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The Role of Information Management in Sustainable Use - Course Outline (*.PDF)

Course Description:

The 20th century has given rise to the Information Age. Concurrent with this dramatic increase of information has come the need to manage and evaluate data, and subsequently translate data into useful information and, perhaps, knowledge. Resources managers and decision-makers are increasingly expected to understand and effectively use computer technologies in ecosystem research, decision-making, and communication.

This course is an opportunity to explore and critique technologies, as well as build skills.

This is a basic "no-anxiety" course in technology, which assumes only a prior knowledge of windows operating systems. The focus of the course will center on three areas gaining prominence in the resource management field: communication; statistical packages; and geographic information systems. Lectures, lab assignments, speakers and group work will introduce or advance current student understanding. Each technology will be grounded by applying it to the process of report writing, data collection, data selection, data analysis, presentation of results, decision-making or research communication. Speakers, working in the resource management field, will discuss and describe the utility of different technologies, as well as their limitations.

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