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- 83% Food Insecurity Rates in St. Theresa Point First Nation: Market Food System in Fly-in Communities not Improving Food Security (*.PPTX)

- Workplace Hazards Poster 1, Poster 2, and Poster 3 (*.PDF)

- Towards a Healthier Community at Shoal Lake:Assessing Community Health Needs at Iskatewizaagegan #39 Independent First Nation (*.PPT)

- Towards a Healthier Community at Shoal Lake: Towards a Healthier Community at Shoal Lake:
Tobacco Strategy Survey Results & Recommendations Tobacco Strategy Survey Results & Recommendations 2003--2004

- Displacing fossil fuel use in an Off-Grid community: The cost benefit analysis of Demand Side Management and suitable Renewable Energy Technologies (2008 Climate Change Conference) (*.PPT)

- Waste Management Options to Curb Climate Change: Gas Emissions at Brady Road Landfill in Canada (*.PPT)

- Curbing Climate change through Organics Diversion: Results of a National Survey (*.PPT)

- Growing Stronger: Access to Healthy Foods in Berens River (*.PPT)

- Brochet and Barren's Land seek local solutions from traditional foods and gardening to offset the high price of healthy food (*.PPTX)

- 58% of Households with Children Experienced Food Insecurity in Northern Manitoba in 2008-09 (*.PPTX)

- Growing Food for Healthy Living in Cormorant (*.PPTX)

- Garden Hill First Nation: Household Food Survey Shows Food Prices are Unaffordable (*.PPTX)

- No Store, No Commuter Train and No Jobs = A Hard Time Putting Healthy Food on the Table in Ilford (*.PPTX)

- Growing a sustainable food system at Leaf Rapids, Manitoba (*.PPTX)

- Lynn Lake Promotes Traditional Food and Gardening (*.PPTX)

- Eating Healthy in Nelson House, Manitoba: Promoting Traditional Foods, Gardening and Chicken Production (*.PPTX)

- Red Sucker Lake First Nation: Country foods help offset the high cost of food but more stores and lower prices are needed (*.PPTX)

- South Indian Lake is active in growing a healthy community: Promoting traditional foods and gardening (*.PPTX)

- St. Theresa Point First Nation: Food Prices Are Too High to Eat Healthy (*.PPTX)

- No Food Store + No Commuter Train + No All-Weather Road = Hardship Accessing Healthy Food: Better Access to Healthy Food is Needed in Thicket Portage (*.PPTX)

- Wasagamack First Nation: High Food Prices Limit Access to Healthy Food from Store (*.PPTX)

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