PLNT2530 Plant Biotechnology


1. Introduction to Linux

A. Tutorial: Connecting to Linux from Windows
B. Tutorial: Setting up your Linux account
C. Network-centric computing and Unix
D. Finding information
E. Tutorial: The GNOME Desktop

Assignment 1

2. Searching for and retrieving sequences from NCBI

This tutorial will use as an example sequences for cloning vectors used in the lab component.

A. GenBank file format
B. Tutorial: Finding and retrieving sequences from NCBI

Assignment 2

3. Simulated cloning

UGENE podcast, episode #2: Working with a sequence: basic operations part 1
UGENE podcast #12: Searching restriction enzymes cut sites with UGENE

Tutorial Introduction to Ugene

Assignment 3

4. In-silico cloning of genes by PCR

Assignment 4

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