Notes: Table of Contents

What's in this section: any notes as they appeared on the screen in class.
What's not in this section: very much more than that. Sometimes not even that much. Specifically, any diagrams from Rogers will only be referred to using the figure number, instead of being shown, so bring your textbook.

Section 1: Broad phonetic transcriptions of English

  1. Phonetic alphabets
  2. IPA symbols for English sounds
    1. Vowels
    2. Consonants
    3. Other: stress, diphthongs
  3. Transcriptions
    1. Broad vs. narrow transcriptions
    2. Suggestions for making better transcriptions
    3. Some common mistakes
    4. Vowels in unstressed syllables

Section 2: Vocal anatomy

Section 3: Properties of consonants and vowels

Section 4: Acoustic phonetics

Section 5: General Phonetics

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