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Charles  Burchill

Analyst, Biologist, Canoeist

I currently work as the Associate Director, Repository for the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy in the department of Community Health Sciences, College of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences. MCHP is primarily involved with population health, and health and social policy related research. Part of my work at MCHP included teaching an introduction to SAS programming workshop.

My formal academic training was in Botany (MSc) with experience in plant identification, statistical analysis of ecological communities, field work, and a variety of computer platforms and applications. My graduate studies looked at the vegetation of saline seeps, springs, and soils in western Manitoba (Thesis: Vegetation-Environment Relationships of an Inland Boreal Salt Pan). This work provided baseline information for the formation of the Lake Winnipegosis Salt Flats Ecological Reserve. I volunteered for a number of years identifying lichens and mosses in the UofM Cryptogamic Herbarium (UofM WIN), and continue to do a small amount of botanical consulting in community/environmental assessment.

When I am not working at the University of Manitoba I spend my time paddling, teaching canoeing and wilderness awarness/navigation, cycling, working on plant identification/check lists, and giving botanical tours around southern Manitoba. Most of the botanical tours have been done as part of the Nature Manitoba summer and/or Mantario program. I teach Paddle Canada (CRCA) Basic & Lake Canoe courses. On Wednesday evenings throughout the summer I help organize recreational paddles for Paddle Manitoba.

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