-2024/25- PhD Students
1. Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems
2. Power Hardware-in-the-loop for Modern Power Systems
3. Wireless Power Transfer

-2024/25- MSc Students
1. DC Micro-Grid Controls and Converters
2. EV Onboard Chargers

BEng Students
if you (BEng Students) would like to have a technical experience of Power Electronics or Control Systems, please contact.

To All Applicants
1. Please send your CV and Transcripts for all applications to
2. NO Phone-in or Walk-in applications.
3. If you do not receive any reply email within one week, it means that your application is not considered.
4. Most of graduate students are supported by the RIGA lab as Research Assistantship or receiving scholarships from UofM which are depended on academic performance.

Opportunities for Collaboration

We are seeking industrial sponsorship and research collaborations for supporting research students at RIGA lab and obtaining mutual research benefit. We welcome the opportunities of direct sponsorship or co-application of Governmental grants, such as NSERC CRD and Mitacs. Our services include but not limited to the following:

- Power Electronics and Power Systems Consultancy
- Power Electronics Converter Design and Optimization
- Advanced Control Systems Design and Analysis
- High Power Converter Implementation and Demonstration
- Power Semiconductors, Magnetics and Apparatuses Modeling
- Early Stage R&D Activities of Power Electronics Products
- System Evaluation and Benchmarking of Power Electronics Products, including EMI, Efficiency and System Response
- Literature Review and Survey

Please contact the lab director, Dr. Carl Ho, for the details.