Jimmy and Jessie Wyatt and family, circa 1899

James and Jessie WYATT and family circa 1899

James Robert Wyatt (James Robert Weagant), his wife Jessie Clark and some of their children.

The children pictured should be: Adeline Mary Wyatt (born 1892), Ross Robert Wyatt (born 1895), William Guy Wyatt (born 1897), and Jessie Lillian Wyatt (born Feb 1899).

Jimmy & Jessie Wyatt had two later children: Winnifred Wyatt (born 1903) and James Bryce Wyatt (born 1907).

Guessing from the apparent ages of the children the photo probably dates from the spring of 1899.

There is a mystery about Adeline Mary, eldest child of Jimmy & Jessie Wyatt. According to family stories she died when she was around two years old, clearly not the case if she is the eldest child in this photo. If the girl in this picture is not Adeline, then who is she?

An alternative interpretation is that the children depicted are Ross Robert Wyatt (born 1895), William Guy Wyatt (born 1897), Jessie Lillian Wyatt (born Feb 1899), and Winnifred Wyatt (born 1903). This doesn't seem likely, since the daughter standing on the right would have to be only four years older than the baby in the mother's arms.

A third possibility is that the girl on the right of the picture is Jennie Edna Wyatt, James Wyatt's niece. Jennie is known to have been fostered by James and Jessie, before eventually coming to reside with another aunt and uncle, Billy and Bertha Wyatt of Hartney, Manitoba. Jennie was born in July of 1888. If this picture is from the spring of 1899, then Jennie would be nearly eleven.

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