Dr. Shirley Thompson -Natural Resources Institute
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Environmental Management Systems - Course Outline (*.PDF)

Course Description:


  • To develop skills and knowledge for translating the theory and concepts of resource and environmental management into practice relevant to communities and workplaces today.
  • To apply monitoring and environmental management tools used by resource and environmental practitioners.
  • To consider the impacts of flows (energy, water, resources/waste) within the built, urban, agricultural and natural environments.

Environmental management systems (e.g., 14001 and Natural Step), best management practices and project management will be discussed. Environmental management system is broken down into its parts:

  • Awareness or PLAN (e.g., Environmental Policy, Risk Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment, Objectives, Targets, Strategic Analysis (SWOT), Environmental Audit, Scenario Analysis.
  • Action or DO AND CHECK (e.g., Monitoring, Activities, LEED, Educational programming, Media campaign, Design changes), and,
Advancement or REVIEW (e.g., Sustainability Report, Triple Bottom Line, Environmental Audit -- verification).