2. Download the Getbirch
Network installer (getbirch.jar)

Get network
3. Run getbirch.jar
(Hint: Use hard-wired Ethernet, rather than WiFi, wherever possible.)

From the file manager/finder, do one of the following:
  • double-click on getbirch.jar
  • right click on getbirch.jar and run with java

From the command line:
java -jar getbirch.jar

Help and tutorials for installation on specific systems:Tutorials and
                trouble shooting
  • MAC OS X
  • Linux
    • Ubuntu/debian
    • Fedora/Centos

The BIRCH install process

Installing BIRCH on a multiuser system

BIRCH was originally designed for Unix systems with hundreds of users. Simply install BIRCH as above on ONE account, preferably an account specifically created for BIRCH (eg. userid=birch). Make the BIRCH home directory world-readable/searchable. The rest of BIRCH is automatically world-readable/searchable. This way all users on the system can use a central copy of BIRCH. A multiuser install assumes either that all home directories are mounted on a central filesystem, or that file-sharing exists, as on a MacOSX system.

Users set up their accounts to use the central copy of BIRCH by running the newuser script. A tutorial describing the setup process can be found here. Since each site is a bit different, you would want to edit the local copy of the setup tutorial (found in $BIRCH/local/public_html to correspond to your local system. Setup tutorials are provided for GNOME, Mac, and other desktops.

For Developers Only: Download test version of Getbirch.jar