Kingdom: Animalia
     Phylum: Chordata
     Class: Mammalia
     Order: Eulipotyphla
     Family: Talpidae

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Kevin Campbell Kevin L. Campbell
Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Manitoba
Z320 Duff Roblin Bldg
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 2N2 Canada

Ph: (204)474-6397
Fax: (204)474-7588

Mole research interests:
Evolutionary, metabolic, respiratory and molecular physiology
  Ken Catania Kenneth C. Catania
Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Vanderbilt University
Station B, Box 1812
Nashville, Tennessee
37235 USA

Ph: (615)936-8277
Fax: (615)343-0336

Mole research interests:
Neuroethology, sensory biology, behaviour and evolution

Edwin Gould
Curator Emeritus
National Zoo
Smithsonian Institution
6505 Carlinda Av
Columbia, Maryland

Ph: (410) 730-2146

Mole research interests:
Musculature and function of the snout of the star-nosed mole

  Greg Hartman Gregory D. Hartman
Assistant Professor & Curator
W.A.K. Seale Vertebrate Museum
Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences
McNeese State University
Lake Charles, LA
70609 USA

Ph: (318) 475-5672
Fax: (318) 475-5677

Mole research interests:
Ecology and Natural History

Sandy Whidden Howard P. (Sandy) Whidden
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
East Stroudsburg University
East Stroudsburg, PA
18301 USA

Ph: (570)422-3714

Mole research interests:
Comparative myology, morphology, systematics and phylogeny

  Hisashi Abe Hisashi Abe
Professor Emeritus
26-17, Katsuraoka-cho
Otaru, 047-0264 Japan

Ph/Fax : 0134-62-6022

Mole research interests:
Natural history, ecology, morphology, classification and evolution

Masashi Harada Masashi Harada
Associate Professor
Laboratory Animal Center
Osaka City University Medical School
Abeno, Osaka 545-8585 Japan

Ph : 81-6-6645-2672
Fax : 81-6-6646-6099

Mole research interests:
Cytogenic studies, karyotype comparisons, parasitology

  Shin-ichiro Kawada Shin-ichiro Kawada
Curator of Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians
Department of Zoology
National Science Museum
3-23-1, Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku,
Tokyo, 169-0073 Japan

Ph : 81-3-3364-2311
Fax : 81-3-3364-7104

Mole research interests:
Systematic relationships and speciation

Kazuhiro Koyasu Kazuhiro Koyasu
Assistant Professor
The Second Department of Anatomy
School of Dentistry
Aichi-Gakuin University
Nagoya, 464-8650 Japan

Ph : 052-751-2561
Fax : 052-752-5988

Mole research interests:
Comparative ontogenic research of tooth morphogenesis

  Alexei Kryukov Alexei Kryukov
Laboratory of Evolutionary Zoology and Genetics
Russian Academy of Sciences
Far Eastern Branch
Institute of Biology and Soil Science
159, 100 let. Vladivostok Pr.
Vladivostok, 690022, Russia

Ph : (4232)311-392
Fax : (4232)310-193

Mole research interests:
Phylogeny, speciation, karyology

Masaharu Motokawa Masaharu Motokawa
Assistant Professor
The Kyoto University Museum
Sakyo, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan

Ph : 81-75-753-3285
Fax : 81-75-753-3276
Masaharu's home page

Mole research interests:
Taxonomy, morphology and systematics

  Akio Shinohara live-trapping Japanese shrew-moles Akio Shinohara
Research Associate
Department of Bio-resources,
Division of Biotechnology,
Frontier Science Research Center,
University of Miyazaki,
5200 Kihara, Kiyotake,
Miyazaki 889-1692 Japan

Tel : 81-985-85-2971
Fax : 81-985-85-6951

Mole research interests:
Molecular talpid phylogeny; variability and speciation of Japanese shrew-moles

Hitoshi Suzuki Hitoshi Suzuki
Graduate School of Environmental Earth Science
Hokkaido University
North 10, West 5, Kita-ku,
Sapporo 060-0810 Japan

Ph : 81-11-706-2279
Fax : 81-11-706-2225

Mole research interests:
Phylogeny and evolution

  Yashushi Yokohata
Laboratory of Environmental Biology
Faculty of Education
Toyama University
Toyama, 930-8555 Japan

Ph : 076-445-6376
Fax : 076-445-6264

Mole research interests:
Morphology, behavior, ecology, parasitic helminthology and conservation (especially of Senkaku mole)

J. Martin Collinson J. Martin Collinson
Reader in Biomedical Sciences
School of Medical Sciences
University of Aberdeen
Institute of Medical Sciences
Aberdeen AB25 2ZD
Ph: +44 (0)1224 555712/+44 (0)1224 555750
Fax: +44 (0)1224 555719
Lab Webpage

Mole research interests:
Development and evolution of eys

  Jorge Gonzalez-Esteban Jorge Gonzalez-Esteban
Postdoctoral Fellow
Sociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi
Departamento de Vertebrados
Alto de Zorroaga
E-20014 San Sebastián, Spain

Ph: 34 948 450809

Mole research interests:
Behavioural ecology of Iberian Desman (Galemys pyrenaicus)

Rafael Jimenez Rafael Jiménez
Departamento de Genética
Instituto de Biotecnología
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de Granada
18071 Granada, Spain
Ph: +34 958 243260
Fax: +34 958 244073
Lab Webpage

Mole research interests:
Reproductive Biology; genetic mechanisms of sexual differentiation

  Anna Loy Anna Loy
Dipartimento Scienze e Tecnologie
per l'Ambiente e il Territorio
Università del Molise
18 V. Mazzini
86170 Isernia, Italy

Ph: ++39 (865) 4769213

Mole research interests:
Evolutionary biology and systematics of European moles; behavioural ecology, activity patterns and biological rhythms of Talpa romana

Matt Mason Matthew J. Mason
Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
University of Cambridge
Downing Street
Cambridge, England
CB2 3EJ U.K.

Ph: 44 1223 333829
Fax: 44 1223 333840

Mole research interests:
Comparative functional morphology of the middle ear

  Carlos Nores Carlos Nores
Profesor Titular de Universidad
Institut for Natural Resources and Land Planning
University of Oviedo
Campus de Mieres
33600 Mieres, Asturias, Spain

Ph: +34 985 45 81 08
Fax: +34 985 45 81 10

Mole research interests:
Conservation biology of Galemys (Iberian desman)

Marcelo R. Sanchez-Villagra Marcelo R. Sanchez-Villagra

Assistant Professor of Palaeontology
Palaontologisches Institut und Museum
Universitat Zurich
Karl Schmid-Strasse 4
CH-8006 Zurich
Phone: +41 (0)44 634 23 42
Fax +41 (0)44 634 49 23

Mole research interests:
Morphology, phylogeny and reproductive specializations of talpid moles

  Matthew R.E. Symonds
Research Fellow
School of Tropical Biology
James Cook University
Townsville Campus
Townsville, Austrialia

Ph: 61-7-4781-4133
Fax: 61-7-4725-1570

Mole research interests:
Insectivore life histories and evolution
Evolutionary origins of the Talpidae

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