All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems

7.1 Directory of Thumbnail Pictures

The following thumbnail pictures are used the the pages of the All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems and are grouped here for convenience. Photograph copyright rests with the photographer and/or owner. The thumbnails on this page link directly to the World Wide Web source for each full size image. Click on any picture to load the full size image.


Saint Catharines horsecar Toronto Street Railway horsecar 76 (City of Toronto Archives f1244_it1356) Chatham Street Railway horsecars Winnipeg horsecar (Man. Historical Soc. collection) Niagara Falls, Wesley Park and Clifton Tramway horsecar (NFPL) Kingston Street Railway horsecar Sarnia Street Ry horsecar Belleville horsecar Quebec Street Railway 3 horsecar St. John Street Railway [Quebec] 5 horsecar Berlin & Waterloo Street Railway horsecar London Street Railway horsecar Sarnia horsecar in 1912 (flickr/snap-happy1)

Streetcars, Trams and Light Rail Transit

Windsor Electric St Ry Opening day 1886 Early St. Catharines electric Streetcar Belleville Traction Co 8 (NA PA-167045) Vancouver Electric Railway tram 12 Villa Mastai tramway Westminster Street Railway [New Westminster] streetcar Kingston Portsmouth & Cataraqui car 11 Guelph Ry Co tram 2 (1895) Saskatoon Municipal Railway 12 (1939) Cape Breton Electric Co [North Sydney] tram (postcard) Cape Breton Electric Co [Sydney] tram (postcard) Niagara, Welland and Lake Erie opening day 1912 ( Peterborough George Street (postcard, Trent Valley Archives) BC Electric [North Vancouver] first streetcar run 1906 (Buzzer) Yarmouth streetcar Moose Jaw streetcar corner of High and Main (postcard) BCER [Vancouver] 428 PCC streetcar (CVA586-378) BC Electric Railway [Vancouver] PCC at Hastings and Cambie (1955 postcard/flickr) Hull streetcar at Main and Bridge International Transit Co. [Sault Ste. Marie] streetcar 221 Sherbrooke Ry and Power streetcar 19 Winnipeg WESR 10 street car (CWTS) Sandwich, Windsor and Amherstburg 27 on Bedford St. (postcard) Three Rivers Traction Co [Trois-Rivières] tram c1930 (BAnQ, Centre d'archives de Québec, Collection Magella Bureau) Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto [Niagara Falls] 307 on Queen Street 1945 St. Thomas Street Ry c1900 (Elgin Museum) Nelson Electric Tramway Company, Nelson, B.C. (B.C. Archives) winnipeg-WESR122opencar-cwts.jpg Oshawa Railway open car 17 (Oshawa Public Library) Victoria open streetcar in the 1890s (B.C. Archives) Sarnia Street Ry electric car (Joseph Lamarche collection) Winnipeg Electric Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba (U.W.T.O) Tram 1428 on the Suburban Rapid Transit route to Headingly 1927 (CWTS, via UWTO [also MB Archives]) Brantford Street Railway streetcar London Street Ry Co. streetcar 146 Moncton Tramways Electricity and Gas 7 a single-truck birney (facebook) Cape Breton Tramways 301 at Reserve Jct 1944 (caperpics) Saskatoon Transit System 202 (1950 Oct Omer Lavalee) St. Johns birney car 12 (1925) Winnipeg streetcar on Ag. College Route (University of Manitoba Archives) Winnipeg streetcar at loop on Jubilee Avenue (Winnipeg Transit collection) Nelson Municipal Railway, Nelson, B.C. (B.C. Archives) Nelson Municipal Railway, Nelson, B.C. (B.C. Archives) Nelson streetcar Cornwall Street Railway, Light and Power Company, Cornwall, Ontario (W.E. Miller) Hamilton Street Railway Co., Hamilton, Ontario (W.E. Miller) winnipeg-WECo554streetcar-cwts.jpg Guelph Radial Railway (W.E. Miller) Lethbridge Streetcar Kitchener-Waterloo (W.I. Miller/W.E. Miller) Edmonton Streetcar (DavesRailPix) Halifax birney streetcar (davesrailpix collection) BC Electric Railway [Vancouver] streetcar 229 (1948 postcard/flickr) Port-of-Spain, Trinidad (davesrailpix) Sudbury streetcar (davesrailpix) Regina streetcar (davesrailpix) Fort William tram portarthur-ptart03.jpg Ottawa streetcar (davesrailpix collection) Calgary streetcar (davesrailpix collection) brandon-BMRcar-trib.jpg calais-03.jpg Winnipeg GWTC 356 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg GWTC 370 Main between Jefferson and Hartford (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg GWTC 370 Main at McKay (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg GWTC 374 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg GWTC 374 Main at Margaret Loop (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg GWTC 408 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg GWTC 424 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg GWTC 738 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg GWTC 738 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg GWTC 798 Polo Park Loop 19 Sep 1955 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg GWTC cars (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg WECo 300 Main Carhouse (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg WECo 352 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg WECo 360 Redwood Bridge (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg WECo 384 St. Annes at Hindley Loop (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg WECo 408 Henderson at Hespeler (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg WECo 414 St. Anne's at Fermor (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg WECo 690 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg WECo 796 Main at Margaret Loop (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg WECo 798 Main at Rupertsland (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg Main at Broadway (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg WECo cars North Field (Winnipeg Transit) BC Electric Railway [Vancouver] streetcars, Hastings and Main (1953 postcard/flickr) Toronto PCC (Blinkpunkt Straßenbahn) Montréal PCC (davesrailpix) BCER (Vancouver) PCC (davesrailpix) Edmonton LRT (Blinkpunkt Straßenbahn) Calgary C-Train (Blinkpunkt Straßenbahn) Toronto Transit Commission Flexity streetcar 4400 (wikipedia)

Heritage Tramways

Calgary Heritage Tramway (Blinkpunkt Straßenbahn) Edmonton Radial Railway 1 (Blinkpunkt Strassenbahn) Nelson Heritage Tramway (DavesRailPix) Nelson Streetcar (Alex Regiec photo) Nelson Streetcar (Alex Regiec photo) Nelson Streetcar (Alex Regiec photo) Nelson Streetcar (Alex Regiec photo) Downtown Historic Railway, Vancouver (Dale Laird photo) Whitehorse heritage tramway

Interurbans (Radials)

Preston and Berlin Railway, Cambridge - Kitchener, Ontario (W.E. Miller collection) Westminster & Vancouver Tramway Company interurban Grand River Railway, Cambridge - Kitchener, Ontario (W.E. Miller) Lake Erie and Northern, Brantford - Cambridge, Ontario (W.E. Miller) Nipissing Central interurban on Ferguson Avenue in Haileybury (postcard) Windsor and Tecumseh interurban station in Tecumseh 1920 (uwindsor) Metropolitan Railway 11 (Donald P. Evans collection) Metropolitan Railway loco 1 at Richmond Hill 1897 (Donald P. Evans collection) NFP&R/Niagara Gorge Route (Donald P. Evans collection) Egerton Tramways on Provost St in New Glasgow (Allison Nelson/ Egerton Tramways car at Trenton (postcard) Sandwich, Windsor and Amherstburg interurban BCE interurban 1313 (RailPictures.Net/John F. Bromley coll.) WE&LSR car Republic arrives in Essex (internationalmetropolis) Grand Valley Ry 50 at Brantford circa 1910 Chatham, Wallaceburg and Lake Erie #8 (circa 1913) South West Tranction Co interurbans at Lambeth (postcard) London and Lake Erie interurbans ( British Columbia Electric Railway, Vancouver - New Westminster, B.C. (B.C. Archives) QRL&P motor 454 (John E. Baker coll., MTHA) Woodstock, Thames Valley and Ingersol (Ontario) Winnipeg, Selkirk and Lake Winnipeg 12 in 1946 (Steven Stothers coll.) Winnipeg, Selkirk and Lake Winnipeg 16 (Mark Perry coll.) B.C.E. Saanich Division, Victoria, B.C. (B.C. Archives) Hamilton, Grimsby and Beamsville interurban (Hamilton Public Library collection) London and Port Stanley Railway (Ontario) (W.E. Miller) Montreal and Southern Counties interurban NS&T interurban car (davesrailpix collection) North Yonge Railway/TTC 411 ( Bernard 1948) AV-av01.jpg winnipeg-WSLW4selkirk-cwts.jpg Winnipeg Selkirk & Lake Winnipeg 14 (Winnipeg Transit Photo Archive collection) Winnipeg Selkirk & Lake Winnipeg excursion (Winnipeg Transit Photo Archive coll.)

Electric Trolley Buses

Windsor trolleybus Windsor trolley bus on Lincoln Road 1922 Toronto Transportation Commission, Toronto, Ontario (W.E. Miller) Edmonton Transit System #101, and AEC trolley bus (Peter Cox) Edmonton English Electric Co trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Edmonton ACF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Edmonton Pullman trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Vancouver BCE trolley bus demo (BC Archives b_07515) Victoria: Seattle Twin in demo service (BC Archives) Winnipeg WECo 1500 Mack trolleybus (CWTS) Winnipeg GWTC 1526 (Mack) at Assiniboine garage Winnipeg WECo 1532 (MCI) at Assiniboine garage Winnipeg Metro 1594 (Pullman-Standard) at loop Winnipeg Metro 1556 (Pullman-Standard) Assiniboine Garage (William A. Luke) Calgary CCF-Brill Trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Calgary CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Calgary CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Calgary CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Calgary Transit CCF-Brill 443 (Angus McIntyre, June 1974) Calgary Transit CCF-Brill 465 (Angus McIntyre, June 1974) Calgary Transit CCF-Brill 474 (Angus McIntyre, June 1974) Metro Transit [Winnipeg] 1674 (CCF-Brill T-44) (1968 Aug., Angus McIntyre) BC Hydro [Vancouver] 2217 (CCF/Brill T-48)(1967 Angus McIntyre) Fort William Transit #47, a CCF/Brill T44 (Peter Cox) fort_william-etb-scalzo.jpg Halifax CCF-Brill 211 Montreal CCF-Brill 4108 (Peter Cox 1966) ottawa-brill_2003.jpg portarthur-brill_210_FtWilliamNorthernLoop_jt_19690921.jpg regina-brill_148_ss.jpg Saskatoon CCF-Brill 175 (Peter Cox 1962) Winnipeg Metro 1812 Royal loop on McGregor (GMAnderson 1964 June) Cornwall Street Ry Light and Power 103 CCF-Brill (Peter Cox 1966 May 23) NSL+P [Halifax] 238 CCF-Brill (WR Linley 1967 Sep 12, Peter Cox coll.) Edmonton Transit System CCF/Brill Trolleybus (ETS Photo Gallery) Edmonton CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Edmonton CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Edmonton CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Edmonton Transit System 192 [1949 CCF-Brill T-44] (Angus McIntyre) Edmonton CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Edmonton CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Edmonton CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Edmonton CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Edmonton CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Kitchener, Ontario (W.E. Miller) Regina CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Saskatoon CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Saskatoon CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Saskatoon CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Saskatoon CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Saskatoon CCF-Brill trolleybus (DavesRailPix) Winnipeg Metro 1818 (ACF-Brill) Memorial/Portage SB (William A. Luke) Winnipeg WECo 1738 (CCF-Brill) (William A. Luke) Vancouver, B.C. (Tom Parkinson) Metro Transit CCF-Brill 1764 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg CCF-Brill Trolley Bus (Winnipeg Tribune Photo Archives) Winnipeg WECo 1600 (CCF-Brill) Winnipeg CCF-Brill trolley bus, Smith at Notre Dame (Winnipeg Tribune photo) Toronto Flyer E700 9203 Hamilton Street Railway, Hamilton, Ontario (W.E. Miller) Edmonton Trolleybus (Blinkpunkt Straßenbahn) Edmonton BBC-GM trolleybus (DavesRailPix) edmonton-ETS128bbc_102Av+124StEB-daw2009apr24.jpg Edmonton Transit System 138 (BBC-GM) (David A. Wyatt 2009) Vancouver Trolleybus (Blinkpunkt Straßenbahn) Vancouver TransLink buses at Oakridge Transit Centre (Alex Regiec 2005) vancouver-TL2222nfe40lfr-apr2008may.jpg

Motor Buses (Miscellaneous)

Montreal & South Shore Auto Car Co. (1905) Calgary Car Company Ltd 3 (Glenbow Archives) Leamington WELSR local bus (postcard) McKays in Lockport MB (1920s) Touring car used by Miranda's bus service Early Lockport bus (MCAAC collection) Twin City Taxi [St. Albert] bus (Alberta Prov. Archives) Winnipeg Electric bus on Westminster Route (Winnipeg Tribune photo archives) Brookside Cemetery [Winnipeg] bus (Alex Regiec) Saint John Motor Line 11 in the 1920s Sisco Ttn Co. [Ladysmith] 1920s (BC Archives) Del-Ray coach 1936 (City of Toronto Archives) DeLongchamp Cartage Company [Sudbury] Sherbrooke City Transit Co. 2 (William A. Luke collection) Moncton Motor Line 3 sometime in the 1920s (facebook) Valley Bus and Taxi Co [Drumheller] early 1920s winnipeg-WEC101-104buses-crmw.jpg McArthur Transportation Co. Ltd garage in Brandon (BrandonU Archives) Front Street in Belleville (probably early 1930s) (Paul Lantz postcards) winnipeg-WER113bus-crmw.jpg Red Deer Valley Bus Lines [Drumheller] 1937 (WHS 88033) TTC 1922 AEC model 404 (Alan Gryfe scan) TTC 1922 Tilling-Stevens model TS-4 (Alan Gryfe scan) Winnipeg Yellow? 175 (CWTS via UWTO) Lindsay Lines #6 (Yellow Coach model 733) (Peter Cox) The bus to Transcona 1926 (Winnipeg Transit collection) Ocean View Bus Service buses in the Simpsons parking lot in Halifax, 1945 (Maurice E. Burns coll.) West Vancouver Municipal bus (Hayes) 1934 (CVA99-4592) Sonnichsen Transportation [Headingley] Nash bus Sonnichsen Transportation [Headingley] Dodge bus Weyburn Soo Transit (William A. Luke Collection) edmonton-ERR5leyland_SoCampus-daw2009apr25.jpg Eatons Inter Store Coach Service [Toronto] montreal-MTCo800-crmw.jpg sydney-Sullivan.jpg Wilkinson and Blackwell Stages 1932 Dawson Creek Transit bus 1950 (postcard) Autobus Fournier [Sainte-Foy] 1938 ( Kenora Excel Coach Lines Maple Leaf (William A. Luke) Columbia Stage Lines Reo (Gordon Henry Collection) Blue Line Transit [Nanaimo] #36, a Reo (Peter Cox) Winnipeg Electric Co bus 169 [1929 Reo/FitzJohn] on the Stonewall route (1934) Sydney Flying Line [Victoria suburbs] jitney Blue Funnel Motor Line [Vancouver] jitneys 1917 (CVA99-5131) White Star Motor Line Ltd. [Vancouver] jitney 1920s? (CVA371-1737) Creighton Mines Jitney Service, October 1924 (GSHM coll. MK0682EN) Mike Sullivan Bus Service [greater Sydney] bus circa early 1940s (Sullivan family coll.) Lake Hill Bus, suburban Victoria, B.C. (B.C. Archives) winnipeg-WECo181-1935InternationalModelCs.jpg Mike Sullivan Bus Service Dodge (Sullivan family coll.) Montreal Tramways bus 1930s Lishman Coach Lines [Elmira] Gotfriedson bus (Marion Roes coll.) Provincial Transport Co. bus, Montreal, Qc. (Mike Rivest collection) Red Deer Bus Lines (Alan Gryfe scan) Beaver Bus Lines 6 [St. Adolphe] (1946 Kalamazoo Pony Cruiser) (Paul Leger coll.) Beaver Bus Lines 7 (1947 Kalamazoo Pony Cruiser) [Stonewall] (William A. Luke) Transcona WRBL bus 1954 (Winnipeg Tribune Archives) East Bay Bus Line Nov. 1962 (Farrell family coll.) Neville Transportation Co. [Burbaby] #12 circa 1947 (Peter Cox) Sonnichsen Garwood (William A. Luke) Johnston Terminals [Ocean Falls] (BC Archives I-50616) Selkirk BBL (William A. Luke) Winnipeg Metro 815 (Fuso) Main garage (William A. Luke) AECL bus 65 saint_leonard_bus1953.jpg Charny-St-Romuald #66 (GMC/Ward) ( Autobus Bonin [Sorel-Tracy] #7265 (1965 Flxible-Canadair) ( Southern Bus Lines 52 Fuso (Paul Leger) Autobus Levis-Quebec (William A. Luke) Edmonton Transit System 860 (Bluebird) on Jasper Ave. (Angus McIntyre) Yarmouth Argyll Transit #105,a Bluebird (David Slater/flickr 1992) Timmins Dalton 57 (William A. Luke) toronto-West_York_yard.jpg Airdrie Mitsubishi (C.I.L.E. photo) Calgary Transit System 548 Daimler (Peter Cox 1968 Nov 20) Yellowknife Frame and Perkins Mitsubishi (C.I.L.E. photo) Metro buses on Graham Avenue 1971 (Winnipeg Tribune photo) Westerhaug Bus Lines mercedes-benz bus (Regina Leader-Post 1976 Sep 25 p3) Nelson GM and CanCar (B.C. Archives) Saint-Augustin-des-Demaures  Bluebird Q (J. Matte) Sydney TCB11 (James B. Wyatt 1986) TC Jacques-Cartier/Fortin ( Sydney TCB (James B. Wyatt 1986) CIT Deux-Montagnes Thomas MVP (Jacques Matte 1995) CIT Sud-Ouest (Banlieues de Montréal) (Mike Rivest) STRSM Van Hool articulated bus (Richard Hooles) St. Thomas bus (Luke Olszewski) CIT des Moulins Thomas MVP (G. Donnelly 1997) CIT Le Richelain Paling Alouette (Jacques Matte 1997) CIT Le Portage Thomas MVP (Jacques Matte 1995) Owen Sound Transit bus MRC de Coaticook Bluebird vision (Jean-Francois Brulotte/ Brandon downtown transit terminal (Alex Regiec 2005) CFVT (Abbotsford) Dennis (Bill Wong, Kelowna double decker bus (John M. Day, Strathcona County Transit 8002 [Alexander Dennis Enviro500] (David A. Wyatt 2015 Jul 20) flinflon-FFT146-2008SueLuchuck.jpg Cobourg Transit 903 (Blue Bird) (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 13) Baie-Comeau transit bus (website 2009) SURF 549-21-9 (Mercedes-Benz) (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 14) Trius Transit [Charlottetown] 506 (Dupont Trolley) (Kevin Nicol 29 Oct. 2010) Trius Transit [Stratford] 507 (Kevin Nicol 28 Oct. 2010) Trius Transit [Cornwall] 511 (Transplan GSA 40LF) (Kevin Nicol 29 Oct. 2010) Orillia Transit 0113 (Thomas TL960) (Kevin Nicol 2011 Apr 02) North Battleford Transit 839 (2005 A. Wong) Morden Corn and Apple Festival Shuttle (David A. Wyatt 2011) Northern Bus Lines [Creighton] 33 (Kevin Nicol 2011 May 24) Domo Double Decker [Winnipeg] RML2643 Routemaster (David A. Wyatt 2013 June 30) Evans Commuter Service [suburban Ottawa] 159 (website 2014) RTCS [Shawinigan] #11 (2015 David A. Wyatt) Express Lotbiniere [Laurier-Station] 1200 (Kevin Nicol 2015 Jun 11) Corporation de transport regional de Portneuf (David A. Wyatt 2015 Jun) Transport Collectif de la Jacques-Cartier (David A. Wyatt 2015 Jun 11)

Motor Buses (Minibuses and cutaways)

Winnipeg Transit 35 (1974 Funcraft) (David A. Wyatt) Markham Transit 505 (Flexette) (Peter Cox collection 1974) Calgary Transit 253 flxette (Peter Cox 1978 Jul 22) Airdrie Transit minibus (BARP photo) Winnipeg ELF (Winnipeg Transit) Calgary Transit System 307 Econobus (Peter Cox 1966 May 12) Brockville Transit 50407 (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 13) Quinte Access [Trenton] Route A (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 13) Port Hope Transit 802 [2008 IC LC] (Kevin Nicol 2011 Aug. 20) Swift Current Tele-Bus #T-154 (Kevin Nicol 2009 May 13) Edmonton Transit System 04 (Glavel) (David A. Wyatt 2009) Edmonton Garrison ETS 13 (2007 Glavel) (David A. Wyatt 2012 Oct 20) CIT Roussillon Ford minibus (Jacques Matte 1997) Huntsville Ford minibus Brooks Transit Ford minibus c2001 Napanee minibus (John Peakman 2007) Deseronto Transit (David Wyatt 2009 July 13) Edmonton community shuttle van CK Transit [Chatham] #799 (CPTDB Wiki) Cavendish Trolley Bracebridge Towne Express trolley (Wikipedia) Regional Shuttle [Black Diamond] (Peter McLaughlin 2010) TROUT [Bancroft] cutaway (website 2012) Trius Tours/7.5.3 County Line Express [Summerside] 2401 (Kevin Nicol 28 Oct. 2010) TC Jacques-Cartier/Auger 07-397 (Ford/Thomas) ( Midland Transit 65 (Kevin Nicol 2011 Apr 02) Orangeville Transit 099059 (Kevin Nicol 2011 Apr 02) wasaga_beach-WBT9103-nichol2011apr02.jpg Selkirk Transit 7-360 [2011 Crestline] (Alex Regiec 2011 May 24) Corner Brook Transit #53 (Ford) (Allen Dicion/CTHF) Northumberland Transportation Initiative van (Website 2011) St. Thomas Transit 0802 (Kevin Nicol 2011 Sep 24) RideNorfolk [Norfolk County] 323 (Kevin Nicol 2011 Nov 18) North Battleford Public Transit cutaway (2011 City of NB) Beaumont Mill Woods Shuttle (2012 Beaumont News) Newell minibus (2012 Newell County photo) Yorkton Transit 457 (David Onodera 2012) Local transit van in Kangirsuk (2013 KRG Annual Report) Whitecourt Transit 142976, a GMC cutaway (2015 May Kevin Nicol) Fort Saskatchewan Transit Ford cutaway (Kevin Nicol 25 May 2015) Fort Sask Transit 284 (201 FST) Niagara-on-the-Lake Transit cutaway (Alex Regiec 2017) Kasper Transportation sprinter 3 (David Wyatt 05 Sep 2017)

Motor Buses (Twin Coach)

WECo Twin model 40 on Transcona Route (Winnipeg Transit) WECo 212 Doing Overload for Moores Taxi to West Hawk Lake 1941 (A. Downham photo, CWTS collection) Winnipeg WECo 111 n MTHA collection (Dennis Cavanagh) Greater Winnipeg Transit Commission #142, a stretched Twin model 23R (Peter Cox 1956) WECo 1941 Twin 30 GS bus (Winnipeg Transit Collection) winnipeg-GWTCtwins_new-cwts.jpg Canadian National Transportation Ltd. [St. Catharines] #183, a Twin Coach model 38S (Peter Cox) Detroit and Canada Tunnel [Windsor] Twin Coach buses Greater Winnipeg Transit Commission 851 (1947 Twin 41S) (Peter Cox) Nanaimo Transit Ltd. 254 (Twin Coach) (Peter Cox 1968) Pacific Stage Lines [Vancouver] 264 (1950 Twin 38-S) (Peter Cox) Edmonton Transit System 73 (1951 Twin 45-SP) (Angus McIntyre) Tyee Bus Co. [Port Alberni] 242 (Twin Coach) (Peter Cox 1968) BC Hydro [Vancouver] 3294 (Twin 44-S)(1968 Angus McIntyre) West Vancouver Municipal Transp. 51 (Twin FL-33)(1968 Angus McIntyre) Metro Transit [Winnipeg] 919 (1952 Twin FL2-40) (Peter Cox 1966 May 16) Sabina Intercity Transit [Port Moody] 105 (Twin Coach) (Peter Cox 1971) Toronto Transit Commission #1371 (1948 Twin model 41-S) (William A. Luke) AECL Twin 141 Windsor SWA363 Twin (William A. Luke) Interior Stage Lines [Trail] ( Diamond Lines [Sherwood Park] Twin Coaches and CanCars (Peter Cox 14 May 1966) Calgary Transit System 358 Twin FT2-40 (Peter Cox 1965 Mar 22) Diamond Lines [Jasper Place] Twins (Peter Cox 13 Sep 1964) BC Hydro [Vancouver] 3189 (Twin model 34S) (Peter Cox 1964 Aug 22) St. Catharines Transit Comm. 22 Twin model 41S (Brian Sullivan 1977 Jan 12 [Peter Cox coll.]) BC Hydro [Vancouver] 3298 (Twin model 44S) (Peter Cox 1967 Sep 04)

Motor Buses (Mack)

winnipeg-WECo321-ABMack25pass1926s.jpg Quebec Railway, Light and Power #1212, a Mack model CW-3G (Peter Cox) Winnipeg-GWTC 619 (Mack) Donald/Graham NB (William A. Luke) Ottawa Electric Railway #134, a 1941 Mack model LD3G (Peter Cox) Fort William Utilities #110 (Mack 6CW3S) (Peter Cox circa 1947) Greater Winnipeg Transit Commission 343 (Peter Cox) Greater Winnipeg Transit Commission 357 (Peter Cox) Blue Line Transit [Nanaimo] 148

Motor Buses (Fitzjohn)

Prince Albert & Northern Bus Lines 102 (1946 Fitzjohn) (John Knowles 1959) Simcoe Coach Lines 13(Fitzjohn 310 cityliner) (William A. Luke) Hollinger Bus Lines [Toronto] #70 (Toronto Public Library) Belleville Transit Comm. 11 (Fitzjohn) (Bill Linley 1969) McLellan Transportation [Kirkland Lake] 59 (Fitzjohn) (William A.Luke) Cornwall St. Ry L&P 32 (Fitzjohn) (Peter Cox 1966 May 25) Deluxe Coach Lines [North Bay] 42 (Fitzjohn) (W.R. Linley 1967) Roseland [Toronto] Fitzjohn St. Maurce Transport [Trois-Rivieres] 208 (Fitzjohn) (Peter Cox collection 1967)

Motor Buses (Prevost)

Winnipeg Cross-Country Bus Lines 30 Prevost (William A. Luke) Unicar [Roberval] 104 ( Levis Transport Co 20 and 25 (Prevost) (William A. Luke) Ancienne Lorrette Prevost (William A. Luke) Jasper Place Diamond Lines Prevost (William A. Luke) isle_dorleans-15prevost2-luke.jpg Guelph Transit Comm. 51 (Prevost) (Peter Cox 1967) kenora-ECL11prevost2-luke.jpg Sunny Brae Bus Lines 17 Prevost (William A. Luke) Autobus Montmagny Inc.(William A. Luke) Autobus Rimouski Prevost buses (Paul Leger 1965) valdor-mcLeod16b-belanger.jpg

Motor Buses (Ford)

Orillia Bus Lines #1 (Ford) (Peter Cox) Winnipeg WECo Ford 565 restored by MTHA (Dennis Cavanagh 2001) Capital Transit [Fredericton] #21 Ford (Peter Cox) New Brunswick Power Co. [Saint John] #56 (Ford), Market Sq. 1943. (Peter Cox) Zellers corner in Peterborough ca1950 (peterboroheritage) McIsaac Transportation Co Ford in Haileybury ca1940s (postcard) VICL bus, Victoria, B.C. (B.C. Archives) Ottawa OER55 Ford (William A. Luke) Kenora Excel Coach Lines Ford (William A. Luke) Sarnia Bus Co Ford Transit (flickr/snap-happy1) Columbia Stage Lines Ford transit (Gordon Henry Collection) SWA [Windsor] #10 Ford model 70 (Peter Cox) Toronto GCL863 Ford (William A. Luke) Winnipeg GWTC489 Ford (William A. Luke) Sault Ste. Marie No. 13 Ford (William A. Luke) Transport Boischâtel, Boischâtel, Québec Madawaska Bus Line [Edmundston] (1946 May) Grey Bus Line [Moncton] #74, a Ford model 8MB (Peter Cox) East St. Paul Transit Co-Op (1960s) Iqaluit bus (Vincent Chan 2003)

Motor Buses (General Motors “old look”)

City Bus Service (Red Deer) GM SMT Eastern 3258 (GM TDH3207) W.R. Linley 1968 Oct 05 [Peter Cox coll.] SMT 3223 (GM old look) at Saint John (William A. Luke) Dartmouth Transit Service Buses Ltd. #123, a 1963 GM TGH-3102 (Peter Cox) Sudbury Bus Lines 15 (GM old look) (William A. Luke) Canadian Coachways System [Prince George] GM old look (William A. Luke) Lake Valley Transit [Kelowna] Ellis at CNR c1975 Vancouver Island Coach Lines [greater Victoria] #117, a GM TG3608 (Peter Cox) Levis Transport Co #31 GM TGM3207 (Peter Cox) Provincial Transport Co. 4004 [GM old look] (William A. Luke) Mississauga Transit/Charterways Ltd 2003 GM TDH3502 (Chris Prentice 1973) SMT Eastern 4554 (GM TDH4512) W.R. Linley 1968 Oct. 26 [Peter Cox coll.] Nanaimo NT255 GM old look (William A. Luke) Brandon 52 (Dennis Cavanagh photo) Brandon old look bus (Dennis Cavanagh photo) Brandon preserved GM old look (Alex Regiec 2005) Brandon preserved GM old look (Alex Regiec 2005) St. Catharines Transit Comm. 30 GM TDH-4512 old look (1968 Sep. Peter Cox coll.) Autobus de Charlesbourg (GM old look) ( Greyhound G1817 (1951 GMC TDH4509) (Jim Husing Coll./NorCalBusFans) Cornwall St. Ry L&P 67 (GM model TDH-3501 old look) (Peter Cox 1966 May 25) White Ribbon Bus Lines 34 GM old look at Portage and Main (William A. Luke) Winnipeg 1944 GM TG-3609 gas bus (Peter Cox photo, Winnipeg Transit collection) Chatham Coach Lines 85 (GM old look) (William A. Luke) Stratford SPUC6516 GM old look (William A. Luke) Galt PUC 100 GM ol (WE Miller 1969 Apr 20) Greater Niagara Transit Commission [Niagara Falls] 10 GM TGH-3102 old look (1968 Sep. Peter Cox coll.) Hamilton Street Ry 509 GM TDH4512 old look (Peter Cox 1966 May 31) Calgary Transit System 324 GM TDH-3610 (Peter Cox 1966 May 12) BCHPA [Victoria] 732 GM TDH-4512 old look (Peter Cox 1968 Jun 15) Regina Transit System 205 GM TDH-5105 ol (Peter Cox 1969 Oct 03) Trois Rivieres CTdSM802 GM old look (William A. Luke) Winnipeg 1956 GM TDH-4512 bus 104 (Winnipeg Transit) Winnipeg 1956 GM TDH-4512 bus 108 (Winnipeg Transit) Kenora Excel Coach Lines 18 GM old look (William A. Luke) Kenora Excel Coach Lines 18 GM old look (William A. Luke) St. Johns SJTC224 GM old look (William A. Luke) St. Johns SJTC226 GM old look (William A. Luke) Glace Bay GBBC27 GM old look (William A. Luke) Edmonton ETS411 GM old look (William A. Luke) Ottawa GM old look (William A. Luke) Kitchener 28 GM old look (William A. Luke) Former Winnipeg GM TDH-4512 bus 105 in Red Lake junkyard (Ross Smith) Western Bus Lines [Kamloops] (GM old looks) (Peter Cox 1973) City of Moose Jaw Transit System 12 (GM old look) 1969 (Peter Cox coll.) Nelson Transit System 116 (GM old look) (Peter Cox 1972) Columbia Stage Lines [Port Moody] 18 (GM old look) (Peter Cox 1965) Prince George Transit Service 678e (GM old look) (Peter Cox 1980) Red Deer Transit System 71-15 (GM old look) (Peter Cox 1968) Brandon Transit 24 (GM old look) (Peter Cox 1967) Fredericton Transit 64 (GM old look) (Peter Cox collection 1980) Hull City Transit 155 (GM old look) (Peter Cox collection 1966) Excel Coach Lines [Kenora] 19 (GM old look) (Peter Cox collection 1967) Kingston Transit 6228 (GM old look) (Peter Cox 1967) Medicine Hat Transit Sys (GM old look) 6th Ave. (Peter Cox 1968) Oshawa Transit 65 (GM old look) (Bernard Drouillard 1981) St. John's Transit Comm. 218 (GM new look) (Peter Cox collection 1969) sault_ste_marie-39gmol-luke.jpg Sydney and Whitney Pier Bus Service 3570 (GM old look) (Peter Cox 1969)

Motor Buses (General Motors “new look”)

Beaver Bus Lines 36 GM New Look (Dennis Cavanagh) Toronto TTC3130 GM new look (William A. Luke) STRSM [Longueuil] terminal (Peter Cox 1980) Quebec 6008 GM new look (William A. Luke) Montreal 2025 GM new look (William A. Luke) Winnipeg Transit 134 (GM new look) (Peter Cox 1978 Jan. 15) Montreal 22-055 GM new look (William A. Luke) Met-Sud #4600 (1964 GM SDM5302A new look) ( Autobus Fournier [Sainte-Foy] #401 (1961 GM TDH5301N new look) ( Montréal GMC “New Look” bus. Port Arthur 116 GM new look (William A. Luke) Cambridge Transit 300 GM nl (WE Miller 1977 Sep 11).jpg Dartmouth Transit Service 139 GM new look (Brian Sullivan 1973 Oct 19) Beaver Bank Transit Ltd. GM new look (David Slater/flickr 1992) NSL+P [Halifax] 309 GM new look (Peter Cox 1969 Oct 25) Orillia Transit 7504 GM new look (WE Miller 1979 Oct 30 [Peter Cox coll.]) City Transit Ltd. [Saint John] 4529 GM T6H-4521 new look (1972 Apr. 14 Peter Cox coll.) Sarnia Transit 756 GM T6H-4523N new look (Bernard Drouillard 1979 Sep 17, Peter Cox coll.) Sookram Bus Lines (GM T6H4523N) (Bob Heathorn/ June 1994) Excel Coach Lines [Kenora] 69 GM new look (David A. Wyatt 1991) London Transportation Comm. 3 (GM TDH4519 new look) (Peter Cox 1963 Sep 19) London Transit Comm. 84 GM T6H-4523N new look (Brian Sullivan 1980 May 24 [Peter Cox coll.]) St. Catharines Transit 7821 GM T6H5307N new look (W.E. Miller 1980 Jun 25 [Peter Cox coll.]) victoria-VITL6317GMsdh5302-016_nl-cox1978aug03.jpg BC Transit [Victoria] 805 GM T6H-5308N new look (Peter Cox 1983 Aug 05) St. Johns SJTC235 GM new look (William A. Luke) Cornwall Transit 7829 (GM T6H-5307N new look) (Bernard Drouillard 1987 Aug 11 [Peter Cox coll.]) Metro Transit [Winnipeg] 171 (1962 GM TDH5301) (Peter Cox) Metro Transit [Winnipeg] 191 (1962 GM TDH5301) (Peter Cox) Metropolitain-Provincial 4411 [GM new look] (William A. Luke) BC Hydro [Victoria] 753 GM TDH4519 new look (Peter Cox 1965 Feb 07) CIT Saguenay #8385 (GM new look) ( Ottawa 6336 GM new look (William A. Luke) Transcona Bus Lines New Look at Transcona garage 1961 Kingston GM “New Look” bus (Richard Hooles) Sydney TCB4580 GM new look (James B. Wyatt 1986) Sydney TCB new look (James B. Wyatt 1986) Airdrie Transit 304 (GM new look) (Peter Cox 1982) ajax-AT7901 (GM new look) (W.E. Miller 1979) grandeprairie-GPT801 (GM new look) (Brian Sullivan 1981) kamloops-UTAKTS5883 (GM new look) (Peter Cox 1981) prince_albert-PAT53 (GM new look) (Brian Sullivan 1981) prince_george-PGT+Ct17 (GM new look) (Peter Cox 1974) saint_albert-SAT402 (GM new look) (Peter Cox 1983) transcona-TBL38 (GM new look) (Peter Cox 1961) Barrie City Transit 512 (GM new look) (Bernard Drouillard 1979) Westerhaug Bus Lines [Yorkton] GM new look (David A. Wyatt 1992) Brampton Transit 7531 (GM new look) (Peter Cox collection 1975) Brantford PUC 772 (GM new look) (Bernard Drouillard 1979) Laval 166 (GM new look) (W.E. Miller 1980) Newmarket Transit 104 (GM new look) (W.E. Miller 1979) Niagara Transit 14 (GM new look) (W.E. Miller 1983) North Bay Transit T721 (GM new look) (Bernard Drouillard 1985) Owen Sound Transit 771 (GM new look) (W.E. Miller 1979) Peterborough Transit 65 (GM new look) (W.E. Miller 1981) St. Thomas Transit 7502 (GM new look) (Bernard Drouillard 1979) Sault Ste. Marie Transit 96 (GM new look) (W.E. Miller 1985) Stratford Transit 7731 (GM new look) (Bernard Drouillard 1983) Sudbury Transit 411 (GM new look) (W.E. Miller 1985) Timmins Transit 37 (GM new look) (Bernard Drouillard 1989) Welland Transit 107 (GM new look) (W.E. Miller 1984) West Vancouver Municipal Bus Lines 78 (GM new look) (Peter Cox 1984) Sherbrooke bus 1997 (Jacques Matte) Winnipeg trial of Mississauga TA60102N artic (Winnipeg Transit photo) Winnipeg trial of Mississauga TA60102N artic (Dennis Cavanagh photo) Met.-Prov. suburban GMC bus Autobus Mascoutaine/Saint-Hyacinthe GMC ``New Look'' (Jean Breton) Moose Jaw GMC “new look” (Alex Regiec 1997) Winnipeg GMC bus (Dennis Cavanagh photo) C.T.D., Drummondville, Québec (J. Matte) Winnipeg GMC bus (Dennis Cavanagh photo) Grande Prairie buses (BARP photo) Granby GM bus 1994 (Jacques Matte) Edmonton 989/Winnipeg 689 GM new look (David Wyatt) Beaumont Transit “New Look” bus (Martin Parsons/ Laidlaw 6770 from Thompson at the company yard in Winnipeg July 2005 (Alex Regiec) Regina 514 GM new look (Alex Regiec 2007) AECL “new look” 72 chestermere-126leftb-mclaughlin2008.jpg Winnipeg Transit 200 (GM new look) (David A. Wyatt) winnipeg-CWTS132gmnl-cwts.jpg Winnipeg Metro 226 (GM new look) (William A. Luke)

Motor Buses (RTS by General Motors or Novabus)

St. Jean GM RTS (Jacques Matte 1993) Thorold Transit (GM RTS) (Jan Gregor/Bus World 1996) Moncton Codiac Transit 400 RTS (Codiac Transit Photo) County of Strathcona Transit System [Sherwood Park] 881 (GM RTS) (Peter Cox 1987)

Motor Buses (Classic by General Motors Canada, MCI or Novabus)

Winnipeg, Man. (U.W.T.O) London Transit Comm. 182 GM Classic (Brian Sullivan 1986 Oct 06 [Peter Cox coll.]) Repentigny MCI Classic (1998, via Mike Rivest) Beaver Bus Lines MCI Classic 2004 (Alex Regiec photo) Prince Albert Transit MCI Classic Brandon MCI Classic 45 (Alex Regiec 2005) Ste-Julie Classic (2001, Richard Hooles) Hamilton GM Classic articulated (Richard Hooles) Windsor MCI Classic (Luke Olszewski) St. Bruno MCI Classic 1997 (Jacques Matte) CITBL MCI Classic 1997 (Jacques Matte) CIT Vallée Richelieu MCI Classic 1997 Shawinigan Classic (J. Matte) Saint John NB Classic (G. Donnelly) Joliette Classic (G. Donnelly 1993) CITSV Classic (Jacques Matte 1995) Cornwall Transit 9138 (MCI Classic) (David A Wyatt 2009 July 14) Regina 559 MCI Classic (Alex Regiec 2007) STO [Gatineau] 9101 (1991 MCI Classic) (Alex Regiec 2008 Aug.) Trius Transit [Charlottetown] 5901 (Classic) (Kevin Nicol 28 Oct. 2010) Hamilton Street Railway 8203 (GM TA60102N) (Alex Regiec 2007 Aug.)

Motor Buses (Western Flyer, Flyer Industries, New Flyer)

Brandon McArthur Ttn semi (Western Flyer 1944) Monden Transportation [Calgary] 24 (WFC) (Western Flyer builder's photo) Northern Bus Lines in Flin Flon 1950 (MTHA Collection) BBL 24 WF T-32 (William A. Luke) TBL10 WF T-32 (William A. Luke) Pictou County Bus Service 50 (Western Flyer Coach) (William A. Luke) Sonnichsen 576 (Peter Cox 1967) Redcliff Bus Lines Western Flyer builders photo (New Flyer collection) Eagle BL departs for Ste. Anne (William A. Luke) Thiessen Bus Lines 20 WF (William A. Luke) Winnipeg CWTS700 WF D700 (William A. Luke) Winnipeg Transit 835 (1970 Western Flyer D700A) (David A. Wyatt 1986) Winnipeg Transit 870 (1971 Flyer D700A) (David A. Wyatt 1986) Winnipeg Flyer D800 bus (Dennis Cavanagh) Oakville Transit 7929 (Flyer D800) (W.E. Miller 1983) Winnipeg Flyer D800 bus (Dennis Cavanagh) Winnipeg Transit 399 (ex-Edmonton D800) (David A. Wyatt 1986) Winnipeg Transit 388 (1974 Flyer D800) (Peter Cox 1984 Mar. 28) Grand River Transit (Kitchener - Cambridge) Flyer bus (Richard Hooles) Beaver Bus Lines (Winnipeg - Selkirk) New Flyer D40 Winnipeg Flyer bus (Dennis Cavanagh photo) Winnipeg buses at Osborne Junction (Alex Regiec 1999) TransLink New Flyer D60 bus (Alex Regiec 2005) saint_albert-SAT806d60_Westmount2-daw2009apr24.jpg Red Deer Transit New Flyer D40LF (Red Deer Transit) Winnipeg New Flyer D40LF (Alex Regiec) Edmonton NewFlyer D40LF (ETS photo) Brandon New Flyer D40LF 50 (Alex Regiec 2005) Regina 591 NewFlyer D40LF (Alex Regiec 2007) New Flyer hydrogen-electric hybrid bus (Alex Regiec) Winnipeg 998 NewFlyer DE60LFR (Alex Regiec 2007) Kingston Transit 0833 (New Flyer D40LF) (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 13) Brampton Transit 0433 (New Flyer D40LF) (Alex Regiec 2008 Aug.) Hamilton Street Railway 0612 (New Flyer D60LFR) (Alex Regiec August 2007) Hamilton Street Railway 0602 (2006 New Flyer D40LF) (Alex Regiec 2007 Aug.) Mississauga Transit 0724 (New Flyer D40LFR) (Alex Regiec August 2008) winnipeg-CWTS604nfd901-apr2007my28.jpg winnipeg-CWTS242d40lf-daw2009may21.jpg winnipeg-CWTS940nfd30lf-apr2007.jpg Swift Transit [Swift Current] T-159 a New Flyer D30LF (2015 Jun 01 Kevin Nicol) winnipeg-CWTS992d40lf-daw2009may24.jpg winnipeg-CWTS902nfinv-apr2008.jpg winnipeg-CWTS701d40lfr-apr2008my05.jpg Winnipeg Transit 102 (New Flyer D40LFR) (David A. Wyatt 2010 Jan 18) Winnipeg Flyer D901 147 (CWTS via UWTO) Winnipeg Transit 444 (1977 Flyer D800) (David A. Wyatt 1989) Winnipeg Transit 510 (Flyer D800A) (Brian Schuff) winnipeg-CWTS690a-apr2005.jpg winnipeg-CWTS998_60LFRdriverside-apr2007.jpg Winnipeg D40LFR drawing Saskatoon Transit 0617 New Flyer DE40LFR (David A. Wyatt 2010 Jun 25) Brandon Transit 52 (NewFlyer D40LFR) (Alex Regiec 2010 Oct 15) Prince Albert Transit/FirstCanada 10-0068(New Flyer D40LFR) (Kevin Nicol 2011 May 24) Winnipeg Transit 601 (New Flyer D40LFR) (David A. Wyatt 2011 Dec 23) Winnipeg Transit 164 (New Flyer D40LFR) (David A. Wyatt 2011 Dec 23) Brandon Transit 55 (NewFlyer D35LFR) (Alex Regiec 2010 Oct 15) Winnipeg Transit 900 XDE40 demonstrator (David A. Wyatt 2010 Jul 01) Winnipeg Transit 996, a NewFlyer XE40 (2015 Mar 20 David A. Wyatt) Leduc Transit 11-103 [XD40] (David A. Wyatt 2015 Jul 24)

Motor Buses (Canadian Car)

Edmonton Transit System CanCar bus (ETS photo gallery) Winnipeg CanCar bus (Dennis Cavanagh photo) Fort William Transit #33 CanCar C36 (Peter Cox 1955 March) Winnipeg CanCar 532 Winnipeg CanCar bus (Dennis Cavanagh photo) Provincial Transport Co.5137 [CanCar] (William A. Luke) Metro Transit [Winnipeg] 727 (1948 CanCar C36TC) (Peter Cox) Winnipeg GWTC CanCar (William A. Luke) City of Winnipeg Transit System 577, an ex-Saskatoon 1959 CanCar CD52TC acquired in 1976. (John E. Baker 1976) Winnipeg Metro 503 (CanCar) Main garage (William A. Luke) London Transportation Comm. 322 (CanCar CD44ATC) (Peter Cox 1963 Sep 19) winnipeg-WECo715cancar2-cox.jpg Cornwall St. Ry L&P 64 (CanCar model CD52TC) (Peter Cox 1966 May 25) Lethbridge Transit Sys. 9 (CanCar) (Peter Cox 1968) Moncton Transit Ltd. 169 (CanCar) (W.R. Linley 1969) Port Arthur PUC 98 (CanCar) (Peter Cox 1956) BC Hydro [Vancouver] 3402 (CanCar model CD52TC) (Peter Cox 1966 Jun 29) Saskatoon Transit System 208 CanCar CD52TC (Peter Cox 1966 May 15) Hamilton Street Ry 309 CanCar CD52TC (Peter Cox 1966 May 31) Greater Vancouver Transit System 3418 (CanCar model CD52TC) (Peter Cox 1979 Aug 16) Calgary Transit System 372 CanCar CD52TC (Peter Cox 1966 May 12) BC Hydro [Victoria] 713 CanCar (Peter Cox 1972 Apr 15) Capital Region Transit System [Victoria] 717 CanCar C36TC (Peter Cox 1974 Sep 07) Nelson CanCar (B.C. Archives) AECL CanCar 86 Selkirk Streamliner (Winnipeg Transit photo) Selkirk BBL19 CanCar IC41 (William A. Luke) WECo 601 Selkirk Streamliner at Winnipeg Bus Depot (William A. Luke) Beaver Bus Lines CanCar Voyageur ICWD29 (Redden Archives Collection) Calgary Transit System 390 CanCar TD51 (Peter Cox 1965 Mar 22) Regina Transit System 228 CanCar TD43 (Peter Cox 1969 Oct 03) Winnipeg CanCar bus (Dennis Cavanagh photo) Chambly Transport Inc. [Longueuil] 6162 (CanCar) (Peter Cox 1966) London Transportation Comm. 329 (CanCar TD43) (Peter Cox 1963 Sep 19) Cornwall St. Ry L&P 65 (CanCar model TD51) (Peter Cox 1966 May 25)

Motor Buses (Ontario Bus Industries, Orion)

Chatham Orion bus (Luke Olszewski) Markham Orion bus (Richard Hooles) Lindsay bus (Luke Olszewski) Nickel Centre Transit Orion 01(1994 Bob Heathorn/ Brandon Orion buses (Alex Regiec 1986) Brandon Transit Orion 39 (Alex Regiec 2005) Brandon Orion 42 BioDiesel bus (Alex Regiec 2005) Banff Orion 01 in 2005 (Dale Randall) Kings Transit [Kentville] 3 Orion.01 (Bernard Drouillard 1988 Jun 21, Peter Cox coll.) Pictou County Transit 31841 (Orion 01) (Kevin Nicol, June 1988) Brockville Transit 2 Orion.01 (W.E. Miller 1982 Aug 09 [Peter Cox coll.]) Calgary Transit 303 Orion.01 (Peter Cox 1985 Mar 30) Kingston Twp Transit 74169 Orion.01 (Bernard Drouillard 1979 Sep 17 [Peter Cox coll.]) Pickering Dial-a-Bus 906 OBI Orion.01 (Bernard Drouillard 1981 Sep 23 [Peter Cox coll.]) St. Catharines Transit 8029 Orion.01 (W.E. Miller 1980 Jun 25 [Peter Cox coll.]) Tecumseh Transit 193 (OBI Orion.01) (Bernard Drouillard 1986 Jan 31 [Peter Cox coll.]) MCMc Orion 01 in Portage-la-Prairie July 2005 (Alex Regiec) Moose Jaw Orion 01 (William A. Luke) Aurora Transit (Orion) (Bernard Drouillard 1987) Woodstock Transit 22 (GM new look) (Bernard Drouillard 1979) BC Transit [Vernon] 6762 (Orion) (George Bergson 1984) Elliot Lake Transit 84-1 (Orion 01) (Bernard Drouillard 1989) Lindsay Transit 7901 (Orion 01) (W.E. Miller 1981) Midland Transit 66 (Orion 01) (W.E. Miller 1985) Richmond Hill Transit 504 (Orion 01) (W.E. Miller 1979) Sault Ste. Marie Orion V (Dennis Cavanagh 2006) MRCMoulins/LanauBus 29132 [Montreal suburbs] (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 14) Brampton Transit 9864 (1998 Orion V) (Alex Regiec 2008 Aug.)

Motor Buses (Motor Coach Industries)

Birds Hill Eastern Bus Lines (William A. Luke) Winnipeg Riverbend Bus Line (William A. Luke) Selkirk WECo621 MCI Courier (William A. Luke) Sunburst Motor Coach [Griesbach/Namao] 105 (MCI Courier 95) (William A. Luke) Sooke Stages [Victoria] 9 mci courier 85 (Robert Loat 1969 Jan 02) Sunburst Lines #106 (MCI Courier) on the Edmonton-St. Albert route (William A. Luke) Pacific Commuter [Victoria] 904 MCI Courier 96 (Peter Cox 1973 Jun 09) CIT Montcalm MCI bus (1998, via Mike Rivest) GO Transit MCI highway coach (Richard Hooles) GO Transit MCI highway coach (Alex Regiec 2004) West Coast Express/CanTrail Coach Lines TrainBus (Alex Regiec 2015 Aug 04) okotoks-c990leftr.jpg Quicklink 6427 at Kitchener (Alex Regiec 2009 Aug. 05)

Motor Buses (Novabus)

Brandon NovaBus 46 (Alex Regiec 2005) Regina 598 Novabus LFS (Alex Regiec 2007) STO [Gatineau] 0204 (Novabus LFS) (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 15) Belleville Transit 0660 (Novabus) (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 13) Peterborough Transit 36 (Novabus LFS) (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 13) Societe de transport de Laval 0122 (2001 Novabus LFS) (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 14) Roam [Banff] 1 (Novabus LFS) (David A. Wyatt 2009 Oct. 14) Brampton Transit 0618 (2006 Novabus LFS) (Alex Regiec 2008 Aug.) STO [Gatineau] 0515 (2005 Novabus LFS) (Alex Regiec 2008 Aug.) STO [Gatineau] 0601 (2006 Novabus LFS) (Alex Regiec 2008 Aug.) Hamilton Street Railway 9717 (1997 Novabus LFS) (Alex Regiec 2007 Aug.) Societe de transport de Saguenay #2205 (Nova LFS) ( Guelph Transit 222 (Nova LFS) (Kevin Nicol 2011 Apr 02) Penticton Transit System/BC Transit 9350 (2009 Nova LFS) (Travis Koch-Gensiorek 2011 Aug 15) Red Deer Transit/BOLT [Lacombe/Blackfalds] 10009 (Nova LFS) (2015 Jun 01 Kevin Nicol) Societe de Transport de Saguenay 1402, a Novabus LFS (2015 David A. Wyatt) Societe de transport de Trois-Rivieres 1201, a Novabus LFS (2015 David A. Wyatt) Societe de transport de Levis 0908 Novabus LFS (David A. Wyatt 2015 Jun 12) Societe de transport de Levis 1107 Novabus LFS with le Levisien branding (David A. Wyatt 2015 Jun 12) Reseau de transport de la Capitale [Quebec] Metrobus 1268 Novabus LFS 60 foot model (David A. Wyatt 2015 Jun 12) Reseau de transport de la Capitale [Quebec] 1330 Novabus LFS (David A. Wyatt 2015 Jun 12)

Motor Buses (Eldorado National)

Regina 702 ElDorado EZ Rider (Alex Regiec 2007) Cornwall Transit 0868 (Eldorado National) (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 14) Moose Jaw Transit 15 (Eldorado) (Alex Regiec 2009) CollTrans [Collingwood] 702 (ElDorado EZRider) (Kevin Nicol 2011 Apr 02) Owen Sound Transit 606 (ElDorado EZ Rider) (Kevin Nicol 2011 Apr 02) Kenora Transit #502 (El Dorado EZ Rider II) (Kevin Nicol 2011 June 07) CTJM/Gaudreault [Joliette] #1002 (Eldorado EZ Rider) (2010 Dec. 13 Jean-Pierre Lajeunesse)


TTC Subway, Toronto (Blinkpunkt Straßenbahn) Montréal Métro TTC Scarborough RT, Toronto (Blinkpunkt Straßenbahn) Vancouver SkyTrain (BC Archives) Vancouver SkyTrain (Blinkpunkt Straßenbahn) Vancouver TransLink SkyTrain at King George (Alex Regiec 2005) Montréal's Expo Express metro (davesrailpix)

Commuter Rail

Grand Trunk? self-propelled steam car Grand Trunk bridge car (CS&TM, CN collection) Great Western Railway [Toronto] 760 commuter locomotive Cornwallis Valley Railway mixed train at Kingsport NfldRy-self-propelled-car.jpg CNR battery car 15801 service between Toronto and Weston 1922 (City of Toronto Archives f1231_it1022) CNR 500 ran commuter trips Winnipeg - Transcona 1920-1921 (oldtimetrains) Montréal - Deux-Montagnes Commuter Line (Marc Dufour) Montréal - Deux-Montagnes Commuter Line (Marc Dufour) VIA train 189 at Pontypool on the Havelock commute [RDC #6135] (D. Danko 1982) GO Transit train at Richmond Hill 2004 (Alex Regiec photo) P.G.E., North Vancouver - West Vancouver, B.C. (B.C. Archives) Pacific Great Eastery Ry [West Vancouver] 106 gascar (CVA TransP109) Great Northern (Victoria and Sidney) gas-electric 2301 (1915) West Coast Express (Vancouver) (WCX photo)

Urban Ferries

John Walter's Upper Ferry (but not Belle of Edmonton) c1881 St. Boniface ferry 1882 (flickr/UManitoba Archives) Cape Breton Electric Co. Sydney ferry wharf 1920 Ferries between Sarnia and Port Huron (postcard) Longueuil Ferry 1910 (McCord Museum) Detroit Windsor ferry Promise (postcard) Kelowna Westbank ferry c1930s (postcard) International Transit Co. [Sault Ste. Marie] ferry Agoming (Maritime History of the Great Lakes) North Vancouver Ferry and Power  No. 2 (c1911 City of Vancouver Archives) West Vancouver ferry c1920 (CVA SGN1123) Vancouver TransLink ferry (Alex Regiec 2005) Baseline Ferry [Victoria] vessel Grey Selkie (website 2012) Societe de Traversiers du Quebec Pakuashipi - Saint-Augustin hovercraft (STQ website)

Miscellaneous Vehicles

Dunnings Buss Line, Saskatoon Yorkville Buss Line [Toronto] omnibus J.O. Villeneuve Omnibus [Montreal] H.G. McMicken Omnibuses (1881) Victoria Transfer Co stables (BCArchives b04910) Glovers bus line [Bowmanville] Orono Stage Line omnibus (undated) Toronto Industrial Exhibition Ry Liverpool & Milton Tramway train (1898 PANS N-2493) Ottawa diesel light rail vehicle (David Loftson) BC Rail railbus for Lillooet - Seton Lake - Darcy service.  Ken Storey photo) Edmonton Interurban Railway gascar Lake Louise Tramway, Lake Louise, Alberta Lake Louise Tramway L&BVER gascar (PAA 70.206/5) Taku Tram, Taku, B.C. (B.C. Archives) Atlin Southern wilderness tramway Ontario Southern Railroad Bell Island cable funicular Hopital Saint Jean de Dieu internal people mover (Marc Dufour collection) Thurlow Ry/Canada_Cement electric loco (1949 William C. Bailey) Asbestos and Danville Railway electric locomotive 41 Edmonton Incline Ry Montreal incline railway Montmorency Falls incline (postcard) CN battery car (CS&TM, CN collection) BCER express motor 1802 on the Stave Falls line Hopital St-Jean-de-Dieu box motor (PA165216) Winnipeg Hydro Tramway fairbanks motor car Manitoba Eastern Railway PM-6 (Mack AS railbus) Winnipeg River Railway railbus (CR&MW) MER-PM6-styles1949mperry.jpg Winnipeg River Railway PM5 (Mack AS) (Mark Perry coll.) winnipeg-WSLW333railcar-cwts.jpg winnipeg-WSR8sleigh-cwts.jpg

Miscellaneous Items (Non-vehicle)

montreal-AMTzones-map.gif West Kootenay Transit map (BC Transit 2013) AOT2_2006.jpg 2010 Nova Scotia transit map showing Dial-A-Ride service areas brandon-richmondterm-apr2005.jpg Madawaska Bus Service [Edmundston NB - Madawaska ME] token Service d Autobus de Thetford Mines token chambly-token01.jpg McArthur Transportation [Brandon] token (Travis Koch-Gensiorek) Halifax Steam Boat Company token cithr-ad.jpg Edmonton Bus Line (1895) Ad Manitoba Free Press 08 Sep 1879 p1 ptc-add-1933.jpg quebec-CUQmap.jpg regina-mj-cpr1944tt.jpg St. Maurice Valley Ry [Trois-Rivieres - Shawinigan] (1907 Apr 10) CN Table 17 [Miramichi] (1919 Oct 05) CNR Table 60 (1937 Jun. 27) CNR Table 102 [Valleyfield] (1937 Jun 27) Halifax - Waverley commuter schedule (CNR 1937 Jun 27) Elmsdale-Halifax commuter schedule (CN Table 40 1956 Sep 30) Truro-Halifax commuter schedule (CN Table 12 1966 Oct 30) CN Table 19 [Moncton] (1919 Oct 05) Point du Chene-Moncton commuter schedule (CNR Table 33 1956 Sep 30) Pictou Co. CNR commuter schedules (1956 Sep 30) Saint-Raymond Quebec commuter schedule (CNR Table 84 1937 June 27) Saint-Raymond Quebec commuter schedule (CN Table 53, 1956 Sep 30) selkirk-EBLtt-1948.jpg Omnibus Line [Winnipeg] Winnipeg 1984 trolleybus plan Saint John - Carleton Ferry schedule (NB Museum) Millidgeville Ferry Maggie Miller schedule (1911 NB Museum) Millidgeville Ferry schedule p2 (1911 NB Museum) West Saint John Ferry tickets (NBMuseum) Sanderson, Newman and Hough [St. Catharines] token (EBay) newspaper ad in the Uranium Era 1957 Apr 09 Airport Lines Ltd. [Weyburn] ticket (date unknown) Nashwaaksis Bus Line badge

Collected System logos

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