bioLegato Online Help

The bioLegato Sequence Alignment Interface

Overview of bioLegato It's a good idea to read this first
bioLegato windows and menus Parts of the application
bioLegato Properties How to change the look and feel of bioLegato, and control how insertion and deletion are done
Opening, Importing , Saving and Exporting files Reading and writing files in diffferent formats, and the issues associated with particular formats.
Selecting sequences The many ways to select some or all of the data
Grouping sequences
How to perform operations on groups of sequences
Sequence Properties How to change things like name and topology
The Edit Menu Operations like Cut and Paste, Copying data between bioLegato windows
Entering New Sequences Typing in new sequences (and why you might want to) and how to annotate them
Editing Sequences
How to edit data in the sequence canvas
Frequently Asked Questions Does this need an explanation?