APproach merotopy (APm) System

This CI Lab 900 report series includes a toolset called APm (APproach merotopy). This toolset facilitates measurement of the degree of nearness between regions-of-interest (ROIs) in pairs of digital images (either colour or greyscale images). Such nearness measurements are computed in terms of ε-neighbourhoods contained in selected ROIs. Each neighbourhood contains points y that are descriptively near a selected centre point x0 in a particular ROI, i.e., the distance between the feature vector of x0 and the feature vector for each y is less than some ε ∈ (0,∞]. A feature vector constitutes a description of a point. In the case of a digital image, a point is defined to be an image pixel.


APm System (tested on Windows 7) (0.5MB)1

UM CI Laboratory TR-CI-7-May-2011-902-v1: APm System report explaining the APm toolset (how to get started and the underlying theory fo rthe APm toolset) (0.5MB)

APm Releases:

v1.0 First official release

1Please report any bugs to