Children of Robert Crozier and Susannah Draper

Edith Hunter
Edith Hunter
(1830 - 1924)
Angelina Diantha Crozier (Mrs. James Lingenfelter)
Angelina Diantha Crozier
Mrs. James Lingenfelter
(1848 - 1932)
Esther Crozier (Mrs. William Robertson)
Esther Crozier
Mrs. William Robertson
(1839 - 1906)
Demetrius or John Crozier
Demetrius (1844 - 1930) *
John (1842 - 1889) *
Mary Samantha Crozier (Mrs. John F. Williams)
Mary Samantha Crozier
Mrs. John F. Williams
(1849 - 1925)
Adelaide Crozier (Mrs. Robert Harrison)
Adelaide Crozier
Mrs. Robert Harrison
(1840 - 1917)
Crozier Siblings
The children of Robert Crozier and Susannah Draper.

* One of the family's two sons is absent from the picture. A copy in the possession of Mary Samantha's descendants bears a notation “Demetrius was in North West”. Other sources identify the man in the photograph as Demetrius and assume John was in Baltimore or deceased.

Picture courtesy Deborah West, 2000.


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