angus Brian MacDonald, Cameron Stewart MacDonald, Colleen Gay MacDonald, Duncan Craig Macdonald, Florence Mary MacDonald, Harold Macdonald, Helen Mary MacDonald, Hugh MacDonald, Jackie Lorraine MacDonald, Reginald Macdonald, Ronald Macdonald, Tracy Anne Macdonald, Sarah May "Mayme" MacFarlane, Agnes Macfie, Agnes Smith Macfie, Alexander Macfie, Alexander Macfie, Alice Robina Macfie, Ann Eliza Macfie, Anna Mary Macfie, Annabelle Esther Macfie, Anne Thorburn Macfie, Arthur Macfie, Arthur Wesley Macfie, Boyden Macfie, Brittany Lee Macfie, Carol Elizabeth Macfie, Claud Laurence Macfie, Claud Robert Macfie, David James Arthur Macfie, David Johnstone Arthur Macfie, Derek Elston Macfie, Donald Graham Macfie, Edward Macfie, Elisabeth Anne Macfie, Elizabeth Anne Macfie, Elizabeth Joan Macfie, Ellison Westgarth Macfie, Elston Howard Macfie, Eric Macfie, Eric W. Macfie, George Hawley Macfie, George Murray Macfie, Gordon Claude Macfie, Helen Macfie, Helen Margaret Macfie, Ida Macfie, James Macfie, James Alexander Macfie, James Alexander Macfie, James Edward Macfie, James Ross Macfie, Jane Munro Macfie, Janet Ethel Macfie, Jessie Graham Macfie, Jessie Thorburn Macfie, Jessie Young Macfie, John Macfie, John Macfie, John Graham Macfie, John Graham Macfie, Laura Annie Macfie, Laura Ellison Macfie, Laura Josephine Macfie, Lillias Ellison Macfie, Marcuerite Curtis Macfie, Margaret Macfie, Margaret Macfie, Margaret Macfie, Marion Jean Macfie, Marjorie Alexandra Macfie, Marshal Hunter Macfie, Martha Macfie, Mary Macfie, Mary Agnes Macfie, Mary Helen "Minnie" Macfie, Mary Isabel Macfie, Mary Louise Macfie, Mary Parkhurst Macfie, Mildred Beatrice Macfie, Mina Henrietta Macfie, Norma Dianne Macfie, Norma Margaret Macfie, Philip Ransford Macfie, Rene Phillippe Eric Macfie, Richard Macfie, Rita Tuttle Macfie, Robert Macfie, Robert Arthur Macfie, Robert Douglas Macfie, Robert Eugene Macfie, Robert Gordon Macfie, Robert Graham Macfie, Ross Campbell Macfie, Roy Kading Macfie, William Edward Wesley Macfie, William Marshall Macfie, William Tuttle Macfie, Chloe Denise MacGregor, Clayton Edward MacGregor, Valerie Diane MacGregor, George Wesley MacIntosh, Marilyn "Toddy" Macintosh, William Henry Mack, William Herbert Mack, Beverley Jane MacKay, Murray A. MacKay, Joan Margaret Mackell, Alexander Rufus Mackenzie, Brent MacKenzie, Bruce MacKenzie, Corrine MacKenzie, Derek MacKenzie, Donald MacKenzie, Doris Mackenzie, Elizabeth Lillian Mackenzie, Esther MacKenzie, Ford MacKenzie, Garth MacKenzie, George MacKenzie, Glen MacKenzie, Gregory MacKenzie, Inez MacKenzie, Janes MacKenzie, Jean Lillian MacKenzie, Jessie Catherine MacKenzie, Joanne MacKenzie, Kathryn MacKenzie, Kenneth Ralston Mackenzie, Kim MacKenzie, Kirk MacKenzie, Kirsten MacKenzie, Laurie Allan Floyd MacKenzie, Lorne Edwin Mackenzie, Mark MacKenzie, Marybelle MacKenzie, Myrtle Winnifred MacKenzie, Walter MacKenzie, William George Ford MacKenzie, Allison Elizabeth Mackey, Blayne Emmerson Mackey, Charlotte Briar Mackey, Christopher Blayne Lougheed Mackey, Donald Robert Mackey, Donna Marie Mackey, Eleanor Karen Mackey, Gail Mackey, Glenn Mackey, Heather Joanne Mackey, James Russell Mackey, Jennifer Lynn Mackey, Karen Mackey, Kieley Elizabeth Ogden Mackey, Kimberly Dawn Mackey, Lois Alenna Mackey, Norman Russel Mackey, Paige Christina Mackey, Patricia Gail Mackey, Paul Russell Mackey, Ryan James Mackey, Sean Duncan Mackey, William Glenn Russell Mackey, William Kenneth "Ken" Mackey, Bonnie Macklin, Joseph "Joe" Macks, Alice Olive MacLean, Andrew Preston MacLean, Betty Louise MacLean, Carolyn MacLean, Cheyenne Noelle MacLean, Clayton Levi MacLean, Daniel MacLean, Daniel John MacLean, David John MacLean, Donna Lee MacLean, Elicia Danille MacLean, Elijah John MacLean, Ginny MacLean, Gloria Camilla MacLean, Gwendolyn June MacLean, James Ian "Jamie" MacLean, James Robert MacLean III, James Robert "Jim" MacLean, James Robert "Jimmy" MacLean II, Jeffrey MacLean, John Daniel MacLean, John Howard "Jack" MacLean, Joyce MacLean, Kenneth Richard MacLean, Kimberly Jean MacLean, Lauren Suzanne MacLean, Mac MacLean, Mansel Lorne MacLean, Marolyn MacLean, Marvin Randolph MacLean, Mathew James MacLean, Matthew Guy MacLean, Matthew "Pete" MacLean, Michael MacLean, Milton Lloyd MacLean, Patricia Christina "Tina" MacLean, Rachel Elizabeth MacLean, Rebecca Jo MacLean, Rebekah Elyse MacLean, Richard D. "Rich" MacLean, Richard Miller "Dick" MacLean, Robert MacLean, Samuel James MacLean, Shirley Jean MacLean, Sidney Ward MacLean, Steven Michael MacLean, Sydney Joyce MacLean, Tamara Elaine MacLean, Timothy Chester MacLean, Todd Jason MacLean, Yvonne Clark MacLean, Honora "Andra" "Ann" Madden, Dale Andrew Madill, Evan William Robert Madill, Jack Whitney Madill, Shelagh Dianne Madill, Roxanne Madore, Shirley Magdellan, Colin Samuel Mahood, Kent Alexander Mahood, Samuel James Mahood, Timothy James Mahood, Ivana Maiero, Myrtle Eva Mainse, Aaron Maitland, Anna Muriel Maitland, Hubert Allen Maitland, Laura Jennie Louise Maitland, Georgina "Jean" Major, Vicky Makarenko, Brent Malcolm, Joel Malcolm, Robin Malcolm, Edward Joseph Mallen, Peter Mallen, Kayleigh Mallette, Mark Mallette, Wayne Alexander Mallette, Dorthy Malo, Anthony Mammano, Lisa Mammano, Man Ray, Albert Manary, Iris Manazzoni, Mary Louise Mandia, Mary Manley, Helen Mann, Allen Manning, Evan Lyle Mansell, Stanley James Mansell, Amy Manson, Elizabeth Anne Mansuy, Gustave Mansuy, Rachel Ann Manwell, Eric March, Kim March, Walter D. Marchbank, William Horace Marchbank, Victoria Marcus, Melissa Anne Marenka, Stephen Marenka, Stephen Roy Marenka, Della Mareski, Michael Mareski, Anna Margaret, Elio Margarita, Irma Margarita, Raffaella Margarita, Cloe Anne Markell, Edwin Markell, Edwin Andrew Markell, Edwin Jacob Markell, Jennifer Victoria "Vicki" Markell, Claudio Maroello, Sarah Maroello, Hazel Marriott, Wesley Marriott, Elsie May Marsaw, George Marsaw, Simeon W. Marsaw, Marilyn Joyce Marsh, Catherine Ann Marshall, Daniel "Dan" Marshall, James Marshall, Jennifer Marshall, Jewell Evelyn Marshall, Jody Marshall, Jonathan David Marshall, Lawrence Marshall, Michael Nicholas Marshall, Sherry Michelle Marshall, Alice Martens, Chandra Martens, Deborah Martens, Donald "Don" Martens, Kimberly "Kim" Martens, Agostino "Gusto" Martin, Christina Martin, Dale Thomas Martin, Dino Martin, Elena Martin, George W. Martin, Gioconda Martin, Giuseppe Martin, Heather Martin, Ida Martin, James Martin, James Andrew Martin, Letitia Martin, Lois Martin, Maria Martin, Mario Martin, Paulo Martin, Pietro Martin, Pietro Martin, Reid Martin, Velma Martin, Anna Martinek, Henry Martinek, Kyle Martinek, Shannon Martinek, Helen Ann Marton, Richard William Marton, William H. Marton, Andrew Joseph David Martyniuk, Joseph Walter Martyniuk, Nick Martzoukos, Nicole Martzoukos, Paul Martzoukos, Marjory Marvell, Cynthia Mascarenhas, William Mascaro, Frank Mason, Janet Mason, Kearny Mason, Renee Mason, Robert Mason, Robert Angus Mason, Roy Everett Mason, Stephen Kearny Mason, Byron Gary Massey, Christine Ree Massey, Daniel Massey, David H. Massey, Vera May Massey, Albert Massicotte, Albert Massicotte, Jr., Muriel Anne Masson, Flomayne Eileen Mastandrea, Douglas Masters, Robert Mathers, Hezekiah George Mathews, Erma Matteazzi, Fulvio Matteazzi, Mario Matteazzi, Matthew Matteazzi, Paulina Matteazzi, Ryan Matteazzi, Tarcisio Matteazzi, Taryn Matteazzi, Carol Freda Matthews, Charles Frederick Matthews, Florence Carolyn Matthews, Francesca Vera Matthews, Frederick Matthews, Hezekiah George Matthews, Linda Gayle Matthews, Anthony Matulich, Frances Pauline Matulich, John Paul Matulich, Rita Mauro, Scott Daniel Mawhiney, Lavina Maxon, Frances Maxwell, Margaret Francis Maxwell, William Maxwell, Augustine May, Jacquelyn Elizabeth May, Randall Dean May, Christopher Mayhew, Derek Mayhew, Joseph Mayhew, Lloyd Mayhew, Benjamin Paul Mayville, Christiane Leigh Mayville, Philip Norman Mayville, Katelyn Morgan Mazer, Kayleigh Marisa Mazer, Kennedy Mazer, Kyle Mazer, Edward John Mazur, Mary Mazzaro, Jacqueline Sue Mazzola, Mc Goldrick, William McAllister, Ann McAnaul, Bertha May McArdle, Patrick McArdle, Peter McArdle, Peter Charles McArdle, Brent McBride, Doris McBride, Gladys McBride, Nancy "Agness" McBride, Bonnie Linn McCabe, Ann Carol McCagg, Boyd Sturgeon McCagg, Brian Bruce McCagg, Bruce McCagg, Cecil F. McCagg, Danny McCagg, David McCagg, E. Lavinia McCagg, George McCagg, H. Teason McCagg, Hugh McCagg, Joanne McCagg, John Frederick McCagg, Joyce McCagg, Kelvin David McCagg, Kenneth William McCagg, Lorena Anita McCagg, Manson Sturgeon McCagg, Marjorie McCagg, Marjorie Louisa McCagg, Maynard George McCagg, Melba McCagg, Michael McCagg, Neil McCagg, Patricia Lynn McCagg, Scott McCagg, Steven Edward McCagg, William Kenneth McCagg, Clifford McCaig, Mary McCall, Donald McCallum, Robert John McCallum, Mabel McCann, Bridget E. McCardle, Matilda McCaron, Andrew Joseph McCarthy, Joseph Anthony Victor McCarthy, Raymonde Jacqueline Marie McCarthy, Eline McCartney, Beth Maveen McClean, Betty Mae McClean, Brenda Joyce McClean, Cameron Brent McClean, Carol Ann McClean, Dick McClean, Donald Lawrence McClean, Evelyn Maxine McClean, Gordon R. McClean, Gordon Robert McClean, Ian Charles McClean, James B. McClean, John Albert McClean, Kimberly Ross McClean, Linda Marcia McClean, Marcia McClean, Ross Abernethy McClean, Cheryl Ann McClelland, Gerald Elmer "Jerry" McClelland, Jeffrey Thomas McClelland, Jillian McClelland, Karen Kelly McClelland, Kingsley Reginald McClelland, Mary McClelland, Murray Dale McClelland, Vernon Craig McClelland, Patricia Joan McClure, Argyle McClymont, Norah McConachie, Cord McConell, Allan B. S. McConnell, Arthur McConnell, Cecilia McConnell, Elizabeth McConnell, G. McConnell, Hugh McConnell, James McConnell, Louisa McConnell, Margaret Jane McConnell, Phoebe McConnell, Shirley McConnell, James Samuel McCord, Samuel McCord, Jana Ruth McCormick, Myra Ann McCormick, Neil Arthur McCormick, Erin Heather McCosham, Meredith Rae McCosham, Raymond Joseph McCosham, Harry McCowan, George McCoy, Colleen Anne McCracken, Donald George McCracken, Jacqueline McCracken, Penny Jo-Anne McCracken, Wendy Lea McCracken, Gordon McCrady, Marjorie McCrea, Marjory McCrea, Helen McCready, Britton McCrie, Jack McCrie, Janet McCrie, Jeannette Darlene McCrie, Keith McCrie, Neil Britton McCrie, William Britton McCrie, Jessie Lorraine McCrindle, Samantha McCroy, Mary McCulloch, Mary McCullock, Armour McCullough, Georgina Elizabeth "Joe" "Georgie" McCullough, Mary Deborah Catherine McCully, Shirley McCutheon, Frederick "Fred" McDiarmid, Harrison McDiarmid, Donald Joseph McDonald, Donna McDonald, George McDonald, John McDonald, John McDonald, Mary McDonald, Robert John McDonald, Sarah Jane McDonald, Violet Catherine McDonald, Ada Melissa McDonough, Marjorie Alma McDonough, Melvin Bethuel McDonough, William McDonough, William McDonough, Jr., Marion Eileen McDowell, Mary McDowell, Elizabeth McElgum, Jill Adele McElroy, Mary McElroy, Vera McElroy, Lena Joy McElwain, Roger Lynn McElwain, Heather Laurel McEwan, Lana McEwan, M. McEwan, Ruth M. McFadden, Christina McFadyen, Joan McFarlane, Leila Margaret McFarlane, Robert McFessnel, Dale Edward McGee, Donald McGee, Ella McGee, Ellen McGee, Jennifer Evelyn Sandra McGee, Sophia McGee, Stephen Dale McGee, Andrew McGerrigle, Donna McGill, Herbert "Herb" McGill, Jane McGill, Rita McGillis, Effie Golden McGillivary, Elizabeth Geraldine "Lizzie" McGillivary, Fred McGillivary, Harriet Lillian "Hattie" McGillivary, Ivan McGillivary, James McGillivary, James McGillivary, William James "Bill" McGillivary, William McGillivray, Carolyn McGinn, Lillian Maude McGinnis, Claire Alice Donald McGowan, Eleen Martha McGowan, John McGowan, Kelly McGowan, Paul Donald McGowan, Robert McGowan, Robert Arthur McGowan, "baby boy" McGrath, Charles Howard McGrath, Sidney Ford McGrath, Virginia Katherine McGrath, Alma McGuffin, Beverly McGuffin, Clarence William McGuffin, Clifford Franklin McGuffin, Edith McGuffin, Ellen McGuffin, Gary McGuffin, Harold McGuffin, John McGuffin, John Alexander McGuffin, Manfred Alexander McGuffin, Andrew McGuire, Lillian "Lizzy?" McGuire, Deanna McHugh, Gordon McHugh, Joanna McHugh, Vivian Isabel McIloney, Dale McInnes, Catherine McInnis, Anne McIntyre, Catharine Colleen McIntyre, Daniel McIntyre, David McIntyre, Flora McIntyre, Geoffrey John McIntyre, Jeanie McIntyre, Jessie McIntyre, Sharron Anne McIntyre, Margaret Ann McIvor, Jessie McJannet, Robert McJannet, John McJannette, Alexander "Alex" McKay, Allan McKay, Charles Donald McKay, Cheryl Denise McKay, Christina McKay, Donald Hazen McKay, Donald Webster McKay, Duncan Clark McKay, Emma C. McKay, Jane Mary McKay, Lawrence E. McKay, Lois Mary McKay, Martha G. McKay, Remember Margaret McKay, Sandra Claire McKay, William McKay, William A. McKay, Susan A. McKechnie, Annie McKelvey, James McKelvey, Brian McKenna, Daniel McKenna, Kerri Ann McKenna, Isabella McKenzie, John McKenzie, Mary McKenzie, S. McKenzie, Wilma Elaine McKenzie, David Anthony McKibbon, Joan Marie McKibbon, Robert Michael McKibbon, Samuel David McKibbon, Kathleen McKimm, Archie McKinnely, Ayleen McKinnely, Kathryn McKinnely, Mavis McKinnely, Jemina "Mina" McKinnet, Agnes "Mac" McKinnon, Frances Mary McKinnon, Melba McKinnon, Ethel Bell Jessie McKitrick, Andrew McKnight, Barbara Jean McKnight, Edna Elizabeth McKnight, Elgin Eric McKnight, Gladys Margaret McKnight, Glenn McKnight, Grace G. McKnight, Graham McKnight, Henry Kenneth McKnight, Herbert Eason McKnight, Jean McKnight, John McKnight, Margaret Ann McKnight, Marion McKnight, Marjorie Kathleen McKnight, Muriel K. McKnight, Murray McKnight, Norma McKnight, Robert Ira G. McKnight, Sheila Marie McKnight, Shirley I. McKnight, Verna Glenn McKnight, Walter Morewood McKnight, Wayne McKnight, William Andrew Morewood McKnight, Rex McKusick, Hannah Morgan McLaughlin, John McLaughlin, John "Jack" McLaughlin, Michael Mark McLaughlin, Michael Williams McLaughlin, Archibald McLean, Arthur James McLean, Erin Ann McLean, Kanina Marie McLean, Kayla Jean McLean, Margaret Graham McLean, Peter McLean, Peter Ross McLean, Shirley Christine McLean, Tara Shawn McLean, Thomas (John) McLean, Joan Shirley McLeaw, Kenneth McLeaw, Kenneth Wilson McLeaw, Linda May McLeaw, Bonnie Lynn McLelland, Bruce Harold McLelland, Charles Switzer McLelland, Clare Bertha McLelland, David McLelland, David Andrew McLelland, David Ivan McLelland, Dorothy Roberta McLelland, Eleanor Myrna McLelland, Elizabeth May McLelland, Gail Hazel McLelland, Garth Andrew McLelland, Glen Ernest McLelland, Gordon Leonard McLelland, Gregory Gordon McLelland, Harold McLelland, Ivan Harold McLelland, John Beverly McLelland, Linda Martha McLelland, Marlene Elizabeth McLelland, Rhonda Faye McLelland, Ronald Wayne McLelland, Ruby Minerva McLelland, Russell Verne McLelland, Sandra McLelland, Sandra Marlene McLelland, Scott Ronald McLelland, Andrea Margaret McLeod, Douglas McLeod, Elin Marie McLeod, Elizabeth McLeod, John McLeod, Joseph Andrew McLeod, Mary Margaret McLeod, Nora Gillian McLeod, Patricia Jean "Patti" McLeod, Rae McLeod, Roderick "Rod" McLeod, William Sean McLeod, Stacey Jean Arden McMacken, Donna Grace McMahon, Frank W. McManus, Cynthia Ruth McMeekin, Alexander Dale McMillan, Barbra Leslie McMillan, David McMillan, Paul Douglas McMillan, Betty-Jean McMillen, Edward George McMillen, Patricia Mae McMillen, Phyllis Louise McMillen, Shirley Ann McMillen, Caroline Ann McMinn, Albert "Ab" McMullen, Elmer McMullen, Kenneth Elmer McMullen, Mary Jane "Jennie" McMullen, Richard McMullen, Ruby McMullen, Beth McNabb, Marjorie McNabb, M. L. F. McNally, Marjory McNally, Rebecca McNamee, Margaret McNaughton, Edward McNeely, Margaret McNeely, Amanda Ann McNeill, Collen Thomas McNeill, James Bernard McNeill, Jason James McNeill, Megan Ashley McNeill, Michael Paul McNeill, Nicholas Timothy McNeill, Patrick Allen McNeill, Paul Daniel McNeill, Richard Graham "Dick" McNeill, Stephen Richard McNeill, Timothy John McNeill, Hazel McNeiven, Sarah E. McNight, Carl Roderick McNutt, Cheryl Leanne McNutt, Darren James McNutt, Ryan Matthew McNutt, Lenard McPherson, Marci Lee McPherson, Scott Lenard McPherson, Rebecca McQuaid, Audrey Marjorie McQuarrie, Christopher McQuarrie, Clifton Howard McQuarrie, David McQuarrie, Jean Iris McQuarrie, Jennifer McQuarrie, Linda McQuarrie, Michael McQuarrie, William Hunter Howard McQuarrie, Ewan M. McQueen, Blanche McRae, David Mcrae, Melanie Ann McSweeny, Arthur McTavish, Dixie Lee McTavish, Robert G. McTavish, Sean McTavish, Terry Robert McTavish, Carolyn McTiernan, Connie McTiernan, David McTiernan, Margaret McTiernan, William McTiernan, C. Meacher, Cynthia Ann Meacher, Edwyn Richard Meacher, Eleanor May Meacher, George Charles Meacher, Gerald Edwin Meacher, Gordon Jeffrey Meacher, Lois Margaret Meacher, Mary Ann Meacher, Nettie Jane Meacher, Philip Russell Meacher, Russell Meacher, Russell Leonard Meacher, William Meacher, William Herman Meacher, Mary McGregor Meade, William Meagher, Cecilia Medrano, Ruby R. Mee, Ed Meehan, Allison Meeks, Brian Charles Meeks, Edward Meeks, Gail Virginia Meeks, Jessica Meeks, Robyn Meeks, Sally Patricia Meeks, Laura Megenbur, Kenneth Melby, John Steven Melch, Peter Melch, Richard Boris Melch, Emily Amelia Mellor, Brendan Melnyk, Christine Lee Ann Melnyk, Peter Melnyk, Terry Melnyk, Peter Melville, Susan Melville, Georgina Menzies, Joy Mercer, Cecil Meredith, Aubrey Lasha Merilees, Celeste Genevieve Merizzi, Jovan Donovan Merizzi, Marc Merizzi, Alice Ann Merker, Barbara Sue Merker, David Carl Merker, Foster Merker, Jr., Foster Williams Merker, Herman Carl Merker, Herman Karl Merker, Karen Ruth Merker, Kimber Merker, Margaret Hall Merker, Mary Louise Merker, Megin Hall Merker, Rachel Anne Merker, Richard Bruce Merker, Pauline Marie Merkley, Peter Bernard Merkley, Joyce Merrick, Edwin F. Merrill, Frederick Hamilton Merrill, Frederick Hamilton Merrill III, Frederick Hamilton Merrill, Jr., Norman William Merrill, Richard Bradshaw Merrill, William James Merrill, Ardelle Merriman, Cyril Clinton Merriman, Harold Merriman, Juanita Merriman, Lillian Merriman, Wesley Merriman, Andrew Merritt, Bob Merritt, Bradley Merritt, Christine Merritt, Devon Merritt, Taelor Merritt, Elizabeth Amy Metcalfe, Carol Elizabeth Meyer, Ellen Meyer, Jacques Paul Jean Meyer, Margaret Susan Meyer, Richard John Meyer, Richard John Meyer, Jr., Roberta Meyer, Cecil F. Meyers, George Leonard Meyers, Elmer Michael, Susan Jane Michael, Vera Martha Michael, Daniel Michaud, Roger Michaud, Lydia Lois Middlemass, Clara Midgley, Walter Edward Midgley, Ron Miers, Eleanor Miess, Brandi Marie Mikan, Derek Thomas Mikan, Kim Colette Mikan, Thomas Mikan, Percy Milburn, Elena Ida Milito, Michael Milito, Sofie Ann Milito, Ambrose Milks, Freeborn Garretson Milks, Richard Milks, Annie Miller, Beth Allison Miller, Beverly Miller, Brenda Miller, Carmel Jean Miller, Catherine Miller, Charity Miller, Clara Inez Mary Miller, Debra Miller, Donna Miller, Duell Miller, Edmund Miller, Edward Miller, Elizabeth "Lee" Miller, Ephraim Miller, Erik Miller, Ethel Rose Miller, Florence Winnifred Miller, Frank Emile Miller, Gary Miller, Georgina Miller, Hartley Miller, James Miller, Joanne Miller, John Miller, John K. Miller, John MacDonald Miller, John Spence Miller, Lee Miller, Lloyd Frank Miller, Mark Miller, Marnie Miller, Nelly Miller, Patricia "Trish" Miller, Patty Miller, Robert "Bob" Miller, Robert S. Miller, Ruby Miller, Samuel Miller, Theodore Miller, William Miller, William S. Miller, Willoughby Miller, Richard Millhausen, Ashley Nicole Milli, Joe Milli, Terry Charles Milli, Sarah E. Milligan, William Millman, Goldie Irene Mills, Redeana Mills, Clarence Miner, Ernest Miner, Gloria Miner, Nicole Leanne Miner, Al Miniato, Dennis Miniato, Paul Miniato, Dorene Kay Minnich, Charlene Miron, Bemikaji Mirri, Eva Mishie, Donaldo Misson, Enrichetta Misson, Maria Misson, Rosario Misson, Vladimiro Misson, Domenica Mistruzzi, Candace Mitchel, Al Mitchell, Alice Mitchell, Cheryl Tracy Mitchell, Darcy Conrade Mitchell, Derek Jerome Mitchell, Dorothea Whilhelemina Mitchell, Edna Mitchell, Grace Mitchell, Gregory Mitchell, Harley Mitchell, James Mitchell, Jan Mitchell, John Mitchell, Lois Mary Mitchell, Margarete Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, Monty Mitchell, Murray Mitchell, M.D., Scott Mitchell, William James Mitchell, George Mitts, Grace E. Mitts, Alice Mizzau, Angela Mizzau, Donatella Mizzau, Flavia Mizzau, Guiseppe Mizzau, Ida Mizzau, Luigina Mizzau, Maria Pia Mizzau, Mario Mizzau, Ottavio Mizzau, Blair Moen, Chet Justin Moen, Marlee Alissa Moen, Tyson Shea Moen, Brenda Moffat, Elvin Moffat, Jane Moffat, Jane Moffatt, Margaret Moffatt, Thomas Moffatt, Mary Anna Mogridge, Janet Margaret Mohr, Arthur F. Moir, George Moir, Jason Moir, Jeffrey Moir, Lauren Moir, Margarel Ellen Moir, Margo Moir, William Moir, Alison Molaro, Alphonso Lorenzo Molaro, Amanda Lindsey Molaro, Anita Grace Molaro, Anita Patricia Molaro, Antonio Molaro, Antonio Molaro, Bernard Anthony Molaro, Candice Molaro, Carmen Lena Molaro, Catherine Ann Molaro, Chris Molaro, Chris James Molaro, Constance Louise Molaro, David John Molaro, Dean Molaro, Dino Molaro, Donald Joseph Molaro, Eleonora Lucy-Ann Molaro, Elisebetta "Elisa" Molaro, Elvio Molaro, Frances Margaret Molaro, Franco Molaro, Gregory Anthony Molaro, Innocente Molaro, Ivano Molaro, Jerome Valentino Pietro Molaro, Jioia Molaro, Jocelyn Nicole Molaro, John Christopher Molaro, Julia Anne Molaro, Julius Molaro, Julius Caesar Molaro, Karina Rose Molaro, Kenneth Lucien Molaro, Leonard Charles Molaro, Leonardo Molaro, Leonardo N. Molaro, Lidia Molaro, Lucia Lucrezia Molaro, Luciano Molaro, Luigi Molaro, Madelaine Cassidy Molaro, Marcia Kathleen Molaro, Maria Molaro, Mark Bernard Molaro, Mark Christopher Molaro, Mary Margaret Molaro, Matthew James Molaro, Michael Anthony Molaro, Michelina Molaro, Morena Molaro, Nida Molaro, Nigel Reeve Molaro, Noemi Molaro, Odilla Molaro, Paul Garnet Molaro, Pietro Angelo Molaro, Richard Terrance Molaro, Richelle Laura Molaro, Ronald Dean Molaro, Rudolfo Molaro, Sherri Ann Molaro, Stephen Paul Molaro, Tammy Lynn Molaro, Vienda Molaro, Wayne Allen Molaro, Jean Pierre Mongeau, Natalie Mongeau, Philippe Mongeau, Howard Monigue, William Montague, Emilio Montanaro, Michael Montanaro, Philip Montanaro, Florencia Montano, Darlene Evelyn Montgomery, Antonio Montoya, Yolanda Jo Montoya, Dorothy Anne Moody, Elaine Ruth Moody, John Wentworth Moody, Linda Joan Moody, Patricia Ruth Moody, Philip Doane Moody, Richard Philip Moody, Robert John Moody, Robert Nellis Moody, Sara Lee Moody, William Doane Moody, Abigail Moore, David Moore, Gertrude Moore, H. Moore, Heather Ann Moore, Helene Elizabeth Moore, Linda Moore, Lisa Moore, Martin Moore, Mary Moore, Mary Ann Moore, Michelle Moore, Robin Moore, Sarah Moore, Stephen Moore, Stephen Andrew Moore, Teresa Marie Moore, Ruth Moores, Cynthia Martha Caroline Bogart Moorhouse, Martha Moorhouse, Annie Morden, Frances Morgan, Lavina Anne Morganson, John Morin, Kristen Elizabeth Morin, Tyler John Morin, Lori Ellen Moriss, William "Bill" Morley, Judith "Judy" Anne Morningstar, Silvana Moro, Cathie Morrison, Harold Morrison, Jennie Morrison, Jennifer Lynn Morrison, Kelly Jo-Anne Morrison, Kyle Burton Morrison, M. Morrison, Matthew Lewis Morrison, Rae Morrison, Robert Morrison, Roger Burton Morrison, Ryan Donald Morrison, Timothy Robert Morrison, William Morrison, Edna Morrissey, Matthew John William Morrow, Thomas William "Joe" Morrow, Frederick Morscheck, Bernice Morse, Douglas Roger Morton, Nancy Elizabeth Morton, Robert Jeffrey Morton, Denise Mosely, Kandice Moshansky, Maureen Moshansky, Perry Moshansky, Sherilee Moshansky, Tim Moshansky, Ethel Mosher, Pauline Mosher, Frances Moss, Cheryl Leanne Mosser, Robert Barry Mosser, Robyn James Mosser, Milton Mostowchuk, Reese Milton Mostowchuk, Lillian Ruth Mothersill, Lionel John Mothersill, Lionel John Nellis Mothersill, Mabel Pauline Mothersill, Mary Byrne Mothersill, Muriel Frances Mothersill, Rita Maud Mothersill, Ada Perl Moulton, Adeline "Addie" Moulton, Alan Moulton, Alexander George Moulton, Archie Arthur Campbell Moulton, Arlene Moulton, Arthur Moulton, Barbara Moulton, Beatrice Moulton, Bill Moulton, Caroline Louise Jean Moulton, Carrie Moulton, Charles Moulton, Christine Moulton, Cindy Moulton, Clifford Alexander Moulton, Crystal Moulton, David Moulton, Debra Moulton, Dolly Moulton, Don Moulton, Dorothy Moulton, Douglas Moulton, Dwayne Moulton, Edmond Harley Moulton, Edmond James Moulton, Edna Pearl Moulton, Edward Moulton, Edward James Moulton, Eliza Pearl Moulton, Elsie Irene Moulton, Ernestine Moulton, Eugenia A. Moulton, Evelyn Moulton, Faye Moulton, Frances G. Moulton, Fred Moulton, Jr., Frederick Guy Moulton, Frederick Herbert Moulton, Garry Moulton, Gerald Moulton, Gertrude M. "Trudy" Moulton, Gladys Moulton, Greg Moulton, Gregory Moulton, Guy Moulton, Harford Dwyer Moulton, Harley Moulton, Harley Moulton, Jr., Harold Moulton, Iva Mae Elizabeth Moulton, Jacob "Bert" Forrest Moulton, James Moulton, James Moulton, James E. Moulton, James Edward Moulton, Jane Moulton, Janet Moulton, Janice Moulton, Jay Moulton, Jeffery Moulton, Jim Moulton, John Moulton, John Robert Moulton, John Wellington Moulton, Joseph Richard Moulton, Judith Ann Moulton, Keith Moulton, Kenneth Moulton, Leah Moulton, Lillian Gwendolyne Moulton, Linda Moulton, Lisa Moulton, Lisa Marie Moulton, Margaret May Moulton, Margret Isabell Moulton, Marilyn Moulton, Mark Wyatt Moulton, Martha I. Moulton, May Moulton, Megan Moulton, Merna Moulton, Michele Moulton, Milla Moulton, Myrtle May Moulton, Nelson W. Moulton, Norman Harford Moulton, Norman Roy Moulton, Patrick Moulton, Patti Moulton, Perl Moulton, Perl Moulton, Peter Moulton, Ray Moulton, Rebecca Ann Moulton, Robert O. Moulton, Robert Taylor Moulton, Ronald Moulton, Roy Moulton, Ruby Adeline Moulton, Russell Moulton, Jr., Russell Norris Moulton, Ruth Moulton, Sadie P. Moulton, Scott Moulton, Shauna Lee Moulton, Sheila May Moulton, Stephen Moulton, Suzanne Moulton, Thomas F. Moulton, Todd Moulton, Tom Moulton, Jr., Troy Moulton, Vangie Moulton, Warren H. Moulton, William Albert Moulton, William Joseph Keith Moulton, Ashley Mousseau, Bernard Mousseau, Jacques Mousseau, Jeremy Mousseau, Pierre Mousseau, Ryan Mousseau, Shawn Mousseau, Timothy Sean Moxness, Gilberto Mucin, Jenny Mucin, Thomas Mucin, Alisia Rose Mugford, Raymond Mugford, Mary Ann Muggeridge, Elizabeth Christine Mulkerns, John Stuart Mulkerns, John Stuart Fletcher Mulkerns, Lauren Michelle Mulkerns, Megan Louise Mulkerns, Patrick Michael Mulkerns, Seon Thomas Mulkerns, Briar Michael Mullally, Michael Mullally, Miranda Ruth Mullally, Marie Elizabeth Muller, Caryn Alissa Mulligan, Peter Mulligan, Millie Mundy, Jane Munro, Keith Munro, James Murdoch, Barbara Murison, Robert Alexander Murison, Stephen Murison, Angie Murphy, Earl William Murphy, Ebert Murphy, Ebert "Bert" Murphy, Edmund J. A. Murphy, Emma Josephine Murphy, Grace Viola Murphy, Harriet Murphy, Jean Murphy, Jimmy Murphy, John "Penman" Murphy, Leisa Gay Murphy, Leslie Lynn Murphy, Louise Murphy, Luke Ebert Murphy, Martha Jane Murphy, Matthew Murphy, Patricia Jane Murphy, Susan Murphy, Thomas Murphy, Thomas Niles Murphy, Thomas Ogden Murphy, William J. Murphy, Alexander Murray, Alexander Murray, Annie Murray, Balfour Murray, Brenda Wellena Murray, Brian Murray, Caroline Ann Murray, Clara Long Murray, Eunice Murray, Garry Murray, Janet Maud Murray, Jean McMinn Murray, Jessie Murray, John Murray, John Alexander Murray, Mary Murray, Mary Ellen Murray, Susan Murray, Wayne Murray, Veronica Musey, Gail Hazel Muth, Robert Mutte, Amanda Myers, Susanna Myles,

N: Daniel "Dan" Nasato, Scott Anthony Nasato, Arthur Nash, Tina Marie Natale, Agnes Naylor, Holly Aurora Nazar, Joachim Nazar, Lawrence Randal Nazar, Rekha Natasha Nazar, Steve Nazar, Steven Edward Nazar, Benjamin Ernest Neary, Bernard Neary, Brian Lewis Neary, Catherine Louise Neary, Colleen Leslie Neary, David Garland Neary, Francis Bernard Neary, Janet Marie Neary, Lisa Rose Neary, Richard Allen Neary, Robert Lewis Neary, Ronald Charles Neary, Ruth Elizabeth Neary, Sean Michael Neary, William Lewis Neary, Gordon John Neeberg, Kurt Daniel Neeberg, Scott Gordon Neeberg, Art Neeves, Andrew Robert Neil, Anne Neil, Robert Neil, Tyler Mitchell Neil, Chris Neilson, Alexander Sturgeon Byrne Nellis, Betty Lee Nellis, Craig J. Nellis, Frank Lester Nellis, Frederick William Nellis, Frederick William Nellis, Mary Lee Nellis, Rosena Nellis, Rosetta Nellis, Scott Nellis, Wade Elliott Nellis, Wilhemina Lillian Jane Nellis, William Nellis, William Gooding Nellis, Christopher Nelson, Elizabeth L. Nelson, Fletcher Nelson, Georgina Nelson, Harold Robert Edward Nelson, Karen Nelson, Kenneth Nelson, Marie Nelson, Mary E. Nelson, Mary Levina Nelson, Michael Nelson, Milton Nelson, Robert Nelson, Robert Paul Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Thomas Beverly Donald Nelson, Thomas John Nelson, Thomas Michael Nelson, Wanita Nelson, William Robert Nelson, Arden Nesbitt, Caroline Nesbitt, Cheryl Nesbitt, Donald Campbell Nesbitt, George Nesbitt, Harriet "Rebecca" Nesbitt, Margaret Nesbitt, Mary Ellen Nesbitt, Nathaniel Nesbitt, William Alexander Nesbitt, Evan Lyndon Lee Nesbitt-Pooler, Charlotte Mae Nethercott, Joyce Ann Netzley, Blain Vance Neufert, Harold Neufert, Linda Dawn Neufert, Edwin Lawrence Neumier, Mark Neumier, Mark Henri Neumier, Eleanor Nevers, Grace Newall, James Newall, Edward Newell, Mary Newell, Maude Newell, Glenna Newman, Jody William Newman, Walter "Wally" Newman, Jacob George "Jake" Newsom, Lillian Joyce Nicholas, Osborne Nicholas, Daniel Nichols, E. G. Nichols, Gregory Nichols, Jim Nichols, Pamela Jean Nichols, Taylor Dawn Nichols, Arthur Henry Nielander, Arthur Henry Nielander, Jr., Betty Ruth Nielander, Nina Ann Nielander, Stephen Bennett Nielander, Lois Ilene Nigh, Edward David Nighel, Rebecca Dawn Nighel, Dinarzade Niles, Ichabod Niles, Jane Nixon, Joanne Nixon, Cindy Lou Noble, Thomas Nobles, Lucy Noel, Phyllis Nordstrom, Bruce Clark Norman, Carolyn Janet Norman, George Wilfred Norman, Patricia Merle Norman, Stephanie Dawn Norman, W. George Christian Norman, William Frederick Norman, William Henry Norman, Emelda Normandeau, Aaron Julian Norrie, Alicia Grace Norrie, Andrew Stewart Norrie, Austin Hall Norrie, Norm Norrie, Lorena B. Norris, W. Northcott, Albert Norton, Belle Mabel Norton, Charles F. Norton, Charles F. Norton, Jr., Ethel Louis Norton, Mabel Annabelle Norton, Nancy Norton, Susan Norton, Thomas Norton, William Norton, William Norton, King Notell, Cora Atta Nottell, Christopher Robert Novak, Kayin Novak, Kenneth Mitchell Novak, Lisa Michelle Novak, Albert Nugent, Becky Lea "Rebecca" Nugent, Ethan William Nugent, Tammy Patrice Nugent, Thomas William "Tom" Nugent, Sharon Ann Nunes, Andrea Traynor Nute, Janice Lee Ann Nute, Jean Marc Nute, Jessica Day Nute, John Robert Stoddard Nute, John Thomas Nute, Joshua Michael Nute, Luke Traynor Nute, Michael Eugene Nute, Patricia Marlene Nute, Serge Nute, William J. "Bill" Nute, William Stafford "Bill" Nute, Robert Michael Nutley, Pamela Gaye Nybo, John Nychey, Thomas Richard Nychey, Russel Alexander Nycz, Tanya Dawn Nycz, Tracy Elaine Nycz, Tyler Russel Nycz, Benjamin Gerald William Nyveld, Francis "Frank" Nyveld, Jonathan Frank Nyveld, Melissa Kristine Nyveld,

O: Diane Oak, Emmett Oak, Glenna Oak, Larry Oak, Linda Oak, Eva Anne Oakley, Marlene Veronica Obirek, Gerard Michael "Gerry" O'Brien, Jack O'Brien, Jean O'Brien, Jon Jeffrey "Jeff" O'Brien, Jordan Paul O'Brien, Joseph Douglas "Joey" O'Brien, Lennis O'Brien, Lindsey Michelle O'Brien, Paul Edward O'Brien, Clare O'Connor, Frances O'Connor, Michael O'Connor, Michael O'Connor, Ada Rebecca Odlum, George Odlum, Brandon Joseph O'Farrell, William O'Farrell, Elaine Elizabeth Ogden, J. W. Ogden, Sandra Lynn Ogden, William Hoarse Ogden, Beatrice Ogilvie, Florence M. O'Gorman, Patrick O'Gorman, Deborah O'Hara, Frances Geralyn O'Leary, Adeline Oleskiu, Donna Olivier, Richard Olivier, Robert Olivier, Basil Olmstead, Henry Olmstead, Maria Olmstead, Sharon Lillian Olmstead, William Olmstead, Hayden Olsen, James David Olsen, Louise Mary Olsen, Helma Olson, Ivan Charles Olson, Jesse Chaz Olson, Kelli Dale Olson, Kelsey Dawn Olson, Gerald Omes, Frank J. O'Neil, Kathy O'Neil, Helen Gertrude O'Neill, John O'Neill, John O'Neill, Brett Levi Oostenbrug, Thomas Daniel Oostenbrug, Tia Mae Oostenbrug, J. E. Orcutt, Carvallis Oregon, Philip O'Reilly, Tara O'Reilly, Tommy O'Reilly, David Mark Organ, Charles James Ormsbee, Charles Keith Ormsbee, Charles Thomas Ormsbee, Christopher James Ormsbee, Clarke Thomas Ormsbee, David Ormsbee, Ethel Jane Ormsbee, Flora Lillian Ormsbee, Garrett Ormsbee, George Keith Ormsbee, Jean Ormsbee, Jordan Ormsbee, Keith Ormsbee, Keitha Margaret Ormsbee, Kyle Ormsbee, Myles William Ormsbee, Myra Ormsbee, Paula Ormsbee, William Henry Ormsbee, William Myles Ormsbee, Adam Orr, Alexandra Jane Orr, Alfred John De Lery Orr, Alfred Thorburn Orr, Anastasia Thorburn Orr, Audrey Patricia Orr, Brent Arthur Orr, Edward De Lery Orr, Edward Vivien De Lery Orr, Nancy Barbara Orr, Susan Margaret Orr, Fannie Osborne, Irene Osten, Ole Osten, Mildred Ostergaard, Diane Ostrander, Ewart Wilson Ostrander, Harry Ostrander, James Ostrander, Jeff Ostrander, John Ostrander, Minnie Ostrander, Mary E. Otly, Amanda Jean Oudin, Mark Oudin, Carl Outrim, Hazel Overdahl,

P: Deb Pacholka, John Pacholka, Austin Xander Pacik, Jason Pacik, Edith Mary Packman, Donald F. Page, Jeff Painchaud, Frederick William Paint, James Melville Paint, Margaret Elizabeth Louise Paint, Ormond Paint, Linda Palanio, Eva Palmer, Patricia Palmer, Rodney Benjamin Palmer, Stevie Christine Palmer, Alba Paniucco, Aris Papadoulis, Jason Papadoulis, Paul Papadoulis, William Papadoulis, Jody Paquette, Pamela Paquette, Carl William Parchman, Melanie Twila Parchman, Cheryl Lynn Parchnau, Kara Lorene Parchnau, Robert Parchnau, Robert Donald Parchnau, Olivia Clare Parchnau-Massey, Pearl Pardee, Peter Paris, Peter Brett Paris, Valerie Lynn Paris, Cindy Parisien, Lorena Marie Parisien, Alma B. Park, Anne M Park, Donald Albert Park, Elzear Park, Emmerson Park, Shirley Park, Wayne Park, Allison Ruth Parker, Ann S. Parker, Donna Parker, Douglas Parker, Jonathan Neil Parker, Kenneth Neil Parker, Steven Donald Parker, Wayne Parker, Wendy Parker, Christopher William Parks, Frances Parks, Helen Parks, Joanne Paskuruk, Charlotte Passe, Etienne Patenaude, Agatha Paterson, Crystal Paterson, Hazel Georgina Patmore, M. Paton, Barbara Patrick, Jean Patrick, Percy Millar Patrick, William Patrick, William Emerson Patrick, Alice Pattee, Mary Patten, Blair Duncan Patterson, Caron Patterson, Caron Gail Patterson, Christopher Hamilton Patterson, Cleveland Ellis Patterson, Dave Patterson, Donald Stewart Patterson, Jaqueline Patterson, Maud Patterson, Morton Patterson, William Charles Patterson, Pamella Ann Pattison, Patrick Stuart Pattison, Robert Camble Pattison, Ada Lucinda Paul, Alan Paul, Allan John Paul, Allison Paul, Brenda Paul, Christine Paul, Corrie Leigh Paul, David Paul, Donald Paul, Doris Mary Paul, Douglas Paul, Gordon T. Paul, Hilton Miles Paul, Joyce Paul, Joyce Ruth Paul, Judy Paul, Kevin Paul, Mina Elizabeth Paul, Norma Paul, Robert Hilton "Bob" Paul, Robert Miles Paul, Ruth Isobel Paul, Susan Paul, Tinamarie Lynn Paul, Winston Robert "Byng" Paul, Jamie Daniel Paul-Chupik, Benjamin Kurte Pay, Elvera Moraine Pay, Karen Pay, Ronald James Pay, Alexander Paynter, Frederick Paynter, Frederick Thomas Paynter, Gordon Paynter, Joan Paynter, John Paynter, Michael Paynter, Robert Paynter, Susan Paynter, William Paynter, William Paynter, William Myles Paynter, Janet Mills Peace, Emma Gertrude Peake, Melissa Olive Pearce, Sherry Elizabeth Pearce, William James Pearce, Amy Peck, Bessie Viola Peck, Kim Peck, Charles Peckenpaugh, Myrna Peckenpaugh, Elizabeth Josephine Peckover, Aaron Peever, Albin Ann Peever, Allan Peever, Andrew Peever, Arnold Peever, Beulah Peever, Bruce Peever, Caroline Rebecca Peever, Catherine "Katie" Peever, Catherine Myrtle Fern Peever, David Peever, David Peever, David Peever, David Peever, Jr., David Peever, Jr., Earl Peever, Edgar Peever, Elizabeth Content Peever, Elwin Peever, Eric Peever, Ethel Peever, Evans Peever, Faye Peever, George Peever, George Edmund Allen Peever, Helen Peever, James Peever, James Henry Peever, John Peever, Katie Peever, Kerry Peever, Larry Peever, Leah Peever, Lois Peever, Lorie Peever, Margaret Ethel Peever, Margo Peever, Marion Peever, Martha Maria Peever, Mary Jane Peever, Nettie Peever, Ruth Peever, Wade Peever, William Garth Pelky, Diane Armence Maria Louise Pelland, Maria Rosa Pellegrini, Brenda Pengelly, Ian Pengelly, John Pengelly, Marian Pengelly, Eugenia Vivian Penner, Eleanor Pennock, Ami Valentine Penrose, Antony Penrose, James Doyle Penrose, Roland Algernon Penrose, Albert William Penstone, Arthur Gerald "Art" Penstone, Brian Penstone, Douglas Penstone, Norman Penstone, William Penstone, Anna Pepper, Cecil Edward Pepper, Joseph William Pepper, Delma Perelini, Jonathan Taggart Perkins, Marie Ann "Polly" Perkins, Mary Caroline Perkins, William Andrew Joseph Perkins, William Atchison Perkins, William W. Perkins, Daryl Vaughn Perlett, Donna Lee Perlett, Frederick Perlett, Frederick Francis Perlett, Gregory Drew Perlett, Harold Leonard Perlett, Katherine Dawn Perlett, Leah Jay Perlett, Margaret Lorraine Perlett, Amanda Perrault, Kimberley Perrault, Lawrence Perrault, Natalie Perrault, Wayne Perrault, Jordan Perrigo, Alice M. Perry, Benjamin Perry, Clifford Perry, Glendyne Perry, James Perry, Jeremy Perry, Jodey Perry, Kimberly Ann Perry, Neil Perry, Sheila Marie Perry, Tina Ann Perry, Wayne Perry, O. Persson, Brendan Roland Hartung Peters, Charles Peters, Dale Edward Peters, Donald Edward Peters, Joanne Irene Peters, Liam Christopher Peters, Morgan Ashley Peters, Nancy Anne Peters, Nathaniel Scott Peters, Shannon Michelle Peters, Sophronia Peters, Stephen Henry Peters, Tara Elizabeth Peters, Timothy Scott Peters, Tyra Jade Peters, Wendy Jane Peters, Brek Arthur Peterson, Rodney Dwight Peterson, Anna Petrosky, E. A. Pettipher, Barbara Pfluke, Carolyn Ann Pfluke, Crayne Pfluke, David Hunt Pfluke, David Hunt Pfluke, Jr., Edward Pfluke, Jr., Edward Williams Pfluke, Eleanor N. Pfluke, Frederick Eugene Pfluke, Frederick John Pfluke, Hugh Eugene Pfluke, John David Pfluke, Lauren Elisabeth Pfluke, Peter Lange Pfluke, Phyllis Pfluke, Rebecca Pfluke, Robert Brendon Pfluke, Susan Pfluke, Robert Phair, Alex Philbrook, Fred Philbrook, Gary Philbrook, Ellen Mara Phillips, Helen M. Phillips, Hubert Phillips, Lloyd Phillips, Louisa Phillips, Kenneth Pierce, Kenneth Dean Pierce, Linda Joan Pierce, Gertrude Pike, Elizabeth Pilon, Muriel Beryl Pimperton, William Pimperton, Dawn Pinchbeck, Ksenda Dawn Pinchbeck, Robert George Pinchbeck, John Celeste Pini, Mark Stephen Pini, Thomas Celeste Pini, Arthur Dwight Pinkham, Jr., Kenneth Pireder, Charlie W. Pitcher, David Henry Pitcher, Robert Pitcher, W. George Pitcher, Edith Pitt, Severino Pittioni, Darius Ambrose Gardiner Pixley, Donald Gardiner Pixley, Edith Irene Pixley, Edward Pixley, Ethel Pixley, Etta Rowena Pixley, Frances Jean Pixley, Frances Winnifred Pixley, Frederick Neil Pixley, Gardiner Pixley, Joan Pixley, John Edward Pixley, Lawrence Pixley, Mabel Victoria Pixley, Mary Pixley, Myrtle Amy Pixley, Neil Thorne Pixley, Nevah Doreen Pixley, Robert Allan Pixley, Sandra Pixley, Sharon Plato, Chris Scriver Platt, G. Platt, John Scriver Platt, Elsie June Playfair, Angus Walker Plewes, Alberta "Bird" Plewis, Ambrose Freeman "Johnny" Plewis, Angus Walker Plewis, Artrena May "Treen" Plewis, Austin Wray Plewis, Burleigh Chantler Plewis, Carol Louise Plewis, Christian Plewis, Dale Kevin Plewis, Dallas Alaxander Plewis, Daniel Keith Plewis, Danielle Plewis, Daren Wade Plewis, Darwin Troy Plewis, Daylon Chance Plewis, Deana Gay Plewis, Deborah Lynn Plewis, Edna Doreen Plewis, Edward Keith Plewis, Edwin Lovell Plewis, Elsie Mertina Plewis, Erma Marlene Plewis, Erwin Lowell Plewis, Evelyn Marjorie Plewis, Glen Alese Cleveland Plewis, Gordon Norman "Sport" Plewis, Gregory Lyle Plewis, Harvey Abernethy "Bud" Plewis, Harvey Douglas Plewis, Helen "Toots" Plewis, Jack Abernethy Plewis, James Plewis, James Freeman Plewis, James Leon Plewis, Jason Plewis, Jerri Plewis, Jesse Michael Plewis, Jillian Leigh Plewis, Joanne Leslye Plewis, Karen Yvonne Plewis, Karissa Dawn Plewis, Kaylee Shea Plewis, Kenneth Dale Plewis, Kim Doreen Plewis, Kyle Adam Plewis, Lance Brian Plewis, Larry Gordon Plewis, Lawrence Elmor "Barney" Plewis, Leon Elmor Plewis, Marcene Rae Plewis, Margaret Doreen Plewis, Mark Leon Plewis, Mary Alvena Plewis, Matthew Plewis, Michael Wayne Plewis, Mildred Evelyn "Millie" Plewis, Mildred Lorraine Plewis, Morris Alton Plewis, Myrna Ellen Plewis, Nathan Daniel Plewis, Nicole Plewis, Norman Ray Plewis, Patricia Jane Plewis, Penelope Lynn Plewis, Reiny Shawn Plewis, Ryan James Plewis, Ryan Keith Plewis, Sandra Louise Plewis, Terrance Wayne Plewis, Terry Norman Plewis, Tonya Plewis, Wenda Clarice Plewis, William Sanford Plewis, Zoe Elaine Plewis, DeWitcha Pluckman, Emily Pockrandt, Linett Pockrandt, Scott Pockrandt, Gwenn Poff, Christy Poirer, Joe Poirer, Charles Poitras, Christopher Poitras, Clinton Poitras, Michael Poitras, Louise Pollard, Alexander Pollock, Ellen Pollock, Katherine Poloyko, Diane Faye Pond, Faye F. Pond, Andrea Marie Poole, Brian Poole, Catherine Grace Noel Poole, Daniel James Poole, Delbert Poole, George William Poole, Ian Poole, Jessie Alfred James Poole, Kelly Ann Poole, Nathan Joel Poole Poole, Steward John Poole, Una Poole, William Ellsworth Poole, Amber Dawn Pooler, Arlene Patricia Pooler, Eric Robert Pooler, Evelyn Pooler, George Pooler, George Henry "Harry" Pooler, Grant William Pooler, Harold Pooler, Kelsey April Anne Pooler, Lillian Alice Pooler, Melanie Joy Pooler, Shane Michael Pooler, Sherissa Camille Pooler, Stephanie Courtney Dawn Pooler, Walter Henry Pooler, William Pooler, Leanne Arlene Pope, Miriam Popesso, Silvano Popesso, David Popil, James Porteous, John Porteous, Diane Elizabeth Porter, Elizabeth Porter, Rae Ann Porter, Raymond Alexander Porter, Daniel Posthumus, Eddie Posthumus, Matthew Posthumus, Amoila Potter, Bradley Ronald Potter, Curtis Nelson Potter, Grace Potter, James Lowell Potter, June Potter, Nelson Potter, Ronald Nelson Potter, William Arthur Potter, William Henry Potter, Alice Virginia Pottle, Suzanne Louise Pourchot, Marc Andre Pourier, Amanda Kay Powell, Jacqueline "Jackie" Powell, Tommy Gene Powell, William Powell, Ruth Powers, Beverly Ann Pozdnikoff, Maddalena Pozzo, Peter Predko, Robin Lee Predko, Marc Andre Prefontaine, Richard Prefontaine, Delio Prenassi, Edda Prenassi, Luciano Prenassi, Mauricio Prenassi, Mauro Prenassi, Nicola Prenassi, Rita Prenassi, Virginio Prenassi, Mary Prendergast, Benjamin Prentice, Ina Presley, Alice Prestimo, Mary E. Preston, Catharine Dawn Price, Bruce Alder Pridham, Candace Leanne Pridham, Carl Adam Bruce Pridham, Chad Raymond Priebe, Kaile Elizabeth Priebe, Susan Prieur, Alice Ernestine Prin, Ethel Gertrude Mary Prince, Agnes Harriet Pringle, Judy Pringle, Alexandria Nicole "Alex" Procknow, Benjamin Douglas Procknow, Clarke Steven Procknow, Herman Robert "Herb" Procknow, G. E. Proctor, Drydon Profit, Marcel Profit, Mitchell Profit, Teresa Marie Prokipchuk, Timothy Michael Prokipchuk, Todd Mark Prokipchuk, Walter Prokipchuk, William Prokipchuk, Charles Augusta Proper, Frederick William Proper, Russel Henry Proper, Dorothy M. Prueter, Emil H. Prueter, Victor Charles Puddy, Vickie Lynn Puorro, Derrek John Lloyd Purcell, Ian James Purcell, Jacqueline Marie Purcell, John Albert Purcell, Kerri Leigh Purcell, Rebecca Josephine "Reba" Purcell, Shannon John Purcell, Steve Purcell, Nicholas Isaah Purcell-Cleroux, Ellen Jose Purvis, Franklin Putnew, Franklin Putney, Douglas John Puttenham, George A. Puttenham, George Pixley Puttenham, Ann Pybus,

Q: Lisa Quarin, Angeline Quedort, Marie Jeanne D'arc Germaine Quenneville, Angeline Quidort, Pierre "Peter" Quidort, Camille Quigley, Joan Quigley, W. M. Quigley, Edward Joseph Quinn, William George Quinton,

R: Lori Rabb, Kathryn Jane Radford, Peter A. Radford, Simon Radford, Melach Radnitsky, Emmanuel Radnitzky, Cathy Rae, Jeoff Rae, Joe Rae, John Rae, Robert Rae, Ronald Rae, Ethel Mae Rafter, George W. Rafter, Louis Rainboth, Marguerite Rainboth, Walter Rainboth, Evelyn Rainbow, Shirley Ann Ralfton, Elsie Dorothy Ralph, Manfred Ralph, John Ralston, Penelope Phyllis Ramsay, Carrie Ann Ramsey, Rose Ann Randazzo, Joan Ranger, Katherine Florence Rankin, Katherine Sophie "Kate" Rankin, Matthew Rankin, Inger Brogaart Rasmusson, Marcella Ratchford, Judith Ellen Ratcliff, Roger Ratelle, Isaac James Rathwell, Kenneth James Rathwell, Mary Rathwell, William Rathwell, Gloria May Rattray, Joe Rau, Katharine Madiline Rau, Charles Douglas Hugh "Chuck" Ray, Douglas Ray, Iona Ray, Justin Douglas Edward Ray, Kyle Charles Ray, Man Ray, Nadine Lynette Ray, Guy Raymond, Sharon Raymond, Clayton Cornelius Read, Tracey Amanda Reason, Arnold Rechsteiner, Sally Ann Rechsteiner, Sarah Ann Redden, G. Dale Reece, Anna Reed, Brendan Reed, Clayton Cornelius Reed, Donald William "Bill" Reed, James Harold "Jim" Reed, James Stewart Reed, Kenneth Stewart "Ken" Reed, Samuel Reed, Michelle Reeder, Cheryle Reedman, Angie Rees, Edith Lucille Rees, Jacqueline Reeve, Leonard William Reeve, Acenith "Sena" Reid, Bradley Kevin Reid, David George Reid, Donald Charles Reid, Donna Melissa Reid, Douglas Reid, Douglas Bruce Reid, George Reid, George Stratton Reid, Gordon Douglas Reid, James M. Reid, Jemima Reid, Laura Reid, Lawrence Reid, Lawrence Reid, Jr., Lois Reid, Martha Reid, Mary Reid, Mary "Molly" Reid, Oliver Reid, Ruth Reid, Susan Reid, Donald James Reilly, Eugene "Gene" Reilly, Ralph Edgar Reilly, Emma Reinhardt, Eedze "Eddie" Reitsma, Agnes Rempel, Jennifer Ellen Reptiphanuck, Lyndsey Reptiphanuck, Rebecca Lynn Reptiphanuck, Steven Laurence Reptiphanuck, Joe Resch, Lynda Diane Resch, Emily Revell, Cindy Reynolds, Helen Haddon Reynolds, Theresa Rhodes, Elwood Rice, Geoffrey Rice, Jane Rice, John Rice, Sharon Richard, Brenda Richardson, Corey Richardson, Elizabeth Richardson, Elmer Jay Richardson IV, Elmer Jay Richardson V, Jay Richardson, Marguerite Richardson, Roderick William Richardson, William Richardson, William Thomas Richardson, Adam Vernon William Richer, Kathy Richer, Michael Robert Richer, Marinus Riesebosch, Reta Riesebosch, Rita Riesebosch, Annalisa Rinaldi, Guerrino Rinaldi, Guilio Rinaldi, Nila Rinaldi, Nilo Rinaldi, Nilo Rinaldi, Pietro Rinaldi, Pietro Rinaldi, Rosana Rinaldi, David Ripley, Deborah Catherine Ripley, Julie Sharon Ripley, Margaret Ritcher, Ann Ritchie, James B. Ritchie, Neva Ritchie, Walter F. Ritchie, Stewart Rivington, Johanah Robards, David Robb, Margaret Robb, Mary Robb, Barbara Ann Robbins, Diane Marie Roberts, Johanah Roberts, John Earl "Jack" Roberts, Mabel Arminta Roberts, Rhonda Mae Roberts, Roberta Ann Roberts, Ada Robertson, Berdie Robertson, Bertha Robertson, Charlotte Jane Robertson, Douglas Robertson, Gordon Robertson, Harry Robertson, Jane "Jennie" Robertson, Joanne Elizabeth Robertson, Johan Elizabeth Robertson, John Robertson, John Robertson, Mary Robertson, Mary E. Robertson, Patricia Robertson, Robert Robertson, William Harrison Robertson, William Peterson Robertson, Annie Robillard, Kenneth Lee Robins, Kortney Keneen Robins, Lee Robins, Pamela Dawn Robins, Tanya Evelyn Robins, Barry Robinson, Brooke Hunter Robinson, Carl Elliot Robinson, Carolyn Anne Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Charles Dale Robinson, Christopher Robinson, David Thomas Robinson, Donald Gordon Robinson, Elizabeth Owens "Eliza" Robinson, G. W. Robinson, Gary Robinson, George Delbert Stephen Robinson, Gillian Marie Robinson, Hannah Theresa Robinson, Helen Lynne Robinson, Jamie Lee Robinson, Jeannie Robinson, Jill Mary Jane Robinson, Kimberly Robinson, Levi E. Robinson, Margaret Robinson, Michael Robinson, Michael Donald Robinson, Muriel Robinson, Murray Carl Robinson, Patricia Robinson, Revel A. Robinson, Rita Margaret Robinson, Roland Wellington Robinson, Ryan Charles Robinson, Sally Ann Elizabeth Robinson, Stephen Denzil Frederick Robinson, Victor Robinson, Bradley Robson, Edward "Ted" Robson, Kelly Robson, Lynda Dianne Robson, Sunni Jeanne Robson, William Robson, Diana Roe, Cory Roelens, Rachel Lynn Roelens, Shayla Marie Roelens, "Buck" Rogers, Fred Rogers, Patricia Lynn Rogers, Susan Louise Rogers, William A. Rogers, Randy Roles, Lillian Rollins, Dorothy May Rolston, Fred Roluf, M.D., Mabel Julia Romain, John Michael Roman, Kenneth Michael Roman, Rebecca Elizabeth Roman, Agostino "Augustin" Romanelli, Angelo Romanelli, Augustino Romanelli, Barbara Romanelli, Carmela Romanelli, Elena Romanelli, Ersilio Romanelli, Ezechiel Romanelli, Flavia Romanelli, Francesco Romanelli, Giuseppe Romanelli, Ivana Romanelli, Matteo Romanelli, Pio Romanelli, Rosio Romanelli, Silvana Romanelli, Silvano Romanelli, Silvia Romanelli, Tarcisio Romanelli, Tiziano Romanelli, Rose Martha Romaniuk, Wasyl Romaniuk, Thomas Romeo, Richard Romkey, Max Romm, Ken Roney, Emily Rooks, Edith Ann Amelia Rooney, Elizabeth Rooney, Ella Rae Minerva Rooney, Eva Catherine May Rooney, Isabella Jane Rooney, Lenna Armonella Perl Rooney, William George Rooney, Isabel Roscoe, Isabella Roscoe, John Roscoe, Amir "Ron" Rosisi, Adonna Joy Ross, Andrea Joe Ross, Angela Ross, Bernard Ross, Christopher William Ross, Corey John Ross, Dingwall Ross, Donald James Ross, Donald William Ross, Donna Helen Ross, Douglas John Keith Ross, Elsie Ross, Hattie Ross, James Thomas Allan Ross, Jesse Ross, John William Ross, Kathryn Ross, Kenneth Donald James Ross, Kortana Victoria Ross, Mervyn Douglas Ross, Patricia Ross, Peggy Ross, Penelope "Pennie" Ross, Robert Ross, Jr., Robert Alexander Ross, Robert Charles Thomas Ross, Terri-Lynne Gail Ross, Walter Alvin Ross, Wendy Lee-Anne Ross, William Ross, Callisto Rossi, Flavia Rossi, Lucia Rossi, Santo Rossi, Henrietta Roth, Ada Blanche Roushorn, Almore Roushorn, Beatrice Roushorn, Bessie Pearl Roushorn, Blanche Roushorn, Carl Ebert Roushorn, Carla Lois Roushorn, Charles Roushorn, Clara Belle Roushorn, Ella Frances Roushorn, Elmer Roushorn, Emily Roushorn, Emma Roushorn, Frances Roushorn, Gale Roushorn, George Roushorn, Hilda Beatrice Roushorn, Howard Roushorn, Inez Mae Roushorn, John Christopher Roushorn, Lisla Roushorn, Mary Roushorn, Ordelia Roushorn, Thomas Roushorn, William Roushorn, William Howard Roushorn, Cecelia Rouson, Carolyn Annie "Kiwi" Rowan, Arthur Calway Rowe, Brian R. Rowe, Cynthia Vicki May Rowe, Edna May Rowe, Harriet Rowe, Irene Lynora Rowe, James Arthur Glenn Rowe, James Calway Rowe, John Arthur Rowe, John Stanley Rowe, Paul Robert Rowe, Stanley James Rowe, Tracy Leanne Rowe, Frances "Mafy" Rowley, Gwyneth Rowley, Frances Rowsome, Iva Marion Roycraft, Alanna Larene Rozdeba, Chael Isaac Rozdeba, Darren Gene Rozdeba, Eugene Matt Rozdeba, Kaden Mickel Rozdeba, Marcel Alan Rozdeba, Whitney Reese Rozdeba, Amanda Marie Rozgo, Andrea Paige Rozgo, Brian Adam Rozgo, Brian Wendell Rozgo, George M. Ruckles, Mabel Ruel, Ami Ruest, Jean Ruest, Marie Ruest, Sara Ruest, June Ruse, Alecia Dawn Rush, Brock Herbert Grobb Rush, Robyn Elizabeth Rush, Norma Rushlo, Audrey Russell, Charles Mckenzie Russell, Connie Russell, Dalton Russell, Dorothy Margaret Russell, Elizabeth M. Russell, Ellen Russell, Ellis Russell, Frank J. Russell, George A. Russell, George Alfred Russell, Harry Russell, Henry Dalton Russell, Jane Russell, Jean D. Russell, Jean Sturgeon Russell, John David Russell, Joseph Bruce Russell, Joseph Henry Russell, Joseph John Russell, Judd Russell, Keith G. Russell, Kenneth George Russell, Lorna Russell, Marjory Isabel Russell, Maynard Russell, Murray Russell, Randy Russell, Robert Russell, Roland H. Russell, Royce Russell, Sandra Mae Russell, William Russell, William G. Russell, Willis Ian Russell, Willis Paul Russell, Carolyn Ruszkowski, Doug Rutherford, Winnetta Margaret Rutherford, Amanda Arrebella Ruthven, Edna Blanche Ruthven, Ella Ruthven, Ida Jessie Ruthven, John Ruthven, Mabel R. Ruthven, Mary Matilda Ruthven, Norman Ruthven, Wellington Campbell Ruthven, William Edwin Ruthven, Catherine Rutledge, David William Rutledge, Edwin Lawrence Rutledge, Evelyn Jeanie Rutledge, Evelyn Margaret Rutledge, Frances Jane Rutledge, Frances Jean Rutledge, Georgina Irene Rutledge, Gladys Marie Rutledge, Herbert Redvers Rutledge, Janet Ruby Rutledge, Jean Rutledge, John Edwin Rutledge, Mabel Louise Rutledge, Mary Pearl Rutledge, Robert Rutledge, Robert James Rutledge, Ruby Rutledge, Viola Rhea Rutledge, Grace Ann Ruttan, Elma Merle Ruttle, Anna May Ryan, Margaret Helen "Peggy" Ryan, Ann Rybus, Jimmy "Chopper" Ryder, Bessie Rylands,

S: Alex Saab, Brenda Leigh Sabourin, Diane Sabourin, Joseph Wilfred Sabourin, Steven Michael Sabourin, Wilfred Joseph Sabourin, Clifford Ulman Sadler, Clifford Ulman Sadler, Jr., Wilmer King Sadler, Audrey Barbara Safford, Dorothy Macfie Safford, Frances Curley Safford, Harry Hamilton Safford, Marion Munroe Safford, Myron Garret Safford, Penelope Spencer Safford, Patricia Sager, Catherine North Sague, Jeffrey Sailor, Alyssa Trinity Samels, Avery Reid Samels, Shawn William Samels, Clara Evelyn Samms, John Sample, Kim Sanders, Peter Sanderson, Margaret Sandford, Rose Evelyn Sands, Janet Sanftenberg, Nels Anderson Sansteby, Debbie Santucci, Carol Anne Sapsford, Christian Richard Sapsford, Colleen Marie Sapsford, Ernest James Sapsford, Frank Arthur Sapsford, Holly Nadeen Sapsford, Isabella Katherine Sapsford, James Edward Sapsford, Kristeen Ann Sapsford, Richard James Sapsford, Robert Arthur Sapsford, Sherry Maureen Sapsford, Shirley Anne Sapsford, Terry Allan Sapsford, Theresa Agnes Sapsford, William Walter "Bill" Sapsford, Andrea Sargent, Beth Sargent, Brian Glen Sargent, Bruce Sargent, Corrine Myra Sargent, Douglas Sargent, Douglas Nelson Sargent, Erin Leigh Sargent, Ian Sargent, Janessa Sargent, Kathryn Jill Sargent, Leanne Sargent, Richard Norman "Rick" Sargent, Shannon Sargent, Timothy Sargent, John Sarvis, Matilda Avaleen "Tillie" Sarvis, Charlotte Matilda Satter, Jim Sauer, Linda Saunders, W. Saunders, Thomas Saunderson, Brendon Sauriol, Christopher Sauriol, Jennifer Sauriol, Karen Sauriol, Keith Sauriol, Laurie Sauriol, Charlotte Sause, Mary Alexina "Mayme" Sauve, Sharon Louise Savage, Barbara Jean Savitz, Brenda Kathleen Savitz, Brenda Lee Savitz, Christina Ann Savitz, Gerald Ralph Savitz, Glen Evan Savitz, Harvey Ellis Savitz, James Allen Savitz, Jean Dale Savitz, Linda Louise Savitz, Mary Florence Savitz, Matthew Dean Savitz, Ralph Savitz, Robert Bruce Savitz, Steven Ellis Savitz, Suzan Kay Savitz, Sylvia Lynn Savitz, Todd Eugene Savitz, Vern Cecil Savitz, Wallace Savitz, William Charles Savitz, Katherine Sawatzky, Linda May Sayeau, Shelley Christine Sayeau, Wayne Kevin Sayeau, Wendy Darlene Sayeau, Wilfred Wayne Sayeau, Wilfred "Wicks" Sayeau, George Sayers, Ray Sayers, Aaron Blake Scarf, Albert Harold Scarf, Gerald Allen "Bucky" Scarf, Guy Delbert Scarf, Harold Scarf, Harold Wesley Scarf, Kay Scarf, Kimberley Ellen Scarf, Kristie Elaine Scarf, Mavis Scarfe, Donald Lloyd Scarrow, Lillian Schaefer, James Scharf, Margaret Adelaide Scharf, Rhonda Schatzke, A. Scheffler, Charles Frederick Scheibe, Gordon Edward Schergold, Brett Scheuer, Emily Rose Scheuer, James Scheuer, Michael Scheuer, Elsie Schick, Margaret Schifferer, Barry Schlicht, Connie E. Schlicht, Darrell Schlicht, David Schlicht, Dawn Schlicht, Jack Schlicht, Jack Schlicht, Jr, Karen P. Schlicht, Kenny Schlicht, Kimberly Sue Schlicht, Mack Schlicht, Mack Schlicht, Jr, Mark S. Schlicht, Robert Schlicht, Sandra Schlicht, Theresa Schlicht, Crystal Lee Schmalenberg, Perry Schmalenberg, Linda Jean Schmaltz, Betty Lou Schmidt, Katherine Sophina Schmidt, Patty Schmiedt, Carl Schneider, John David Schneider, Spencer Paul Schneider, Finn Schonberg, Karrie Lee Schonberg, Kevin Lindsay Schonberg, Korina Leslie Schonberg, Kristina Lynn Schonberg, Henry Schopp, Justin Henry Schopp, Joyce Schrader, Lee Arthur Schroeder, Ralph Esch Schroeder, Robert Bardon Schroeder, Blanche Schultz, Herbert Kendall Schultz, Herbert Kendall Schultz, Jr., Patricia Jane Schultz, Robert Arthur Schultz, Cimerron Schuyler, Phillip Schuyler, Doris Schwamborn, Eugenia Rebecca Elizabeth Schwan, Thomas Schwan, Arthur Schwartz, Catherine Ann Schwartz, Clifford Sifton Schwartz, Edgar Schwartz, Edith Schwartz, Elsie Schwartz, Ernest Schwartz, Gilbert Schwartz, Hazel Schwartz, Hilliard Schwartz, Irvin Proudlock Schwartz, Margaret Sophia Schwartz, Mary Ellen Schwartz, Milton Ebert Schwartz, William Edgar Schwartz, William Frederick Schwartz, John W. Schweigert, Thomas Schweigert, Donna Lee Schwer, Elden Frederick Schwer, John Scobie, Elisebetta Scomparin, Amy Scott, Barbara Ann Scott, Beatrice Maud Scott, Craig Scott, Dorothy Elizabeth Scott, E. P. Scott, Edwin Henry "Bus" Scott, Edwin Reginald "Ted" Scott, Evelyn Avis "Eva" Scott, Gary Scott, James Scott, Jean Scott, Kenneth Scott, Lynn Scott, Norm Scott, Patrick Scott, Peter Scott, Robert Scott, Robert Scott, Jr., Robert "Bob" Scott, Robert Kitchener "Bob" Scott, Stanley Cyril Scott, Walter John Scott, Walter John "Jack" Scott, William Douglas Scott, William Henry "Bill" Scott, Graham Scrimgeour, Ardell Elizabeth Scriver, Bethuel William Scriver, Charles Henry Scriver, Frederick Scriver, Harold Thaddeus Scriver, James Robert Scriver, Jane Scriver, Jennifer Scriver, Julius Melvin Scriver, Laura Ellen Scriver, Lavina Maria Scriver, Margaret Alice Scriver, Robert MacFie Scriver, Thaddeus Emery Scriver, Leonard Sdrogefske, Mary Seaman, Ronald Searle, Kate Sears, Linda Fay Sears, Mary M. Seaver, David John Sedgwick, Delbert Sedgwick, Leonard Charles Sedgwick, Rhonda Jane Sedgwick, Annie L. Seeley, Artemus Seeley, Elizabeth Jane Seeley, Ethel M. Seeley, Florence L. Seeley, Harriet Seeley, Hattie M. Seeley, Irene Seeley, Jane Seeley, Louis Seeley, Lucy A. Seeley, Mary Jane "Minnie" Seeley, Maude Seeley, T. D. Seeley, Amanda Lauren Seeman, Donald Seeman, Jeffrey Lauren Seeman, Anthony George Seguin, Tracy Christine Seguin, Trevor Brady Seguin, Elizabeth Christie Seidel, Frederick Albert Seidel, Stephen Alexander Seidel, Stephen E. Seidel, Clifton Eugene Seitz, Susan Seitz, Arthur W. Seldon, Frank W. Seldon, Eliza Sellers, Christopher Semchism, Denise Semchism, Robert Semchism, Tracy Semchism, Kiara Dawn Semeniuk, Metro Peter Semeniuk, Tannis Maureen Semeniuk, Trenton Metro Semeniuk, Alexander Edward Senez, Allan Leo Senez, André Joseph Senez, André Joseph "Andy" Senez, Duane André Senez, Holly Desireé Senez, Leo George Senez, Raeann Marie Senez, Samantha Sabrina Senez, Taylor Corissa Senez, William Ernest Senez, John Service, Claire Setchell, David Setchell, Holly Setchell, Judith Setchell, Virginia Seullion, Carrie Severson, George Sevier, James Sevier, Sarah Jane Sevier, Eliza Seward, Marie Seymore, Jeffrey Albert "Jeff" Seymour, Charles Dudley Shannon, Eileen Grace Shannon, Eldon Shannon, Eleanor Ann Shannon, Eliza Shannon, Harriet Marlene Shannon, Katie Lynn Shannon, Lisa Audrey Shannon, Raymond Dudley Shannon, Shirley Margaret Shannon, Allison Jessie Sharp, Anneliese Mary Sharp, Raymond Keith Sharp, Victoria G. Sharp, Archie Sharpe, Clara Sharpe, Jane Sharpe, Alexander Michael Raymond Shaw, Alfred Shaw, Allan William Shaw, Arthur Shaw, Darian Randall Laurie Shaw, Darlene Carol Shaw, Darlene Lynn Shaw, Debra Eileen Shaw, Diane Alice Shaw, Douglas Glen Shaw, Eilean Shaw, Faith Katia Elaine Armance Shaw, Gerald Creswell Shaw, Glen Arthur Shaw, Isabelle Nathalie Marie Shaw, Kristy Lynn Shaw, Lance Allan Shaw, Leslie George Shaw, Lisa Allyson Shaw, Lynda Marlene Shaw, Michael Raymond Joseph Shaw, Orla Marie Shaw, Raymond Alfred Shaw, Shaun Curtis Shaw, Tammy-Rai Maria Shaw, Teagan Leslie Shaw, Tracey Doreen Shaw, Clark Shea, George Clark Shea, George Nester Myton Shea, Kevin Clark Shea, Liam Harrison Wolters Shea, Mackenzie Clark Henry Shea, Patrick Shea, Paul Shea, Paul Chester Shea, Ronald Shea, Rosemary Addie Shea, Christine Sheard, Fred Sheard, John Shearer, John Shearer, Jr., Philip Shearer, Dorothy Jean Sheasby, Joseph B. Shelley, Ora Shelley, Bradford Shepard, Charles Shepard, Edwin Bradford Shepard, Pamela Shepard, Thomas Shepard, Dale Elizabeth Shepherd, Darren Michael Shepherd, David William Shepherd, Devin William Shepherd, George Earl Shepherd, Martha Elizabeth Shepherd, Sarah Shepherd, William Earl Shepherd, Carol Lynne Sheppard, David Frederick Sheppard, Duncan John Sheppard, Edward Sheppard, Edward George Sheppard, Frederick George Sheppard, George Baird Sheppard, Holly Susanne Sheppard, Jack Sheppard, Judy Sheppard, Kimberly Dawn Sheppard, Kristie Lyn Sheppard, Lori Diane Sheppard, Neil Geoffery Sheppard, Peter Russel Sheppard, Stacey Helen Ann Sheppard, Trena Jean Sheppard, Ada Evelyn Sherburn, Florence Clark Sherburn, John Brookfield Sherburn, Lance Claire Shewan, Minto Lipton Shewan, Robert Shewan, Roland Wayne Shewan, Wayne Shewan, Albert Delmar Shewfelt, Carole Shewfelt, Daniel Herbert Shewfelt, Edgar Ronald Shewfelt, George Andrew Shewfelt, George Lloyd Shewfelt, John Shewfelt, Lawrence Ronald Shewfelt, Leigh Shewfelt, Lloyd George Shewfelt, Lorne A. Shewfelt, Margaret Laura Shewfelt, Marilyn Shewfelt, Mary Iva Shewfelt, Michael James Shewfelt, Rowena Grace Shewfelt, Talitha Anne Shewfelt, Wayne Shewfelt, Esther Mary Shier, Anna Jane Shirley, Elizabeth Catherine Iva Shirley, Richard Shirley, Thelma Frances Ruth Shirley, William Richard Deckland Shirley, Reno Shively, Lydia M. Shoemaker, Mildren Edith Shonyo, Minerva A. Shook, Deborah Ann "Debbie" Shore, Gary Shore, George Gary Shore, Greg Andison Shore, Nancy Jean Shore, Victoria Lynn "Vicky" Shore, William Hamilton "Bud" Shore, William James "Bill" Shore, Sarah Rollins Short, Grace Shutts, Victoria Marilyn "Vickie" Shuya, Terry Sicard, JoAnn Sien, Brig Sigismund, Darrell Sigismund, Laura Sigismund, Anne Sikes, Dianna Sikora, Angela Silger, Murray Silger, Shawn Silger, Donna Silkelee, Alwyn John Silver, Christopher Rudinck Silver, Frances Silver, Frederick Neil Silver, John Silver, Marjory Amy Silver, Meleria Simingston, Agnes Simmons, Albert Ezra Simmons, Charles L. Simmons, Edith Simmons, Eliza Matilda Simmons, Ethel Gladys Simmons, George Lester Simmons, George Lister Simmons, George Thomas Simmons, George Wesley Simmons, Hazel Elizabeth Simmons, Ida Elaine Simmons, James Simmons, John Simmons, John Frederick Simmons, John L. "Jack" Simmons, John L. "Jack" Simmons, Jonas Simmons, Jonas Frederick Simmons, Lyle Edith Simmons, Lyster Francis Simmons, Mabel Martha Simmons, Mary Anne "Susanna" Simmons, Ruth Dee Simmons, Samuel Simmons, Sarah Jane Simmons, Thomas George Simmons, William C. Simmons, William Henry Simmons, William James Simmons, James William Simons, Jr, Shelley Simons, Arthur John Simpson, Ashley Marshall Simpson, Bernard Simpson, Brendan Andrew Simpson, Cailin Morgan Simpson, Christopher George Simpson, Claude Philip Simpson, Cuinn Philip Simpson, Dianne Simpson, Eldon James Simpson, Elva Simpson, George Simpson, George Simpson, Gloria Simpson, Harold Clark Simpson, Isobell Neville Simpson, Iva Simpson, Janice Simpson, Janice Louise Simpson, Jeremiah Washburn "Jerry" Simpson, Laurie Clark Simpson, Leonard Simpson, Lloyd Eldon Simpson, Marilyn Irene Simpson, Nancy Simpson, R. Lillian Simpson, Robert Simpson, Roy Delbert Simpson, Sara Simpson, Sharon Elaine Simpson, Susan Margueritte Simpson, Trevor Patrick Simpson, Charles Pritchard Sinclair, Karen Lynn Sinclair, Pamela Sinclair, George Sinfield, Jack Sinfield, Phoebe Sipp, Chris Sitter, Kaitlyn Sitter, Zachary Sitter, Bailey Ayung Sitz, Eliza Mary Saraswati Sitz, Serena Agung Sitz, Steven Alan Sitz, Deborah May Siverson, Joel Ezra Siverson, John Olai Kristoffer Siverson, Kimberley Ann Siverson, David Merritt Skibsted, Eric Thomas Merit Skibsted, Joan May Skibsted, Karen Elizabeth Skibsted, Mark Allen Skibsted, Richy Thomas Skibsted, Graydon Skillet, Mabel Anne Skoryk, Amy Marie Skuce, Ashley Skuce, Bernice Skuce, Bryce Lyle Skuce, Corinne May Skuce, Corwin John Skuce, Denise Elaine Skuce, Dennis John Skuce, Donald Robert Skuce, Donna Marie Skuce, Doris Kathryn Skuce, Douglas George Skuce, Edgar Allan Skuce, Eugenia Sherry Lee Penner Skuce, George Elmer Skuce, Gordon Richard "Dick" Skuce, Gregory Allan Skuce, Harry Lyle Skuce, Helen Janet Skuce, James Ralph "Jim" Skuce, Jarrad James Skuce, Jessica Skuce, Jessica Raye Skuce, Joan Carol Mary Skuce, Joe Skuce, John Donaldson Skuce, Joseph Vincent Sturgeon Skuce, Kari Ann Skuce, Katherine Georgina Skuce, Kelly Sean Skuce, Kyle Graeme Skuce, Lois Elizabeth Skuce, Marcia Jean Skuce, Mary-Lou Skuce, Norma Lou Skuce, Patrick Elmer Skuce, Patrick Michael Skuce, Richard Donaldson Skuce, Richard Lee "Rick" Skuce, Robert Corwin John "Robbie" Skuce, Robert John Skuce, Sherry Leanne Skuce, Teena Mae Skuce, Teresa Dawn Skuce, Todd Robert Skuce, William "Bill" Sturgeon Skuce, William Joseph "Joe" Skuce, Arie Slaa, Robert Slaa, Zera Slaa, Irene Slabikowski, Timothy Slack, F. Slater, Margaret M. Slater, Frank Sleeth, George Sleeth, Gregory Lynn Sleeth, Jeffery Charles Sleeth, John Sleeth, Mabel E. Sleeth, Paul Sleeth, Ronald Sleeth, Sarah Sleeth, Steven Sleeth, May Estelle Sletten, Earl Keith Slimmon, Barbara Ann Small, Bryan Neil Small, Deborah Lynne "Debbie" Small, Elizabeth Dalrymple Small, James Robert Small, Kevin John Small, Williamina Small, Betty Joyce Smart, Elizabeth Mary Smart, Douglas James Smiley, Gwendolyn Smiley, Heather Smiley, Larry Norris Smiley, Margaret Rose Smiley, Michael Smiley, Norris Irvin Smiley, Ruth Smiley, Ryan Douglas Smiley, Ryan William Smiley, William Smiley, Agnes Smith, Alice Maud Smith, Alice Violet Smith, Allan Smith, Andrea Jill Smith, Andrea Megan Smith, Andrew Smith, Andrew Gerald Smith, Ann Smith, Anna May Smith, Annie Danforth Smith, Arnold Smith, Arnott Smith, Barbara Smith, Barclay Ebert Smith, Barry Smith, Bertal Hillis Smith, Bette Anne Smith, Beverley Smith, Bonnie Smith, Bradley Smith, Brent Smith, Brent Allison Smith, Bruce Taylor Smith, Bruce Taylor Smith, Bryson Smith, Caldwell Smith, Carol Smith, Caroline Eva Smith, Carolyn Anne Smith, Chantal Eveline Smith, Charles Smith, Cheryl Ashley Smith, Christi Anne Smith, Christian Smith, Clarence Smith, Clifford Caldwell Smith, Cora Mildred Smith, Corey Lawson Smith, Craig Smith, Dalton Smith, Daniel Adam Smith, Darcy Smith, David Smith, David Charles Smith, Donald Smith, Donald Smith, Doraine Smith, Dorothy Erica Helen Smith, Douglas Smith, Douglas C. Smith, Douglas Leslie Smith, Douglas McCartney Smith, Edgar Smith, Edith Smith, Edith Smith, Edith Florence Smith, Edna Audry Smith, Edna Mabel Smith, Edward Smith, Eleanor Ann Mildred Smith, Eleanor Jane Smith, Elgin Smith, Eliza Ann Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Elmer Smith, Elwyn Bertal Smith, Eric Smith, Eric Arnott Smith, Erma Dorcas Caroline Smith, Eutilla Elizabeth Smith, Foster Edwin Smith, Gail Smith, Garwood Smith, George Smith, George Smith, George Smith, George Smith, George Allan Smith, George Angus Smith, George Archibald Smith, George Asa McGee Smith, George Athol Mcgee Smith, George Percival Forman Smith, Gerald Smith, Gerald Alan Smith, Gladys Smith, Glen Allen Smith, Glenn Smith, Glenna Mary Smith, Gordon Smith, Gordon Smith, Grace Smith, Graham Douglas Smith, Hadden Smith, Harry Claude "Don" Smith, Harry Shepperson Smith, Hazel Elizabeth Smith, Henry Francis Smith, Hillis Smith, Hubert Eldon Smith, James Smith, James Smith, James Allan Smith, James Henry Smith, Jane Smith, Jane Amelia Smith, Janice Evelyn Smith, Jason William Smith, Jeffery Verne Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Jennifer Smith, Joan Smith, Joan Mildred Smith, Joanne Smith, Jo-Anne Helen Smith, Joe Smith, John Smith, John Ebert Smith, Joseph Elgin Smith, Judy Smith, Julie Smith, Karen Darlene Smith, Karla Renae Smith, Kathleen Smith, Kathryn Alison Smith, Kathy Lynn Smith, Keith Smith, Kenneth Smith, Kenneth Verne Smith, Kent Thompson Smith, Kenyon Smith, Kevin Smith, Kimberley Smith, Kirk Smith, Kirk Everett Smith, Kylie Elaine Smith, Laura Smith, Laurie Smith, Lawrence Smith, Lawrence Ebert Smith, Lawson Smith, Leila May Smith, Leona Smith, Lester Smith, Lewis Douglas Smith, Liddie Diana Smith, Lincoln Smith, Linden Smith, Lois Smith, Lori Allison Smith, Lottie Smith, Lowell John Henry Smith, Luther Smith, Luther Lewis Smith, Mabel Smith, Mae Smith, Margaret Smith, Margarita Jane "Rita" Smith, Maria Irwin Smith, Marion Isabel Smith, Marjorie Smith, Marjorie Jean Smith, Mark Magee Smith, Mark Safford Smith, Martha Evelyn Smith, Mary Smith, Mary Smith, Mary Ellen Smith, Mary Jane Smith, Mary Melissa Smith, Matthew Ebert Smith, Mayflower Smith, Melanie Joy Smith, Michael Smith, Mornington "Morna" Jean Smith, Murray Smith, Nancy Smith, Nikki Amara Smith, Nolan Bennett Smith, Nora Lee Ann Smith, Norma Smith, Orville Smith, Patricia Marilyn Caroline Smith, Paula Smith, Pearl Smith, Pearl Smith, Peter Lewis Smith, Phillip Edgar Harrison Smith, Phyllis Smith, Rachel Pearl Smith, Richard John "Rick" Smith, Richard Sanford Wayne Smith, Robert Smith, Robert Smith, Robert Smith, Robert Gordon Smith, Robert Macfie Smith, Robert MacFie Smith, Robert Murray Smith, Roland Smith, Ronald Smith, Roy David Smith, Russel Smith, Ruth Smith, Sarah Smith, Scott Robert Smith, Sharon Smith, Sheila Smith, Shelley Smith, Sherri Lynne Smith, Stacey Lynn Smith, Stephen Smith, Susan Smith, Terry Smith, Thomas Smith, Thomas Harland Smith, Timothy Smith, Trevor Smith, Velma Mary Smith, Vera Emily Smith, Warren Smith, William Charles "Dutchie" Smith, William Muir Smith, William Ross Smith, William Samuel Smith, Letitia Smyth, Margaret Smyth, Herbert Snelgrove, Isaac Snelgrove, James Snelgrove, Kristen Snider, Robert Snider, Sarah Snider, Jackis Snodgrass, Alyssa Marian Jean Snow, Lynne Bradley Snow, Agnes Perl Snowdon, David Seymour Snowdon, Eccles Snowdon, Etta Jane Snowdon, George Ernest Snowdon, Joseph Henry Snowdon, Kathleen Adeline "Kay" Snowdon, Margaret Gertrude Snowdon, Mary Ellen Snowdon, Stella Evelyn Snowdon, William James Snowdon, William John Snowdon, Grace Soderquist, Evan Richard Sokolowski, Steven Sokolowski, Kristen Sol, Rosalia Solamon, Esther Solomon, Elwood Somerville, Alonzo Soper, Enos Soper, Etta M. Soper, Jean Agnes Soper, Timothy Soper, Birgit Elizabeth Sorge, Anna Sousa, Emma Southcombe, Anne Marie Southworth, Roy B. Southworth, Sylvia Sophia Sowles, Mary Spahn, Carrie Ann Spans, Jody Spans, Monica Spans, Peter Spans, Norma Sparling, Sarah E. Sparling, Marjorie Spencer, Nicole Anne Sperlie, Jean F. Spittal, Colleen Faye Spitzer, Jennie Eliza Spooner, David Sproule, Mark Sproule, Thomas Franklin Srackangast, Alice St Aubin, D. St. Clair, Kimberly St Laurent, Leslie St Laurent, Richard St Laurent, Aaron St. Michael, Chantel St. Michael, Christine St. Michael, Clayton St. Michael, Doreen St. Michael, Francis St. Michael, Galvin St. Michael, Kevin St. Michael, Lillian St. Michael, Ray St. Michael, Robert St. Michael, Shirley St. Michael, Sidney St. Michael, Michele St Pierre, Irene Stacey, Dianna Lee Stack, Ellen May Stack, Ellis Stack, Thomas LeRoy Stack, Valerie Ann Stadnek, Jennie Stainforth, Christopher Colin Standish, Colin Standish, Colin Standish, Gregory Standish, Linda Marion Christina Standish, Zacharias Igor Carter Standish, Graham Scott Stankov, Kaitlin Marie Stankov, Kurtis Todd Robert Stankov, Lisa Dawn Stankov, Ronald Stankov, William Stanlake, Anne Stanley, John Stanley, Laurel Stanley, Melanie Stanley, Susan Stanley, Sean Stanlyck, Shannon Stanlyck, Stephanie Stanlyck, Steven Stanlyck, Robert Stansbury, Abraham Stansfield, Gideon Stansfield, Lawrence Stansfield, Miriam Gideon Stansfield, Thomas Stansfield, Vincent Stanton, Irene Marion Stanzel, Lois Star, Eleanor F. Stark, Abigail Louisa Starr, James Starr, James Selwyn Starr, John Ebert Starr, Margaret Jane Starr, Gilbert Statton, Grant Statton, Linda Statton, Randolf Statton, Terrance Statton, Trent Statton, Sharon Stavenow, Alfred Ste. Marie, Alfred "Ted" Ste. Marie, Bob Ste. Marie, Greg Ste. Marie, Leslie Ste. Marie, Lorna Ste. Marie, Robert J. Ste. Marie, Teddy Ste. Marie, William R. Ste. Marie, Edward Steacy, Ella Steacy, Gertrude M. Steacy, Bob Stearn, Olive Elizabeth Steel, Allen Steele, Annie Helen Steele, Debbie Steele, Edward Borden Steele, Ella Doris Steele, Jean Margaret Steele, John "Jack" Steele, Mary Caroline Steele, Phyllis Loreen Steele, Rita Steele, John Robert Steep, Lillian Andrews Steep, Wilfred Russel Steep, Marissa Steeves, Shelby Lynn Steeves, Henry Stefanyk, Marilyn Stefanyk, Wendy Stefanyk, Brenda Stelnachek, Ferdinand "Fred" Stender, Fred Stender, Alton Stephen, Glen Stephen, John Stephen, John Stephen, Jr., Nancy Stephen, Sherri Stephen, Dale Ann Stephens, Garnet Stephens, Heather Susan Stephens, Henrietta Stephens, Joy Hester Stephens, Lester Roy Stephens, Ray Stephens, Robert Richmond Roy Stephens, Scott Stephens, Sharon Elizabeth Stephens, Addie J. Stevens, Annie Stevens, Artemus Stevens, Catherine Maude Stevens, George Stevens, Gordon Wilfred Stevens, Hattie Stevens, James Stevens, John Stevens, Katie Marguerite Stevens, Margarel Elvalina Stevens, Mary Reseven Stevens, Sarah Ann Stevens, Arlie Stevenson, Clifford Stevenson, D. H. Stevenson, Duncan Stevenson, George Stevenson, John Stevenson, John Ernest Stevenson, Ruby Stevenson, Amey-Joelle Stewart, Anique Nicole Stewart, Bethany Grace Stewart, Beverly Stewart, Braydon William Stewart, Carrie Lynn Stewart, Catherine Jane Stewart, Catherine Lynn Stewart, Contessa Marie Stewart, Daniel Carrick Stewart, Donna Marie Stewart, Gayle Martha Ann Stewart, Gerald Moses Stewart, Gregory James Stewart, Harley Dwight Walter Stewart, Helen Beulah Stewart, Henry Stewart, Jack Irwin Stewart, Jason Wayne Stewart, Jeffrey Allan Stewart, Jeffrey Thomas Stewart, Jennifer Maye Stewart, Jocelyn Stewart, Justin Stewart, Karen Stewart, Kelly Ann Stewart, Kevin Lee Stewart, Kimberley Sue Stewart, Laura Faye Stewart, Linda Carole Stewart, Linda Mary Stewart, Lois Irene Marie Stewart, Lorne Grant Stewart, Madeline Michelle Stewart, Mathew Lawrence Stewart, Nancy Jean Stewart, Nathan Harrison Stewart, Norman Edward Stewart, Richard Carrick Stewart, Richard Harrison Stewart, Robert Lawrence Stewart, Ronald Harold Stewart, Ross Cecil Stewart, Russel Stewart, Russell Wayne Stewart, Sally Dorothy Stewart, Saraya Elizabeth Stewart, Sidney Elizabeth Stewart, Stephen James Stewart, Susan Roberta Stewart, Thomas Ross Stewart, Trina Stewart, Wendy Geraldeen Stewart, Wendy Martha Lou Stewart, Elizabeth Stieh, David Stiles, David Marvin Stiles, Elizabeth Rankin Stiles, Joanne Russell Stiles, Russell Stiles, Sarah Stinson, James Joseph Stobie, Karina Lynn Stobie, Kevin James Stobie, Aaron Murray Stock, Aimee Loree Stock, Gregory Wilfred Stock, Kendra Sherise Stock, Tessa Breanne Stock, Amber Stoddard, Annie Inez Stoddard, Annie Lavina Stoddard, Beria Stoddard, Caroline Stoddard, Caroline "Carrie" Stoddard, Carolyn Stoddard, Carter Stoddard, Catherine May Stoddard, Charles Eben Stoddard, Charles Ross Stoddard, Christopher Stoddard, Clarence Frederick Stoddard, Clarence Taylor Stoddard, Daniel Alexander Stoddard, Daniel Robert Stoddard, daughter Stoddard, David Stoddard, David Stoddard, David Stoddard, David Stoddard, Derril Stoddard, Donald Grant Stoddard, Douglas Clifford Stoddard, Edna Stoddard, Edward Stoddard, Elizabeth Stoddard, Forest Stoddard?, Frances "Fanny" Stoddard, Frances Lillian Stoddard, Frances Margaret Stoddard, George Washington Stoddard, Gordon Earl Stoddard, Harold Roy Stoddard, Inez Stoddard, James Albert Stoddard, Jane Stoddard, Jean Mary Stoddard, Jeffrey Stoddard, John David Stoddard, John Henry Stoddard, John James Stoddard, John Nathaniel Stoddard, Joseph Stoddard, Joseph Stoddard, Julie Stoddard, Kimberly Stoddard, Laurie Stoddard, Lewelly Jane Stoddard, Lillian Frances Moss Stoddard, Louella "Ella" Stoddard, Lucinda "Lucy" Stoddard, Luella "Ella" Stoddard, Mabel Jane Stoddard, Margaret Ann Stoddard, Margaret Jane Crozier Stoddard, Marie Lois Stoddard, Marjory Stoddard, Martha Stoddard, Mary Ann Stoddard, Michael Stoddard, Orla May Stoddard, Oswald Murray Stoddard, Penny Lynne Stoddard, Randall Stoddard, Robert Stoddard, Roger Stoddard, Ronald Kenneth Stoddard, Sandra Irene Stoddard, Sharon Stoddard, Stephen Stoddard, Tracey Stoddard, Verla Margaretta Stoddard, Washington Stoddard, Washington Stoddard, Wellington Stoddard, William Edward Stoddard, Worthington Stoddard, Gerald Stoddart, Marjorie Stoddart, Orrie Maye Stoddart, David Thomas Stoltz, Denise Lynn Stoltz, Douglas Lee Stoltz, G. L. Stoltz, Debra Jean Stone, Trudy Storey, William Storr, Alanson Kilburn Story, Constance Lenore Stothers, Hilton Hedley Stothers, Robert Joseph Stothers, Rupert Randolph Stothers, Everett Stoutenburg, Jeffrey Stowe, Ayme Strachan, Lavinia Strader, Cyril Thomas Strain, Patricia Mary Strain, Cheryl Leigh Strang, Frank Nelson Strang, Frank Todd Nelson Strang, Jonathan Ryan Strang, Krista Anne Strang, Christopher Todd Strauer, Jerry Strauer, Michael Anthony Strauer, Eugene Russell Strentz, Beverly Stroughair, Charles Stroughair, Cheryl Stroughair, Connie Stroughair, Keith Stroughair, Shane Stroughair, Shannon Stroughair, Wayne Stroughair, Agnes Struthers, Edward Struthers, Mary Lou Strutt, Annetta Amita Stuart, Agnes Sturgeon, Alex Sturgeon, Alexander Sturgeon, Alexander Sturgeon, Anna Sturgeon, Arthur Sturgeon, Arthur Alexander Sturgeon, Arynne Sturgeon, Asa Isaac Sturgeon, Barbara Sturgeon, Barbara Lynn Sturgeon, Benjamin "Ben" Sturgeon, Bob Sturgeon, Brenda Jean Sturgeon, Brian Joseph Sturgeon, Caroline "Carrie" Sturgeon, Catherine Alicia McMinn Sturgeon, Catherine Isabel Sturgeon, Catherine "Katie" Sturgeon, Clayton Sturgeon, Clifford Benjamin Sturgeon, Clifford Carr Sturgeon, Colleen Elizabeth Sturgeon, David Sturgeon, Donald Sturgeon, Donna Mae Sturgeon, Donna Margaret Sturgeon, Douglas Sturgeon, Edith Rose Sturgeon, Elmer John Sturgeon, Emily Jean Sturgeon, Emma Sarah Sturgeon, Eric William Sturgeon, Eva Caroline Sturgeon, Frances Jane Sturgeon, Frances Jane Sturgeon, Gail Sturgeon, Gayle Sturgeon, George Robert Sturgeon, Gladys Loleita Sturgeon, Helen Sturgeon, Helen Muriel Sturgeon, Henry Howard "Harry" Sturgeon, Howard Sturgeon, Ira Howard Sturgeon, James Arthur Sturgeon, Jane Sturgeon, Jane Elizabeth "Jennie" Sturgeon, Janet Sturgeon, Janet Munro Sturgeon, Jason Andrew Sturgeon, Jean Sturgeon, Jean Florence Melinda Sturgeon, Jennie Sturgeon, Joan Sturgeon, Joan Marie Sturgeon, Joanne Sturgeon, John Sturgeon, John Sturgeon, John Alexander Sturgeon, John Alexander Sturgeon, M.D., John Edmund Sturgeon, Julie Ann Sturgeon, Kelley Melinda Sturgeon, Lana Elizabeth Sturgeon, Laurie Patricia Sturgeon, Lawrence Sturgeon, Leonard William Sturgeon, Leslie Sturgeon, Leslie Frederick Sturgeon, Lou Sturgeon, Lynda Edith Sturgeon, Margaret "Maggie" Sturgeon, Marie Sturgeon, Marjory "Madge" Sarah Sturgeon, Mary Sturgeon, Mary Sturgeon, Mary Ellen Sturgeon, Mary Heather Sturgeon, Mary Louisa Sturgeon, Mary Louise "Lou" Sturgeon, Maryann Sturgeon, Michael Alexander Sturgeon, Michael Andrew Sturgeon, Michael James Sturgeon, Muriel Susannah Edith Sturgeon, Nadine Sturgeon, Nancy Susan Sturgeon, Neil Sturgeon, Nicholas Asa Sturgeon, Peter Sturgeon, Peter Robert Sturgeon, Ray Sturgeon, Richard Roy Sturgeon, Robert Lindsay Sturgeon, Roy Sturgeon, Roy Weston Sturgeon, Russell Sturgeon, Sally Ann Sturgeon, Sally Mary Sturgeon, Sallyann Sturgeon, Sandi Sturgeon, Sandra Sturgeon, Sandra Lee Sturgeon, Silas Sturgeon, Thomas John Sturgeon, Todd Alexander Sturgeon, Wayne Anthony Sturgeon, William Sturgeon, William Sturgeon, William Donald Sturgeon, William Robert Sturgeon, William Silas Sturgeon, Yvonne Sturgeon, Henry Stephen Sturt, Je-Anne Marie Sturt, Judith Lynn Sturt, William Stephen Sturt, Eugene Styran, Colleen Sullivan, Lance Sullivan, Lonny Sullivan, Phil Sullivan, Viola Marvin Sullivan, Bissell Summers, Evelyn Elizabeth Surber, Floyd Webster Surber, Francis Lowell "Frank" Surber, Ines Gertrude Surber, Karen Eliose Surber, Lillian May Surber, William Henry Surber, May Dalkin Surgeson, Richard Surgeson, Alexander Sutherland, Arabella Mary Sutherland, Janet Sutherland, Norma Sutherland, Jacqueline May Swain, Joseph Earle "Sandy" Swain, Kenneth Swain, Martha Sarah Swain, Robert Swain, Sarah Swain, Mabel Queenie Swanberg, Corbyn Michael Swistak, Peter Jacob "P.J." Swistak, Peter Phelan Swistak, Zachery Andrew Swistak, Barbara Switzer, Margaret Switzer, Donald Sword, Darcie Sywolos, Jamie Sywolos, Larry Sywolos,

T: Adeline Marian Tackeberry, Benjamin Tackeberry, Harold Tackeberry, Helen Bernice Tackeberry, Howard Delbert Tackeberry, Sam Tackeberry, Samuel Tackeberry, Sharon Phyllis Taggart, Bertha May Tait, William "Bill" Tait, Barbara Morgan Tallman, Charles Tallman, Esley Gordon Tallman, Esley Hardy Tallman, Frances Marjory Tallman, Hardy Tallman, Hardy E. S. Tallman, Harold Wesley Tallman, Jemima Lillian Tallman, Stanley Bliss Tallman, Stanley Harold Tallman, Stanley Lawrence Tallman, William Guy Tallman, Sandra Talsma, Ann Tanner, Frederick G. Tanner, Michelle Tanner, Patti Tanner, Colton James Tardiff, Nicholas Roger Tardiff, Roger Tardiff, Gale Elizabeth Tate, Zenek Tatewosian, Judith Anne Tattersall, Albert Eugene Taylor, Alison Joyce Taylor, Ann Taylor, Archibald Taylor, Carolyn Dawn Taylor, Claire Taylor, Deborah Kathryn Taylor, Donald Bruce Taylor, Dorothy Taylor, Eileen Frances Taylor, Elizabeth Ann Taylor, Erin Taylor, Eugene Taylor, Francis Reginald Taylor, Frank Bradburn Taylor, Gary Taylor, Grant Taylor, Harry Taylor, Jane Taylor, Jane "Jennie" Taylor, Jessie Taylor, Judith Eileen Taylor, Kathryn Ann B. Taylor, Lawrence Taylor, Lorna Taylor, Lynn Taylor, Mary Joan Taylor, Neal Taylor, Rosemary Agnes Taylor, Ryan Brooke Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Sharon Ann Taylor, Thomas Russell Taylor, Victoria Taylor, William Wilson Taylor, Winifred Taylor, Charles Ronald Teale, Ethan Charles Teale, Willow Rain Teale, Brian Telford, Doris Telford, Janet Telford, Kimberley Gay Telford, Trina Jo Telford, Aaron William Teodorovica, Adria Christine Teodorovica, Peter Teodorovica, Alexa Lynn Therien, Claude Therien, Nicholas Gordon Therien, Raymond Thinglestad, Abigail Louisa Thomas, Albert Thomas, Andrea Thomas, Annie Mabel Thomas, Arthur Lyon Easton Thomas, Belle Marie Thomas, Benjamin Thomas, Bertha May Thomas, Beryl Amanda Thomas, Brenda Jean Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, Charles Thomas, Charles Thomas, Charles Thomas, Charles Frederick Thomas, Clifton Thomas, Clifton Erwin Thomas, David Clark Thomas, Donald George Thomas, Doreen Eileen Thomas, Douglas Myles Thomas, Earl Alfred Thomas, Eliza Jane "Jennie" Thomas, Elmer Claude Thomas, Elwyn "John" Thomas, Emily Elizabeth Thomas, Emma Grace Thomas, Erma Grace Thomas, Esther Thomas, Esther Maria "Tote" Thomas, Evelyn Thomas, Fred Thomas, George Thomas, George Thomas, George Alfred Ransson Thomas, George E. Charles Thomas, Gladys Dorothy Thomas, Harold Thomas, Henry Thomas, Howard Clark Thomas, Jack Fred "Jackie" Thomas, James Thomas, Janet Doris Thomas, Jennie Eleanor Thomas, Jennifer Thomas, John Thomas, John Wilbert "Bert" Thomas, Kathleen May Gwen Thomas, Kenneth Norman Thomas, Laurence Thomas, Lawrence Hartwell Thomas, Lois Thomas, Lola Edna Thomas, Lorna Margaret Kathleen Thomas, Margaret Thomas, Marion Ruth Thomas, Marjorie Edith Thomas, Marnie Thomas, Martha Elizabeth Eleanor Thomas, Mary Elizabeth Thomas, Mary Harriett "Hattie" Thomas, Melvin Howard Thomas, Minerva Thomas, Norman Ernest Thomas, Paul Thomas, Richard Thomas, Robert Thomas, Robert Charles Thomas, Robert Davidson Thomas, Robert Ross Thomas, Ronald Arthur Thomas, Ruth M. Thomas, Sarah Ellen "Ella" Thomas, Shirley Thomas, Shirley Audrey Thomas, Susanna Thomas, Tracey Thomas, Trueman Thomas, Truman Ebert Thomas, Velma Martha Thomas, Velma Mary Thomas, Wayne Thomas, Wilbert Lawrence Thomas, Willard Thomas, William Thomas, William Clifford Arthur Thomas, William Harvey Thomas, William Harvey Clayton Thomas, William John Truman Thomas, Winifred Martha Thomas, Carrie Thomason, Dale Thomason, Jody Thomason, Mark Dean Thomason, Tod Martin Thomason, Benjamin Edward Thompson, Brittany Thompson, Catherine Lynn Thompson, Clarence Ebert Russell Thompson, Darcy Thompson, David Thompson, Donna Thompson, Dorothy Thompson, Ed Thompson, Elsie Thompson, George Thompson, Grace Gedye Thompson, Harold Kelly "Harry" Thompson, Hazel Mcjanet Thompson, Herman Thompson, James Thompson, James Thompson, John Hunter Thompson, Julia Thompson, Kathleen Ann Thompson, Kevin Blair Thompson, Laurie James Thompson, Lena Thompson, Lena Maria Thompson, Lindsay Thompson, Lizzie Thompson, Margaret Jean Elizabeth Thompson, Maye Louise Thompson, Meta Thompson, Peggy Grace Thompson, Peter Thompson, Rebecca Thompson, Richard Thompson, Richard Henry Thompson, Robert Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Sarah Jane Thompson, Sebastian Thompson, Shannon Thompson, Sherri Thompson, W. J. Thompson, Warren Elbert "Al" Thompson, Jr, Warren Elbert "Bert" Thompson III, Wayne Thompson, William John Thompson, Wyatt Richard Edward Thompson, William Thoms, Glenn Thomson, Phillip Thomson, William Thomson, John Thon, George W. Thorn, John Thorn, John C. Thorn, Josephine Thorn, George W. Thorne, John Crickmore Thorne, John Leonard Thorne, Josephine Thorne, Maria Josephine Thorne, Martha Elizabeth Thorne, Woodbury Thorne, Grover Lewis Thornton, Phyllis Jean Thornton, Sharon Thorvaldson, David Robert Tiede, Leisa Marie Tiede, Robert Andrew Tiede, Bruce Ernest Tilford, Edith May Tilford, Ethel Janet Tilford, Frank Tilford, Gordon Grant Tilford, Helen Ruth Tilford, Shirley Ann Tilford, Thomas Herbert Tilford, Harvey Timeslick, Edna Maude Timleck, Florance Timleck, Harvey Timleck, Laura Mildred Timleck, Mabel Winnifred Timleck, Morris Timleck, Robert Timleck, William Timleck, William Timlick, Caitlyn Whitney Tindale, Christopher Tindale, Jonathan Christopher Tindale, Gwendolyn Tisdale, David Wayne Tobler, Erin Kathleen Tobler, Dessirrie Renee Tofin, Donna Tokarek, Angelina Tomada, Margaret Tomasky, Davor Tomsic, Davorka "Debbie" Tomsic, Florence Toner, April Dawn Topping, Claude Norman Topping, Martin Trevor Topping, Erik Lang Torgerson, Glenn Arthur Torgerson, Karen Ann Torgerson, Karen Brett Torgerson, Kelly Lynn Torgerson, Kristin Elizabeth Torgerson, Linda May Torgerson, Raymond Leonard Torgerson, Robert Glenn Torgerson, Wilfred Morris Torgerson, Charles Torney, Ralph M. Torrey, John William Tosczak, Donald Robert Tosh, Randolph Blaine Tosh, Robert Tosh, Alessandra Toso, Elio Toso II, Francesca Toso, Giancarlo Toso, Giovanna Toso, Laura Toso, Luigi "Luigino" Toso, Alida Tosolini, Addie Totten, Ann Tough, Georges Tough, James Tough, Jane Tough, Jean Tough, John Tough, Martha Tough, Matilda Tough, Rachel Tough, William Tough, William Tough, Cheryl Tower, Annie Townsend, Bernard Townsend, Shawn Jeffrey Townsend, Mary Ann Townsley, Thomas Townsley, Brian Track, Bruce Track, David Track, Garry Track, Joan Track, Lynn Track, Morell Track, Norman Track, Roy Track, Hope Tracy, Alice Jane Trask, Alize J. Trask, Dean Trask, George Trask, Hazel Pearl Trask, William Deane Trask, Connie Traynor, Andrew Treasurer, Margaret Treasurer, Carrie Ann Tredwin, Neil Tredwin, Vincent Tredwin, Hermeline "Irene" Tremblay, Leona Trimble, Beatrice Tripp, Pauline Eugenie Tripplehorn, Alice Troop, D'Lila Jean Carol Trotchie, Eileen Carol Trotchie, Rodney Larry Alexander Trotchie, Edna Trotter, Annie Troyer, Richard Trueman, Amy Pui Yan Tse, Dorothy Tubman, Elizabeth Ida Tubman, Gayle Laurie Tubman, Helen Lynn Tubman, Janice Gwen Tubman, Joan Ann Tubman, William Thomas Tubman, Daniel Arthur Tucker, Debra Ann Tucker, Elwood Bliss Tucker, James Ethan Bliss Tucker, James Wesley Bliss Tucker, John Sheriden Bliss Tucker, Joyce Patricia Bliss Tucker, Mary Lee Bliss Tucker, Phyllis Ann Bliss Tucker, Richard Earl Bliss Tucker, Robert Elwood Tucker, Sandra Sue Tucker, Sherilla Marguerette Bliss Tucker, Thomas A. Tucker, Thomas Absolom Tucker, Jr., Thomas Allen Tucker, William James Bliss Tucker, Albert George Tuff, Aubrey Tuff, Martha Tuff, Dawn Tuft, Linda Tuggle, Patrick Tunney, Casey Stella Mae Fournier Turcott, Dwight Edmund Ferris Turcott, Greg Walter Alburn Turcott, Jae Turcott, Melvin John Roy Turcott, Barry Turncliff, Brittany Marie Turncliff, Charles Arthur Turncliff, Charles Brandon Turncliff, Charlotte Eveline Turncliff, James Charles Turncliff, Kiley Chad Turncliff, Kyle Turncliff, Laura Leah Turncliff, Mickey Collin Turncliff, William Turncliff, Esther Turner, Vera Turrieff, Erma Kathleen Turriff, Phoebe Eleanor Tuttle, Robert Tuttle, Russell Gorden Tuttle, James Twa, Ruth Viola Tyers, Everett Tyndall,

U: Mona Darlene Ullrich, Sheryl A. Umphress, Ian Underdown, Mary Underwood, Rosemary Ann Unitt, Terry Upleger, James Urquhart,

V: Ernest Vado, Jane Martha Valdez, Merced Valdez, Jerry Valentine, Jane Parker Valpey, Sophia Van Benschoten, Marianne Eleonora Van Gemeren, Raymond Van Koehler, Yvonne Van Strien, Annette Cornelia Van Tyle, Byron Van Valkenburg, Otto E. Van Valkenburg, Yvonne Yalonde Van Wyk, Alvina Mable Vance, Selina Alberta Vance, William J. Vance, William James Vance, Darlene Vandeburg, David Vandeburg, Deborah Vandeburg, John Vandeburg, John Vandeburg, Jr., Lynn Vandeburg, Norman Vandeburg, Norman Vandeburg, Jr., Norman Kitchener Vandeburg, Pauline Vandeburg, Ralph Vandeburg, Arden Vanderhoof, Ephraim Vanderhoof, Lucille G. Vanderhoof, Merrill Vanderhoof, David A. Vanfleet, Mary Ethel Vanfleet, Martin H. Vanschyndel, Megan Elizabeth Vanschyndel, Mellissa Johanna Vanschyndel, Sara Anne Crysta Vanschyndel, Scottlen Martinus Vanschyndel, Margaret Vanskyber, Shirley Vant, Janet Caroline Varn, Kline O. Varn, Mary Lois Varn, Maryon MacFie Varn, Stewart Warden Varn, Charles Alexander Vass, David Thorburn Vass, Martha Ellison Vass, Barbara Vaudner, Cyril Vaudner, Hazel Vaudner, Ivy Mildred Vaudner, John Albert Vaudner, Judith Vaudner, Mary Vaudner, Pearl Vaudner, Raymond George Vaudner, James Vaughan, John Vaughan, John Vaughan, John Andrew Vaughan, John James Vaughan, Margaret Ann Vaughan, Mary Jane Martha Vaughan, Melissa Vaughan, Peter Vaughan, William Vaughan, Alexander Veitch, Andrew Veitch, Andrew Veitch, Andrew Ernest Veitch, Edith Olive Veitch, Elizabeth Veitch, George Stanley Veitch, John Alfred Veitch, Letitia Eileen Veitch, Margaret Veitch, Robert Veitch, Robert Veitch, Sarah Veitch, Selina Veitch, Walter Alexander Veitch, John Joseph Velladao, Dona Venters, Emma Kate Verbisky, Isabel Maria Verbisky, Richard Gerard Verbisky, Samuel Michael Verbisky, Jewel Edith Verhulst, Sophia M. Vermey, Michael Vezina, Janice Ann Viazanko, Kathleen Victoria, James Videto, Jennifer Ashley Videto, Josee Lea Videto, Jolene Shawna Vince, Karrily Maureen Vince, Robert Garry Vince, Sherre Lou Vince, Clark Virene, Stone Virene, Janelle Virgin, John Virgin, Tracy Virgin, Jean Virgo, Biagio Vit, Maddalena Vit, Bertha Vivian, John Vogt, Adam Michael Voith, Brian Colin Voith, Craig Steven Voith, Hannah Hillary Voith, Michael Voith, Alma Vold, Amy Von Bieker, Geraldine Von Oder, Jack Von Oder, Keith Von Oder, Avaleen Ann Vopicka, Jerry Vopicka, Mary E. Vroman,

W: Rachael Waffle, Eliza Jane Wagant, Alexander Russell Wageant, George Samuel Wageant, James Robert Wageant, Lily Isabel Wageant, William John Wageant, Lucretia Waggoner, Catherine Matilda Wain, Margorie Eileen Wait, Bobby Waite, Heather Waite, Kenneth Waite, Dennis Waldo, Alinza Walker, Andrew Lloyd Walker, Brenda Walker, Brian Walker, Brooke Elyse Walker, Bryna Walker, Dale Walker, David Walker, Doran Walker, Eileen Clara Margaret Walker, Eric David Walker, Erinn Emma-Lee Walker, Geraldine Helen Walker, Gordon Walker, Heidi Walker, Jack Walker, James Walker, Jenna Renae Walker, John Walker, Kelly Lorraine Walker, Kelvin George Walker, Kim Laureen Walker, Kirsty Walker, Lloyd Lewis Walker, M. Walker, Megan Mackenzie Walker, Melody Walker, Paulette June Walker, Peter Walker, Philip Walker, Rosemond Henrietta Walker, Rudolph "Rudy" Walker, Terry John Walker, Thomas Walker, William Walker, Amber Carissa Wall, Darcey Regan Wall, Hazel Marie Wall, Jevon Regan Wall, Justin Scott Wall, Pamela Wall, Gwen Wallace, Achsa Waller, Achsa "Nancy" Waller, Amanda Waller, Eder Waller, Eliud Waller, Eliud "Laird" Waller, Esther Waller, Eunice Waller, Laird Waller, Lorenda Matilda Waller, Mandana Waller, Mandana "Amanda" Waller, Miranda Waller, Nancy Waller, Orinda Matilda Waller, Roxanne Waller, Roxey Waller, Samuel Waller, Truman Waller, Frances Wallis, Glem Wallis, Gwendolyn Ann Wallis, Carm Waltenberg, Duane Waltenberg, Ian Waltenberg, Lavern Walter, Margaret Elizabeth Walters, Dorothy Walton, Harold Charles Walton, Joan Walton, John Walton, John Walton, Judy Walton, Mabel Walton, Norma Loraine Walton, Anthony Engel Wanjon, Bronwyn Nicole Wanjon, Christopher Jon Wanjon, Donald Engel Wanjon, Mark Engel Wanjon, Rebecca Lynn "Becky" Wanjon, George Lawrence Wannan, George Lewis Wannan, Brenda Ward, Floyd "Doc" Ward, DVM, Helen Ward, June Ware, Larry Dean Wark, Keith Warner, Kurt Warner, Olga Emily Warner, Scott Warner, Angelina Ophelia "Ann" Warren, Rebecca Warren, Vera Belle Warren, Matt Warrington, Adelaide Clare Warwick, Charles J. Warwick, Clare Warwick, Elizabeth Kay Warwick, Gerald Harrison Warwick, Gordon Harrison Warwick, Helen Dulmage Warwick, Ireen Warwick, Kathleen Harrison Warwick, R. W. Warwick, Ruth Warwick, Sonny? Warwick, W. J. Warwick, William Joseph Warwick, Ella Watkins, April Renee Watson, Archibald "Archie" Watson, Ashley June Watson, Bradley Earl Watson, Charles Emery Watson, Charles Hope Watson, Chase Michael Watson, Clifford Watson, Crystal Dawn Watson, Daniel Earl Watson, Darwin Hollis Watson, Deborah Watson, Donald Harris Watson, Doren Donald Watson, Earl Calvin Watson, Earl Clarke Watson, Eden Bradley Watson, Eleanor Virginia Watson, Elizabeth Watson, Elmer Watson, Emery Calvin Watson, Emery Doren Watson, Emery Gordon James Watson, Gayle Alice Watson, Gordon Edmond Watson, Grant Calvin Watson, Holly May Watson, Jake Watson, James Henry "Jimmie" Watson, James Mac Watson, James Marlin Watson, Jason Bradley Watson, Jeret Linn Watson, Jody Christina Watson, Joshua Emery Watson, Joy Eileen Watson, Judy Edith Watson, June Roberta Watson, Justin Morgan Watson, Kayle Marilyn Watson, Lois Watson, Lona Maureen Watson, Maxine Audrey Watson, Michael Gerald Watson, Morgan Ashley Watson, Norman Kenneth Watson, Reinn David James Watson, Ridge James Henry Watson, Roberta Watson, Roger Keith Watson, Sandra Dale Watson, Scott Warren Watson, Sharon Ann Watson, Shirley Watson, Thomas Watson, Donna Watt, Joy Ellen Watt, Alton Watts, Charles Watts, Jr., Earl Watts, Ed Watts, Ivan Watts, John Watts, Marie Watts, Barry Way, Brian Way, Judith Way, Pearl Sadie Grace Way, Robert Oswald Way, James Robert Weagant, Laura Augusta Weagant, David McGee Weagent, Eliza Jane Weagent, Grace Webb, Mary Webb, Richard Webb, Robert Webb, Lena Weber, Barry Darrell Webster, Catherine Vivian Webster, Clarence Arthur Webster, David Webster, Dianne Evelyn Webster, Elizabeth Maxine Webster, Harry Stephen Webster, Kelsey Lee-Anne Webster, Linda Rae Webster, Mary Webster, Nancy Maria Webster, Russell Webster, Russell Mark Webster, Shyla Mary Anne Webster, Thomas Henry Webster, Thomas Henry Webster, Edward Wentworth Weese, Susan Weese, William Henry "Harry" Weese, Pamela Gail Weibe, Emil Weibel, Gertrude Weibel, William Weir, William Weir, Jr., Ed Weiss, Susan Weiss, Trina Marie Weitzel, Charles Welch, Elana Welch, Elsie Margaret Welch, George Welch, Georgia Welch, Brian Wells, Jennifer Wendt, Richard Wendt, Edith Wesley, Kenneth Clifford West, Robert West, William Herman West, William Robertson West, Elizabeth Catherine Westcott, Michael Westcott, Nathan Thomas Westcott, Sarah Anne Westcott, Frank E. Whalan, John Whalan, Barbara Anne Whalen, Charles Stewart Parnell "Patty" Whalen, Daniel Patrick Whalen, Joan Theresa Whalen, Justin Whalen, Margaret Whalen, Mathew Whalen, Mathew R. Whalen, Ray Whalen, Scott Whalen, Thomas Whalen, Geoff Wheatley, Rebecca Jane Wheatley, J. R. Wheeler, Leonard Wheeler, Michele Elizabeth Wheeler, Ronald Harvey Wheeler, Sally Ann Wheeler, Amanda Lynn Whelan, Christopher Allan Whelan, David George Whelan, Lee Anne Whelan, P. Whelan, Peter Brian Whelan, Roger David Whelan, Steven George Whelan, Terry Bruce Whelan, Dakota Victoria Whelan-Dionne, Amber Dawn White, Charlotte White, Clarence L. White, Grant White, Henry White, Jane White, Jerry Elliott White, Julia White, Mona Dawn White, Patrick White, Ronson White, Rose-Marie Elizabeth White, Susan Eileen White, Terry White, Torrance Theodore White, Winston Francis White, Larry Ervin Whiteford, Lillian Whitehead, Katie Whiteside, Robert Whiteside, Abigail Whiting, Nathanial Whiting, Aaron Whitmarsh, Charles Whitmarsh, Doris Whitmarsh, Dota Whitmarsh, Dutey Whitmarsh, Ezra Whitmarsh, George Whitmarsh, George L. Whitmarsh, Grace Whitmarsh, Hattie Whitmarsh, Hazel Whitmarsh, Jane Whitmarsh, Jane Whitmarsh, John Whitmarsh, John G. Whitmarsh, John G. "Jack" Whitmarsh, John Gallaway Whitmarsh, John Henry Whitmarsh, John Oliver Whitmarsh, Levi Whitmarsh, Mable Whitmarsh, Mary Whitmarsh, Mary E. "Minnie" Whitmarsh, Moses C. Whitmarsh, Noah Whitmarsh, Pearl Whitmarsh, Rosanna Whitmarsh, Sarah Whitmarsh, Sarah E. Whitmarsh, Sarah J. Whitmarsh, Walter Whitmarsh, William Whitmarsh, William Whitmarsh, William Albert Whitmarsh, Judy Whitmore, Fred Whitney, Gertrude May Whitney, Glenn Whitney, Betty Lou Whittaker, Donald Gordon Whittaker, E. Whittaker, Gerald Clark Whittaker, Nellie Jean Whittaker, Pearl Wynne Whittaker, Rudolph Arthur Whittaker, Albert James "Al" Whittingham, Barry James Whittingham, Bradley Richard Whittingham, Denise Alice Whittingham, John Stevens Whittingham, Lorraine Whittingham, Marion Lorraine Whittingham, Morris Thomas Whittingham, Maria Umphrey Whyte, Mary Alice Whyte, Mary Elizabeth Wiante, Eileen Margaret "Peggy" Wickens, Andrew Wicks, Benjamin Wicks, Charles Wicks, Charles Michael Wicks, Charles Rogers Wicks, John Robert Wicks, Joseph Walter Wicks, Judith Ann Wicks, Marie Helen Wicks, Sylvia Grace Wicks, Timothy Wicks, Fairlie Dianne Wiebe, Caitlin Mercedes Wieja, Celiena Mackenzie Wieja, Chelsea Ashton Wieja, Ciera Nicole Wieja, Edward Robert Wieja, Alison Dawn Wiens, Arley Donald Wiens, Arley Stephen Wiens, Melanie Rae Wiens, Pamela June Wiens, Zachary Stephen Wiens, Harold Alvin Wierman, Ilah Mae Wierman, Emma Wiggins, Agnes Elizabeth Wilcox, Alvin Wilcox, Ann Wilcox, Cathy Wilcox, Edna Pearl Wilcox, Eleanor Wilcox, Ellen Wilcox, George Wilcox, George Wilcox, George Wilcox, Hannah Wilcox, Ida Ellen Wilcox, John Wilcox, Joseph Thomas Wilcox, Leslie John Wilcox, Marcia Wilcox, Mary Wilcox, Myrtle Irene Wilcox, Nora Wilcox, Paul Wilcox, Robert Wilcox, Scott Wilcox, Tammy Wilcox, Theresa Wilcox, Thomas Wilcox, William Wilcox, William Charles Wilcox, Charlotte Matilda Satter Wiley, Beverly Gay Wilkes, Donald Elbridge Wilkes, Fred A. Wilkes, Janice Lynn Wilkes, Marion Wilkes, Marjorie Alice Wilkes, Mildred Wilkes, Robert Macfie Wilkes, Sharon Lee Wilkes, Robert Kerry Wilkesman, Gloria Wilkins, Jack Wilkins, Kerrie Wilkins, Beverley Wilkinson, Bruce William Wilkinson, Cheryl Darlene Wilkinson, Craig William Wilkinson, Daniel Desmond Wilkinson, David William Wilkinson, Glenda Ann Wilkinson, John Craig Wilkinson, Judith Elaine Wilkinson, Myrna Lynn Wilkinson, Neil Wilkinson, Roberta Wilkinson, Ross Wilkinson, Shirley Wilkinson, Grace Olive Wilks, Joseph Wilks, Helen Marie Will, Ada Edith Williams, Amy Elizabeth Williams, Andrew Manson Williams, Ann Rafter Williams, Barbara Manson Williams, Charles Loche "Charlie" Williams, Claire Williams, Debra Ann "Debbie" Williams, Deidre Alicia Williams, Dorkey Williams, Elizabeth Rafter Williams, Elsie Jean Williams, Elsie Jemima Williams, George Rafter Williams, Gordon Townson Williams, Grace Williams, Harriet Evangeline Williams, Herbert Albert Williams, James Howard Williams, James Joseph Williams, Jennifer Lynne Williams, Joan Williams, John Williams, John Foster Williams, John Ralston Williams III, John Ralston Williams, Jr., John Ralston "Rolly" Williams, Joseph Williams, Joseph Harrison Williams, Loche Earl Williams, Margaret Eleanor Williams, Margaretta "Retta" Williams, Marshall Williams, Mary Williams, Mary Samantha Crozier "Sam" Williams, Matthew James Williams, Maude Isabel Williams, Nancy Williams, Nina Anna Morgan Williams, Phyllis Williams, Ray Manson Williams, Rebecca Rae Williams, Robert John Williams, Sandra Williams, Sheila Williams, Susan Reynolds Williams, Thomas Williams, Wilhelmina Williams, William Harrison Williams, Lilly Willis, Samuel Edson Willis, Theressa Willows, Bryan Wills, Christopher Wills, Colleen Wills, Shari Wills, Abigail Wilson, Ada Wilson, Albert Deane Wilson, Alexander Wilson, Alexander "Alex" Wilson, Andrew Thomas Wilson, Arthur Wilson, Asa Armstrong Wilson, Beverley Wilson, Beverly Wilson, Brenda Gladys Wilson, Chester W. Wilson, Craig Patrick Wilson, David Henry Wilson, Deborah Lee Wilson, Donna Wilson, Donovan Arthur Wilson, Edgar A. Wilson, Eliza Wilson, Eliza Jane "Jennie" Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Emily Ada Wilson, Eric Wilson, Ethel Gertrude Wilson, Frances Mary Wilson, George W. Wilson, Gerald Dennis Wilson, Gertrude Wilson, Glenn Wilson, Gwen Maureen Wilson, Helen Wilson, Henry Wilson, James Mcgregor Wilson, Joan Shirley Wilson, John Sterling Wilson, Kelly Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, Laurie Wilson, Lori Anne Wilson, Luella Winnifred Wilson, Manly Frank Archibald Wilson, Marilyn Kathleen Marie Wilson, Mark John Wilson, Mary Myrtle Wilson, Megan Wilson, Michael James Andrew Wilson, Norma Eleanor Wilson, Norman Wilson, Rhonda Wilson, Robert Edward Wilson, Ronald Deane Wilson, Russell Love Wilson, Samuel Wilson, Samuel Hiram Wilson, Scott Ryan Deane Wilson, Shane Anthony Wilson, Stirling Craig Wilson, Vera Evelyn Wilson, Winnona Margaret Wilson, Mary Winchester, Ida May Windover, Susanne Winkle, Cainan Thomas Winquist, Eric William Winquist, Lauren Elizabeth Winquist, Matthew Eric Winquist, Alfred Winter, Dona Alane Winterhalter, Freda Ruth Winters, Merry Winters, Eugenie Wiseman, Amy Wisner, Teresa Ann Wisser, Jet Withaar, Bianca Grace Wiwcharuk, Paul Wiwcharuk, Theodora Wolf, Lynn Wolfe, Jacqueline Ida Wolters, Bonnie Linn Wood, Ernest Arthur "Buzz" Wood, Ernest Edward Wood, Harold Edward Wood, Iola Ella Wood, Isabel Wood, James Wood, Karen Elaine Wood, Karl Wood, Kaylee Wood, Kolby Wood, Lorne Arthur Wood, Malena Wood, Percy Wood, Richard Wood, Susan Diane Wood, Treena Lynne Wood, Tua Wood, Violet Louise Wood, William John Wood, Arthur George Woods, Brandon Woods, Catherine Jane "Kate" Woods, Chris Woods, Doug Woods, Elizabeth Ann "Lizann" Woods, Flora H. Woods, George B. Woods, Jacob Woods, Joshua Woods, Kevin Woods, Maria Ann Woods, Norma Woods, Anna Mary Woodward, Harry Woodward, Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" Woodward, Eliza Woollie, Mary Woollie, Margaret Jane Woolsley, Katherine Cecilia "Kate" Workman, Robert A. Workman, Cory Wormsley, Caroline Worrick, David Worsfold, Richard David Worsfold, Andrea Ellen Wright, Andrew Wright, Audrey Wright, Brian Wright, Carman Aleece Wright, Colleen Jane Wright, David Arthur Wright, DeVoss Wright, Emily Jane Clair Wright, Jared Andrew John Wright, John Andrew Wright, Joyce Wright, Kayla Dawn Wright, Larissa Alicia Wright, Margaret DeVoss Wright, Marilyn DeVoss Wright, Marshall David Wright, Martha Wright, Nicholas Andrew Wright, Robert Wright, Zachary Robert Wright, Elizabeth Etta Wrightman, Etta Wrightman, Nelson Wrightman, Adaline Wyant, Clarinda Wyant, Laura Augusta Wyant, May Elizabeth Wyant, Sarah Demira Wyant, William John Wyant, David McKee Wyante, Sarah Wyat, Addie Wyatt, Adelaide Wyatt, Adeline Jane "Addie" Wyatt, Adeline Mary Wyatt, Alexander Russell Wyatt, Ann Elizabeth Wyatt, Arthur Alexander Wyatt, Arthur C. Wyatt, Audrey Ruth Wyatt, Bryce Wyatt, Carl J. Wyatt, Carman Walter Ross Wyatt, Clara Wyatt, Darla Loy Wyatt, David Anthony Wyatt, Dee Wyatt, Dora Wyatt, Dorothy E. Wyatt, Dylan James Wyatt, Eliza Wyatt, Evelyn Wyatt, Frederick Nelson Wyatt, George Wyatt, George Gile Wyatt, Grayson Chance Wyatt, Helen Gertrude Wyatt, Howard James Wyatt, James Boyd Wyatt, James Bryce Wyatt, James Robert Wyatt, Jean Elizabeth Wyatt, Jennie Edna Wyatt, Jessica Ann Wyatt, Jessie Lillian Wyatt, Jonah Wyatt, Kelsey Dawn Wyatt, Kim Arden Wyatt, Laura Augusta Wyatt, Lillian Wyatt, Lillian Isabel Wyatt, Lorrie Dale Wyatt, MacKenzie Jade Wyatt, Ross Robert Wyatt, Steven James Wyatt, Teejay Alynne Wyatt, William Wyatt, William Gordon Ernest "Ernie" Wyatt, William Guy Wyatt, William Isaac Wyatt, William John Wyatt, Winnifred June Wyatt, Eliza Wygent,

Y: Andrew Carl Yach, Barrie Yach, Brittany Leigh Yach, Gail Yancey, Ella Allison Yellowlees, Thomas Yellowley, William Yellowley, George Yohn, John Yohn, John Yohn, Jr., Rosalind Yohn, Maude Yonge, Bryan Yoos, Patricia Yoos, Rodney Yoos, Bruce Francis York, Evelyn Pearl York, Francis York, Peggy Ann York, Rachel York, Sharon York, Deborah Young, Dorothy Evelyn Young, Estel Henrietta Young, Hugh Young, John C. Young, Kristen Lynn Young, Lila Young, Marilyn Young, Mary Jannette Young, Nancy Young, Rachel Ann Young, Robert Young, Robert Alan Young, Sarah Eliza Young, Shirlea Young, Jack Youngblood, Du Wayne Younge, Glenn U. Younge, Grant Guy Younge, Guy U. Younge, Joseph E. Younge, Clyde Youtsey, David Youtsey, Lavina Grace Yuill, Amelia Mae Yurick, David Yurick, Kathryn Alexandra Yurick, Nicholas Philip Yurick,

Z: Mary Zaft, Gregory Zasithe, Jay Marie Zasithe, Larry Zasithe, R. Zasithe, Ida Zeh, Katherine Zentner, John F. Zerner, M.D., Clara Ziebarth, Dylan Lewis Ziegler, Krista Ziegler, Macy Louise Ziegler, Randy Lee Ziegler, Talie Rose Ziegler, Franco Zilli, Giovanna Zilli, Dorene Lenore Zoerb, Britta Krin Zook, Peter E. Zook, Andrea Zoratti, Diego Maradona Zoratti, Mario Zoratti, Orietta Zoratti, Alfonsina Zoratto, Angelina Zoratto, Felice Zoratto, Francesco Zoratto, Franco Zoratto, Ida Maria Zoratto, Maria Zoratto, Modesto Zoratto, Monica Zoratto, Romano Zoratto, Santa Zoratto, Santo Zoratto, Teresina Zoratto, Valerio Zoratto, Hope Leyster Zwinge,

Family Names by Frequency

Abbot (1), Abel (7), Abercrombie (4), Abernathy (18), Abernethy (63), Abrams (4), Acterburg (1), Adair (1), Adams (8), Adcock (1), Adkins-Mawhiney (1), Adkins (10), Adraine (1), Ahlberg (2), Aiken (2), Akin (2), Albertson (1), Alcock (1), Alcoin (1), Aldis (3), Aldred (1), Alexander (13), Allaire (1), Allard (1), Allen (7), Allum (3), Altomonte (3), Amos (2), Amyotte (1), Anders (5), Anderson (40), Andison (1), Andrew (4), Andrews (45), Anglin (7), Angus (2), Annereaux (1), Ansell (4), Ansley (2), Antifay (1), Appleby (3), Appleton (1), Arbic (2), Arbuckle (6), Archibald (1), Ardagh (7), Armitage (3), Armour (1), Armstrong (42), Arnold (3), Ashley (3), Ash (1), Aspelund (1), Atcherson (1), Atkinson (9), Aubin (1), Aubrey (1), Aunger (5), Austin (1), Avis (2), Axelson (2), Axworthy (1),

Babcock (9), Bachman (1), Bachmann (1), Backler (1), Backus (2), Bagato (1), Bagsley (1), Bailey (2), Baillie (3), Baird (34), Baker (26), Baldwin (3), Balfour (2), Ballantyne (6), Ball (1), Balls (6), Balson (3), Bamberry (2), Bamps (1), Bandemer (2), Baney (1), Banghart (1), Banks (6), Bannerman (1), Barber (4), Barch (1), Bardsley (1), Barker (2), Barkley (1), Barlow (9), Barnes (1), Barnett (6), Barney (3), Barrington (2), Barr (10), Barron (1), Barry (2), Bartingale (1), Bartlett (6), Baruzzini (1), Basch (1), Bassett (3), Bastien (4), Bate (1), Bates (3), Battel (1), Bauer (1), Baughman (1), Baugh (8), Baumhour (2), Beach (2), Beaman (1), Beamish (15), Beane (1), Bean (3), Beardsley (1), Bearnies (1), Beatie (1), Beattie (18), Beaugarde (1), Beaumont (1), Bebow (2), Beckendorff (1), Beckerick (2), Becker (3), Beckett (5), Bedard (1), Begin (1), Belanger (8), Belcher (1), Belding (1), Belfour (8), Belisle (1), Belland (1), Bell (2), Belmont (1), Belsher (1), Beltrame (5), Bence (2), Bendell (1), Bender (4), Bendtsen (1), Benner (1), Bennett (20), Bennie (4), Berger (3), Bergeron (4), Berg (3), Berkeley (1), Bernard (1), Berner (1), Bernest (1), Bernhardt (4), Berry (26), Bertoni (1), Bertram (1), Bertrand (2), Best (2), Bethell (1), Bethune (1), Betts (1), Beyer (1), Beyette (2), Bielish (2), Bierman (1), Biesenthal (4), Bigford (1), Bilodeau (2), Bing (3), Birch (1), Bird (12), Birdsell (3), Birt (1), Bishop (4), Bisson (1), Bjornson (1), Blackburn (1), Blackford (6), Black (13), Blackwood (3), Blaikie (2), Blair (67), Blais (3), Blanchard (4), Blank (3), Blasdell (2), Blasutti (4), Bleakley (5), Bleichert (4), Bletsky (4), Blighton (1), Bliss (4), Block (2), Boardman (14), Boatright (1), Boehk (1), Boisjoli (1), Bois (3), Boivin (1), Boland (6), Bolan (1), Boldt (1), Bolone (1), Bond (9), Bonesteel (2), Booth (6), Boris (1), Bose (5), Bouchard (7), Boue (1), Bouhassane (1), Bounds (1), Bouregeous (8), Bourne (5), Bousum (3), Bowen (2), Bowering (2), Bowers (1), Bowie (4), Bowker (6), Bowler (7), Bowman (2), Boyden (1), Boyd (3), Boyes (1), Boyle (3), Bradbrooke (1), Bradford (5), Bradshaw (27), Bradwell (5), Brady (5), Braidley (1), Brainard (1), Bramwell (1), Branch (2), Brandt (1), Breen (6), Brennan (2), Bresee (11), Brett (1), Bretzlaff (3), Brewster (1), Bridgeman (1), Bridges (1), Brigden (7), Brigger (8), Brightman (1), Bright (1), Brintnell (2), Brisban (1), Bristol (1), Bristow (6), Brittain (1), Broadfoot (1), Broadhead (2), Broed (1), Broeska (3), Brooks (7), Broom (8), Broughton (1), Brousseau (3), Browne (3), Browner (1), Brownie (1), Browning (1), Brownlee (3), Brown (142), Bruce (5), Bruhn (2), Brush (2), Bryan (4), Brylowski (3), Buchanan (4), Buchman (1), Buckley (2), Buffam (1), Bulfon (2), Bullock (4), Bumstead (2), Burdeney (1), Burgess (14), Burghardt (3), Burgin (1), Burke (11), Burlon (2), Burman (13), Burmester (6), Burnett (4), Burnside (1), Burns (5), Burpee (1), Burrell (1), Burritt (3), Burrows (1), Burt (2), Burton (14), Busko (2), Bussieres (1), Buttimor (2), Butt (1), Butwell (2), Byce (23), Byers (1), Byhre (5), Byrne (6), Byrnes (5), Byron (5), Bystrom (2),

Cable (1), Caird (1), Calder (1), Calhoun (4), Call (1), Cameron (23), Campbell (36), Cannady (1), Cannon (5), Capilla (1), Cardiff (1), Card (2), Carey (38), Cargnelli (3), Carley (2), Carl (3), Carlson (17), Carnahan (1), Carnochan (2), Caroll (7), Caron (3), Carpenter (2), Carrigan (1), Carr (5), Carrothers (4), Carruthers (1), Carson (4), Carter (5), Cartwright (40), Carty (1), Cascon (1), Casement (6), Casemore (5), Cassady (1), Cassell (2), Cassidy (3), Castellani (5), Castenetto (1), Castilla (1), Castle (1), Catallo (2), Catellier (1), Caton (1), Cattarossi (6), Cautero (7), Cavers (1), Ceolin (1), Ceporius (1), Chadwick (6), Chalk (1), Chamberlin (4), Chambers (43), Chandler (1), Chant (3), Chaplin (1), Chapman (8), Chapple (3), Chartbrand (1), Chartrand (1), Chartreau (4), Chase (5), Chernish (1), Chester (1), Chiara (4), Chiesa (62), Childerhose (1), Chinner (2), Chipper (1), Chisilino (3), Chobey (5), Chorney (2), Chrisley (1), Chrissley (2), Christiansen (1), Christianson (1), Chupik (5), Church (4), Cieszecki (3), Clairmeau (1), Clarence (1), Clarke (40), Clark (306), Clausius (1), Cleary (1), Cleaveley (6), Cleroux (2), Cline (1), Clocherty (1), Closs (1), Clow (1), Cluff (1), Coad (4), Coanes (1), Cobb (3), Coch (1), Cochrane (1), Cockerill (4), Cocroft (1), Coffle (2), Coglan (2), Colbry (16), Coleman (9), Cole (9), Coles (1), Coligan (1), Collinson (2), Collison (1), Colura (1), Colvin (1), Comber (1), Combs (3), Comeau (2), Command (1), Compton (1), Comstock (12), Condie (1), Connell (2), Conner (1), Connick (1), Conn (3), Connolly (1), Connor (16), Conrad (9), Convery (2), Cooke (1), Cook (38), Cooley (3), Coomber-Bendtsen (1), Cooney (1), Coons (2), Cooper (25), Coot (1), Corbett (11), Corrin (1), Corts (13), Cosier (1), Cote (1), Couch (1), Court (1), Cousins (6), Cowden (2), Cowper (9), Cox (4), Coyle (1), Craddock (1), Craighead (4), Craig (8), Crawford (62), Creek (1), Cree (1), Creller (1), Cress (2), Crieghton (1), Cripler (1), Crockett (1), Croghan (3), Cronin (3), Crossley (2), Cross (1), Crozier (208), Crozier-Organ (1), Crummy (1), Csath (3), Cuddeback (2), Culbert (2), Cummings (2), Cunningham (6), Curridor (4), Curtis (4), Cushing (1), Cuthbertson (5), Cyca-Loree (2), Cyca (1),

Dagenais (3), Dagg (8), Dahlgren (1), Dahl (1), Dainard (12), Dale (3), Dalgleish (1), Dalton (1), Damant (2), Damman (1), Danchuk (1), Darling (14), Darnell (4), Dastyck (1), Davey (4), Davidson (6), Davies (2), Davis (22), Davison (6), Davitt (2), Dawkins (1), Dawson (7), Dayman (3), De Clara (1), de Montparnasse (1), De Smit (4), Dean (15), DeArburn (1), Dechaine (1), Deeley (4), DeGraff (1), Deguire (1), Dejonghe (3), Del Ruiz (5), Del Zotto (1), Delaney (4), Della Mora (1), Della Siega (1), Delong (1), Delvin (2), Demanenko (3), Denis (1), Denison (2), Dennis (3), Denpith (1), Dent (3), Derbyshire (5), Derckson (4), Dersnah (6), Deschamps (1), Descoteau (1), Desmarais (4), DeStevens (1), Devenny (1), Devitt (81), Dewey (1), Dewhurst (5), Dewitt (2), D'Hustler (3), Di Negro (1), Dickerson (1), Dick (3), Dickson (1), Dier (6), Dinsdale (2), Dionne (1), Diprose (6), Dix (1), Dixon (3), Dizzell (1), Dobbs (4), Doblier (1), Dobson (2), Docaro (1), Dodge (2), Dodridge (10), Doel (1), Doering (1), Doherty (1), Dollarhide (1), Dollinger (1), Donaghue (1), Donaldson (4), Donis (4), Donnelly (15), Dool (9), Dopson (18), Dorman (2), Dougall (1), Doulais (2), Doull (1), Dowdall (2), Downing (2), Down (2), Doyle (3), Draper (78), Drapur (2), Drevins (1), Drew (1), Drummond (6), Duban (1), Dubard (2), Dubeau (4), Dueck (3), Duepner (1), Duffy (5), Duhon (3), Dukoff (1), Dulmage (1), Dumas (1), Dumouchel (5), Duncalfe (2), Duncan (2), Dunham (3), Dunn (9), Dupuis (1), Durant (1), Durfey (1), Durham (1), Dusfrene (1), Duthie (10), Dutton (1), Dwight (2), Dwyer (1), Dyck (5), Dye-Baillie (3), Dye (7), Dyer (24),

Eagleton (1), Earls (1), Eastwood (1), Ebberow (1), Ebeltoft (1), Ebenal (1), Ebert (101), Eckel (6), Ecker (1), Edgar (7), Edmunds (6), Edstrom (5), Edwards (14), Ekman (1), Elder (2), Elias (1), Eliot (1), Elkins (1), Elliot (3), Elliott (15), Ellis (11), Ellison (10), Ellivant (1), Elmer (1), Eloui (2), Elvers (1), Embury (1), Emerson (6), Emler (1), Emmerson (1), Empey (6), Enghart (1), Englebrecht (1), English (1), Enns (5), Ensmen (1), Epp (1), Erickson (1), Erving (1), Erwin (5), Essex (1), Estes (1), Evans (3), Eves (1), Evoy (3), Eykelboom (3),

Faber (1), Facchin (3), Fader (1), Fahey (6), Fahl (1), Fairbairn (31), Fairbanks (1), Fair (1), Falconer (1), Falt (1), Farley (12), Farmer (2), Farnsworth (1), Farough (1), Farqharson (2), Farrand (7), Farrell (2), Farshberg (6), Fast (1), Fawcett (7), Fay (27), Fehir (1), Fehr (2), Feldman (1), Fenerty (5), Feniak (8), Ferg (7), Ferguson (4), Fetterly (2), Fewings (1), Fey (1), Ficht (2), Fiddler (1), Fielding (1), Filippone (1), Finch (1), Fink (1), Finley (2), Fiorino (1), Fior (1), Firmingham (2), Fisher (3), Fitzgeorge (3), Fitzgerald (1), Fitzpatrick (1), Fitzsimmons (8), Flannery (1), Fleming (10), Flemming (1), Fletcher (28), Flett (4), Fleuelling (1), Flint (1), Flood (3), Floyd (1), Fluker (2), Flunker (2), Foley (5), Fontaine (3), Fontes (1), Forde (7), Ford (2), Foreman (1), Forgey (2), Forkes (1), Forrester (2), Forster (3), Forsythe (1), Forsyth (3), Fossenier (1), Foss (3), Foster (13), Foubister (1), Foucher (3), Fouillard (1), Foulds (5), Fountaine (5), Fournier (1), Fowler (1), Fox (1), Foxton (7), Fralick (1), France (1), Franklin (1), Frank (1), Franson (1), Franz (4), Fraser (13), Frauen-Reuther (1), Fredenburgh (1), Freden (1), Fredrickson (1), Freebern (2), Freed (1), Freeman (7), Freer (1), Freundt (2), Frey (1), Frick (6), Fritz (2), Frizell (1), Frizzell (1), Froats (10), Froment (1), Frost (8), Frusetta (6), Fryklund (4), Fuggle (1), Fuller (1), Fullford (1), Fulton (4), Furlan (1), Fykes (1),

Gabora (1), Gagnon (2), Galaway (1), Galbraith (9), Gallagher (3), Gallinger (1), Galliussi (2), Galloway (1), Gallun (6), Galusha (2), Gamble (1), Ganton (3), Gantous (4), Ganzini (2), Garcia (3), Gardiner (15), Gardner (5), Garfield (1), Garinger (1), Garner (1), Garvin (1), Gates (2), Gatine (1), Gattescco (2), Geddes (3), Gee (1), Geffin (1), Gemich (1), Gendreau (4), Genik (4), Gerrie (8), Gerrston (5), Gervais (1), Gibbings (5), Gibbons (1), Gibbs (3), Gibson (14), Gilbert (2), Giles (2), Gilhuly (4), Gilleo (2), Gilles (1), Gillespie (3), Gillis (1), Gill (1), Gilman (2), Gilmore (2), Gilmour (1), Glasgow (1), Glenn (76), Gobeo (4), Godin (3), Golansky (1), Golanto (1), Goldman (4), Goldsmith (1), Goldstein (1), Goodich (3), Goodmurphy (1), Goodwin (6), Goodyear (4), Gordoneir (1), Gordon (9), Gorius (1), Gorsline (1), Gosselin (3), Gottfried (3), Goudy (11), Goulden (4), Goulding (1), Gould (2), Goulet (1), Gow (1), Gracey (2), Grady (1), Graham (29), Grant (2), Grantz (1), Grasley (2), Gravelle (2), Graves (1), Gravis (1), Gray (1), Grayson (2), Greason (2), Greassner (1), Greene (2), Greenland (1), Greenlay (1), Greenless (1), Green (12), Greer (52), Grenfell (3), Greniere (1), Grey (2), Gribbon (1), Griffin (1), Griffith (4), Griggs (3), Grill (1), Gri (5), Grolla (1), Gros (3), Groulx (1), Gruben (1), Grundy (1), Guerrettaz (1), Guess (6), Guild (2), Gulick (1), Gunderson (2), Gunne (1), Gunning (1), Gunn (6), Gunsel (1), Gursky (2), Guthrie (12), Guy (1),

Haage (1), Haan (1), Haberer (1), Hacke (1), Haeslar (2), Hafery (1), Haffner (1), Hagarty (1), Hagen (3), Hagerman (1), Hahn (1), Haines (10), Haire (1), Halek (1), Hale (1), Hallam (2), Halland (2), Hallett (11), Halliday (10), Hall (13), Hamel (1), Hamill (7), Hamilton (30), Hammell (7), Hammel (2), Hammill (1), Hammond (10), Ham (5), Handale (1), Haney (5), Hannah (1), Hannam (3), Hanna (3), Hanson (4), Happy (5), Harbord (1), Harbridge (1), Harder (1), Harding (3), Hardin (4), Hardman (2), Hargreaves (3), Harkness (4), Harley (2), Harman (2), Harmon (2), Harpe (1), Harper (4), Harriman (1), Harrington (9), Harris (1), Harrison (81), Harron (3), Hartley (6), Hartman (1), Hart (2), Hartung (1), Hartwick (9), Harvey (2), Harwood (4), Haskin (1), Haskins (4), Hasse (4), Hastesd (1), Hasty (6), Hatch (16), Hathaway (17), Havelin (3), Hawkins (2), Hawley (11), Haw (1), Haworth (2), Hawthorne (4), Haycock (2), Hayden (3), Hayes (44), Hay (11), Hazard (7), Hazen (3), Headrick (1), Healy (18), Hearty (2), Heath (1), Hechter (3), Heffernan (1), Heffren (1), Heidt (1), Heighton (1), Heller (3), Hembree (3), Hemelgarn (3), Henderson (13), Hendrick (1), Hendrickson (1), Henry (2), Hensley (2), Herbart (4), Herbert (4), Herendon (1), Hermann (3), Herold (1), Herrick (1), Herring (2), Herrmann (1), Herron (1), Hess (1), Hetherington (1), Heuston (1), Hewgill (1), Hewton (2), Heyes (1), Hicks (3), Higham (1), Highton (2), Hiibner (5), Hildebrand (1), Hildebrandt (2), Hiller (1), Hillier (5), Hillis (1), Hill (18), Hilson (3), Hindman (2), Hinton (11), Hipfner (2), Hiscock (3), Hitchcock (1), Hnytka (2), Hobbs (6), Hobkirk (1), Hodge (3), Hodgins (34), Hodgson (1), Hodkinson (1), Hogan (16), Hogebone (3), Hogeboom (2), Hoggarth (3), Hoiland (2), Holbrook (4), Holbrow (1), Holden (1), Holder (14), Holinaty (2), Holland (2), Holmes (3), Holt (2), Holtzman (1), Holtz (2), Homer (1), Hooke (8), Hoover (1), Hopkins (3), Hopps (1), Horbulik (1), Hornecker (3), Horner (4), Horton (2), Hostadt (1), Hotchkiss (5), Hough (2), Houghton (1), Hounslow (6), Houston (5), Howard (6), Howe (2), Howie (5), Hrasko (1), Hrkoff (1), Huber (3), Huculiak (1), Hudson (6), Huffman (2), Hugabone (1), Hughes (10), Hugo (1), Hullender (1), Hull (1), Hulme (1), Hulton (1), Humphrey (1), Hunter (16), Hunt (3), Hurley (1), Hurst (2), Husband (1), Huston (1), Hutcheson (4), Hutchins (5), Hutchinson (10), Hutchison (3), Hutton (3), Hyland (4), Hynes (1),

Ihme (1), Iisaka (1), Imison (1), Inch (2), Innes (2), Ireton (1), Irvine (3), Irwin (1), Isherwood (4), Ives (1),

Jackson (8), Jacob (1), Jacobs (1), Jacobson (1), James (25), Jameson (9), Jamieson (1), Jasper (1), Jaster (4), Jay (2), Jelly (5), Jenkins (4), Jenks (1), Jensen (7), Jeske (5), Jessop (2), Jestin (2), Joanette (1), Jobb (7), Johns (1), Johnson (31), Johnstone (4), Johnston (18), Joice (1), Jones (21), Jordan (2), Judd (75), Judge (1), Jule (7), Jurack (3),

Kachan (1), Kadlec (1), Kane (5), Kardera (4), Karl (1), Karlstedt (3), Karvonen (1), Kasper (1), Kavolinas (3), Kay (2), Kearns (1), Keay (1), Keddy (1), Keeping (4), Kehoe (2), Keithman (1), Keller (5), Kelloway (1), Kelly (60), Kelsey (1), Kemp (9), Kennedy (5), Kenney (2), Kenny (15), Kent (5), Kenyon (2), Kenzie (2), Kerr (6), Kerslake (4), Khadekin (1), Kidd (4), Kiely (1), Kierans (1), Kilby (2), Killoh (1), Killow (1), Kimball (1), Kimberly (3), Kimber (1), Kincaid (1), Kinch (2), King (3), Kingsley (1), Kinnear (4), Kinney (2), Kinser (1), Kirkendall (1), Kirkham (2), Kirk (3), Kirkpatrick (34), Kirwan (1), Kitchener (1), Klassen (1), Klein (3), Kline (1), Klippenstein (4), Klopf (1), Kluke (8), Knapp (32), Knecht (1), Kniffin (1), Knight (3), Knipe (1), Knowler (1), Knowles (1), Knox (3), Koehler (1), Kohlman (2), Kokenge (1), Kokotilo (1), Kole (1), Kolinski (1), Kolisnyk (1), Kollman (2), Komen (1), Konkas (1), Korchinos (1), Korosi (3), Koshure (1), Koske (2), Kowaluk (1), Krawczyk (7), Kribs (1), Kristensen (3), Kyle (2),

LaBranch (1), Lacasse (1), Lacey (1), LaChance (2), Lackey (1), Lacompte (1), Lacroix (1), LaDue (1), Lafontain (1), Laidlaw (3), Laing (1), Laird (3), Laituri (1), LaJambe (11), Lake (43), Lalonde (2), Lalone (2), Lamarr (1), Lamb (1), Lance (1), Land (2), Langdon (1), Lange (2), Langille (1), Langlois (3), Lang (2), Langpap (2), Lanning (3), Lanthier (1), Lantinga (3), Lapworth (1), Larken (1), Larrabee (1), Larson (13), Larter (1), Lasalle (3), Lasseter (1), Laugheuglager (1), Laughren (9), Lauris (1), LaVatte (1), Lavender (2), Laventure (3), Lawrence (5), Lawson (2), Laycock (1), Layne (2), Lazzaro (5), Le Drapour (1), Le Page (2), Leach (1), Leakey? (1), Leclair (1), LeClair (1), Ledd (3), Ledingham (5), Lee (13), Leeson (7), Leger (1), Lemke (3), Lemontague (1), Lenarduzzi (1), Lennie (1), Leonarduzzi (1), Lepanna (1), Lerner (1), Leslie (2), Lettan (2), Letts (3), Leveillee (1), Levere (2), Leverette (1), Lewicki (3), Lewis (4), Libby (1), Liken (1), Lilje (22), Lillie (1), Lindale (1), Lindell (1), Linderberg (4), Lindsay (7), Lingelbach (1), Lingenfelter (10), Lister (1), Littlejohn (2), Little (6), Liut (4), Lloyd (1), Loadholter (1), Locatelli (1), Locke (2), Lodoen (3), Loewen (3), Logan (11), Lomkiem (1), Lomo (1), Longfield (1), Long (11), Lord (1), Loree (22), Loucks (5), Loudfoot (2), Lougheed (14), Louke (6), Louria (1), Loveless (1), Love (72), Lowe (1), Lower (1), Lowery (8), Low (2), Lown (1), Lowther (4), Lucas (3), Ludening (1), Ludvicsen (1), Ludwig (1), Luhta (1), Lukoni (1), Lumsden (1), Luneack (1), Luneng (1), Lunney (1), Lusk (3), Luttle (1), Lyall (1), Lyde (1), Lyle (1), Lynch (3), Lyon (3), Lyons (1), Lyth (2), Lytle (1),

MacCallum (17), MacCarthy (1), Macdonald (5), MacDonald (8), MacFarlane (1), Macfie (84), MacGregor (3), Macintosh (1), MacIntosh (1), MacKay (2), Mackell (1), MacKenzie (26), Mackenzie (5), Mackey (22), Macklin (1), Mack (2), Macks (1), MacLean (50), Madden (1), Madill (4), Madore (1), Magdellan (1), Mahood (4), Maiero (1), Mainse (1), Maitland (4), Major (1), Makarenko (1), Malcolm (4), Mallen (2), Mallette (3), Malo (1), Mammano (3), Man Ray (1), Manary (1), Manazzoni (1), Mandia (1), Manley (1), Manning (1), Mann (1), Mansell (2), Manson (1), Mansuy (2), Manwell (1), Marchbank (2), March (2), Marcus (1), Marenka (3), Mareski (2), Margaret (2), Margarita (3), Markell (5), Maroello (2), Marriott (2), Marsaw (3), Marshall (10), Marsh (1), Martens (5), Martinek (5), Martin (21), Marton (3), Martyniuk (2), Martzoukos (3), Marvell (1), Mascarenhas (1), Mascaro (1), Mason (8), Massey (5), Massicotte (2), Masson (1), Mastandrea (1), Masters (1), Mathers (1), Mathews (1), Matteazzi (8), Matthews (7), Matulich (3), Mauro (1), Mawhiney (1), Maxon (1), Maxwell (3), Mayhew (4), May (3), Mayville (3), Mazer (4), Mazur (1), Mazzaro (1), Mazzola (1), Mc Goldrick (1), McAllister (2), McAnaul (1), McArdle (4), McBride (4), McCabe (1), McCagg (28), McCaig (1), McCall (1), McCallum (2), McCann (1), McCardle (1), McCaron (1), McCarthy (3), McCartney (1), McClean (17), McClelland (9), McClure (1), McClymont (1), McConachie (1), McConell (1), McConnell (11), McCord (2), McCormick (3), McCosham (3), McCowan (1), McCoy (1), McCracken (5), McCrady (1), McCready (1), McCrea (2), McCrie (6), McCrindle (1), McCroy (1), McCulloch (1), McCullock (1), McCullough (2), McCully (1), McCutheon (1), McDiarmid (2), McDonald (9), McDonough (5), McDowell (3), McElgum (1), McElroy (3), McElwain (2), McEwan (3), McFadden (1), McFadyen (1), McFarlane (2), McFessnel (1), McGee (7), McGerrigle (1), McGillis (1), McGillivary (8), McGillivray (1), McGill (3), McGinnis (1), McGinn (1), McGowan (7), McGrath (4), McGuffin (11), McGuire (2), McHugh (3), McIloney (1), McInnes (1), McInnis (1), McIntyre (10), McIvor (1), McJannet (2), McJannette (1), McKay (17), McKechnie (1), McKelvey (2), McKenna (3), McKenzie (5), McKibbon (4), McKimm (1), McKinnely (4), McKinnet (1), McKinnon (3), McKitrick (1), McKnight (25), McKusick (1), McLaughlin (5), McLean (11), McLeaw (4), McLelland (27), McLeod (12), McMacken (1), McMahon (1), McManus (1), McMeekin (1), McMillan (4), McMillen (5), McMinn (1), McMullen (6), McNabb (2), McNally (2), McNamee (1), McNaughton (1), McNeely (2), McNeill (12), McNeiven (1), McNight (1), McNutt (4), McPherson (3), McQuaid (1), McQuarrie (9), McQueen (1), Mcrae (1), McRae (1), McSweeny (1), McTavish (5), McTiernan (5), Meacher (16), Meade (1), Meagher (1), Medrano (1), Meehan (1), Meeks (7), Mee (1), Megenbur (1), Melby (1), Melch (3), Mellor (1), Melnyk (4), Melville (2), Menzies (1), Mercer (1), Meredith (1), Merilees (1), Merizzi (3), Merker (14), Merkley (2), Merrick (1), Merrill (7), Merriman (6), Merritt (6), Metcalfe (1), Meyer (7), Meyers (2), Michael (3), Michaud (2), Middlemass (1), Midgley (2), Miers (1), Miess (1), Mikan (4), Milburn (1), Milito (3), Milks (3), Miller (44), Millhausen (1), Milligan (1), Milli (3), Millman (1), Mills (2), Miner (4), Miniato (3), Minnich (1), Miron (1), Mirri (1), Mishie (1), Misson (5), Mistruzzi (1), Mitchell (20), Mitchel (1), Mitts (2), Mizzau (10), Moen (4), Moffat (3), Moffatt (3), Mogridge (1), Mohr (1), Moir (8), Molaro (64), Mongeau (3), Monigue (1), Montague (1), Montanaro (3), Montano (1), Montgomery (1), Montoya (2), Moody (11), Moore (17), Moores (1), Moorhouse (2), Morden (1), Morgan (1), Morganson (1), Morin (3), Moriss (1), Morley (1), Morningstar (1), Moro (1), Morrison (14), Morrissey (1), Morrow (2), Morscheck (1), Morse (1), Morton (3), Mosely (1), Moshansky (6), Mosher (2), Mosser (3), Moss (1), Mostowchuk (2), Mothersill (7), Moulton (119), Mousseau (7), Moxness (1), Mucin (3), Mugford (2), Muggeridge (1), Mulkerns (7), Mulkey (1), Mullally (3), Muller (1), Mulligan (2), Mundy (1), Munro (2), Murdoch (1), Murison (3), Murphy (23), Murray (19), Musey (1), Muth (1), Mutte (1), Myers (1), Myles (1),

Nasato (2), Nash (1), Natale (1), Naylor (1), Nazar (6), Neary (15), Neeberg (3), Neeves (1), Neil (4), Neilson (1), Nellis (14), Nelson (20), Nesbitt (10), Nesbitt-Pooler (1), Nethercott (1), Netzley (1), Neufert (3), Neumier (3), Nevers (1), Newall (2), Newell (3), Newman (3), Newsom (2), Nicholas (2), Nichols (6), Nielander (5), Nighel (2), Nigh (1), Niles (2), Nixon (2), Noble (1), Nobles (1), Noel (1), Nordstrom (1), Normandeau (1), Norman (8), Norrie (5), Norris (1), Northcott (1), Norton (11), Notell (1), Nottell (1), Novak (4), Nugent (5), Nunes (1), Nute (14), Nutley (1), Nybo (1), Nychey (2), Nycz (4), Nyveld (4),

Oakley (1), Oak (5), Obirek (1), O'Brien (9), O'Connor (4), Odlum (2), O'Farrell (2), Ogden (4), Ogilvie (1), O'Gorman (2), O'Hara (1), O'Leary (1), Oleskiu (1), Olivier (3), Olmstead (5), Olsen (3), Olson (5), Omes (1), O'Neill (4), O'Neil (2), Oostenbrug (3), Orcutt (1), Oregon (1), O'Reilly (3), Organ (1), Ormsbee (20), Orr (11), Osborne (1), Osten (2), Ostergaard (1), Ostrander (7), Otly (1), Oudin (2), Outrim (1), Overdahl (1),

Pacholka (2), Pacik (2), Packman (1), Page (1), Painchaud (1), Paint (4), Palanio (1), Palmer (5), Pambrun (1), Paniucco (1), Papadoulis (4), Paquette (2), Parchman (2), Parchnau-Massey (1), Parchnau (4), Pardee (1), Parisien (2), Paris (3), Parker (10), Park (7), Parks (3), Paskuruk (1), Passe (1), Patenaude (1), Paterson (2), Patmore (1), Paton (1), Patrick (5), Pattee (1), Patten (1), Patterson (11), Pattison (3), Paul-Chupik (1), Paul (26), Pay (4), Payne (1), Paynter (13), Peace (1), Peake (1), Pearce (3), Peckenpaugh (2), Peck (3), Peckover (1), Peever (43), Pelky (1), Pelland (1), Pellegrini (1), Pengelly (4), Penner (1), Pennock (1), Penrose (4), Penstone (6), Pepper (3), Perelini (1), Perkins (6), Perlett (9), Perrault (5), Perrigo (1), Perry (12), Persson (1), Peters (16), Peterson (3), Petrosky (1), Pettipher (1), Pfluke (18), Phair (1), Philbrook (3), Phillips (5), Pierce (3), Pike (1), Pilon (1), Pimperton (2), Pinchbeck (3), Pini (3), Pinkham (1), Pireder (1), Pitcher (4), Pittioni (1), Pitt (1), Pixley (20), Plato (1), Platt (3), Playfair (1), Plewes (1), Plewis (74), Pluckman (1), Pockrandt (3), Poff (1), Poirer (2), Poitras (4), Pollard (1), Pollock (2), Poloyko (1), Pond (2), Poole (13), Pooler (16), Popcock (1), Pope (1), Popesso (2), Popil (1), Porteous (2), Porter (4), Posthumus (3), Potter (10), Pottle (1), Pourchot (1), Pourier (1), Powell (4), Powers (1), Poy (1), Pozdnikoff (1), Pozzo (1), Predko (2), Prefontaine (2), Prenassi (8), Prendergast (1), Prentice (1), Presley (1), Prestimo (1), Preston (1), Price (1), Pridham (3), Priebe (2), Prieur (1), Prince (1), Pringle (2), Prin (1), Procknow (4), Proctor (1), Profit (3), Prokipchuk (5), Proper (3), Prueter (2), Puddy (1), Puorro (1), Purcell-Cleroux (1), Purcell (8), Purvis (1), Putnew (1), Putney (1), Puttenham (3), Pybus (1),

Quarin (1), Quedort (1), Quenneville (1), Quidort (2), Quigley (3), Quinn (1), Quinton (1),

Rabb (1), Radford (3), Radnitsky (1), Radnitzky (1), Rae (6), Rafter (2), Rainboth (3), Rainbow (1), Ralfton (1), Ralph (2), Ralston (1), Ramsay (1), Ramsey (1), Randazzo (1), Ranger (1), Rankin (3), Rasmusson (1), Ratchford (1), Ratcliff (1), Ratelle (1), Rathwell (4), Rattray (1), Rau (2), Raymond (2), Ray (7), Read (1), Reason (1), Rechsteiner (2), Redden (1), Reece (1), Reeder (1), Reedman (1), Reed (8), Rees (2), Reeve (2), Reid (22), Reilly (3), Reinhardt (1), Reitsma (1), Rempel (1), Reptiphanuck (4), Resch (2), Revell (1), Reynolds (2), Rhodes (1), Rice (4), Richard (1), Richardson (12), Richer (3), Riesebosch (3), Rinaldi (9), Ripley (3), Ritcher (1), Ritchie (4), Rivington (1), Robards (1), Robbins (1), Robb (3), Roberts (6), Robertson (18), Robillard (1), Robins (4), Robinson (35), Robson (6), Roelens (3), Roe (1), Rogers (5), Rohn (1), Roles (1), Rollins (1), Rolston (1), Roluf (1), Romain (1), Romanelli (20), Romaniuk (2), Roman (3), Romeo (1), Romkey (1), Romm (1), Roney (1), Rooks (1), Rooney (7), Roscoe (3), Rosisi (1), Rossi (4), Ross (30), Roth (1), Roushorn (26), Rouson (1), Rowan (1), Rowe (13), Rowley (2), Rowsome (1), Roycraft (1), Rozdeba (7), Rozgo (4), Ruckles (1), Ruel (1), Ruest (4), Ruse (1), Rushlo (1), Rush (3), Russell (36), Ruszkowski (1), Rutherford (2), Ruthven (10), Rutledge (20), Ruttan (1), Ruttle (1), Ryan (2), Rybus (1), Ryder (1), Rylands (1),

Saab (1), Sabourin (5), Sadler (8), Safford (7), Sager (1), Sague (1), Sailor (1), Samels (3), Samms (1), Sample (1), Sanders (1), Sanderson (1), Sandford (1), Sands (1), Sanftenberg (1), Sansteby (1), Santucci (1), Sapsford (16), Sargent (15), Sarvis (2), Satter (1), Sauer (1), Saunders (2), Saunderson (1), Sauriol (6), Sause (1), Sauve (1), Savage (1), Savitz (21), Sawatzky (1), Sayeau (6), Sayers (2), Scarfe (1), Scarf (9), Scarrow (1), Schaefer (1), Scharf (2), Schatzke (1), Scheffler (1), Scheibe (1), Schergold (1), Scheuer (4), Schick (1), Schifferer (1), Schlicht (16), Schmalenberg (2), Schmaltz (1), Schmidt (2), Schmiedt (1), Schneider (3), Schonberg (5), Schopp (2), Schrader (1), Schroeder (3), Schultz (5), Schuyler (2), Schwamborn (1), Schwan (2), Schwartz (16), Schweigert (2), Schwer (2), Scobie (1), Scomparin (1), Scott (26), Scrimgeour (1), Scriver (14), Sdrogefske (1), Seaman (1), Searle (1), Sears (2), Seaver (1), Sedgwick (4), Seeley (14), Seeman (3), Seguin (3), Seidel (4), Seitz (2), Seldon (2), Sellers (1), Semchism (4), Semeniuk (4), Senez (11), Service (1), Setchell (4), Seullion (1), Severson (1), Sevier (3), Seward (1), Seymore (1), Seymour (1), Shannon (10), Sharpe (3), Sharp (4), Shaw (28), Shea (10), Sheard (2), Shearer (3), Sheasby (1), Shelley (2), Shepard (5), Shepherd (8), Sheppard (17), Sherburn (3), Shewan (5), Shewfelt (19), Shier (1), Shirley (5), Shively (1), Shoemaker (1), Shonyo (1), Shook (1), Shore (7), Short (1), Shufelt (1), Shutts (1), Shuya (1), Sicard (1), Sien (1), Sigismund (3), Sikes (1), Sikora (1), Silger (3), Silkelee (1), Silver (6), Simingston (1), Simmons (30), Simons (2), Simpson (33), Sinclair (3), Sinfield (2), Sipp (1), Sitter (3), Sitz (4), Siverson (4), Skibsted (6), Skillet (1), Skoryk (1), Skuce (46), Slaa (3), Slabikowski (1), Slack (1), Slater (2), Sleeth (10), Sletten (1), Slimmon (1), Small (7), Smart (2), Smiley (11), Smith (239), Smyth (2), Snelgrove (3), Snider (3), Snodgrass (1), Snowdon (12), Snow (2), Soderquist (1), Sokolowski (2), Solamon (1), Sol (1), Solomon (1), Somerville (1), Soper (5), Sorge (1), Sousa (1), Southcombe (1), Southworth (2), Sowles (1), Spahn (1), Spans (4), Sparling (2), Spencer (1), Sperlie (1), Spilman (1), Spittal (1), Spitzer (1), Spooner (1), Sproule (2), Srackangast (1), St Aubin (1), St. Clair (1), St Laurent (3), St. Michael (13), St Pierre (1), Stacey (1), Stack (4), Stadnek (1), Stainforth (1), Standish (6), Stankov (5), Stanlake (1), Stanley (6), Stanlyck (4), Stansbury (1), Stansfield (5), Stanton (1), Stanzel (2), Stark (1), Star (1), Starr (5), Statton (6), Stavenow (1), Ste. Marie (7), Steacy (3), Stearn (1), Steele (11), Steel (1), Steep (3), Steeves (3), Stefanyk (3), Stelnachek (1), Stender (2), Stephen (6), Stephens (10), Stevens (13), Stevenson (8), Stewart (54), Stieh (1), Stiles (5), Stinson (1), Stobie (3), Stock (5), Stoddard? (1), Stoddard (78), Stoddart (3), Stoltz (4), Stone (1), Storey (1), Storr (1), Story (1), Stothers (4), Stoutenburg (1), Stowe (1), Strachan (1), Strader (1), Strain (2), Strang (5), Strauer (3), Strentz (1), Stroughair (8), Struthers (2), Strutt (1), Stuart (1), Sturgeon (118), Sturt (4), Styran (1), Sullivan (5), Summers (1), Surber (7), Surgeson (2), Sutherland (4), Swain (6), Swanberg (1), Sweet (1), Swistak (4), Switzer (2), Sword (1), Sywolos (3),

Tackeberry (7), Taggart (1), Tait (3), Tallman (13), Talsma (1), Tanis (1), Tanner (4), Tardiff (3), Tate (1), Tatewosian (1), Tattersall (1), Taylor (36), Teale (3), Telford (5), Teodorovica (3), Therien (3), Thinglestad (1), Thomas (90), Thomason (5), Thompson (46), Thoms (1), Thomson (3), Thon (1), Thorne (7), Thorn (4), Thornton (2), Thorvaldson (1), Tiede (3), Tilford (8), Timeslick (1), Timleck (8), Timlick (1), Tindale (3), Tisdale (1), Tobler (2), Tofin (1), Tokarek (1), Tomada (1), Tomasky (1), Tomsic (2), Toner (1), Topping (3), Torgerson (10), Torney (1), Torrey (1), Tosczak (1), Tosh (3), Tosolini (1), Toso (7), Totten (1), Tough (9), Tower (1), Townsend (3), Townsley (2), Track (9), Tracy (1), Trask (6), Traynor (1), Treasurer (2), Tredwin (4), Trehune (1), Tremblay (1), Trimble (1), Tripplehorn (1), Tripp (1), Troop (1), Trotchie (3), Trotter (1), Troyer (1), Trueman (1), Tse (1), Tubman (7), Tucker (17), Tuff (3), Tuft (1), Tuggle (1), Tunney (1), Turcott (5), Turncliff (11), Turner (1), Turrieff (1), Turriff (1), Tuttle (3), Twa (1), Tyers (1), Tyndall (1),

Ullrich (1), Umphress (1), Underdown (1), Underwood (1), Unitt (1), Upleger (1), Urquhart (1),

Vado (1), Valdez (2), Valentine (1), Valpey (1), Van Benschoten (1), Van Gemeren (1), Van Koehler (1), Van Strien (1), Van Tyle (1), Van Valkenburg (2), Van Wyk (1), Vance (4), Vandeburg (11), Vanderhoof (4), Vanfleet (2), Vanschyndel (5), Vanskyber (1), Vant (1), Varn (5), Vass (3), Vaudner (9), Vaughan (10), Veitch (15), Velladao (1), Venters (1), Verbisky (4), Verhulst (1), Vermey (1), Vezina (1), Viazanko (1), Victoria (1), Videto (3), Vince (4), Virene (2), Virgin (3), Virgo (1), Vit (2), Vivian (1), Vogt (1), Voith (5), Vold (1), Von Bieker (1), Von Oder (4), Vopicka (2), Vroman (1),

Waffle (1), Wageant (4), Waggoner (1), Wain (1), Waite (3), Wait (1), Waldo (1), Walker (35), Wallace (1), Waller (16), Wallis (3), Wall (6), Waltenberg (3), Walter (1), Walters (1), Walton (8), Wanjon (6), Wannan (2), Ward (3), Ware (1), Wark (1), Warner (4), Warren (3), Warrington (1), Warwick (14), Wasaway (1), Watkins (1), Watson (55), Watt (2), Watts (7), Way (5), Weagant (2), Weagent (2), Webb (4), Weber (1), Webster (16), Weems (1), Weese (3), Weibel (2), Weibe (1), Weir (2), Weiss (2), Weitzel (1), Welch (5), Wells (1), Wendt (2), Wesley (1), Westcott (4), West (4), Whalan (2), Whalen (11), Wheatley (2), Wheeler (5), Whelan-Dionne (1), Whelan (9), Whiteford (1), Whitehead (1), White (16), Whiteside (2), Whiting (2), Whitmarsh (33), Whitmore (2), Whitney (3), Whittaker (7), Whittingham (8), Whyte (2), Wiante (1), Wickens (1), Wicks (11), Wiebe (1), Wieja (5), Wiens (6), Wierman (2), Wiggins (1), Wilcox (27), Wiley (1), Wilkesman (1), Wilkes (9), Wilkins (3), Wilkinson (14), Wilks (2), Williams (49), Willis (2), Will (1), Willows (1), Wills (4), Wilson (59), Winchester (1), Windover (1), Winkle (1), Winquist (4), Winterhalter (1), Winter (1), Winters (2), Wiseman (1), Wisner (1), Wisser (1), Withaar (1), Wiwcharuk (2), Wolfe (2), Wolf (1), Wolters (1), Wood (20), Woods (13), Woodward (3), Woollie (2), Woolsley (1), Workman (2), Wormsley (1), Worrick (1), Worsfold (2), Wrightman (3), Wright (21), Wyant (6), Wyat (1), Wyatt (41), Wygent (1),

Yach (3), Yancey (1), Yellowlees (1), Yellowley (2), Yohn (4), Yonge (1), Yoos (3), York (6), Youngblood (1), Younge (5), Young (15), Youtsey (2), Yuill (1), Yurick (4),

Zaft (1), Zasithe (4), Zeh (1), Zentner (1), Zerner (1), Ziebarth (1), Ziegler (5), Zilli (2), Zimmerman (1), Zoerb (1), Zook (2), Zoratti (4), Zoratto (14), Zwinge (1),

Place Names by Frequency

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (179), Smiths Falls, Lanark, Ontario (164), Clarendon Twp, Pontiac, Quebec (148), Shawville, Pontiac, Quebec (138), Winnipeg, Manitoba (127), Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario (114), Calgary, Alberta (105), Campbell's Bay, Pontiac, Quebec (91), Battersea, Frontenac, Ontario (85), Wolford Twp, Grenville, Ontario (83), Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds, Ontario (78), Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario (77), Edmonton, Alberta (68), Brockville, Leeds, Ontario (67), Brandon, Manitoba (66), Regina, Saskatchewan (55), Carleton Place, Lanark, Ontario (53), Vancouver, British Columbia (53), North Crosby Twp, Leeds, Ontario (52), Storrington Twp, Frontenac, Ontario (50), San Lorenzo di Sedegliano, Udine, Italia (49), Rochester, Monroe, New York (45), Merrickville, Grenville, Ontario (43), Prince George, British Columbia (43), Fort St. John, British Columbia (42), Stoughton, Saskatchewan (42), Toronto, York, Ontario (42), Perdue, Perdue, Saskatchewan (40), Pontiac, Quebec (36), Bishops Mills, Grenville, Ontario (35), Clarenceville, Missisquoi, Quebec (33), North Augusta, Grenville, Ontario (32), Bristol Twp, Pontiac, Quebec (31), Westport, Leeds, Ontario (30), St. Louis, Gratiot, Michigan (28), Cornwall, Stormont, Ontario (27), Wainwright, Wainwright, Alberta (27), Bay City, Bay, Michigan (26), Perth, Lanark, Ontario (26), Swift Current, Saskatchewan (25), Prescott, Grenville, Ontario (23), Gratiot, Michigan (22), Alburg, Grand Isle, Vermont (21), Detroit, Wayne, Michigan (21), London, Middlesex, Ontario (21), New Westminster, British Columbia (21), Oswego, New York (21), Arnprior, Renfrew, Ontario (20), Litchfield, Pontiac, Quebec (20), Manitou, Pembina, Manitoba (20), Victoria, British Columbia (20), Eastons Corners, Grenville, Ontario (19), Montreal, Quebec (19), Norway Bay, Pontiac, Quebec (19), Thunder Bay, Ontario (19), Kemptville, Grenville, Ontario (18), Welland, Welland, Ontario (18), Biggar, Saskatchewan (16), Kinley, Perdue, Saskatchewan (16), Greer-Mount, Pontiac, Quebec (15), Surrey, British Columbia (15), Sydenham, Frontenac, Ontario (15), Porcupine Plains, Saskatchewan (14), Red Deer, Red Deer, Alberta (14), Ryde Twp, Muskoka, Ontario (14), Sedegliano, Udine, Italia (14), Aird, Missisquoi, Quebec (13), Garretton, Grenville, Ontario (13), Jasper, Grenville, Ontario (13), Justice, Elton, Manitoba (13), Lindsay, Ontario (13), Milwaukee, Wisconsin (13), North Norfolk RM, Manitoba (13), Preeceville, Saskatchewan (13), South Porcupine, Cochrane, Ontario (13), Thornby, Pontiac, Quebec (13), Canora, Saskatchewan (12), Heptonstall, Yorkshire, England (12), Portage-Du-Fort, Pontiac, Quebec (12), Radford Twp, Pontiac, Quebec (12), Tricesimo, Udine, Italia (12), Hull, Gatineau, Quebec (11), Renfrew, Renfrew, Ontario (11), Sacramento, California (11), Souris, Glenwood, Manitoba (11), The Pas, Manitoba (11), Abbotsford, British Columbia (10), Almonte, Lanark, Ontario (10), Bedford Mills, Ontario (10), Grions di Sedegliano, Udine, Italia (10), Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario (10), Hartney, Cameron, Manitoba (10), Montague Twp, Lanark, Ontario (10), Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (10), Morris, Morris, Manitoba (10), Nipawin, Saskatchewan (10), Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, America (10), Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan (10), Caldwell Manor, Missisquoi, Quebec (9), Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio (9), Dand, Winchester, Manitoba (9), Dunham, Quebec (9), Elton RM, Manitoba (9), Fergus, Wellington, Ontario (9), Flint, Genesee, Michigan (9), Morden, Stanley, Manitoba (9), North Bay, Nipissing, Ontario (9), North Gower Twp, Carleton, Ontario (9), St. Catharines, Lincoln, Ontario (9), Sutton, Quebec (9), Augusta Twp, Grenville, Ontario (8), Bethany Twp, Gratiot, Michigan (8), Chicago, Clark, Illinois (8), Foxwarren, Birtle, Manitoba (8), Gainsborough, Argyll, Saskatchewan (8), Grande Prairie, Alberta (8), Guelph, Wellington, Ontario (8), Invermere, British Columbia (8), Medicine Hat, Alberta (8), Oxford Station, Grenville, Ontario (8), Pembina RM, Manitoba (8), Penticton, British Columbia (8), Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (8), Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario (8), St. Louis, Missouri (8), Sudbury, Cochrane, Ontario (8), Altamont, Lorne, Manitoba (7), Cache Bay, Parry Sound, Ontario (7), Elstow, Blucher, Saskatchewan (7), Halifax, Nova Scotia (7), Killingly, Windham, Connecticut, America (7), Leeds, Ontario (7), Mississauga, Peel, Ontario (7), Monkton, Perth, Ontario (7), Ogdensburg, New York (7), Spencerville, Grenville, Ontario (7), St. Petersburg, Florida (7), Syracuse, New York (7), Tacoma, Washington (7), Vernon, British Columbia (7), Warspite, Smoky Lake, Alberta (7), Weyburn, Saskatchewan (7), Aylmer, Gatineau, Quebec (6), Bay, Michigan (6), Bell's Crossing, Leeds, Ontario (6), Bethel, Vermont (6), Boston, Massachusetts (6), Carlow Twp, Hastings, Ontario (6), Cataraqui, Frontenac, Ontario (6), Clinton, Huron, Ontario (6), Hensall, Huron, Ontario (6), Kinburn, Carleton, Ontario (6), Langley, British Columbia (6), Lousana, Red Deer, Alberta (6), Midland, Michigan (6), Onslow Twp, Pontiac, Quebec (6), Oxbow, Saskatchewan (6), Rideau Ferry, Ontario (6), St. Boniface (Winnipeg), Manitoba (6), Stittsville, Carleton, Ontario (6), White Fox, Saskatchewan (6), Alma, Gratiot, Michigan (5), Arcola, Saskatchewan (5), Atwood, Perth, Ontario (5), Beckwith, Lanark, Ontario (5), Belwood, Wellington, Ontario (5), Buffalo, New York (5), Burnside, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (5), Carleton Place, Carleton, Ontario (5), Caro, Tuscola, Michigan (5), Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas (5), Dedham, Suffolk, Massachusetts, America (5), Drumheller, Alberta (5), Eardley, Pontiac, Quebec (5), Elgin, Whitewater, Manitoba (5), Fillmore, Saskatchewan (5), Fitzroy Harbour, Renfrew, Ontario (5), Grey Twp, Huron, Ontario (5), Hullett Twp, Huron, Ontario (5), Kitley Twp, Leeds, Ontario (5), Lockwood, Saskatchewan (5), Loughborough Twp, Frontenac, Ontario (5), Maitland, Grenville, Ontario (5), Melita, Arthur, Manitoba (5), Nanton, Willow Creek, Alberta (5), Napanee, Lennox and Addington, Ontario (5), Nepean, Carleton, Ontario (5), North Battleford, Saskatchewan (5), Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario (5), Pembroke, Renfrew, Ontario (5), Peterborough, Peterborough, Ontario (5), Portland, Multnomah, Oregon (5), Sturgis, Saskatchewan (5), Trenton, Ontario (5), Usborne Twp, Huron, Ontario (5), Vanderbilt, Michigan (5), Yorkton, Saskatchewan (5), Albuquerque, New Mexico (4), Baltimore, Maryland (4), Banff, Alberta (4), Bangor, Hastings, Ontario (4), Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario (4), Brantford, Brant, Ontario (4), Carman, Dufferin, Manitoba (4), Cully Townland, Drumreilly Parish, Leitrim, Ireland (4), Dawson Creek, British Columbia (4), Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio (4), Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, America (4), Deloraine, Winchester, Manitoba (4), Elnora, Red Deer, Alberta (4), Elrose, Saskatchewan (4), Endeavour, Saskatchewan (4), Gananoque, Leeds, Ontario (4), Heptonstall, Halifax, Yorkshire, England (4), High River, Foothills, Alberta (4), Listowel, Perth, Ontario (4), Madison, Wisconsin (4), Maple Ridge, British Columbia (4), Minnedosa, Minto, Manitoba (4), Mission, British Columbia (4), Newboro, Leeds, Ontario (4), Norland, Ontario (4), Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK (4), Oshawa, Ontario, Ontario (4), Pennant, Saskatchewan (4), Pierson, Edward, Manitoba (4), Pipestone, Pipestone, Manitoba (4), Ponoka, Ponoka, Alberta (4), Portadown, co. Armagh, Ulster prov., Ireland (4), Poughkeepsie, New York (4), Ramsayville, Carleton, Ontario (4), Redvers, Saskatchewan (4), Royal Oak, Michigan (4), Scarborough, York, Ontario (4), Seaforth, Huron, Ontario (4), Sibbald, Special Area No. 3, Alberta (4), Sifton RM, Manitoba (4), South Branch, Michigan (4), Sydney, Nova Scotia (4), Virden, Wallace, Manitoba (4), White Plains, New York (4), Wilberforce Twp, Haliburton, Ontario (4), Yarm, Pontiac, Quebec (4), Youngstown, Ohio (4), Albany, New York (3), Aldergrove, British Columbia (3), Alexandria, Glengarry, Ontario (3), Bayham Twp, Elgin, Ontario (3), Belleville, Hastings, Ontario (3), Boscombe, St. Paul, Alberta (3), Bromley, Renfrew, Ontario (3), Browning, Montana (3), Buenos Aires, Argentina (3), Burnaby, British Columbia (3), Carberry, North Cypress, Manitoba (3), Chilliwack, British Columbia (3), Coboconk, Ontario (3), Creswell, Derbyshire, England, UK (3), Dixon, California (3), Douglas, Renfrew, Ontario (3), Drummond, Lanark, Ontario (3), East Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan (3), Elma Twp, Perth, Ontario (3), Fredericton, New Brunswick (3), Gaylord, Otsego, Michigan (3), Glasgow Station, Renfrew, Ontario (3), Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Ontario (3), Halifax, Yorkshire, England (3), Harrison Twp, Michigan (3), Hibbert Twp, Perth, Ontario (3), Hull Twp, Quebec (3), Huntsville, Alabama (3), Huron, Ontario (3), Indian Head, Saskatchewan (3), Indianapolis, Indiana (3), Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire, England, UK (3), Justice, Manitoba (3), Kamloops, British Columbia (3), Keppel Twp, Grey, Ontario (3), Kyle, Saskatchewan (3), Lacombe, Lacombe, Alberta (3), Lakewood, Cuyahoga, Ohio (3), Lanark, Ontario (3), Ludington, Mason, Michigan (3), Mitchell, Perth, Ontario (3), Moreton Pinkney, Northamptonshire, England, UK (3), Newmarket, York, Ontario (3), Niagara Falls, Welland, Ontario (3), North Elmsley Twp, Lanark, Ontario (3), North Onslow, Pontiac, Quebec (3), Northampton, Massachusetts (3), Olds, Mountain View, Alberta (3), Oliver, British Columbia (3), Peterborough, Victoria, Ontario (3), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3), Portage la Prairie, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (3), Portage la Prairie RM, Manitoba (3), Richmond, British Columbia (3), Rossendale, North Norfolk, Manitoba (3), Roveredo di Varmo, Udine, Italia (3), Sault St. Marie, Algoma, Ontario (3), Seeleys Bay, Leeds, Ontario (3), Shawville & Clarendon South, Pontiac, Quebec (3), Sherwood Park, Strathcona, Alberta (3), South Crosby Twp, Leeds, Ontario (3), St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida (3), Stark's Corners, Pontiac, Quebec (3), Strathclair, Strathclair, Manitoba (3), Stuart, Florida (3), Tamworth, Lennox and Addington, Ontario (3), Tekoa, Washington (3), Thorne Centre, Pontiac, Quebec (3), Transcona (Winnipeg), Manitoba (3), Tucson, Pima, Arizona (3), Wakaw, Saskatchewan (3), Warren, Michigan (3), Waskatenau, Alberta (3), Waterloo, Iowa (3), Watervliet, Michigan (3), White Fox District, Saskatchewan (3), Winston-Salem, North Carolina (3), Yorkshire, England (3), Zurich, Huron, Ontario (3), Abernethy, Saskatchewan (2), Arn and Munger, Bay, Michigan (2), Aspen, Colorado (2), Austin, North Norfolk, Manitoba (2), Austin, Pontiac, Quebec (2), Bainbridge, Michigan (2), Bancroft, Hastings, Ontario (2), Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario (2), Bastard & Burgess Twps., Leeds, Ontario (2), Beano, Udine, Italia (2), Bedford Twp, Frontenac, Ontario (2), Belfast, co. Antrim, Ulster prov., Ireland (2), Belmont, Strathcona, Manitoba (2), Birch Hills, Saskatchewan (2), Blackwater Town, co. Wexford, Leinster prov., Ireland (2), Breckenridge, Gratiot, Michigan (2), Brussels, Huron, Ontario (2), Cabri, Saskatchewan (2), Cadillac, Michigan (2), Carson City, Michigan (2), Cass City, Tuscola, Michigan (2), Castlecaulfield, Donaghmore, co. Tyrone, Ulster prov., Ireland (2), Chula Vista, California (2), Coderno, Udine, Italia (2), Codroipo, Udine, Italia (2), Consort, Special Area No. 4, Alberta (2), Coutts, Alberta (2), D'Arcy, Saskatchewan (2), Dearborn, Michigan (2), Delisle, Saskatchewan (2), Des Moines, Iowa (2), Dieppe, France (2), Donaghadee, co. Down, Ulster prov., Ireland (2), Dufferin RM, Manitoba (2), Duncan, British Columbia (2), Earlville, New York (2), Eau Claire, Nipissing, Ontario (2), Edson, Yellowhead, Alberta (2), Elmsley Twps., Ontario (2), Essexville, Bay, Michigan (2), Exeter, Huron, Ontario (2), Fiske, Saskatchewan (2), Fort Bragg, North Carolina (2), Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo, Alberta (2), Fort William (Thunder Bay), Ontario (2), Fox Valley, Saskatchewan (2), Frankfort, New York (2), Garland, Ethelbert, Manitoba (2), Georgetown, New York (2), Gerald, Saskatchewan (2), Glaselin, Saskatchewan (2), Glasgow, Scotland, UK (2), Graysville, Dufferin, Manitoba (2), Grenfell, Saskatchewan (2), Hamiota, Hamiota, Manitoba (2), Harrison, Clare, Michigan (2), Hartford, Connecticut (2), Harvest, Alabama (2), Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts (2), Hensell, Huron, Ontario (2), Horton Twp, Renfrew, Ontario (2), Housey Rapids, Muskoka, Ontario (2), Houston, Texas (2), Howell, Michigan (2), Humboldt, Saskatchewan (2), Ieper, Belgium (2), Imlay City, Lapeer, Michigan (2), Inverary, Frontenac, Ontario (2), Ithaca, Gratiot, Michigan (2), Ithaca, New York (2), Jamaica, New York (2), Johnstown District, Ontario (2), Keelerville, Storrington Twp, Frontenac, Ontario (2), Kindersley, Saskatchewan (2), Kinistino, Saskatchewan (2), Lapeer, Michigan (2), Laredo, Webb, Texas (2), Las Vegas, Nevada (2), Latah, Washington (2), Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta (2), Liverpool, England, UK (2), Lockport, New York (2), Lombardy, Leeds, Ontario (2), London, England, UK (2), Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan (2), Mallorytown, Leeds, Ontario (2), Mannville, Minburn, Alberta (2), Melfort, Saskatchewan (2), Melville, Saskatchewan (2), Mikado, Saskatchewan (2), Mont-Apica, Lac-Saint-Jean-Ouest, Quebec (2), Nanaimo, British Columbia (2), Naples, Florida (2), Naramata, British Columbia (2), Nashua, New Hampshire (2), New York City, New York (2), Newbliss, Kitley Twp, Leeds, Ontario (2), Oneida, New York (2), Orillia, Simcoe, Ontario (2), Pakenham, Lanark, Ontario (2), Perth Road, Frontenac, Ontario (2), Pickering, Ontario, Ontario (2), Pine Falls, Alexander, Manitoba (2), Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan (2), Porcupine Plains, Manitoba (2), Port Alberni, British Columbia (2), Port Elmsley, Lanark, Ontario (2), Potsdam, New York (2), Powell River, British Columbia (2), Princeton, New Jersey, New Jersey (2), Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan (2), Quebec, Quebec (2), Quinte West, Ontario (2), Quyon, Quebec (2), Rapid City, Saskatchewan, Manitoba (2), Reidstown, (Mossbank), County Antrim, Ireland (2), Richmond, Virginia (2), Robson Park, British Columbia (2), Rome, New York (2), Rosthern, Saskatchewan (2), Sainte-Foy, Quebec (2), Saint-Lambert, Quebec (2), Saint-Regis, Quebec (2), Salinas, California (2), San Angelo, Texas (2), San Diego, California (2), Sarasota, Florida (2), Scriba, New York (2), Shaunavon, Saskatchewan (2), Shoal Lake, Manitoba (2), Sidney, British Columbia (2), Sonningdale, Saskatchewan (2), South Haven Twp, Van Buren, Michigan (2), South Onslow Twp, Pontiac, Quebec (2), Sowerby, Yorkshire, England (2), Spokane, Washington (2), St. John's, Newfoundland (2), Stony Beach, Kyle, Saskatchewan (2), Sunbury, Frontenac, Ontario (2), Thessalon, Algoma, Ontario (2), Timmins, Cochrane, Ontario (2), Tisdale, Saskatchewan (2), Torino, Italia (2), Utica, New York (2), Vermillion, Alberta (2), Wadsworth, Yorkshire, England (2), Waitville, Saskatchewan (2), Washington, Missouri (2), Watertown, New York (2), Wenatchee, Washington (2), West Hall, Winchester, Manitoba (2), Westboro, Ontario (2), Wetaskiwin, Wetaskiwan, Alberta (2), Wexford, Ireland (2), Wheatfield, Perdue, Saskatchewan (2), Wheeler, Michigan (2), White Rock, British Columbia (2), Williston, Levy, Florida (2), Wilmot, Nova Scotia (2), Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario (2), Ypsilanti, Michigan (2), Aberdeen, Scotland, UK (1), Agincourt, Ontario (1), Ajax, Durham, Ontario (1), Akron, Ohio (1), Alburg, Vermont or Quebec (1), Alexandria, Louisiana (1), Alhambra, California (1), Alhambra Los Angeles, California (1), Allan, Blucher, Saskatchewan (1), Alliston, Simcoe, Ontario (1), Almeira, Spain (1), Alvena, Saskatchewan (1), Ann Arbor, Michigan (1), Antigonish, Nova Scotia (1), Antrim, Ireland (1), Arcadia, Pennsylvania (1), Arden, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Argyleshire, Argyle, Scotland (1), Armstrong, British Columbia (1), Arras, France (1), Arroyo Grande, California (1), Arthur, Wellington, Ontario (1), Ashburnham, Ontario (1), Assiniboia, Saskatchewan (1), Athabasca, Alberta (1), Atlanta, Georgia (1), AylmerEast (Quebec), Canada (1), Aylsham, Saskatchewan (1), Bagley, Saskatchewan (1), Bagot, North Norfolk, Manitoba (1), Baguio, Philippines (1), Bali, Indonesia (1), Ballinamore, County Leitrim, Ireland (1), Barber's House, Pontiac, Quebec (1), Barkway, Ryde Twp, Muskoka, Ontario (1), Barrhead, Barrhead, Alberta (1), Basford Greasley, England, UK (1), Batavia, New York (1), Bathurst, Ontario (1), Bathurst Twp, Lanark, Ontario (1), Beachburg, Renfrew, Ontario (1), Bear Flat, British Columbia (1), Beaverton, Ontario, Ontario (1), Bedford, New Hampshire (1), Bedford, Quebec (1), Beiseker, Rocky View, Alberta (1), Belfont, Pennsylvania (1), Belleview, Florida (1), Bell's Corner, Wellington, Ontario (1), Belview, Saskatchewan (1), Bennington, Bennington, Vermont (1), Benton Harbor, Michigan (1), Besanigo, Emilia-Romagna, Italy (1), Binscarth, Russell, Manitoba (1), Black Mountain, North Carolina (1), Blackmans' Corners, Verona, New York (1), Blind Bay, British Columbia (1), Bog End, Saskatchewan (1), Bonnyville, Bonnyville, Alberta (1), Boulder, Colorado (1), Brampton, Peel, Ontario (1), Brasher Falls, New York (1), Brewers Mills, Ontario (1), Brocking, Essex, England (1), Brockport, New York (1), Brown City, Michigan (1), Bryan/College Station, Texas (1), Bullhead City, Arizona (1), Burns Lake, British Columbia (1), Butte, Montana (1), Cambridge, Massachusetts (1), Camden East Twp, Lennox & Addington, Ontario (1), Cameron RM (Hartney), Manitoba (1), Campbellford, Northumberland, Ontario (1), Campbellville, Dufferin, Manitoba (1), Campe Verde, Arizona (1), Canandaigua, New York (1), Canastota, New York (1), Caney, Montgomery, Kansas (1), Canfield, Haldimand, Ontario (1), Canton, Ohio (1), Cardinal, Grenville, Ontario (1), Cardston, Cardston, Alberta (1), Carievale, Saskatchewan (1), Carlsbad, Austria (1), Carmichael, California (1), Carnduff, Saskatchewan (1), Caroline, Clearwater, Alberta (1), Carp, Lanark, Ontario (1), Carrickfergus, co. Antrim, Ulster prov., Ireland (1), Carrot River, Saskatchewan (1), Castleblayney, Monaghan, Ireland (1), Cavan Twp, Durham, Ontario (1), Cedar Lake, Indiana (1), Chaffey's Locks, Leeds, Ontario (1), Charlie Lake, British Columbia (1), Chase, British Columbia (1), Chateauguay, Quebec (1), Chatham, Kent, Ontario (1), Chemainuos, British Columbia (1), Cheshire, Connecticut (1), Christina Falls, British Columbia (1), Ciudad Musquiz, Coahuilla, Mexico (1), Clairmont, Alberta (1), Claremont, California (1), Claremont, New Hampshire (1), Clarenceville Grand Haven, Quebec (1), Clarkson, New York (1), Clearwater, British Columbia (1), Coaldale, Lethbridge, Alberta (1), Coalinga, California (1), Cobourg, Northumberland, Ontario (1), Cochrane, Cochrane, Ontario (1), Coldwater, Simcoe, Ontario (1), Colleymount, British Columbia (1), Collingwood, Simcoe, Ontario (1), Columbia, Missouri (1), Columbus, Georgia (1), Comox, British Columbia (1), Cookshire, Quebec (1), Copake, New York (1), Copemish, Michigan (1), Coquitlam, British Columbia (1), Cork, Ireland (1), Corunna, Lambton, Ontario (1), County Antrim, Ireland (1), County Cavan, Ireland (1), Courtland, New York (1), Covert, Michigan (1), Cowly Farm, Pontiac, Quebec (1), Craik, Saskatchewan (1), Crosby, Leeds, Ontario (1), Cross Junction, Virginia (1), Cupar, Saskatchewan (1), Cutknife, Saskatchewan (1), Damascus, Syria (1), Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut, America (1), Danbury, Saskatchewan (1), Dauphin, Dauphin, Manitoba (1), Dauphin RM, Manitoba (1), Deep River, Renfrew, Ontario (1), Deerwood, Thompson, Manitoba (1), Deford, Michigan (1), Delta, British Columbia (1), Denver, Colorado (1), Des Plaines, Illinois (1), Deseronto, Ontario (1), Devon, England, UK (1), Devonshire, England, UK (1), Dinsmore, Saskatchewan (1), Donaghmore, co. Tyrone, Ulster prov., Ireland (1), Douglas Station, Elton, Manitoba (1), Dover, Otsego, Michigan (1), Dover Twp, Otsego, Michigan (1), Dublin, Ireland (1), Dufferin, Ontario (1), Dungannon, co. Tyrone, Ulster prov., Ireland (1), Dury, Pas-de-Calais, France (1), Eardley Twp, Ontario (1), East Selkirk, St. Clements, Manitoba (1), Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (1), Eganville Twp, Renfrew, Ontario (1), El Toro, California (1), Elgin, Leeds, Ontario (1), Elgin, Scotland, UK (1), Elgin, Washington (1), Elginburg, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Ellicott City, Maryland (1), Elmsley Twp, Leeds, Ontario (1), Elphinstone, Strathclair, Manitoba (1), Enderby, British Columbia (1), Enumclaw, King, Washington (1), Ernesttown Twp, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Esterhazy, Saskatchewan (1), Estevan, Saskatchewan (1), Etobicoke, York, Ontario (1), Eugenia Falls, Grey, Ontario (1), Evart, Michigan (1), Fairfax, Whitewater, Manitoba (1), Fairhaven, Massachusetts (1), Farnham Convalesent Home, Quebec (1), Faust, Alberta (1), Ferryland, Newfoundland (1), Flaivano, Italia (1), Flemingsburg, Kentucky (1), Flin Flon, Manitoba (1), Floyd, Kentucky (1), Forest Hill, Michigan (1), Fort Huachuca, Arizona (1), Fort Lauderdale, Florida (1), Fort Macleod, Alberta (1), Fort Monmouth, New Jersey (1), Fort Pierce, Florida (1), Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta (1), Fort Wales, Florida (1), Fort-Coulonge, Pontiac, Quebec (1), Fosston, Minnesota (1), Frankfurt am Main, Germany (1), Frankville, Leeds, Ontario (1), Front Rd And Zion Line, Pontiac, Quebec (1), Fulton, New York (1), Galt, Ontario (1), Galvaston, Texas (1), Garden Grove, California (1), Gatlinburg, Kentucky (1), Gilbert Plains, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba (1), Givenchy, France (1), Glenavon, Saskatchean (1), Golden, British Columbia (1), Goulbourn, Carleton, Ontario (1), Govan, Saskatchewan (1), Gradara, Pesaro Province, Italy (1), Grand Forks, Grand Forks, North Dakota (1), Grand Isle, Vermont (1), Grand Rapids, Manitoba (1), Grand Rapids, Michigan (1), Grandora, Saskatchewan (1), Granton, Wisconsin (1), Granville, Washington, New York (1), Greenwood, New York (1), Groesbeek, Netherlands (1), Gull Lake, Saskatchewan (1), Hafford, Saskatchewan (1), Hailey, Camas, Idaho (1), Haley Station, Renfrew, Ontario (1), Handsworth, Saskatchewan (1), Hanford, California (1), Hanley, Saskatchewan (1), Hanna, Alberta (1), Harrow, England, UK (1), Hartford, Washington, New York (1), Hartland, Wisconsin (1), Hershey, Pennsylvania (1), Heward, Saskatchewan (1), Hiawatha, Kansas (1), High Prairie, Alberta (1), Hillman, Michigan (1), Hillsboro, Oregon (1), Hinchcliffe District, Saskatchewan (1), Hinton, Yellowhead, Alberta (1), Hokah, Minnesota (1), Hollister, California (1), Hollywood, California (1), Homer, Midland, Michigan (1), Homestead, Pennsylvania (1), Honeoye, New York (1), Hope, Steele, North Dakota (1), Hornsea, East Yorkshire, England, UK (1), Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan (1), Hull Twp, Ontario (1), Huntley Twp, Carleton, Ontario (1), Ignace, Kenora, Ontario (1), Indiantown, Florida (1), Innisville, Lanark, Ontario (1), Inuvik, Northwest Territories (1), Inverary & Glenaray, Argyll, Scotland, UK (1), Inverness, Scotland, UK (1), Irma, Wainwright, Alberta (1), Iroquois, Dundas, Ontario (1), Irvine, California (1), Irvine, Orange, California (1), Iserlohn, Germany (1), Jamestown, Chautauqua, New York (1), Jasper, Indiana (1), Jellyby, Leeds, Ontario (1), Jensen Beach, Florida (1), Jerusalem, Palestine, Ottoman Empire (1), Jolliette, Quebec (1), Jones's Falls, Ontario (1), Joyfield Twp, Arcadia, Michigan (1), Kanata, Carleton, Ontario (1), Kelowna, British Columbia (1), Kemptville, Ontario (1), Kenmore, Erie, New York (1), Kenton, Baraga, Michigan (1), Kerrobert, Saskatchewan (1), Key West, Florida (1), Kiltearn, Ross/Cromarty, Scotland, UK (1), Kinawley Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland (1), Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario (1), King Twp, Ontario (1), Kingsley, Michigan (1), Kingston Mills, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Kingston Twp, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Kinley district, Perdue, Saskatchewan (1), Kipling, Saskatchewan (1), Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario (1), Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, United States Trust Territory of the Pacific (1), La Riviere, Pembina, Manitoba (1), Labourer, Foster Father (1), Lachine, Quebec (1), Laconia, New York (1), Ladner, British Columbia (1), Lake Opinicon, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Lakefield, Peterborough, Ontario (1), Lakeland, Polk, Florida (1), Lancaster, Glengarry, Ontario (1), Lancaster, Texas (1), Langdon, Cavalier, North Dakota (1), Langham, Saskatchewan (1), Lannigan, Saskatchewan (1), Lantana, Florida (1), LaPrior, Quebec (1), Largo (Clearwater), Florida (1), Lauder, Cameron, Manitoba (1), Lenore, Woodworth, Manitoba (1), Leonacco (Tricesimo), Udine, Italia (1), LeRoy (Bog End), Saskatchewan (1), Leslie, Pontiac, Quebec (1), Lestock, Saskatchewan (1), Lewiston, Michigan (1), Little Falls, New York (1), Livemore, Saskatchewan (1), Lloydminster, Alberta-Saskatchewan (1), Logan Twp, Perth, Ontario (1), Londonderry, Ulster prov., Ireland (1), Long Sault, Stormont, Ontario (1), Los Angeles, Calfornia (1), Loughboro, Storrington Twp, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Louisville, Kentucky (1), Lower Fort Garry, St. Andrews, Manitoba (1), Lowerly, Yorkshire, England (1), Lumberton, Texas (1), Luseland, Saskatchewan (1), Lycoming, New York (1), Lyleton, Edward, Manitoba (1), MacGregor, North Norfolk, Manitoba (1), Macklin, Saskatchewan (1), Maine, America (1), Manigatogan, Manitoba (1), Manotick, Carleton, Ontario (1), Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England, UK (1), Maple Creek, Saskatchewan (1), Mariahoop, Limburg, Netherlands (1), Marlette, Sanilac, Michigan (1), Marrilla, Michigan (1), Marriott, Somersetshire, England, UK (1), Matheson, Cochrane, Ontario (1), Maynard, Grenville, Ontario (1), McBride, British Columbia (1), McCord, Saskatchewan (1), McFadden District, Manitoba (1), McNab Twp, Renfrew, Ontario (1), Meadow Lea, Woodlands, Manitoba (1), Merritt, British Columbia (1), Metamora, Lapeer, Michigan (1), Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico (1), Mexico, New York (1), Miami, Florida (1), Middletown, Connecticut (1), Midland, Gratiot, Michigan (1), Milestone, Saskatchewan (1), Milly, Saskatchewan (1), Mineville, Nova Scotia (1), Minneapolis, Minnesota (1), Minot, North Dakota (1), Minter, Washington (1), Mitchellton, Saskatchewan (1), Montesano, Washington (1), Mortegliano, Italia (1), Moscow, Russia (1), Mount Zion, Jerusalem (1), Mountain Twp, Dundas, Ontario (1), Mulgrave, Nova Scotia (1), Munger, Bay, Michigan (1), Muskegon, Michigan (1), Muskoka, Ontario (1), Musselman Lake, York, Ontario (1), Nashville, Tennessee (1), Natural Bridge, New York (1), Netherhill, Saskatchewan (1), New York, America (1), New York, New York (1), Newark, Oxford, Ontario (1), Newberry, Luce, Michigan (1), Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England (1), Newhaven, Pembina, Manitoba (1), Newport, Montana (1), Newton Stewart, Ireland (1), Niagara Falls, Niagara, New York (1), Nickle Plate Mine, Headley, British Columbia (1), Ninette, Riverside, Manitoba (1), Nokomis, Florida (1), Norland, Victoria, Ontario (1), Norquay, Saskatchewan (1), North Hero, Grand Isle, Vermont (1), North Hollywood, California (1), North Horton Twp, Renfrew, Ontario (1), North Kotzman, Alberta (1), North Onslow, Quebec (1), North Scriba, New York (1), North Vancouver, British Columbia (1), Norwood, Ontario (1), Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba (1), Noyan, Quebec (1), Numogate, Montague Twp, Lanark, Ontario (1), Oak Lake, Sifton, Manitoba (1), Oakland, California (1), Oakville, Halton, Ontario (1), Ochre River, Manitoba (1), Odessa, Lennox and Addington, Ontario (1), Okotoks, Foothills, Alberta (1), Old Chatham, New York (1), Ontario, California (1), Opinicon Lake, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Orlando, Florida (1), Orlando, Florida  (1), Orleans, Carleton, Ontario (1), Orleans, New York (1), Osgoode, Carleton, Ontario (1), Otsego, Michigan (1), Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa (1), Outlook, Saskatchewan (1), Oxford, Butler, Ohio (1), Oxford Mills, Grenville, Ontario (1), Oxford, Ontario (1), Paisley, Scotland, UK (1), Palmerston, Wellington, Ontario (1), Palo Alto, California (1), Paris, Texas (1), Parish, New York (1), Pathlow, Saskatchewan (1), Peace River, Alberta (1), Peekskill, New York (1), Pembroke, New Brunswick (1), Peterborough, England, UK (1), Phelps, New York (1), Pierrefonds (Montreal), Quebec (1), Pinawa, Pinawa, Manitoba (1), Pine Creek, Alberta (1), Pine Grove, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Pine River, Gratiot, Michigan (1), Pirbright, Surrey, England, UK (1), Pittsburg Twp, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Pittsford, New York (1), Placerville, California (1), Plant City, Florida (1), Plumas, Manitoba (1), Poitiers, France (1), Port Arthur (Thunder Bay), Ontario (1), Port Charlotte, Florida (1), Port Credit (Mississauga), Peel, Ontario (1), Port Elgin, Bruce, Ontario (1), Port Glasgow, Scotland, UK (1), Port Moody, British Columbia (1), Portland Twp, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Pouce Coupe, British Columbia (1), Princeton, Oxford, Ontario (1), Puenta Arenas, Chile (1), Punta Gorda, Florida (1), Quartzite, Arizona (1), Quensel, British Columbia (1), Quesnel, British Columbia (1), Quyon, Pontiac, Quebec (1), Racine, Wisconsin (1), Radcliffe, Ontario (1), Ravenna, Italy (1), Raymond, Taber, Alberta (1), Reana del Roiale, Udine, Italia (1), Red Lake, Kenora, Ontario (1), Red Oak, Montgomery, Iowa (1), Redford, Michigan (1), Reno, Washoe, Nevada (1), Rensselaer, New York (1), Rexburg, Madison, Idaho (1), Rio de Janiero, Brazil (1), Rivers, Daly, Manitoba (1), Riverside Road, Sutter Twp, Sacramento, California (1), Riversine Road, Sacramento, California (1), Roblin, Saskatchewan (1), Rockhaven, Saskatchewan (1), Rocky Mountain House, Clearwater, Alberta (1), Roebuck, Grenville, Ontario (1), Rosebud, Alberta (1), Roslyn, Long Island, New York (1), Runnymede, Surrey, England, UK (1), Rushville, New York (1), Saint Front, Saskatchewan (1), Saint James-Assiniboia (Winnipeg), Manitoba (1), Saint Lucie West, Florida (1), Sainte-Agathe, Quebec (1), Saint-Perpitude, Quebec (1), San Antonio, Texas (1), San Francisco, California (1), San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone, Italia (1), Santa Anna, California (1), Scarsdale, New York (1), Seattle, Washington (1), Sedigliano, Udine, Italia (1), Seminole, Pinellas, Florida (1), Sharbot Lake, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Shaunavan, Saskatchewan (1), Shenandoah, Page, Iowa (1), Sherdi, California (1), Sherwood, Prince Edward Island (1), Shirley, Hampshire, England, UK (1), Sidney, Hastings, Ontario (1), Sioux Lookout, Kenora, Ontario (1), Sister's Beach, Tasmania, Australia (1), Skerry,  (1), Slave Lake, Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta (1), Sligo, Ireland (1), Smoky Lake, Smoky Lake, Alberta (1), Snowdons Corners, Grenville, Ontario (1), Somerville Twp, Victoria, Ontario (1), Sommerville, Ontario (1), South Augusta, Grenville, Ontario (1), Spruce Grove, Parkland, Alberta (1), St. Johns, Michigan (1), St. Joseph City, Indiana (1), St. Lucia, United States Virgin Islands (1), St. Paul, Minnesota (1), St. Rose de Lima, Buckingham, Quebec (1), St. Vital (Winnipeg), Manitoba (1), Stafford, England, UK (1), Stamford Twp, Welland, Ontario (1), Stardale, Ontario (1), Ste. Anne, Ste. Anne, Manitoba (1), Steamboat Plaza, Colorado (1), Sterling, Scotland, UK (1), Stockholm, Saskatchewan (1), Stone Mason, best in the area (1), Stoneslacke, Heptonstall, Yorkshire, England (1), Stoney Lake, Ontario (1), Stouffville, York, Ontario (1), Stratton, Ontario (1), Sussex, England, UK (1), Sutton Jct., Quebec (1), Swalwell, Kneehill, Alberta (1), Swan Lake, Lorne, Manitoba (1), Swan River, Manitoba (1), Swanlinbar, Cavan, Ireland (1), Sweetsburg Hospital, Quebec (1), Taber, Taber, Alberta (1), Tallahassee, Florida (1), Tallahassee, Leon, Florida (1), Tama, Iowa (1), Te Aumutue, New Zealand (1), Teeside, Middlesborough, England, UK (1), Theresa, New York (1), Thomasville, Georgia (1), Thompson, Manitoba (1), Thompson RM, Manitoba (1), Thorah Twp, Ontario, Ontario (1), Thorndale, Middlesex, Ontario (1), Tide Lake PO, Alberta (1), Tilbury East, Ontario (1), Torbolton Twp, Carleton, Ontario (1), Tower City, North Dakota (1), Traverse City, Michigan (1), Trochu, Kneehill, Alberta (1), Trumbul, Ohio (1), Tsawwassen, British Columbia (1), Tuckersmith Twp, Huron, Ontario (1), Turner, Marion, Oregon (1), Udine, Italia (1), Ulster, Ireland (1), Unionville, Michigan (1), Uxbridge, Durham, Ontario (1), Vegreville, Minburn, Alberta (1), Venezia, Italia (1), Vermillion, Vermillion, Alberta (1), Victoria, Ontario (1), Villa Caccia, Lestizza, Italia (1), Vilna, Smoky Lake, Alberta (1), Vimy Ridge, France (1), Vinton, Pontiac, Quebec (1), Wakaw Lake, Saskatchewan (1), Wakefield, Quebec (1), Waltham, Pontiac, Quebec (1), Warspite, Alberta (1), Warwick, Minburn, Alberta (1), Washington, Iowa (1), Waterloo, Ontario (1), Watertown, Jefferson, New York (1), Watrous, Saskatchewan (1), Watson, Saskatchewan (1), Wattsburg, Erie, Pennsylvania (1), Wawota, Saskatchewan (1), Wayne, Michigan (1), Weir Cemetery -Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds, Ontario (1), Wemyss, Ontario (1), West Alburg, Grand Isle, Vermont (1), West Huntley, Lanark, Ontario (1), West Lorne, Elgin, Ontario (1), Westford, Massachusetts (1), Westhope, North Dakota (1), Weston (Toronto), York, Ontario (1), Williamstown, Glengarry, Ontario (1), Wilmette, Illinois (1), Wilmur, Loughboro Twp, Frontenac, Ontario (1), Winchester RM, Manitoba (1), Windsor, Estrie, Quebec (1), Winthrop, Saint Lawrence, New York (1), Woodbridge, Ontario (1), Woodlawn, Carleton, Ontario (1), Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, America (1), Wrightville, Quebec (1), Wymark, Saskatchewan (1), Yale, Michigan (1), Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (1), Yonkers, Westchester, New York (1), Zion, Pontiac, Quebec (1),