All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems

6.1 Canadian Paper Electric, Street and Radial Railways

Boosters, promoters, speculators, and swindlers incorporated dozens of electric railway companies in Canada. In most cases the projects were sincere attempts to develop new businesses. This list is composed largely of entries in Dorman 1938 [see References] which, by name or motive power, were likely intended to be street railways or interurbans. Some of Dorman's summaries are vague, and he concentrates almost solely on statutory citations. As a result, this list cannot be considered complete. Companies incorporated by letters patent or other means have probably been missed. Newfoundland & Labrador, not part of Canada in 1938, and the Maritimes (NB, NS, PEI), which Dorman seems to have neglected, are under-represented.

While all these companies existed on paper it is likely few of them ever operated railway service. Several were active as electric power utilities.

Company NameIncorporationAuthorized Motive PowerChartered Locations
Alberta Electric Ry. Co., 1912 renamed Alberta Interurban Ry. Co.1911 (Alta.)electricCalgary, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge
Alberta Metropolitan Ry. Co.1911-12 (Alta.)electricCalgary, Shepard
Amherst Street Railway Company, Limited1889 April 17 (NS)cable or electricAmherst
Bassano Electric Ry. Co., 1912 renamed Bassano and Bow Valley Ry. Co.1911-12 (Alta.)electricBassano
Bedford Electric Company, Limited, 1906 April 19 renamed Halifax and Suburban Electric Company, Limited1898 March 11 (NS)electricHalifax County outside Halifax City [rights later expanded to include Halifax city]
Belleville Radial Railway Company1909 April 13 (Ont.)electric or other, not steamBelleville, Shannonville
Belleville Street Railway Company1876 February 10 (Ont.)animal or authorized otherBelleville and adjoining municipalities
Bell Island Transportation Company1899 (Nfld.)electric or other tramwaysBell Island
Blomidon Railway Company Limited1911 (N.S.)electricWolfville, Canning, Scots Bay
Brandon Electric Ry.1911 (Man.)not steamBrandon, Souris, Minnedosa, Neepawa, Carberry
Brandon Rural Radial Ry.1913 (Man.)not steamBrandon, Ninette, Souris, Neepawa, Carberry, Rapid City, Rivers, Minnedosa
Brantford and Erie Railway Company1904 April 26 (Ont.)electricBrantford, Simcoe, Port Dover
Brantford, Port Dover and Galt Radial Electric Railway Company1895 April 16 (Ont.)electricityBrantford, Simcoe, Port Dover, Galt, Paris
British America Pulp Paper and Ry. Co.1900 (Dom.)electricSt. Alphonse, Petite Decharge (Québec)
Buffalo, Niagara and Toronto Ry.1906-Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Welland, St. Catharines
Calgary Petrol Interurban Ry. Co.1913 (Alta.)-Calgary, T18-R1-W5
Calgary Street Ry. Co.1893 (Dom.)electric or animalCalgary (Alberta)
Cape Breton Northern1902 (N.S.)electricNorth Sydney, Baddeck
Cascade Scenic Ry. Co.1917 (Dom.)funicularCascade Mountain in Rocky Mountain [Banff] Park (Alberta)
Chestermere and Calgary Suburban Ry. Co.1910 (Alta.)-Calgary, Chestermere Lake
Chatham City and Suburban Railway Company1896 April 07 (Ont.)electricChatham, Cedar Springs, Lake Erie
Cobourg, Port Hope and Havelock Electric Railway Company1909 April 13 (Ont.)electricPort Hope, Cobourg, Havelock
Cobourg Radial Railway Company1909 April 13 (Ont.)electricity or other, notsteamCobourg, Peterborough
Commercial Electric Company1895 March 05 (NB)electricUpper Mills, Charlotte County outside St. Stephen and Milltown
Compagnie du Chemin de Fer Electrique des Trois Rivieres, St. Maurice, Maskinonge et Champlain1905 (Dom.)electricTrois-Rivieres, Louiseville (Québec)
Conception Bay Electric Company1913 April 16 (Nfld.)electric tramways or street railwaysBrigus, Cupids, Clarke's Beach, Port de Grave, Bay Roberts, Spaniard's Bay
Cornwall Street Railway Company1885 November 11 (Ont.)-Cornwall
Crow's Nest and Prairie Electric Ry. Co.1907 (Alta.)electricColeman, Blairmore, Frank, Pincher Creek
Crow's Nest Pass Electric Light and Power Co.1900 (BC)tramwaysFernie
Crow's Nest Pass Street Ry. Co.1911-12 (Alta.)-Cowley, Burmis, Passburg
Dartmouth and Cow Bay Electric Company, Limited1911 March 31 (NS)-Dartmouth, Cow Bay
Dartmouth Tram and Power Company, Limited, 1908 April 16 renamed Dartmouth Electric Tram Company, Limited1890 April 15 (NS)animal or electricDartmouth
Dawson City Electric Co.1898 (Dom.)electric or tramwayDawson City (Yukon Territory)
Dawson City Electric Lighting and Tramway Co.1898 (Dom.)electricDawson City (Yukon Territory)
Dunnville, Wellandport and Beamsville Electric Railway Company [2]1906 May 14 (Ont.)electricPort Maitland, Beamsville
Eastern Ontario Electric Railway Company1909 April 13 (Ont.)electricity, compressed air or other, not steamCornwall, Toronto
Edmonton Northwestern Radial Ry. Co.1914 (Alta.)electricEdmonton, Riviere Qui Barre
Edmonton Street Railway Company [2]1894 (Dom.)street railwayEdmonton (Alberta)
Edmonton, Stony Plain and Wabamun Ry. Co.1913 (Alta.)electricEdmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain
Elbow River Suburban Ry. Co.1913 (Alta.)-Calgary
Embro Radial Railway Company1903 June 12 (Ont.)electricity or compressed air or other, not steamEmbro, Beachville, Woodstock, Stratford, St. Mary's
Estevan Transit and Power Co.1913 (Sask.)tramwayS23-T2-R8-W2
Forest Hill Electric Ry. Co.1913 (Ont.)-Toronto [Forest Hill Road]
Fort Qu'Appelle Ry. Co.1901 (Dom.)electricFort Qu'Appelle (Saskatchewan)
Fredericton, Gibson and Marysville Electric Railway Company1893 April 15 (NB)electricity onlyFredericton, St. Mary's Parish
Fredericton Street Railway Company1887 April 05 (NB)horses or otherFredericton, Marysville
Glengarry and Stormont Ry. Co. [1]1912 (Ont.)electric or steamCornwall
Goat River Water Power and Light Co.1909 (BC)tramwaysGoat River Canyon
Golden Light, Power and Water Co.1905 (BC)tramwaysGolden
Grand Falls Electric Railway Company1914 April 16 (NB)electricityGrand Falls. Aroostock County (Maine)
Grouse Mountain Scenic Incline Ry. Co.1911 (BC)-Grouse Mountain
Guelph Street Railway Company1877 (Ont.)animalGuelph
Halifax Railway Company1884 April 19 (NS)animalHalifax
Hamilton, Ancaster and Brantford Ry.1896-Hamilton, Brantford
Hamilton and Caledonia Railway Company, 1902 renamed Hamilton, Caledonia and Lake Erie Railway Company1899 April 01 (Ont.)electric or compressed airHamilton, Caledonia, Cayuga, Selkirk
Hamilton and Guelph Junction Ry. Co.1906 (Ont.)steam or electricHamilton, Guelph Junction
Hamilton, Burlington and Lake Shore Electric Railway Company1895 April 16 (Ont.)electricHamilton, Burlington, Oakville
Hamilton, Chedoke and Ancaster Electric Street Ry. Co., 1899 renamed Hamilton, Ancaster and Brantford Ry. Co.1896 (Ont.)electricHamilton, Barton, Ancaster, Brantford
Hamilton, Guelph and North Shore Railway Company1905 May 25 (Ont.)electricHamilton, Guelph, Burlington
Hamilton, Valley City and Waterloo Railway Company1895 (Ont.)electricHamilton, Waterloo, Guelph
Hamilton, Waterloo and Guelph Ry. Co.1906 (Dom.)not steamHamilton, Galt, Kitchener, Guelph (Ontario)
Hazel Hill Electric RailwayelectricHazel Hill, Canso (Nova Scotia)
Humber Valley Electric Ry. Co.1912 (Ont.)-Lambton Mills, Toronto
Ingersoll Radial Electric Railway Company1897 April 13 (Ont.)electricIngersoll, Tillsonburg
International Radial Ry. Co.1895 (Dom.)-Hamilton, Waterloo, Fort Erie (Ontario)
Kaslo and Slocan Tramway Co.1893 (BC)tramway and street railwayKaslo
Kingston and Gananoque Electric Railway Company, 1903 renamed Kingston, Gananoque and Perth Electric Ry. Co., 1906 renamed Kingston, Gananoque and Perth Ry. Co.1895 April 16 (Ont.)electric (or steam, from 1906)Kingston, Gananoque, Perth, Arnprior
Kootenay Power Co.1892 (BC)tramwaysNelson
Lacombe, Bullocksville and Alix Electric Ry. Co.1909 (Alta.)-Lacombe, Red Deer, Alix
Lambton Central Electric Railway Company1902 March 17 (Ont.)electricSarnia, Petrolea, Oil Springs Florence, Dresden
Lanark County Electric Railway Company1897 April 13 (Ont.)electricPerth, Lanark, Oliver's Ferry, Smith's Falls, Carleton Place, Almonte
Lethbridge Radial Tramway Co.1907 (Alta.)electricLethbridge, Raymond, Stafford
Lincoln Street Railway Traction and Light Company, Limited, 1896 reinc. as Lincoln Radial Electric Railway Company1895 November 20 (Ont.)electricSt. Catharines, Jordan, Beamsville, Grimsby, Campden, Smithville, Port Dalhousie, Queenston, Niagara Falls
London, Aylmer and North Shore Electric Ry. Co.1901 (Ont.)electricLondon, Aylmer, Port Burwell
London, Chatham and Western Railway Company1905 May 25 (Ont.)electricity or other, not steamLondon, Chatham, Windsor
London, Parkhill and Grand Bend Electric Railway Company-electric, compressed air, or other, not steamLondon, Parkhill
London Radial Electric Railway Company1895 April 16 (Ont.)electricLondon, Lucan, Granton, Parkhill, Ailsa Craig, Delaware, Mount Brydges, Belmont, Harrietsville
Lunenburg Electric Railway Company, Limited1911 31 March (NS)electricLunenburg & Chester municipalities
Maharg Electric Ry. Co.1911-12 (Alta.)electricCalgary
Manitoba Radial Ry.1911 (Man.)-Winnipeg, Portage-la-Prairie, Stony Mountain, Stonewall
Manitoba Radial Ry. Co.1907 (Dom.)electricWinnipeg, Lundar, Stonewall (Manitoba)
Medicine Hat Electric Ry. Co.1911-12 (Alta.)-Medicine Hat, Dunmore
Metropolitan Street Railway of Ottawa1884street railwayOttawa, Nepean Twp. (Ontario)
Middlesex and Elgin Inter-urban Railway Company1902 March 17 (Ont.)electricLondon, Aylmer, St. Thomas, Port Stanley
Mineral and Timber Electric Railway Company1897 April 13 (Ont.)electricSudbury to Skinner's Bay on Wahnapitae Lake
Moncton Electric Tram-way Company1890 April 23 (NB)electricity or horsesMoncton
Moncton Street Railway Company1887 April 05 (NB)horses or otherMoncton
Moose Consortium Inc., short for Mobility Ottawa–Outaouais: Systems & Enterprises and Mobilité Outaouais–Ottawa: Systèmes & entreprises2015commuter trainsOttawa, Smiths Falls, Arnprior, Alexandria (Ont.), Gatineau, Bristol, La Pêche, Montebello (Que.)
Moose Jaw and Suburban Rapid Transit Ry. Co.1906 (Sask.)steam or electricMoose Jaw, Buffalo Lake
Morrisburg Electric Railway Company, 1910 renamed Morrisburg and Ottawa Electric Ry. Co.1902 March 17 and 1908 April 14 (Ont.)electricMorrisburg, Ormond, St. Therese, Ottawa
Mount Royal Ry. Co.1865 (Can.)-Montréal (Québec) [St. Lawrence toll-gate to St. Antoine toll-gate]
Nanaimo Electric Tramway Co.1891 (BC)street railwayNanaimo
New Glasgow Electric Company, Limited1887 (NS)street railwayNew Glasgow, Stellarton, Trenton
Niagara, Dunnville and Erie Electric Railway Company1905 May 25 (Ont.)electricity, not steamSt. Catharines, Merriton, Pelham, Dunnville, Port Dover
Niagara Falls, Welland and Dunnville Electric Railway Company1910 March 19 (Ont.)electricDunnville, Welland, Niagara Falls
Niagara Frontier Electric Railway Company1911 March 24 (Ont.)electricityNiagara-on-the-Lake, Queenston, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie
Niagara, Queenston and St. Catharines Ry. Co.1903 (Dom.)not steamSt. Catharines, Niagara, Queenston (Ontario)
Northern Light Rys. Co.1920 (Ont.)steam or electricSmythe, Manitoulin Island
North Lanark Ry. Co.1899 (Ont.)steam or electricArnprior, Mile Lake
North Midland Railway Company1904 April 26 (Ont.)electricity, compressed air or other, not steamLondon, Clinton, Mitchell, Stratford
Ontario Electric Railway Company1902 March 17 (Ont.)electric, compressed air, not steamCornwall, Toronto, Brockville, Ottawa
Ontario Interurban Railway Company1907 April 20 (Ont.)electricity or otherBelleville, Ameliasburg, Wellington, Bloomfield, Picton, Consecon
Ontario - Michigan Ry. Co.1911 (Dom.)carry trains of Michigan United Electric Ry. Co.Port Huron (Michigan). Sarnia, Chatham, Windsor (Ontario)
Ontario Traction Company, Limited1903 November 17 (Ont.)street railwaysTecumseh, Windsor
Huron, Bruce and Grey Electric Railway Company, 1903 renamed Ontario West Shore Electric Railway Company, 1909 renamed Ontario West Shore Railway Company [2]1902 (Ont.)electricGoderich, Owen Sound
Ottawa and Aylmer Ry. and Bridge Co.1895 (Dom.)electricOttawa (Ontario). Hull, Aylmer, Coulonge (Québec)
Ottawa and St. Lawrence Electric Railway Company1909 April 13 (Ont.)electric or other, not steamLancaster, Cornwall, Brockville, Perth, Ottawa
Ottawa, Brockville and St. Lawrence Ry. Co.1900 (Dom.)electricOttawa, Brockville (Ontario)
Ottawa Street Incline Ry. Co. of Hamilton1922 (Ont.)funicularHamilton
Owen Sound and Meaford Ry.1905-Owen Sound, Meaford
Parry Sound and Northern Ontario Ry. Co.1925 (Ont.)steam or electricParry Sound, North Bay
Pembroke Radial Railway Company1906 May 14 (Ont.)electricPembroke, Petewawa [sic], Beachburg
Peoples Railway Company1909 April 13 (Ont.)electric or other, not steamWoodstock, Plattsville, Berlin, Guelph, Stratford
Perth and Huron Radial Railway Company1905 May 25 (Ont.)electricityStratford, Exeter, Grand Bend, New Hamburg, Tavistock
Petrolea Rapid Railway Company1902 March 17 (Ont.)electricSarnia, Petrolia
Porcupine Rand Belt Electric Ry. Co.1912 (Ont.)electric or steamLarder, Dane, Mattagami River
Portage La Prairie Street Ry. Co.1882 (Man.)animal or steamPortage-la-Prairie
Portage Radial Ry. and Canal Co.1913 February 15 (Man.)-Portage-la-Prairie, Winnipeg
Port Credit, Brampton and Guelph Railway Company1906 May 14 (Ont.)steam or electricPort Credit, Guelph, Brampton
Quebec Eastern Ry. Co.1907 (Que.)electricSherbrooke, Quebec Bridge
Quebec Occidental Ry. Co.1937 (Que.)steam or electricAmos, Saint-Remi, Maniwaki
Quebec Rapid Transit Ry. Co.1913 (Dom.)-Québec, Charlesbourg, Ste-Foy, Île d'Orleans (Québec)
Queenston, St. Catharines and Port Dalhousie Electric Railway Company1900 April 30 (Ont.)electricQueenston, St. Catharines, Port Dalhousie
Rainy River Radial Ry. Co.1910 (Dom.)-Fort Francis, Rainy River (Ontario)
Town of Raymondauthorized 1910 (Alta.)street railwaysRaymond
Red Deer Ry. Co.1907 (Alta.)electric or otherRed Deer, Content, Nevis
Regina Inter-Urban Tramway Co.1908-9 (Sask.)steam or electricRegina, Lumsden, Craven
Regina - Moose Jaw Interurban Ry. Co.1912-13 (Sask.)electricRegina, Moose Jaw
Riverside Park Ry. Co.1903 (Man.)electricWinnipeg, St. Norbert
Rondeau, Ridgetown and Wallaceburg Railway Company1906 May 14 (Ont.)electricityRondeau, Wallaceburg, Ridgetown, Florence, Dresden
Rural Railway Company1910 March 16 (Man.)steam or electric (1910), then not steam (1911)Winnipeg, Emerson, Portage-la-Prairie, Carberry, East Selkirk, Stonewall, Ste. Anne, Starbuck, Morris
St. Catharines, Pelham and Welland Electric Railway Company1904 April 26 (Ont.)electricSt. Catharines, Pelham, Welland
Saint John Suburban Railway Company1913 March 20 (NB)electricSaint John, Barnhill's Corner, Spruce Lake, Marsh Road, Saint John County, King's County
St. Joseph and Stratford Electric Railway Company1904 April 26 (Ont.)electricStratford, St. Joseph
Saint Stephen and Milltown Street Railway Company1887 April 05 (NB)horses or otherSt. Stephen, Milltown
Saint Stephen Electric Street Railway Company1891 April 16 (NB)electricitySt. Stephen, Milltown
St. Thomas Radial Electric Railway Company 1895 April 16 (Ont.)electricSt. Thomas, Port Stanley, Port Burwell, Sparta, Aylmer, Wallacetown
Saskatoon Electric Railway and Power Company1912 (Sask.)electricSaskatoon
Saskatoon Transfer Ry. Co.1912 (Sask.)steam or electricS23-T36-R6-W3, S26-T36-R6-W3
Selkirk Electric Railway Company1892 & 1900 (Man.)electric or steamWinnipeg, Selkirk
Silver Belt Electric Railway Company1907 April 20 (Ont.)electricityNew Liskeard, Haileybury, Cobalt, Portage Bay, Latchford
Simcoe Railway and Power Company1909 April 13 (Ont.)electric or other, not steamMidland, Penetanguishene, Coldwater
Smith's Falls, Rideau and Southern Railway Company1898 January 17 (Ont.)electric (or compressed air from 1899)Smiths Falls, Merrickville, Gananoque
South East Calgary Electric Ry. Co.1911-12 (Alta.)-Calgary, Shepard
South Essex Electric Railway Company1896 April 07 (Ont.)electricAmherstburg, Harrow, Windsor
South Shore Suburban Ry. Co.1896 (Dom.)-Longueuil, Montréal (Québec)
Stratford and St. Joseph Radial Railway Company1907 April 20 (Ont.)electricStratford, St. Joseph
Stratford Radial Railway Company1903 June 12 (Ont.)electricStratford, Mitchell, Embro, St. Mary's
Stratford Railway Company1911 March 24 (Ont.) electric street railwayStratford
Strathroy and Western Counties Railway Company1899 (Ont.)electric (from 1904)Strathroy, St. Thomas, Port Stanley
Strathcona Radial Tramway Company Limited1904 (NWT)-Edmonton (Alberta)
Suburban Park Railway Company1899 July 21 (Man.)steam or electricSt. Boniface, St. Norbert, Saint Anne, Elm Park
Sudbury and Wahnapitae Ry. Co.1899 (Dom.)electricSudbury (Ontario)
Sudbury, Copper Cliff and Creighton Electric Railway Company1903 June 12 (Ont.)electricSudbury, Copper Cliff, Creighton
Sydney and East Bay Railway Company, Limited1909 April 23 (NS)electric or notSydney, East Bay
Town of Taberauthorized 1910 (Alta.)street railwaysTaber
Taber Transit Co.1913 (Alta.)-T9-R16-W4, T10-R17-W4
Temiscamingue and Abitibi Ry. Co.1937 (Que.)steam or electricAngliers, Noranda, Senneterre
Three Rivers and North Shore Electric Ry. Co.1898 (Dom.)-Trois-Rivieres (Québec)
Three Rivers Tramway Co.1912 (Que.)electricTrois-Rivieres, Louiseville
Tillsonburg and Southern Counties Radial Railway Company1909 April 13 (Ont.)electricTillsonburg, Port Burwell, Ingersoll, London
Toronto and North Eastern Railway Company1906 May 14 (Ont.)steam or electricityToronto, Unionville, Markham, Uxbridge, Port Perry
Toronto, Barrie and Orillia Ry. Co.1910 (Ont.)steam or electricToronto, Barrie, Orillia
Toronto Eastern Railway Company [2]1910 (Dom.)electricToronto, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa (Ontario)
Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara Falls Electric Railway Company1895 April 16 (Ont.)electricToronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Grimsby, Dunnville
Toronto, High Park and Western Tramway Co.1882 (Ont.)-Toronto, Lambton, Carlton
Toronto Interurban Railway Company1911 March 24 (Ont.)steam or electricToronto, Newmarket
Toronto and Hamilton Ry. Co., 1906 renamed Toronto, Niagara and Western Ry Co.1903 (Dom.)not steamToronto, Hamilton (Ontario)
Tramways, Ltd.1913 (Alta.)electricEdmonton, Bon Accord, Fort Saskatchewan
Truro Street Railway Company, Limited1889 April 17 (NS)animal or electricTruro
Tsimpsean Light and Power Co.1907 (BC)tramwaysKhtada River
Union Electric Light and Power Company1916 May 04 (Nfld.)street car servicesTrinity, Catalina, Bonavista
United Towns' Electrical Company1902 April 22 (Nfld.)electric tramways or street railwaysHarbor Grace, Carbonear, Heart's Content
Vancouver and Lulu Island Electrical Ry. and Improvement Co.1891 (BC)-Vancouver
Vercheres, Chambly and Laprairie Tramways Co.1916 (Que.)street railwaysLongueuil, St. Lambert, Montreal South, Chambly
Victoria Transfer Company1883 (BC)street railwaysVictoria, Esquimalt
Watrous Radial Ry. Co.1912 (Sask.)-Watrous, Renown
Welland and Port Colborne Ry. Co. 1926 (Ont.)steam or electricPort Colborne
Western Central Railway Company1905 May 25 (Ont.)electricLondon, Embro, Guelph, Kitchener, Woodstock
Windsor, Chatham and London Ry. Co.1906 (Dom.)electricWindsor, Chatham, London (Ontario)
Winnipeg and St. Andrew's Rapids Ry. Co., 1906 renamed Winnipeg and Lake Shore Ry. Co.1898 (Man.)electric or steamWinnipeg, Lake Winnipeg
Winnipeg Passenger Ry. Co.1880 (Man.)animalWinnipeg
Winnipeg, Portage Avenue and City Park Street Railway Company- (Man.)-Winnipeg
Woostock Electric Railway, Light and Power Company1896 March 20 (NB)electricityWoodstock, Upper Woodstock, Houlton
Yarmouth and Digby Electric Railway Company, Limited1902 March 27 & 1909 April 23 (NS)electricYarmouth, Bear River
Yarmouth and Eastern Railway1909 (NS)electric?Yarmouth, Wedgeport, Tusket


[1] Re-incorporated in 1913 and built as a steam railway. Acquired 1915 by Canadian Pacific.
[2] Some construction undertaken.

Unresearched Incorporations

Further research is required into the following legislative references.

  • Buckingham Electric Ry., Light and Power Co. [Que. 1895(1) cap 68]
  • Chippewa and Niagara Falls Electric Railway Company [Ont. 1901 cap 77]
  • City Passenger and Goods Delivery Ry. Co. [Man. 1873 cap 36]
  • Essex and Kent Radial Railway Company [Ont. 1901 cap 78]
  • Intercolonial Radial Ry Co. [Dom. 1895 cap 49]
  • Penetanguishene and Midland Electric Street Railway, Light and Power Co., Ltd. [Ont. 1895, cap. 36, sec. 1]
  • St. Hyacinthe Electric Railway Co. [Que. 1900 cap 69]


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